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Article: 30 Best Squirrel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Squirrel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Humanity appreciates truth about as much as a squirrel appreciates silver.
Check out some of the best squirrel logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Simc |

Searching for unique and engaging logo design ideas can often feel like hunting for acorns in a sprawling forest, but if you've ever marveled at the creativity and whimsical charm of squirrel-inspired designs, then this article is for you. Welcome to our round-up of the 30 best squirrel logo design ideas that will give your branding that innovative and playful twist.

Squirrels are associated with energy, playfulness, and resourcefulness - traits that can truly make your logo stand out. As a graphic designer, exploring these squirrel logo design ideas can open doors to new ways of storytelling through your design. Whether it's a tech start-up aiming for a playful image or a coffee shop wishing to convey a cozy atmosphere, a squirrel-themed logo can strike the right chord.

In this guide, we've selected a variety of styles, each bringing something unique to the table. These squirrel logo design ideas range from minimalistic to bold, rustic to modern, showcasing the immense versatility of our furry little friends. You’re guaranteed to find a trove of inspiration here to spark your creativity and help you produce an emblem that is not only visually captivating but also emblematic of your brand's personality and values.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of squirrel logo design ideas? Let's go nuts!


I. Squirrel Logo Design Ideas

1. Riski Mulia

Created by Riski Mulia |


2. Alen Pavlovic

Created by Alen Pavlovic |


3. Squirrel Man

Created by RistaDesign |


4. Branch away inc

Created by Artvin |


5. Elmira Gokoryan

Created by Elmira Gokoryan |


6. galihmrD

Created by galihmrD |


7. Grünenfelder Chocolate

Created by Peter Voth |


8. Riaaz

Created by Riaaz |


9. Yosemite Conservatory

Created by Lisa McCormick |


10. StoubeM

Created by Chez Did's |


11. Ask Squirrel

Created by Yulian Rahman |


12. Happy Camper

Created by Andrew Nolan |


13. Grove

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |


14. Club Kiddo

Created by Eight Hour Day |


15. Flying Squirrel

Created by Ghitea Florin |


16. In a Nutshell

Created by Milos Djuric |


17. Fire Squirrel

Created by MT Projectss |


18. Ne_Grapich

Created by ne_grapich |


19. Back to School Classic

Created by Carlos Fernandez |


20. Fearless Squirel

Created by Turgay Mutlay |


21. Mamas Cacing

Created by Mamas Cacing |


22. Matthieumartigny

Created by matthieumartigny |


23. Acorn To Oak

Created by Milos Djuric |


24. Simc

Created by Simc |


25. King Elliot’s

Created by Andy Boice |


26. Andrew Korepan

Created by Andrew Korepan |


27. MDigitalPixels

Created by MDigitalPixels |


28. Storage Squirrel

Created by Shahinur Rashid Tuhin |


29. UNOM Design

Created by UNOM design |


30. Tomomi Sohn

Created by Tomomi Sohn |


II. Symbolism and Meanings of Squirrel in Logo Designs

In the realm of graphic design, every element conveys a distinct message, and logos are no different. A logo acts as the face of a brand, encapsulating its identity and values within a visual representation. The choice to incorporate a particular animal, like a squirrel, in logo design is not made arbitrarily. Squirrels carry specific symbolism and associations that can be leveraged to tell a compelling story about a brand. Let's delve into the symbolism and meanings squirrels bring to the table in logo designs.

Energy and Dynamism

A predominant trait associated with squirrels is their boundless energy. With their quick movements and tireless scurrying, squirrels are an embodiment of dynamism and vigor. This makes the squirrel an ideal element in logo design for brands that want to project an image of vibrancy, activity, and liveliness. A squirrel logo design can communicate that a brand is fast-paced, high-energy, and never at rest - a great fit for start-ups, tech companies, and fitness brands.

Resourcefulness and Adaptability

Squirrels are renowned for their resourcefulness and adaptability, traits that can be brilliantly portrayed in a logo. They adapt to varying environments and are known to plan for the future by gathering and storing food. A squirrel logo design can symbolize a brand's ability to adapt to market changes and its forward-thinking nature. This symbolism can be highly relevant for businesses in rapidly evolving industries such as technology and finance, where agility and foresight are critical.

Playfulness and Approachability

Squirrels, with their playful nature and captivating antics, are often associated with fun and approachability. They’re friendly, accessible, and easy to connect with, traits that many brands wish to embody. A squirrel logo design can suggest that a company is user-friendly, approachable, and committed to creating an enjoyable experience for its clients or customers. This could be particularly fitting for businesses in the entertainment industry, children's products, or customer service sectors.

Creativity and Innovation

Squirrels, being quick-witted creatures that find inventive solutions to problems, can symbolize creativity and innovation in a logo design. A squirrel logo can illustrate a brand’s dedication to creative problem solving and its commitment to innovation. Such a logo could be an excellent choice for creative agencies, art studios, or any business in the realm of ideation and design.

Connection with Nature

Lastly, by virtue of being a woodland creature, a squirrel can symbolize a close connection with nature. A squirrel logo design can showcase a brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability or its appreciation for the natural world. This can resonate powerfully with customers who prioritize eco-friendliness. Brands in sectors like organic foods, outdoor equipment, or environmental conservation can use squirrel logos to underscore their natural and sustainable ethos.

Squirrel logo designs can tell rich stories about a brand, reflecting traits of energy, resourcefulness, playfulness, creativity, and a connection to nature. This versatile creature can adapt to a variety of contexts and interpretations, making it a truly captivating choice for logo designers.


III. Types of Industries That Are Suitable to Use Squirrel Logo Designs

In the dynamic landscape of brand identity, a logo serves as a visual cornerstone, telling a compelling story about a brand’s mission, values, and character. Using animal symbolism, such as a squirrel, can often inject a unique personality into your brand. But which industries are best suited to leverage a squirrel logo design? With their multifaceted symbolism, squirrels can adapt to various contexts, making them suitable for several industries. Let’s explore the types of industries that can benefit from incorporating squirrel logo designs into their brand narrative.

Tech Startups

For tech startups striving to portray an image of agility, innovation, and dynamism, a squirrel logo design can be an ideal fit. The energetic and resourceful nature of squirrels can reflect a startup's fast-paced environment and its adaptability in the face of evolving technology. A playful squirrel in the logo can communicate the brand's creative problem-solving skills and its commitment to break the mold with innovative solutions.

Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, a squirrel logo design can symbolize natural, organic, or artisanal qualities. Squirrels, being foragers, are associated with food gathering, which can imply a connection to nature and wholesome food. This can be a perfect choice for coffee shops, bakeries, or organic food brands aiming to project a fresh, earthy, and homely image.

Fitness and Outdoor Brands

Squirrels symbolize energy, activity, and a connection to nature, traits that perfectly resonate with fitness and outdoor brands. A squirrel logo design for a fitness brand could represent constant motion, activity, and energy. For outdoor equipment brands or adventure companies, a squirrel logo can signify a love for nature and the outdoors.

Children’s Products or Services

Due to their playful and approachable nature, squirrels fit well with brands focused on children's products or services. A squirrel logo design can communicate friendliness, fun, and a sense of adventure. Whether it's for a toy brand, a children's book publisher, or an educational app for kids, a squirrel logo can make the brand appear more appealing and relatable to both children and their parents.

Environment and Sustainability-focused Organizations

For businesses and organizations that are focused on environmental conservation or sustainability, a squirrel logo design can underscore their commitment to nature. Squirrels, being woodland creatures, can symbolize an intimate connection with the environment. This can resonate powerfully with audiences who prioritize eco-consciousness and sustainability. A squirrel logo design can help environmental NGOs, green startups, or organic lifestyle brands project their eco-friendly ethos effectively.

A squirrel logo design offers immense versatility, making it suitable for a broad range of industries, from tech startups to environmental organizations. Its symbolic traits of energy, adaptability, playfulness, and connection to nature can be leveraged in various ways to create a memorable and distinctive brand identity that resonates with the targeted audience.


IV. Colours That Are Commonly Used in Squirrel Logo Designs

Colour plays a pivotal role in logo design, shaping a brand's perception and communicating its message at a glance. When creating a squirrel logo design, the choice of colour can significantly influence how the brand is perceived by its audience. The palette you choose can augment the squirrel's symbolism, making the logo more impactful. In this section, we will explore some colours that are commonly used in squirrel logo designs and what they can convey about a brand.


Brown is a colour commonly used in squirrel logo designs, reflecting the creature's natural habitat and its earthy, woodland associations. Brown can communicate a sense of reliability, stability, and wholesomeness. It’s an excellent colour choice for brands wanting to project an image of trustworthiness and groundedness, such as organic food companies, artisanal crafts, or nature-based businesses.


Green, another popular colour choice for squirrel logo designs, can help strengthen the squirrel's connection with nature. Green symbolizes growth, freshness, and environmental friendliness. Brands that want to emphasize their eco-consciousness or promote their commitment to sustainability often use green in their squirrel logo designs. This could be ideal for green tech companies, environmental organizations, or organic lifestyle brands.


Orange captures the playful and energetic spirit of squirrels. It's a vibrant and lively colour that can inject a sense of joy, creativity, and enthusiasm into a squirrel logo design. Orange can help convey a brand's passion and zest, making it a perfect colour choice for creative agencies, children's brands, or any business aiming to project a sense of fun and excitement.


Red is a bold and attention-grabbing colour often used to signify passion, energy, and action. When used in a squirrel logo design, red can accentuate the creature's dynamism and vivacity. This powerful hue can be an excellent choice for businesses in high-energy sectors such as fitness brands, tech startups, or fast food companies.


Blue in a squirrel logo design can signify trust, reliability, and wisdom. It's a colour that inspires confidence and communicates a sense of calm and professionalism. A squirrel logo in blue might be suitable for brands aiming to project a reliable and trustworthy image, such as financial institutions, educational platforms, or healthcare services.

The colours used in a squirrel logo design can enhance the symbolism of the squirrel and the overall message the brand wishes to communicate. Whether it's the earthy brown, the eco-friendly green, the vibrant orange, the dynamic red, or the trustworthy blue, the choice of colour can make your squirrel logo design more engaging and resonant with your target audience. Remember, the perfect palette is the one that best aligns with your brand's values, character, and the story you want to tell.


V. Other Symbolisms That You Can Combine with Squirrel Logo Designs

Creating a unique, eye-catching logo is like assembling a visual puzzle, where each piece adds depth to the overall picture. While a squirrel logo design already carries a wealth of symbolism, combining it with other elements can lend additional layers of meaning and create a more nuanced brand story. Let's explore some complementary symbols that you can weave into your squirrel logo designs for an extra touch of individuality and significance.


Acorns are naturally associated with squirrels due to the animal's well-known habit of collecting and storing them for winter. An acorn in a squirrel logo design can further symbolize foresight, resourcefulness, and preparation for the future. It’s an excellent symbol for financial institutions or planning services, underlining their role in helping customers prepare for the future.

Trees or Leaves

Trees or leaves can reinforce the squirrel's connection to nature and its adaptability. Incorporating these elements into a squirrel logo design can emphasize an eco-friendly ethos or a brand's commitment to growth and natural processes. This could be a perfect fit for environmental organizations, sustainable businesses, or even companies in the personal growth and development field.

Light Bulbs

A light bulb, the universal symbol of ideas and innovation, can add a layer of creativity to a squirrel logo design. It can represent the brand's commitment to innovative thinking, problem-solving, and bright ideas. This symbol would be particularly fitting for creative agencies, technology companies, or any business emphasizing their dedication to inventive solutions.

Tools or Gears

Including symbols like tools or gears alongside the squirrel can illustrate the concepts of hard work, craftsmanship, and industry. This can help convey a message of diligence, precision, and quality craftsmanship in a squirrel logo design. These symbols would be ideal for artisanal brands, construction companies, or any business focused on handcrafted quality and meticulous work.


Incorporating a heart into a squirrel logo design can denote a brand's commitment to care, empathy, and positive relationships. This could be an ideal symbol for non-profits, healthcare providers, or customer service-focused businesses, illustrating their focus on compassionate service and customer care.

The addition of complementary symbols can enhance the depth and complexity of a squirrel logo design. Whether it's an acorn, a tree, a light bulb, a tool, or a heart, each element can augment the squirrel's natural symbolism, providing a richer narrative and more personalized representation of your brand's values and mission. Remember, the magic of logo design lies in its ability to tell a compelling story in a visually concise manner. So, when incorporating additional symbols, ensure they harmonize with your squirrel logo to create a cohesive, memorable, and meaningful brand identity.


VI. Famous Brands and Companies That Use Squirrel Symbolism in Their Logo Designs

The use of animal symbolism in logo design is a time-honoured tradition that adds depth and character to a brand's visual identity. One such animal that's made its mark in the branding world is the humble squirrel. Its various symbolisms of energy, adaptability, and connection to nature have resonated with brands across different industries. Here, we take a look at some famous brands and companies that have embraced squirrel symbolism in their logo designs, offering inspiration for your own squirrel logo design projects.

Squirrel Brand Nuts

The Squirrel Brand, an American gourmet nut company, has a distinctive logo featuring a squirrel clutching an acorn. This logo effectively communicates the company's primary product, nuts, and underlines its commitment to quality and natural goodness. The brown and gold colours of the logo underscore the earthy, wholesome image that the brand aims to project.

Squirrel Systems

A leading provider of point of sale solutions for the hospitality industry, Squirrel Systems uses a squirrel logo to highlight its agile and adaptable solutions. The logo, depicting a squirrel in mid-leap, underscores the company’s commitment to providing dynamic, flexible, and innovative systems that keep pace with the rapidly changing hospitality industry.

The Little Red Squirrel

The Little Red Squirrel, a UK-based vintage styling and prop hire company, sports a quirky logo featuring a red squirrel. The logo's vintage aesthetic aligns with the company's business, and the playful, approachable squirrel symbolizes the brand's commitment to bringing joy and creativity to every event.

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee uses a mysterious, monocle-wearing squirrel in its logo. This choice not only pays homage to its namesake but also evokes a sense of curiosity and adventure. The logo reflects the brand’s unique take on cold brew coffee and its dedication to crafting distinctive, top-quality brews.

Squirrel Hill Cafe

Also known affectionately as "The Squirrel Cage," this popular Pittsburgh cafe and bar features a leaping squirrel in its logo. The logo captures the energy, friendliness, and cozy neighborhood vibe the cafe is known for. The playful logo, coupled with the warm color scheme, contributes to the welcoming atmosphere that the cafe prides itself on.

From food companies to technology providers, various brands have effectively employed squirrel logo designs to communicate their brand values and identity. These examples show how the versatility of squirrel symbolism can be adapted to various contexts, proving that this energetic little creature can be a powerful emblem for a wide range of brands. So, if you're considering a squirrel for your next logo design, remember that its rich symbolism can lend charm, character, and a unique narrative to your brand story.



In conclusion, squirrels offer a wealth of inspiration for logo designs with their energy, adaptability, and natural charm. From colour choices to additional symbols, each element can add a layer of depth to your squirrel logo design ideas. Whether it's for a tech startup, an eco-conscious organization, or a friendly local cafe, a squirrel logo can help communicate a unique brand story. As we've seen in our dive into these 30 best squirrel logo design ideas, the potential to create a memorable, distinctive brand identity with this little creature is vast. Let the squirrel inspire your next graphic design project!


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