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Article: 30 Best Dentist Logo Design ideas You Should Check

30 Best Dentist Logo Design ideas You Should Check

Life without a dentist is possible but toothless!
Check out some of the best dentist logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by ROCHE STUDIO |

Life without a dentist is possible but toothless! Check out some of the best dentist logo designs we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!


1. Doctor Otero

Created by Dous Studio |

The logo by Doctor Otero looks stylish, minimalist, and professional. The design used is very simple, without many variations of decorative ornament details or striking colors. 

The designer only uses a black and white monochrome style as the main color in the design and puts forward a minimalist and industrialist style that looks modern.

Overall, this logo looks very compatible with the dentist's branding identity, along with various other product identity designs.


2. PFAU Odontologia

Created by Junior Russo |

If you want a dentist logo that has a professional, elegant, and gentle impression at the same time, you can take this PFAU Odontologia logo design as an inspiration for your example. 

The logo is simple and looks like an organic symbol made from a combination of the letters of the clinic's name. The typeface style chosen by this designer produces a classic and classy look, with a style that remains simple.


3. Toothtopia

Created by Agu Wu |

A very creative and cute log. The Toothopia is a dentist for children, so the design is very welcoming and cheerful, which appeals to children. The colors used are soft colors such as pink and light blue, varied with black and white.

Although the design is simple, some small details of the elements and objects in the form of both girls and boys make the design look very impressive.

The typeface made to complement the logo and branding design is also very suitable. The font type is very versatile, modern, and simple, perfect for accompanying the branding design from Toothopia, which is already cheerful and lively in color.


4. Zedenta

Created by Fikri Studio |

Following the description of their own business, the Zendenta Modern Dental Clinic has a logo that gives a clean, neat, and modern impression with its modern minimalist design style. 

The logo is made simply, using a generic typeface. But what is interesting is the tooth symbol which is made with an unusual variety of details.

This tooth logo is made with a simple shape and illustration style and uses two different shades of blue to distinguish the highlights and shadows of the illustration.


5. Leonardo Balancin

Created by Fernando Magri |

The symbol design of Leonardo Balancin looks artsy and has an interesting concept, even though it is made simple. 

The symbol is a combination of the L and B monograms taken from the business’s name. The L and B are incorporated into an interesting simple symbol from several lines that combine these two letters.

The designer uses black and soft nude colors as the base colors for their branding identity, which creates a classy yet soft and trustable impression.


6. Dentique

Created by Anant Sonawane |

The Dentique has a very unique and interesting branding concept. You can use this design as a fun concept design inspiration for your business or organization.

The Dentique symbol is made simple but still gives an interesting impression by giving variations in the letter D of their business name. The letter D is made with a shape like an animated tooth shape, a very subtle detail but still worthy of appreciation.

Overall, they use bright colors that are very eye-catching, such as turquoise blue and bright pink, which is very contrasting with each other, resulting in an interesting combination.


7. AB Dent

Created by BRVND® |

A very creative logo design. The Ab Dent uses a semicircle symbol for its logo. This symbol might seem ordinary and simple at first, but when you take a closer look at their design comparisons, you can see that this semicircle symbol is meant to be a smiling mouth.

In general, the clinic uses a soft purple color as its main color. In addition to blue and green, purple is often used in medicine because it produces a professional yet nurturing impression.


8. Dentali

Created by Mateus Farias |

The symbol of Dentali uses a simple, clean, and neat style. Impressions are needed and expected from a health clinic, especially a dental clinic. The blue color used also strengthens the impression. 

The symbol consists of an illustration of a tooth that is made simple but still attractive by giving a little variation in the form of small details, such as an opening in one corner.

This design is perfect for inspiration for those of you who like a simple and minimalist design for your professional business.


9. Carol Lopes

Created by Pedro Bernardes |

Carol Lopes Clinic is the clinic of Dr. Caroline Lopes, and the designer adapted various symbols and branding designs to suit the characteristics of the doctor. The design looks very exclusive and classy, ​​using a mix of deep blue and rose gold colors in its various branding products.

The logo itself uses an interesting typeface, classic style with a few variations that make it stand out and not be boring.

This logo is also very versatile; it can be stated in various kinds of products that may be needed in this clinic's operation, such as robes, cards, files, and many others.


10. Dent

Created by Palma Studio |

This design by Palma This study looks simple but has some details that make it stand out compared to other design symbols. 

One of the main things that become the main focus when we see this logo for the first time is the illustration of a wide smile in their symbol, placed next to the business name. The illustration becomes an interesting subtle additional detail, making the design more complete.


11. Jasmine

Created by Benlahcene Lemya |

Jasmine is an aesthetic as well as a dental clinic. The symbol design uses a display that produces a balanced impression for the line of business. There is a soft yet professional impression that is pickled from their symbol design.

This soft impression can be seen from the selection of a typeface style with rounded edges that makes it look less harsh, while you can get this professional impression from a clean and simple appearance.


12. DOM

Created by Vini Almeida |

While dentists or dental clinics usually use dental illustrations taken from the front view in their design symbols, the Dom uses a unique and different approach. 

They took inspiration from the shape of the molars seen from above, as seen by dentists when they examine a patient's teeth. This shape is illustrated simply in their logo design. The display is made in a square-like shape with a diamond-shaped star in the middle.


13. Care Dental

Created by Ana Laura Santos |

Care Dental uses a corporate professional style in the design of its identity comparison. Starting from the design of symbols, and social media posts, to the interface of the apps, they use a simple minimalist style that is modern and clean. This look makes this dental clinic look trustworthy and professional.


14. Good Odontology

Created by Jonatas De Barros |

The Good Odontology symbol designed by designer Jonatas de Barros has a simple, modern, and professional look. An appropriate look for a dental clinic. However, this symbol does not have a boring design. 

The designer made the symbol using a monogram of the dental clinic's name, which was made with a unique style. The monogram is made with a variety of color differences between dark and light.


15. Márcia Andréa

Created by Dijan Marcel |

The design seems to use a combination of attractive colors that are not usually used for branding identity as a dental clinic. Although unusual, these colors are one of the interesting things in this identity clinic, which matches the personality of the business itself. 

Talking about the symbol that this business uses, the shape is unique. The designer uses various philosophies and forms that match the characteristics of the business itself. One form that can be seen from this symbol is the inverted M and A form made with variations, which is a monogram of the clinic's name.


16. Larissa Abdala

Created by Gui Bertuol |

Larissa Abdala has a very creative and unique logo. The design looks like an illustration of someone smiling from ear to ear, made with simple lines. 

But when you look closely, this logo is a variation of the monogram L and A made in a creative style by the designer itself. Creativity like this is what makes a logo different from the others and makes it stand out.


17. Zahra Dental Clinics

Created by Eruca™ |

Zahra Dental Clinics has a very beautiful design logo. The symbol in their logo looks like a flower whose petals are blooming. The petals of this flower are composed of illustrations of classic tooth shapes that are usually used by the dentist as their symbol but are made with very interesting variations and arranged in such a way as to produce a floral appearance like this.

The turquoise blue color chosen by the designer makes this symbol more pop than other objects, which is a good thing for a logo design.


18. Saravia

Created by Studio 51 |

Simple but still meaningful. The symbol used by Saravia dental clinic in their branding is an illustration of a cute smiley shape, made with simple lines but still clearly visible the intent and purpose of using this shape for their logo. 

These various shades of turquoise and bluish green create a clean and fresh impression, just like what you get when you finish visiting a dental clinic.


19. Allison Rebello

Created by Marcio Nascimento |

The symbol design is very beautiful and impressive, although it is made in a minimalist style and uses simple elements. The designer uses the name clinic as inspiration and the main element in their logo design. 

There is a monogram of the letters R and A in this symbol which is combined into one. To complete the look, the designer also added a curved line that looks like a smile at the bottom of the monogram.


20. Periodent

Created by ROCHE STUDIO |

The typeface of the clinic name is the main object that is used as a design symbol for this business. The Periodent logo looks classy and elegant and uses classic fonts but is still given detailed hints in the form of variations in the letter R and also size differences in several letters to create a unique and creative look.

This symbol is the result of a new rebranding for the branding identity of Periodent. The designer managed to create a look that is fresher and more professional with the use of professional and classic styles in the design.


21. Scandinavian Clinic

Created by balsamstudio |

These three smile-shaped objects are the main components in the symbol design of the Scandinavian Clinic. 

These three objects are the result of inspiration from geometric shapes such as wave shapes that are widely used in Northern folk art. Not only that but these objects are also made to reflect the motto of the clinic itself, which wants to make people smile.


22. Maison Dentaire

Created by AWP — AS WE PROCEED |

The resulting look is very classy, ​​exclusive, and also chic. A look that you don't see at most dentists or dental clinics, more for a fashion or beauty brand. However, identity and personality like this are what distinguish the Maison Dentaire from other clinics. This clinic has striking standards and characteristics.

This can also be seen from the various packaging designs and also the products they have in their branding products.


23. Mohamed Elashmawy

Created by Baianat | ­

A cute yet professional symbol design. This symbol uses tooth illustrations that are varied with various details to make the look reflect the philosophy of the business. The outer frame itself is seen showing an M shape which is the monogram of the name of the clinic.


24. Tend

Created by Dan Feldman |

Tends have symbols that consist of the typeface of their business name. This typeface looks attractive, uses a simple classic gay, and makes it look elegant and professional. The look is also very matched with the branding identity of the clinic itself.


25. Praxis Rumen Stanchev

Created by FourPlus Studio |

A very impressive and well-designed symbol. This symbol has succeeded in capturing the professionalism and good reputation that the clinic has had for the many years this clinic has been established. Even though it looks simple, with the combination of typeface style, object, and also colors used, the design looks amazing.


26. Marilene Sales

Created by Avincer Studio |

This typeface with cursive style is rarely used for branding or symbol design of a dental clinic. However, the Marilene Sales symbol looks very compatible with their branding identity.


27. Orthowise

Created by Ciano Design |

The cute and creative logo of The Orthowise uses various smiley faces arranged in a circle to form a circle as their symbol. The resulting look looks very beautiful, fun, and welcoming, especially with the pink and purple colors they use.


28. Clinica Dental

Created by Dudu Blanco |

The illustration of the shape of the teeth used in the Clinica Dental symbol uses an unusual style, resulting in an impressive look. This illustration is made by overlapping circles to produce a creative tooth shape.


29. Happdenti

Created by Douglas Galvan |

Like most other dental clinics, Happdenti uses the tooth symbol in its logo. But the designer made an interesting variation by adding a loop at the root to create a different look.


30. The Practice

Created by Mayra Monobe |

The Practice uses unusual shapes in its symbol design. Merea uses geometrical shapes that are formed from a variety of overlapping lines with a simple style. The overall look gives a very professional and exclusive impression, very compatible with the building and the identity of the clinic in general.


Final Words

From the various best dentist logo designs above, you can choose which design style is most suitable for your identity or characteristic that appeals to you as an inspiration. 

If we observe, all of the logos above, even though they use a variety of different styles and looks, always prioritize a professional and translucent impression, which is an impression that you should also have when you design a logo for a dentist or dental clinic.

The dental clinic will always have to show a professional and trusty impression. But you can bring this style with your approach and unique concept of design. Creating a unique branding personality is also one of the most important things that you should do to be able to compete with your competitors.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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