30 Best Healthcare Logo Designs You Should Check

Created by Shehan Rodrigo -

Want to explore more health care logo designs and make them your reference? Because designers must use references before starting. And with that reference, more ideas will emerge and make the design result one of the best.

Healthcare idea is often underestimated, even though their role is very important for marketing purposes. Not to mention if you want to try to make branding that stands out. It is necessary to pay attention to the main elements such as organization, size, and color.

And the question now is, what makes the “perfect” healthcare idea for health care? The answer is simple, namely how a designer makes the ideas that are in their brains become a reality and attractive.

This logo will later be used to help patients find their way to the best health care. People who see the logo will get a reference that the logo can be a setback for the venture. But know that there are many other specific requirements.

What we mean by requirement is the uniqueness of the business. In terms of graphics, the most common only include letters and images. The image used is also not arbitrary; that is, it must be something recognizable as a health care place.


1. Self Matters


The first healthcare logo vector art is from Self Matters created by The Rocking Company. A logo like this looks quite natural and on point, namely as a beauty clinic. And obviously, there are plenty of points for designers to explore further.

For example, the use of a model background and a solid brown color that is similar to skin color. Then make it look like a water drop, so the background is blurry.


2. Sunny Side

Created by nelly shiloach

If Sunny Side succeeds in realizing their idea with a lock-up style, namely, there are different placements of icons and fonts, so that they can form 2 unique designs. Sunny Side also uses color choices that are quite creative and unique.

The health care logo designs are divided into two, “+” is divided by 2, and the color choices are also different. Green for the left and pink for the right. The names of doctors and child health care specialists are also written.


3. Serena

Created by Pietro Vitelo

For health care, SERENA features a playful and colorful theme. With style like this, it can practically invite many eyes to see it. For the background, it's the same as the diverse color of light blue, green, orange, and also dark pink.

For the writing of the word SERENA, we use a unique font with continuous letters. This logo was created by Pietro Vitelo with a classy style. So when you look at it, this could be one of the best health logo maker-free designs.


4. Neuro Diverso

Created by Facundo Kostelak

The clinic whose design is no less cool than the others is Neuro Diverso, with the playful theme being dominant throughout its design. For the colors and logos, use font elements such as Helvetica for maximum style.

This Neuro Diverso style is suitable for those who are looking for references. Because there's not much to change from this style, it's simple but has value too. And just use it for the publication and the healthcare idea branding.


5. Rosana Leite

Created by Rodrigo Menezes

This health care logo is no less cool than the others, with a unique and eye-catching color combination. The colors used for the background are light orange, dark blue, and also beige for the logo in the middle.

What we are trying to highlight in this logo is brain health, which is shown with an illustration of the head of a person who has a flower that is in bloom. With style like that, people will also know that the logo belongs to a health care system.


6. Eastern Health Cluster

Created by Lana Services ™

The Eastern Health Cluster emphasizes the Arabic style. This logo consists of 3 lines, namely Arabic writing at the top, EHC followed by Arabic writing, and the Easter Health Cluster branding, which is slightly elongated and displayed clearly.

This Eastern Health Cluster style is suitable for those who want a classic look. The symbol used is a tree that describes the land of Arabia. For the font, Arial type is used with gold color, added up with the blue background.


7. Renight

Created by Abdulrahman Khalil

The Renight logo is also very suitable for those who want to get a design result that is not like most logos. Night, from the name alone, really reflects a health care place, with light blue background color with a certain pattern.

Renight uses a symbol like a person sleeping at night. In addition, the Night logo also uses a lettermark type, which is a little symbol and text. A Health Care Logo like this would fit anywhere, including clinic flyers.


8. LiveWell

Created by Sulaiman Abubakar

Livewell, from the symbol alone, uses a blooming flower with a smiling silhouette underneath. With such classic writing, what we are trying to highlight here is not only the design but rather the design mechanism for branding.

This LiveWell logo will not bore anyone who sees it. This can be classified as the best healthcare logo image design, especially for those who haven't been inspired yet. Therefore, the purple color only needs to be changed.


9. ITC

Created by Okaz ⚑

The health care services provided by ITC are not only amazing but also completely guaranteed. That's what makes a lot of people want to visit ITC just to check up, and even from the logo, people already know the place.

The ITC logo is quite prominent, especially for people who are new to the world of health care. The style of ITC is a timeless design, and people who see it can know that it is a logo for health care.


10. VB Care Agency

Created by Lucile Escallier

The VB Care Agency logo can also be classified as the best healthcare logo design that we have ever seen. The use of simple colors also adds to the impression of minimalism. It only reads VB Care Agency plus the Welcome Home tagline.

By the tagline, the health care services presented are related to the health of mothers who have just given birth or newborn babies. From the symbol in the logo, there are 2 faces with the sun reflecting the world.


11. Medclin

Created by Jessica Kuhn

The MEDCLIn logo is also very prominent for people who are looking for a design. With a minimalist and classy style, people who see it can immediately guess that it is a health care logo, especially with the image of the head and body.

The Medclin logo is very clean, so people who see it don't have to bother looking for other designs to display. So maybe those who want to use this logo as inspiration can just follow the curvy style.


12. Aristo

Created by Marcelo Kimura

Of the 30 best healthcare logo designs that we have and will show you later, the one created by Marcelo Kimura for the Aristo logo cannot be overlooked. The style that is trying to show is on point and does not add non-essential elements.

This Aristo logo uses a writing style with the Arian font in black. To beside him. Added a blue color for the symbol. The emblem is also what accentuates the hospital's characteristics for everyone who sees it.


13. Made By Diet

Created by DADADA Studio

The Made by Diet logo is very suitable for health care services that want to open services for people to care for their health glass. With this Made by Diet logo, people know what to eat for that period.

Made by Diet uses a style that is not too Modern, but accentuates a minimalist impression. For people who are looking for a logo reference, Made by Diet is very suitable as a reference.


14. Olaqin

Created by Grapheine

The OLAQIN logo emphasizes togetherness and no differences for patients in the health care system. Using the hands of two different people to symbolize, both of them are seen holding logos from Health Care Logo.

This Olaquin logo also only uses Mascots, without any text. The mascot is also abstract, but it must have a special meaning saved for Olaqin. So, this can be one of the best logos if it gets a refresh at some design points.


15. Eviva

Created by Estúdio Caetê

If this is also very suitable for clinics, and certainly can be used in other clinics. The style that Eviva tries to highlight is playful and timeless. With a timeless emblem design display that reflects the characteristics of the health care system.

Underneath it, the branding name eviva appears with the Calibri font without capital letters. The eviva logo is not only simple but also gives the impression of luxury at one time.


16. Amil

Created by Victor Eguchi

For further design ideas, there are many health care logo designs that you need to check, including the logo from Amil. His signature style is the light blue background, with the fading Amil symbol in the middle.

The Amil logo also doesn't use caps lock, only basic letters as a whole. But from this symbol alone, people will know that it is a health care center. Included with the fading element is a stethoscope worn by a doctor.


17. Saquinqo

Created by Only1Mehedi

The Saquinqo logo is no less cool than the others, using the silhouette of a windmill as the main element for health care logo marketing. Perhaps the meaning is to ward off any kind of sickness in Saquinqo.

For fonts, there are not many strange things; they all feature a distinctive design but are still pleasing to the eye. Even the font used may only be Arial, and only use spacing to make everything more proportional.


18. Healtour

Created by Grzegorz Motlawski

The Healthtour logo sells a unique branding, namely the acceptance of health access in an airplane style. That is also the reason for using the word Tour. Even health logos like “+” are added elements, such as airplanes flying in the air.

The Healtour logo was created by Grzegorz Matlawski for hospital media, as well as for aviation or aviation. So that by incorporating elements such as airplanes, people will understand what is the most important health care logo value.


19. Sequdent

Created by Mehpix

As we all know that a hospital logo needs to include a few elements, such as a health symbol. If there was a "+" image, a windmill, and also a health fairy symbol, the Sequdent logo combines these two main elements in one logo.

So, there is a windmill symbol with each block a different color. In the middle of the windmill is added a “+” element so that those who see it can immediately recognize the health care services and get maximum service there.


20. Wholly Well

Created by Shehan Rodrigo

No less unique is what Wholly Well has to offer. This logo is quite complete, although not minimalist, which includes elements of the city of manufacture, year of manufacture, and also who is the owner of the brand, Kesey Jack.

The writing of the word Wholly Well is also unique, namely in a playful style with a classic font. So that people who see it have no trouble getting to know the style. Although far from health care logo designs, it looks unique.


21. SUS

Created by Caio Pires

The SUS logo is probably one of the coolest designs we've ever seen. With a heart symbol formed from the silhouette of 2 people, it makes it different from the others. Underneath, it only reads SUS as the main branding of the logo.

The SUS logo is also quite simple, only SUS typography under the logo, without any attempt to lock up the design. The background used is also black, so it's not much special. But overall, the SUS logo is cool.


22. IGC

Created by Ana Salman

What kind of healthcare idea for the health care system are you after? If we are certain that there are elements such as health care, then we consider it a clear branding, including the one on the IGC logo.

The IGC logo uses the nature style as the background, green color with a special texture. Then, there is the IGC symbol, namely the health care leaf, which is made like a cool symbol. So the IGC branding has a clear direction.


23. Brightline

Created by C42D Creative

Brightline is a health clinic for children. That is also why C42D as the owner of the design, uses branding that is under children's interests. Although in the end, only the parents will choose the health clinic.

For the Brightline logo, they used the sunshine element on the far right. The selected font is Courier New with a thinner space. In appearance, the Brightline logo is very eye-catching and not boring to look at.


24. Treatmo

Created by Jowel Ahmed

How about incorporating modern elements into your health care logo designs? And that is also the main value that stands out from the treatment, which is modern and minimalist at the same time.

The green color fading to blue is the main element of the design. Like a small T, but at the far left, it is used as a reference to add a circle design. The font used is also very nice for the client to see.


25. Montrium

Created by Vedran Vaskovic

You may follow a design style such as montrium. The creativity of the designer has succeeded in bringing a design like the best healthcare logos in general, but with a few updates to be a refresher for designers.

For montrium, what is most unique is that it is always there as a cutout at the top left corner of the logo. So it has its style which has never been seen before. And for sure, the Montrium logo is suitable to be a reference for the healthcare idea later.


26. Thaynara Pereira

Created by Jhonatan Simonelli

The thaynara pereira logo also doesn't want to be confused with other brands, namely in style like Thailand, with the same font as we generally find in Thailand. Although in fact, Thaynara Pereira is not a brand from Thailand.

But thanks to the unique design, it can be a reference. Even the floral elements in it make it one of the best without having to change the characteristics of the existing logo designs.


27. Teale

Created by Ana Lisboa

For those who are fans of minimalist style, what should be chosen is not a famous brand logo. But by choosing a service from Teale, the logo that is trying to be displayed already completes the picture without any complicated things.

By only writing teal and ending with a comma. Styles like this can also make you a person who can execute wishes; the fonts and patterns chosen already describe all the most important elements.


28. Nutrio

Created by Marka Works Branding Agency

Nutrio wants to raise awareness for prospective customers to consume 3 pieces of food per day so that the healthcare idea also uses fruit as the main element; there are symbols of papaya and healthy mushrooms.

The Nutrio logo isn't just unique either. But in appearance. A logo like this will spread identity at one time so that it can become the best health care logo system, and the number of regular tastes increases over time.


29. Sorria Vicosa

Created by Rodolfo Ventura

Sorria Vicolsa is a company engaged in dental services. You only need to find an adequate design after receiving such services. Even for the symbol, it is used like a person smiling for a plus.



Created by Fungi Dube

Now comes the end of the 30 best health care logo designs, with us mentioning that there are a lot of bad design flaws. But GANDA has succeeded in increasing the appreciation of graphic designers with all styles that stand out.

This GANDA Logo uses classy and timeless styles. Not only that, to add it to one of the best logos, the model used is also not as usual. It means that everyone can get service from here.


Final Words

Finding inspiration to make your medical and health care branding will be difficult. But it is the job to ensure that all of this can be realized, and it's necessary to make the market scale up more. Redesign your medical logo to become the best logo design.

With a decent design, health care will only be considered the same as usual. Especially if there is no creativity during the design, then don't expect much for the patients to come there.

In addition, consider some important elements of the design. Themes that designers want to adopt, logotypes and combinations, to the impression that they want to highlight. From the 30 best health care logo designs that we reviewed.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to info@kreafolk.com. Cheers!

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