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Article: 30 Best Dessert Shop Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Dessert Shop Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It’s the fairy tales of the kitchen and the happy-ever-after of a supper!
Check out some of the best dessert logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you!
Created by Mark Johnston |

Dessert is fun, varied, and full of whims. The sense of the dessert shop by itself is always drawn and developed to keep a happy-ever-after mood of a supper. As dessert images for the food business are vast and unique, shop or brand owners get the chance to explore every possible imagination for their identification

It mostly appears in the ever-expanding and creative dessert shop logo design ideas. There are many possible ways to capture the tasty sugary food, the unique creation, the vibe, and the mood of the services. It includes creating the most palpable image, going outside the box, to developing a very distinguished illustration for the logo.

So, what should a brand consider when making a dessert shop logo? In general, a good logo should have a distinctive identity made from naming, principle, and visual elements. The elements or styles can be probed with various types of logo ideas, such as letter marks, mascots, the abstract image.

The key to making every branding work should be on the concept and principle. One should be simple, memorable, versatile, relevant, timeless, and unique. A good concept helps a brand stand out and attract the intended market. Check out the following curated list of amazing logo designs for good inspiration.


1. Johhny Cupcakes

Created by Corey Reifinger |

Johhny Cupcake takes the traditional, sophisticated approach to its logo design. The main visual element is the character illustration depicting a cupcake, a donut, and an ice cream doing a marathon. It uses a doll effect by adding legs and hands to exaggerate the movement. It also uses the rubber hose animation style for the popping vintage color and illustration.


2. Nothing But Crumbs

Created by Gabrielle Powell |

Logo design ideas have evolved from static to animation. Nothing but Crumbs try to capture the meaning and principle with its short animation of an eaten cookie. The animation also applied to the letter mark. But the logo design itself highlights simple, minimalist, and direct illustrations with an orange and white color scheme for its typography.


3. The Gelato Shop

Created by Brett Stiles |
A dessert shop for ice cream bound to work with very straightforward imagery. It is what happened to The Gelato shop. The design uses typography design using fancy tri-color script font for the logotype. The font hierarchy is formed to shape like an ice cream stack. And the cone is also visible with a simple geometric image to balance the look.


4. Strawberry mochi

Created by Casandra Ng |

One of the key principles of a good logo design is its relevance and uniqueness. Strawberry Mochi takes the safest way by creating a cartoony yet detailed illustration of its product, the strawberry mochi. The colorful design with a touch of tasty imagery makes it memorable. It also comes with simple typography written in its native language.


5. Boxwood Biscuit

Created by greg davis |

Fresh and flaky, unique, and memorable. Those are the impressions of the Boxwood biscuit logo design. The dessert shop uses a vintage rubber hose illustration style for a more impactful character. The character is drawn as a sandwich biscuit running while bringing a flag. The color scheme of blue and orange also makes it fit the theme.


6. Coletta Gelato

Created by Ibnu Ardi Design Supply |
Colleta gelato takes an essential object or item from its industry as the main identifier, the gelato scoop. The ice cream scoop is drawn in a vintage weathered appearance. Despite being an old reference or imagery, the vintage-styled design still has a unique aspect to see. It even uses decorative script typography, fitting its style and model.


7. Brookie's Cookies

Created by Jack Type |

Brookie's cookies use typography as the logo design. The dessert shop uses the approach to fit the more versatile, relaxing, and feminine market. But it does not necessarily limit female targets. The overall design is flawless as the casual script typeface easily introduces the name and products. To stay relevant, it uses brown as the secondary color.


8. The Plant Milk Factory

Created by Blake Haake |
The plant milk factory takes a similar traditional old-school dessert shop logo design idea. In its concept, the shop uses a sophisticated formal script combined with a serif font. Together, it creates a simple yet straightforward branding. It even uses blue, orange, and yellowish colors, which is pretty common for the cake or dessert industry.


9. Maynard's

Created by David Prasetya |

Maynard has various concepts and variations for its brand identification. But the key visual is the letter mark M, written in a customized script typeface. It works as an initial, which is versatile and usable in various other models. Such as one with an emblem, logotype, or shop-building illustration. To balance everything, it uses line art in the black and white color scheme.


10. Cookie s Fresno

Created by Zvucifantasticno |

Among many other attractive logo designs, a good mascot and character still take the helm in bringing a distinctive identity. Cookie's Fresno does not take the obvious cake or dessert image. Instead, it uses a cute sketch of a dog wearing a hat and necklace. To add a splash of color, it uses red for the bold wordmark.


11. Arty Biscuits

Created by brandosaur |

The main visual element of the logo design from Arty Biscuits is the initial and its shape. The logo uses geometrical shapes to develop an A letter, with a honeycomb shape with a B letter inside. The whole imagery might not too stand out, but it is relevant to its name. It also provides relevance to biscuits and honey sweets products.


12. Charlies Bagels

Created by Jay Master |

With the motto of Bagel Garden, Charlies play smart with illustration and brand identity. The color scheme is green and yellow, which puts an impression on its garden feel. For the visual element, the design uses flat, simplified imagery of an eaten bagel to depict the letter C and a flower. It is simple, relevant, memorable, and timeless.


13. J&S Chocolate

Created by Kristina |

Not all dessert shop logo design ideas go with the more casual and relaxing direction. J&S Chocolate highlights its higher quality product through its design, which consists of beautiful typography of its monogram. The J&S are drawn and modeled with a formal serif font. A similar idea is also applied to its logotype, complemented with a golden-ish hue.


14. Gran Gelato

Created by MRZ Design |

As an ice cream shop, Gran Gelato also uses the common logo design. It uses the main ice cone shape to introduce the product, but with a little twist. Rather than using the obvious ice cream, the brand uses its initial "G" to be shaped as a green ice cream cone. The unique shape effectively shows the name, identity, and model.


15. Kelly's Cookies

Created by Krestovskaya Anna |

Kelly's cookies take the simple yet effective logotype design for their identity. It is still among the popular and potential logo designs as it fits with the more casual and modern market. But to make a unique touch, the design uses a more customized and casual script. The decorative flow and style turn into a very attractive element.


16. Emanday

Created by Sergey Shapiro |

Emanday is another typography-based logo design. The dessert shop prefers a simple but prestigious image, which fits with the high quality and prestige description. That is why the design uses a fancy script font with a unique capital E. It also uses a combination of black and light brown colors, two colors fitting luxury brands.


17. Cold King

Created by Eric Lee |

A quirky design, imposing but in a good way, and memorable for its imagery are some points of Cold King's brand identity. It has a cartoon illustration of a cone and snake to picture a sundae, the main product of Cold King. The illustration is put along with a logotype and details in a window-shaped logo for a comprehensive introduction.


18. The Happy Biscuit

Created by Matthew Wallach |
If a dessert can give anything, in words, one of the best benefits is happiness. The happy biscuit brand tries to capture its beauty with the simple line art of a happy boy. The simple graphic develops a more versatile branding, both for animation and static. It is also in a circle shape, imitating a biscuit shape.


19. La Caramella

Created by Nikita Lebedev |

Simply using an apple caramel image does not do justice to a dessert shop with the said sweets. That is why La Caramella takes a more fancy and pretty approach to its design. Three apple sugars are lined, complemented with a pink ribbon and brown caramel. All are arranged in a square shape with the brand name on top. Together it is a unique visual.


20. Tucana

Created by Arthur Chayka |

Loud, bright, fun, and stylish are some of the main concepts of Tucana. It uses a lot of visual elements, including imagery of palm trees, to shape T on the logotype. A cute drink glass with eyes and a tongue is presented in the middle. And red bubbly fonts are used for both the alphabet and Japanese writing. They are all well thought out as a whole visual.


21. Gelato and Bar

Created by Nikola Vicentijevic |

Gelato&bar tries to emphasize the luxury brand or message through its color and typography. Nothing is on the visual identity except the use of a yellow-golden logotype. The dessert shop logo design uses typography with a fancy script font. It shows an elegant, luxurious, and fancy image as it fits the industry or service (the bar).



Created by cmpt_rules |

he bagel café uses the old-school rubber hose design for its humanized bagel character. It is not animated, but the iconic bagel men make a good mascot for the brand. The design also stays around the same vibe with the casual, bold typeface on top and several short mottoes on the bottom. The yellow color is also a nice personalized touch.


23. Crumble

Created by Ashley Trommler |
Crumble's visual concept is one of the best dessert shop logo designs. At first glance, it feels unique and has a personality. All thanks to the great illustration depicting the image of a biscuit in the shape of the brand name. It is drawn in a semi-3D and clad in pastel color. The modern touch and styling appeal to the younger market.


24. Roundie's Bagels

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

Many bagel shops decide to use a character or mascot for its identification. Roundie's also takes a similar approach with a slight touch of doodle styling. It is characterized by a thick outline, a popping yellow color, and a fun character design. The addition of skateboarding adds a taste of relevancies to its name, Roundie. It is such a unique and memorable visual.


25. Panna Catta

Created by SHOGUN DESIGN |

Unique naming and fun little illustration can attract the modern market. Panna Catta is a dessert shop that serves panna cotta as the main Italian dish. The sweet dessert was later made into its logo visual element, with a bit of twist. The designer blends the cute cat shape with the food, red cherry color, and handwriting fonts to its name.


26. Madonna Mia!

Created by Naila Medjidova |

A badge logo has a lot of possible uses and is easy to remember. Madonna Mia uses its character design and animated logo as key elements. It does not use the obvious gelato image but uses the human character as its uniquely germane mascot. It is similar to what Starbucks has, but with a more soft and flat style.


27. Thinsters

Created by Gold Lunchbox |

Thinsters use the ever-popular styling of vintage logo models. Due to its business running a chocolate coconuts product, it uses a tri-color combination of yellow, brown, and white. It uses the ribbon and circular shape of a vintage logo, with bold serif and script font. It is simple but adds value to its brand.


28. The Dinersaur

Created by Mark Johnston |

From the epic name to a fantastic logo design, that is what the Dinersaur has for its branding. The creator uses the doodle illustration model to make a picture of a barosaurus, a cookie, a mountain, and cacti. The unique hand-drawn doodle itself has a memorable and distinctive value. All fit perfectly with the logotype and a nice motto in scriptwriting.


29. The Merry Dairy

Created by Katrin Emery |
The merry dairy has the main visual element of typography for its branding or logotype. It uses casual script font to make more fluid handwriting typography. But it also adds a cone of two scoops of ice cream to convey the merry feeling. From the cone to the logotype, it has popping color for the best merry or glam vibe.


30. Donuts & Milk

Created by Coric Design |

Donuts and Milk is going for the flat dessert shop logo design idea, which works best for branding. It offers simple, direct, relevant, timeless, and memorable imagery for the brand. The logotype uses the decorative font, and the illustration is drawn in a line art style, with a touch of pink on the donut. Nothing beats simplicity but a meaningful image.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are some popular dessert shop logo design trends?

There are several popular dessert shop logo design trends, such as using bright and playful colors, incorporating whimsical illustrations of desserts, utilizing clean and modern typography, and using negative space to create clever visual elements. Another popular trend is using hand-drawn elements to give the logo a unique and personal touch.

What are some important design elements to consider when creating a dessert shop logo?

When designing a dessert shop logo, it's important to consider elements such as color scheme, typography, and imagery. Bright and cheerful colors are often used to convey a sense of joy and happiness, while elegant typography can give a logo a more sophisticated feel. Imagery can range from playful illustrations of desserts to more abstract shapes that represent the brand's values.

How important is color in a dessert shop logo design?

Color is incredibly important in dessert shop logo design, as it can evoke certain emotions and feelings in customers. Bright and playful colors are often used to convey a fun and lively atmosphere, while softer pastel colors can evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort. It's important to choose colors that are both visually appealing and representative of your brand and dessert items.

How can a dessert shop logo convey the brand's values and personality?

A dessert shop logo can convey the brand's values and personality through its design elements. For example, a logo with a hand-drawn or rustic aesthetic might suggest a focus on homemade, artisanal desserts. A modern, minimalist logo might suggest a trendy, sophisticated brand. It's important to choose design elements that align with the brand's values and target audience.

Should a dessert shop logo include an image of a dessert?

Incorporating an image of a dessert can be a great way to convey what your business offers, but it's not always necessary immediately. Some dessert shop logos rely solely on typography or abstract visual elements to create a memorable and effective logo. Ultimately, it depends on the brand and what will best represent it.

How can a dessert shop logo convey a specific type of dessert?

If a dessert shop specializes in a certain type of dessert, such as cupcakes or ice cream, the logo can incorporate visual elements or typography that are representative of that dessert. For example, a cupcake shop logo might include an illustration of a cupcake or use typography that looks like frosting. It's important to ensure that the logo accurately represents the brand's offerings without being too specific or limiting.

How can a dessert shop logo appeal to health-conscious consumers?

For dessert shops that offer healthier dessert options, the logo could incorporate design elements that communicate a focus on health and wellness. This might include using a light, airy font or incorporating imagery of fresh fruit.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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