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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Animal Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Animal Logo Design

Life is undeniably better with an animal on your side!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic animal logo design!
Created by Yoga Perdana |

Logo design, in general, comes as a creation that should be beautiful, compelling, and meaningful. The said ideas are not wrong. It is one of the keys that every designer needs to comply with in making a good design. However, business logos can be boiled with more ideas and realization. It is not only a word and symbol; an association with animals might work too. 

When creating a brand with spirit animals, you are bound to create a sense of familiarity for the audience. It also has been favorite ideation on business identities found in companies such as Twitter, WWF, RedBull, NBC, to Ferrari. It explains that the use of animal logo design is not something novel in the market. It has been one of the solutions to mesmerizing imagery. 

In many ways, you can see that the use of animal symbols can provide an effective function in the branding itself. It is also an undeniable perk in creating an identity for the company. But the way to create a logo design with animal symbols is pretty complex to consider. Designers need to pay attention to association triggers. 

Created by Steve Wolf |

Association trigger is translated as a way to provoke audiences' emotional reactions and initiate a chain of association. In a way, the trigger can cause an almost uncontrolled desire to do something or launches vivid experiences for such an induction. It is a trick that is heavily used in marketing, including on logo, design, and branding. 

In this case, the main association trigger is the use of animal imagery. It can be a symbol or a characteristic of the animal itself. The design will use the graphic to describe the people or the other way around. That is why there is a strong string that makes the logo design more complex. It includes how the imagery induces sayings and descriptors, such as busy as a bee. 

The good reason for using animal logo design comes from the descriptors, and the association trigger has its universalism. In other words, the symbol and the imagery can have a similar description in varying industries, languages, and regions. Lions are a symbol of pride; swans are feminine, cats are cute, bugs can represent pests, etc. This is why the idea is pretty well known. 

Created by Badr |

In many ways, animal imagery is easy to relate to, considering how vast and similar the association is throughout the world. Along with it, the imagery is more likable compared to others. For the record, there are at least 37-47% of U.S households have pets. It shows that the furry pal and imagery are pretty liked and familiar to the audience. 

But when you are going to make a logo design with animal symbols or imagery in it, some points should help the process. These tips showcase that some of the ideation in logo design is likely similar. But with the largest available association and trigger, you should pay attention to how to fully embrace the use of animal logo design.  


10 Tips To Create A Good Animal Logo Design

  1. Understand Well Your Brand 

  2. Get Some Good Inspiration 

  3. Understand The Animal Anatomy

  4. Sketch Multiple Ideas

  5. Look At The Bigger Picture

  6. Pick The Right Style 

  7. Determine The Logo Color 

  8. Create A Custom Typeface

  9. Be Original, Be Memorable

  10. Listen To Feedback


Created by Gert van Duinen |


1. Understand Well Your Brand 

Understanding the brand or the company is the first key to fully grasping the idea of association triggers. The brand or the company information will lead you to create the design and logo; that is why you got to know the company pretty well. After that, the process of creation can either get harder or easier to do. 

What you need to learn in this is pretty vast. You can start with the values or the identity, or the product of the brand itself. From that, you can brainstorm for every possible association with animals to take. The idea of using animals for the logo design is also not limited to nature or fauna's related products; take the example of Ferrari. 

Created by Yücel KARAKURT |

Sometimes you can also work around the corner about the impression of the product and the brand appearing to the audience or your eyes. Think about the best representative animal that can capture similar ideas. Take an example of a bear for the construction industry, a wolf for a manly product, or a butterfly for women's products. 

The key to your ideas is to learn about the brand itself. Start with the vibe, atmosphere, audience, market, and deal ideas. Sometimes, wordplay with the company's name can also be a great shot for your animal logo design. The designer can also ask for a design brief, where the company defines itself or puts details of them as a brand. 

Created by Pedro Arbeláez |


2. Get Some Good Inspiration 

Inspiration helps you get some new ideas when creating a design. Logo, in particular, has its unique industry and unspoken rules. Such as how the food and beverage industry always uses similar colors or imagery. Sometimes, the inspiration also leads you to understand better how people use animal imagery for logos or design in general. 

You can see how some of the famous names in the industry use images of endangered animals, such as pandas and elephants. You can see it from the animal planet logo and the WWF organization. Some designs use a Celtic image of the design, some religion-related symbol, meaning, or unexpected connotation. That would help you get some fuel for the thinking process.  

Created by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv |


3. Understand The Animal Anatomy

Animal-based symbols or imagery on logo design are not only for the pet or animal industry. That is why it is best to pay attention and fully consider every possible meaning or outcome of what you try to include in the logo. The key to the right figure or animal for your logo is the one that always says about your brand, something that does not have to be related to the industry. 

A dietary supplement product that focuses on weightlifters seemingly has no connection with the animal association. However, you can add the best association trigger with a strong character to the logo design. It can be a bulldog, a bear, a lion, or something that is associated with strength. This is why you got to learn about the brand and its market. 

Created by Pedro Arbeláez |

Another good way to pick a suitable character is to learn from the customer. A brand that mainly attracts a female audience will likely use animals that showcase elegance and femininity. But coupled with the brand and product, the pick can appear more appealing. Your best example is Swarovski, a high-end jewelry company that uses a swan to provide a perfect metaphor. 

The metaphor gives an intrinsic meaning to royalty, grace, and elegance. At the same time, it is also associated with beauty and luxury befitting the company and brand. The next consideration is the value, which will shape your animal logo design meaning and association. The idea can compose the sense of what it is selling, such as energy, safety, comfort, etc. 

Created by Petar Shalamanov |

Nestle is a good example of how to pick the perfect animal and imagery for the logo. The design has a brilliant association trigger with its imagery of birds in the nest. It gives a familiar sense of family, a graphic representation of home, and comfort. It is also a good wordplay from Nestle and the nest imagery. 

The last point to help pick the animal is the business field. This is where the creator needs to consider some trends, specific, innovation, or creative thinking. Sometimes, traditionalism, kindness, and strictness are something you need to showcase. Take an example of some popular logo designs from Qantas and Firefox. 

The two have different business fields, Qantas being an airline company and Firefox a browser. The two put a great association trigger with animal images that show their market, Qantas is Australian with Kangaroo imagery. Meanwhile, Firefox takes a smart way to put a sense of blazingly fast and fox as a combination of unique services in the IT industry. 

Created by Maria Grønlund |


4. Sketch Multiple Ideas

Given the never-ending possibilities for animal logo design, you can say that focusing on one model will not do the deed. The best option is to create more than one design, sketch your logos, and put every possible work or graphic you can use. The tips bring a sense of freedom and brainstorming, which demand more time to experience and try. 

Working with multiple designs and ideas also helps tackle every unique style for the logo. You might want to try using the cartoony image, the simple silhouette, a minimalism style, a colorful modern take, or the complex and detailed imagery for the animal. This is also a phase and tip where you can fully grasp the organic action and design. 

A good logo design tends to have the ability to show motion, such as facing forward or showing a moving stance. It can be one of the ideas you can explore with multiple designs. Or maybe you opt for the minimalistic black and white outline. There are also many graphic styles that might blow you away. Such as using the circle-based shapes to develop an image of a rooster. 

Created by Stevan Rodic |


5. Look At The Bigger Picture

Logo creation with animal imagery comes with varying possible works. It means that you can use symbols, mascots, or some other appealing logotype. Sometimes you can make some out-of-the-box context, which helps create a unique project. It includes using not-so-similar animals, such as ants, armadillos, or Komodo dragons, for the symbol.

Created by Guido Veneranda |


6. Pick The Right Style 

Logo design comes in varying styles, which help create the most favorable work for your project. Most of the time, the option falls into the mascot, symbol, or emblem categories, in which you can create animal imagery that is more meaningful and unique. In this case, you can also consider the design style or drawing model. 

The models include cartoony, realism, detail, abstract, or sketch. The answer can again depend on what the animal logo wants to say about the organization, company, or brand. A highly detailed model can provide a more defined and dignified impression. At the same time, the cartoony style has a better association with the family audience.  

Created by Aya Magdy |


7. Determine The Color 

Animal logo design and its color can create a ripple in the process and branding or vice versa. You will likely want to work with another brand identity to fully grasp the proper design color for your logo. Remember that color defines its meaning and symbolism. Such as using red to highlight the passion, green for nature, or blue for a calming effect. 

Using the color also helps associate the brand with the animal; sometimes, it even triggers a sense of familiarity in work. This is where the designer needs to put the same indicator and ideas for both the animal imagery and the logo design color. Imagine using a lion as the symbol but adding pink for the imagery; it will look inappropriate. 

The idea showcases that the association trigger on both imagery and the logo should align. At the same time, working with color in the logo includes developing a more pleasant combination. In this case, you can refer to color wheels and combinations. Meanwhile, for the meaning, refer to animal imagery and color psychology connotation. 

Created by Vadim Carazan |


8. Create A Custom Typeface

Many logo designs with animal visual imagery use typeface to complete the work. The typeface can either complement or ruin the imagery. Similar to the use of color on the logo, your typeface design should also come in the same line as the animal visual. That is why pay attention to what the typeface or typography can make on the animal logo design. 

The typeface, in general, is categorized into three options, San serif, serif, or script. Each has its ideal uses since every style has its connotation. Legibility and visuals can make the brand's name and the logo better. Take an example of a formal font using Times New Romans. If possible, you can also make a custom or add some edits to the font for a unique aesthetic. 

Created by Catur Argi |


9. Be Original, Be Memorable

Developing originality will be the critical point in the creation process. You will learn that being unique helps create an identity in the market. There are also possibilities to make the mark trendy and fit with the current bandwagon, but be wise in doing so. Try to use the trend in a good way, so your animal logo won't fall into a mainstream category. 

As much as you can get it original, make sure the imagery or the design is scalable. Understand that animal logo design is not made for one use. It is a product and an identity for the company, which means used in every possible product's package, document, or market. So, be sure the work is scalable in the form of size and visibility. 

The key to best scalability is to pick a PNG image file type. PNG is one of the image file extensions that work with mathematical calculations for its color and shapes. Thus the image won't lose its quality upon scaling up or down. You might also want to consider different logo versions, such as the symbol, name only, or the simplified style with black and white color. 

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |


10. Listen To Feedback

Getting feedback is the last resort to making a good logo and design with animal imagery in it. It helps you understand what people think about your concept and project. It also helps indicate whether your intention to deliver the brand's identity through the design works or not. You can ask for feedback from the intended audience, the client, or other professionals.  

Created by Gert van Duinen |


Final Words 

Animal logo design heavily puts attention on association triggers in its creation. It indicates how the creator or designer needs to put big research and understanding on every possible relation or meaning to the imagery and brand. That is why the creator needs to put more attention on working and understanding the brand up to its root. 

As one can underline the brand and information of it, the designer can start finding the real association by selecting the animal. This is the phase that goes as vast as possible. Designers can associate animal characteristics with the brand meaning, vision, vibe, or idea. Different connotations can be made possible with familiar imagery on the logo. 

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

The design process later continues how the creator outlines the best option on color, typeface, logo style, and innovation. One might have to think big and out of the box to create a unique and original image. If it is hard, taking inspiration from how brands and companies put association triggers can also help. 

At the end of the day, the process of making a good identity with animal imagery comes from originality, scalability, familiarity, and innovation. The animal logo design might have to consider asking for feedback to ensure the imagery evokes the best assumption and properly hits the audience.

In one way or another, using animals as part of the logo is pretty common in many industries and marketing. The design and imagery of the pet or wild faunas bring a familiar association trigger or meaning for the audience. It creates better assumptions and deliverance of meaning to the market. The creator needs to put the best factor in creating an association between the brand and imagery.  

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