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Welcome to Kreafolk, your home for creativity, connection, and inspiration in the expansive world of arts & design. As an online publisher, we curate content that resonates with artists, designers, and creators from every corner of the globe. Our mission is to give a platform to diverse voices, helping them reach a wider audience and make a greater impact.

But we don't do it alone. Our vision is brought to life through the strength of our partnerships. That's where you come in. We believe in collaboration over competition, and we're always looking for partners who share our passion for creativity, our dedication to diversity, and our commitment to making the online creative community a vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring space.

Whether you're a multinational corporation, a non-profit organization, an individual artist, or a small start-up, we welcome you! Our partnerships are as diverse as our community, and they all contribute to the rich tapestry of creativity that is Kreafolk. Let's weave this tapestry together, one partnership at a time!


Why Partner with Us

Embarking on a journey with Kreafolk is about much more than just a partnership - it's about joining a global family of creative pioneers and visionary thinkers. It's about aligning your brand with a community that values creativity, innovation, and diversity. It's about creating a collaborative synergy that amplifies our collective impact and paves the way for a more inclusive and inspiring digital landscape.

In the creative world, it's not just about what we create, but also who we create with. Our partners play a vital role in shaping the content we publish, the projects we undertake, and the communities we build. Through these partnerships, we're able to diversify our perspectives, expand our horizons, and produce more impactful and resonant content.

So, why should you consider joining us on this enriching journey? What does a partnership with Kreafolk entail for your organization or brand? Here are some reasons and benefits you can look forward to:

1. Access to New Markets or Audiences

Partnering with Kreafolk provides a gateway to an ever-expanding, diverse community of creators and enthusiasts worldwide. Your brand will gain access to this dynamic audience, extending its reach and potentially unlocking new market segments. It's not just about broadening your customer base; it's about inspiring and engaging with a community that values creativity, innovation, and diversity just as much as you do.

2. Mutual Growth and Success

At Kreafolk, we believe in growing together. When you partner with us, you're joining a shared journey towards success, where every milestone is a collective achievement. As we continue to prosper and expand our reach, so will your brand. It's a symbiotic relationship that ensures both our goals align, leading to a mutually beneficial partnership marked by shared victories and continual progress.

3. Collaborative Project Opportunities

Collaboration is at the heart of Kreafolk. As a partner, you'll have opportunities to engage in unique projects that align with your brand values. Whether it's co-creating content or joint campaigns, we'll create something bigger, better, and more impactful together. It's not just about growing your brand, it's about contributing to a thriving creative community while reaping the benefits of shared innovation.


Types of Partnerships

As we journey together in fostering creativity and innovation, we recognize that each partner brings a unique set of values, objectives, and capacities to the table. This is why we offer a variety of partnership opportunities, each tailored to fit different needs and aspirations. From corporations to individuals, our types of partnerships are as diverse as the creative community we represent. Below, you'll find an overview of each type of partnership. We hope you find one that resonates with your goals and allows us to weave our stories into a shared tapestry of creative success.

1. Article Sponsorship

Sponsored articles are carefully curated to maintain a balance between providing value to our audience and highlighting your brand. They create an organic integration of your message into a narrative that our community is eager to consume. This not only enhances your brand's reach and resonance but also helps nurture a closer relationship with a community that shares your passion for creativity.

Article Sponsorship is about more than just publicity - it's a collaboration that blends your brand's story with the inspiring content that Kreafolk is home to. It's about creating a narrative that empowers, inspires, and connects.



2. Pinterest Sponsorship

In the vibrant world of creative content, visuals speak volumes. Our Pinterest Sponsorship opportunity offers a powerful way to connect your brand with our thriving, visually-inspired community. With Pinterest being a hub for creative ideas and inspiration, your sponsored pins will naturally blend into the creative stream, reaching a wide, engaged audience. 

With Pinterest Sponsorship, your brand gets to be a part of the creative journey that our community embarks on each day. It's about weaving your brand's visual narrative into a platform that breathes creativity and innovation.


3. Job Posting

In the ever-evolving creative landscape, connecting the right talent with the right opportunities can be a game-changer. Recognizing this, we offer Job Posting as a distinct partnership opportunity at Kreafolk. As an online hub for a diverse community of artists, writers, designers, and other creative professionals, we provide the perfect platform to broadcast your brand's employment opportunities.

With Job Posting, your brand's vacancies are communicated to our wide, active community, helping you tap into a pool of passionate, creative individuals ready to make a difference in their field. Job Posting with Kreafolk isn't just about filling vacancies; it's about inviting fresh ideas, creativity, and passion into your team. 



4. You Are Welcome to Propose your Ideas

At Kreafolk, we believe that the best partnerships are born from shared creativity and innovation. That's why we're excited to allow you to propose your ideas. We understand that your brand has its own story, its own aspirations, and its own unique way of engaging with the world. This could be a new collaboration method, a unique project, or an innovative campaign idea - the floor is yours.

We're eager to explore unconventional routes, fresh perspectives, and novel ideas. This opportunity embodies the spirit of Kreafolk - creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Let's not just create a partnership; let's reinvent what a partnership can be, one creative idea at a time.


Kreafolk's Rate Card

Investing in partnerships should always bring value, both in terms of the tangible results and the impact it has on your brand's journey. That's why at Kreafolk, we've carefully designed our pricing structure to ensure that our partnerships are not only effective but also offer great value for your investment.

Our rate card provides a clear, transparent overview of the costs associated with each partnership opportunity. We've broken down the rates for each type of partnership to help you make an informed decision. With Kreafolk, you can rest assured that you're making a valuable investment!

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Let's Begin Our Work!

Ready to take your brand to new heights with Kreafolk? We're excited to partner with you and elevate your brand's visibility within our engaged and creative community. Contact us today to start discussing how we can shape your brand's story and make a lasting impact with our audience.

Get in touch with us via email at Our dedicated team is ready to answer your queries, provide more details about our partnership packages, and help you choose the best fit for your brand's unique needs.

Let's begin this exciting journey of creativity and inspiration together. We can't wait to hear from you!