The Most Updated Logo Design Trends in 2023

Design trends keep changing and shifting to either progressing or even backward.
Here are some updated logo design trends that you should not miss!
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Talking about logo and design, you will find a lot of possible jobs and styling on the internet. It also comes with the fact that the creative industry constantly adds and uses new trends to make a breakthrough. In one way to another, the trends made from time to time can appear as a good appeal or a bad thing to avoid. 

If you are far in the creative industry, you can also see that many will say to avoid trends. All goes with the fact that some of those new fashion ideas can last for a short time. However, there are also times that a trend sets a new styling in the design world. It later turned into a good addition to technique and styling logo design trends. 

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As much as the creative industry is pretty wide and varied, you can see the apparent trend images in many new appearing logos. Most of them are not only following the bandwagon but also trying to create or add their unique personality. So, what kind of new ideas have appeared in the last months or years? Here are some unique styles you can find in the market. 

It is best to say that every year's creative community filled with designers from around the world will see a significant alignment on certain logo design trends. Just a few years ago, many used the idea of logos that play innovative within a constraint. It appears with a clear or hidden border, which was later blurred in 2022. 

In 2022, the styles unify the sense of a less constrained image. The design styles subconsciously capture and adapt the idea of life amid a global pandemic. At the same time, some trends pinpoint the raising of LGBTQ subjects, throwback style, natural ideas, and simplicity. The following list can be a unique interpretation of how the design trends have evolved in many ways.

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1. Scribble And Sketches 

You will likely find many logos playing around with scribble and sketch images to create more personal imagery. It can be a win and lose, depending on how the creator can properly utilize the idea. As the name says, this is a trend where many creators or company ideas go in a new direction of throwback and nostalgia. They use scribbly, shaky, and childlike art.

The aesthetic from the past decades, the sense of nostalgia, and fun imagery make it loved by many trendsetters. You will find how most of the scribble logo design trends appear as childlike, abstract, or simplified. The key to this style itself is the unfinished look, rough imagery, and unique drawing. It will be a complete contrast to using the cleaner commercial logos.

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The simplicity, friendly, and down-to-earth styling make it more sophisticated and somewhat raw. You can see how it tries to shed the constrained formal style and embrace the free sense of freedom. While the logo design is fun and unique, it would not fit with all brands or products. 

It will be a great addition for young children or a less formal company visual identity. Take an example of a kindergarten school or modern youths outfit store. But for a company with more high-end demography and higher economic values, using crooked images and scribble will only lose its product images.    

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2. Retro Designs

The retro rubber hose concept is another set of unique imagery trends in 2022. Due to the rising popularity of the Cuphead game, you will find similar aesthetic models in logo design in recent years. For image styling trends, the retro rubber hose has a pretty narrow practice. It is because the concept focuses on adapting cartoon images from the 1920s to 1930s.

The century-old cartoon style will resurgence a lot thanks to how flexible and adaptable the style is. The key to the logo design trends is the personable and more human character in the works. Most of the imagery will humanize the product or subject, creating a unique point in its visual identity. 

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At the same time, the trend is a great innovation for boring and static imagery. With the trends, the logo tends to deliver the important message in more exciting, eye-catching, and new design ideas. It goes along with characters in colors, brand palettes, styling, and whimsical humanized character. 

With the obvious less formal and cartoony imagery, it likely falls into a more specific brand or company image. Take an example of the vintage and old-styled fashion industry, food or culinary, and youth-specific products. It is less possible when using the imagery for a more trendy, professional, and formal business.  

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3. White Space Experiment 

Going for a more versatile and universal logo design trend is white space imagery. There is no exact name on the trend, but at least it can be seen as the creator trying to include a hidden meaning or information by using whitespace or negative space. How the design works are simply by balancing and setting the focal points to avoid clutter.

But the new trend in logo design will appear as designers try to use the blank space to fill or create different imagery. Depending on how the logo is being used and where the negative is appearing, the creator or designer can craft hidden imagery or message. The classic example is FedEx, but you can find more unique creations with white space in the modern logo. 

The design is appealing to many brands thanks to its super versatile imagery and application. Creators can develop a blank space to create imagery, a unique frame, and complementary styling for icons. It is a trend that you can apply in varying brands, including sophisticated products, formal, casual, modern, and natural, to other demographics. 

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4. Glitch 

When it comes to typography and text logo design, the trends are way more innovative. Some of them try to incorporate certain effects on the design, which help create a certain sense of impression. Among many is blurring and glitching. You can expect similar trends to get more attention in 2022 or the next years since many creators have started to appeal using animated logos. 

The blur effect in logo text is an innovation to create a sense of movement and fluidity, which is another key to the appealing design. In this case, the readability focus is a bit blurred or simply reduced. As logo design trends, adding blur can be a nice addition to digital visual identity. It is pretty simple and versatile, which makes it usable for varying brands of products. 

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In its application, the blur effects are only applied on the text edges or a small portion of the visual identity. But when applied as a whole design, many creators will accompany its works with a clear printed version. Since human eyes are enamored with motion, blur is a nice addition to the logo design world. But it also needs to be used properly. 

Another text effect trend is glitching, which you can see clearly from the TikTok logo. Aside from TikTok, the trend of static motion is considered a cool addition to the creative industry. It adds a unique essence to grainy TV, classic photography, or future hi-tech. It also welcomes the use of animation, which is a pretty common solution for modern logos. 

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5. Geometric Shapes 

Going back to the simplistic and minimalist, the recent years are full of geometric shapes and styles. This is a good logo design trend that highlights its long-lasting versatility. Geometric shapes themselves can vary from simple lines to regular structures, circles, or anything. With a touch of modern technique, this trend is a great example of how the image should or might appear shortly. 

A unique point of geometric shapes is the vast range of options. Modern logos tend to use uncommon shapes, such as diamond patterns or simple lining, to create symbolism. When used properly, the emblems with this design style appeal less busy or regal. A soft, simple, and minimalistic structure make it more versatile for different media, such as stamps or digital images. 

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6. Stretch And Oversized Typography 

Lettering and typography still take a high recommendation for the current logo design trends. After the trend of swirly script text, the new fashion goes to the stretched or continuous lettering style. The distortion effect is more readable compared to blur, which makes this trend less burdensome to apply. 

A good point to highlight is how the stretch and continuous text is a style against the strict and restricted feeling. It plays with the asymmetric look, creating a boundaryless feel and infinite looks. The creator can use curls, curves, stretching, and long lines to balance the remaining regular-sized letters. 

In its application to logo design, the stretching images add more visual diversity and interest to the work. At the same time, it can create vocal stress and make the focal point of the work. For such a simple addition to the styling, the trend can appeal to many possible brands or products. It depends on how the designer wants to use the style to embrace the brand's image. 

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7. Lines And Thickness

Many logo design trends explore and play around with line thickness. While it has a long opportunity in its development, the trend idea focuses on how to create balance with depth, complexity, and line works. Sometimes, you can also find many companies use text weight to play with its thickness. 

Under this trend, the key is how the designer combines the different thicknesses on the logo lines or elements. In logo text, playing with the weight adds dynamic to the overall visual images. It is a new movement where designers go against the old rules and try experimenting with lines, shapes, and strokes to create less constrained images. 

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8. Shaped Typography 

Another trend that focuses on typography can be a great option for universal, modern, and extensive brands. For a company or designer that is working with wordmark logos, this is a trend that can create an exceptional impression while also staying lasting for probably years in the future. But what makes it appealing to many products is how flexible the logo design trends are. 

In general, the common uses of the idea are when the typography is within the imagery to provide shapes and structure or when the letter mark provides an emblem-like shape. The easiest example is the Burger King logo. The text is within the buns, bringing a cute symbol of the burger itself. This is also very versatile since the creator can play around with text to make shapes. 

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9. Layering Elements 

Layering trends can appear both appealing or too much. When done properly, layering elements such as geometric forms or color blends can make a specific meaning. Sometimes it adds a twist and hidden meaning. But when the logo design is less planned, it can appear harder to read, too abrupt, or to interrupt. Yes, it is part of the concept. But the logo still needs to be visible.  

A good point about this trend is how vast the possibilities it provides. You can overlap a lot of elements, including and not limited to shapes or text. Some innovative logos overlap colors to add depth, balance, or unique contrast. Sometimes it works with texture, symbols, or patterns. To fully grasp this idea, it will need bolder planning.  

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10. Bright Color, Multicolor, And Gradient  

Color logo design trends you can see pretty much everywhere is the use of multicolor, bright color, and gradient. Surprisingly it is a very versatile option for logo creators, considering it can appeal to a younger audience with its dynamic and fun hues. But it does not limit to semi-casual looks. Some formal corporations can also play around with multicolor and gradient to work with modern society. 

Another unique intake of multicolor is rainbow. Many famous media and companies have started to implement the rainbow gradient or colors to make a more subtle yet freedom in its message. Sometimes, the use of multicolor and gradient is also meant to blend its varying services. The gradient is also a good color trend that is less busy. It appears as an attractive addition, which makes the logo design pop. 

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Why do you need to learn about trends?  

In the best or worst, trends are something that comes and goes in the creative industry. Once, it was a peak of the design, making many creators crave the same style and ideas. But after a month or so, you can find that the style is gone. Those facts can happen due to the flexibility and the crazy number of innovations in the creative industry. 

A logo is not an exception. Some styles stay for a long time. But they were later overshadowed by the simplicity of the casual logo design. It explains that learning trends can be an answer to working in the creative industry. The purpose is mostly to focus on paying attention to whether you need to learn, try, or avoid certain trends in design. 

Remember that not every logo idea and innovation is good. Sometimes, people use trends only to ride the hype wave. As the wave goes down, the said logo or its design might go in a single sweep. Being a creative worker can also mean being wise in deciding the logo style or design. It is not always simple or trendy. Consider every logo aspect before absorbing the new ideas. 

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Final Words

The trends do not always mean good or bad for visual identity. In logo design, you will need to be wise in following the innovation. Try to strip down on what will and not work with your logo style. Not everything will run as you want since trends can either stay long or dead pretty quickly. So, which one should you try to use? 

The answer will go back to the brand and the project brief. Each brand has its particular aspects, points, personality, or style that need to be implemented in the logo design. It means the designer needs to think twice about whether to use the trends or not. Another good point to highlight is longevity. Since some trends won't stay for long, it is best to stay away. 

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But from the listed logo design trends, you can see that 2020 loves to play around with fonts, text, shapes, and colors. Digitalization also enables logo creators to play around with varying elements in the logos. It later affects how people start to play around with imagery of the visual identity, including adding a touch of antique, future, or eclectic touch in it. 

If you are into trends and want to implement them in logo design, pay more attention to the brief and brand. If you find the styles can be a permanent visual identity and have long longevity, try them. But if the said trends do not appeal to the real purpose of the project, ditch it. At the end of the day, the creator's concept and understanding of the design style make the project work. 

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