30 Best Donut Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Humans cannot live on coffee alone; that’s why donuts were invented.
Check out some of the best donut logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Igor Levin | https://dribbble.com/shots/3124785-Don

The donut logo design has gained popularity in recent years, becoming a trendy and eye-catching choice for various businesses and brands. The background of donut logo designs is rooted in both cultural and commercial aspects, reflecting the appeal of this delicious treat and its ability to convey certain messages to consumers. 

The donut, also known as a doughnut, is a sweet, ring-shaped pastry that has become a beloved treat around the world. Its origins can be traced back to the Dutch and their traditional sweet dough snacks, which were often cooked in oil. Over time, the donut gained popularity and spread to different countries, undergoing various regional adaptations and flavor combinations. Its iconic shape, with a hole in the center, has become synonymous with the donut itself.

The donut's visual appeal and associations with indulgence, comfort, and happiness make it an attractive choice for logo designs. Donuts are often associated with positive experiences and joyful moments, such as enjoying a sweet treat with friends or family. This emotional connection makes the donut logo an effective tool for businesses looking to evoke similar feelings in their customers.

Donut logos can convey different messages depending on their design and context. For some brands, a donut logo represents a sense of playfulness, fun, and creativity. It can be particularly effective for companies targeting younger audiences or those aiming to stand out in a competitive market. Other businesses may use a donut logo to communicate qualities like indulgence, satisfaction, or a touch of nostalgia, appealing to customers' desire for comfort and pleasure.

Here are some of the best donut logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Doughnies

Created by Jesse Bowser | https://dribbble.com/shots/17275805--Doughnies-Doughnut-Shop

The main target market for donuts is kids. This means your donut logo should have colors and illustrations to attract kids. This one has a cute boy illustration holding a donut. Blue is a nice color that matches the blue illustration. It also has three different fonts that make the logo look more attractive. Choose only readable fonts for your logo.


2. Grounds Donut House

Created by Amanda Edwards | https://www.behance.net/gallery/152320097/Grounds-Donut-House-Brand-Identity

But if your donuts are not for kids, pick a creepy logo. This logo comes with a spiral that has a skull in the middle as the hole in a donut. It has two fonts for the text and pink color for the background that looks cute and contrasts with the black and creepy skull donut icon. 


3. Old Soul Donut Co.

Created by Patrick Carter | https://dribbble.com/shots/20668480-Old-Soul-Donut-Co

The theme of this donut logo is old school. It has three different fonts that reflect the old-school design. One of the fonts is a decorative sans-serif font, another one is a decorative script font, and the last one is a regular sans-serif font. The pastel colors and brown on the logo make it look more colorful and stunning at once.


4. Big Donuts

Created by Ryan Payne | https://dribbble.com/shots/2580989-Big-Donuts-Logo

Make your customers happy by providing a big donut logo with a big smiley face on it. This big donut logo has a happy face, a hat, and some freckles on the 'cheeks'. Since the donut is big, the text on the logo should be big as well so that everyone can read the text very easily.


5. Mr. Donut Sweet Dealer

Created by Stan Aleyn | https://www.behance.net/gallery/123530897/Mr-Donut-Sweet-Dealer

To create a more professional donut logo design, you may want to combine some different elements. The donut on this logo has two leaves that make the donut look like a flower. The geometrical sans-serif font makes the logo look simple, modern, and professional at once. It uses two different colors for two different sizes of text.


6. Rock n’ Roll Donut Factory

Created by Andrea Núñez | https://www.behance.net/gallery/153064203/DONUT-FACTORY

Sometimes, you don't have to create an illustration or an icon to create a nice and sweet donut logo. This one has a bright pink color that makes the logo look fun and exciting. The main text has a monochromatic bold font that will ease everyone to read it before they get close to the logo.


7. Nightlight Donuts

Created by Chad Woody | https://dribbble.com/shots/18574742-Nightlight-Donuts-Mascot

This logo makes people believe that everyone can be happy after visiting Nightlight Donuts. The donut illustration in the middle of this logo is smiling happily while walking to the left side. The logo has a combination of blue and red that looks contrast with the eggshell yellow background. Make the text look nice by adding the underline format.


8. National Donut Day

Created by Adam Vicarel | https://dribbble.com/shots/12001806-National-Donut-Day

Medium vermilion, gold, and Tiffany blue are three options of colors you can use to create a vintage-styled donut logo. Pick one of those colors and then combine it with a neutral and pastel color. And then, use three different fonts for the three pieces of text you are going to place on the logo. Make sure that all the text blends flawlessly.


9. Panic Donut

Created by ChocoToy cute | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96476921/Panic-Donut

This Panic Donut logo uses some fresh colors like pink and yellow that are combined with white and black. To make the logo look more unique and special, add some details. For example, the letter C looks like a bitten donut, while the letter U looks like a glass. The letter O reflects the donut with some pink topping on it.


10. Donut Tattoo

Created by Eric Pavik | https://dribbble.com/shots/10796042-Donut-Tattoo

Rajah is a beautiful shade of orange that will look awesome for your donut logo design. It is a pastel color that will make people see the illustration on your logo much more easily. On this rajah background, there is a donut illustration that is 'stabbed' by a dagger with a unique motif on its handle. The combination of the two elements shares the same orange colors.


11. Donuts & Milk

Created by Coric Desig | https://dribbble.com/shots/18147060-Logo-Design-for-Donuts-Milk

Tumbleweed is another pastel background that looks nice and soft as a logo background. It will make the milk illustration and text more readable. For the donut, use a rose bonbon color that will add a different look to the logo. Pick a decorative font to grab everyone's attention. The donut icon is also eye-catching enough to catch people's attention.


12. Doughboys Donuts

Created by Riley Cran | https://dribbble.com/shots/1712158-Doughboys-Donuts

Be creative when combining two different elements in making a special donut logo. This one has a biplane with a donut replacing its propeller. The simple lines of the biplane make people focus on the donut in the middle. Use a yellow color for the background to create a more stunning look. A dark color is a great option for the logo.


13. Dog Donut Shop

Created by Space&Color | https://dribbble.com/shots/4868846-Dog-Donut-Shop

Most donut logo designs usually replace the letter O with a donut. But this one is a little more special since the text has two letters Os. You can replace one of them with a donut illustration and another one with a smiling dog face illustration. Blue is a beautiful color for the logo; combine it with a little pastel color and a white background.


14. Crazy Donuts

Created by R A H A J O E | https://dribbble.com/shots/9183966-Crazy-Donuts

Make the donut illustration on your logo look crazy by adding two spiral toppings as the eyes of the donut. And then, use the hole in the middle of the donut illustration as the mouth of the donut. This crazy donut illustration will look awesome with a unique font for the text. Use the donut's outline color to color the text.


15. The Electric Donut

Created by Dalibor Momcilovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/3909377-The-Electric-Donut

Most donut logos have a round shape. You can also create a round-shaped logo by placing the text inside the frameless round shape. And then decorate the text with some motifs. Pick a color that will make your text stand out, like white on a black background and gold for the ornament.


16. Joe's Doughs

Created by Matthew Cook | https://dribbble.com/shots/1782239-Joe-s-Doughs-Branding

Pick aquamarine or sky blue that will be a nice background for a donut logo design. And then, create a dark brown colored donut in the middle with a smiling face. Add some hands, legs, and hair to the donut. Finally, add some topping to the donut; use aquamarine or sky blue for the topping, and make it match the background.


17. Donut Express

Created by Memble | https://dribbble.com/shots/6157753-Donut-Express

The Donut Express logo has a locomotive made of a donut. It has pink shades that make the logo look soft, sweet, and nice. Use the color of the donut to color the text on your logo. The pink color will make the donut stand out and look different from the locomotive. The white background makes the logo look clean and modern.


18. Galactic Donut

Created by Johny Boy Studio's | https://dribbble.com/shots/10969745-Galactic-Donut

Pick a theme for your donut logo design. This one has a galaxy theme and is inspired by Saturn. The bitten donut becomes the planet, and the ring has a nice green color that complements the pink and brown of the donut. The text has a soft pink color to match the color of the donut topping.


19. Classic Donut

Created by Zikry Maoelana | https://dribbble.com/shots/9519258-Classic-Donut

Here is another idea to combine a vehicle with donuts. This Volkswagen car looks nice with a horn on top of it. The two wheels are made of donuts, complete with their topping. Pick a decorative font that is going to make the logo look more beautiful. If you want to place text on the car, pick a simple and modern font.


20. Orlandough

Created by Christopher Reath | https://dribbble.com/shots/3263766-Orlandough-Branding-Explorations

Trying to create an elegant donut logo? Consider using some elegant colors like charcoal, buttercream, fawn, and white. Charcoal can be a background for the logo or to highlight the text. Use white for the main text and fawn for the complementary text. The buttercream color should only decorate the logo and not be the main color.


21. Caseyillustrates

Created by Caseyillustrates | https://dribbble.com/shots/3042399-Junk-Food-Doughnut

Monochromatic colors will help you create a logo with any design and theme you desire. This black and white donut logo looks creepy because of the weird topping and its unusual shape. The charcoal background isn't as dark as the topping, so it will make people focus on the donut logo instead of the background.


22. 30 Days of Donuts

Created by Michelle Gray | https://dribbble.com/shots/3403972-30-Days-of-Donuts

This idea is for those who are looking for a minimalist and modern donut logo design. The text of this logo is made of thin fonts. The minimalist thin font in charcoal color and white background may look uninteresting. To make it look more stunning, add a shadow to the text with some soft colors like salmon.


23. Get Along Donuts

Created by The Late Knight | https://dribbble.com/shots/15123568-Get-Along-Donuts

Use rouge pink for the background if your target market is kids. This fun color makes your donut logo look nice and attractive. But instead of using a donut illustration, use an illustration of a kid sitting happily after eating a donut as the main icon of your logo. Dress the kid with colorful outfits for a more colorful logo.


24. Eatlando

Created by Chris Ladwig | https://dribbble.com/shots/2506870-Eatlando

If the Christmas ball is an ornament, you want to use in making a logo for your donut business, use the top of the Christmas ball and then draw a bitten donut at the bottom. This is going to create a unique and unusual logo design. Powder blue is going to be a very nice background for your outstanding donut logo design.


25. Ponchik Dimonchik

Created by Happy End Noir | https://dribbble.com/shots/18739378-Ponchik-Dimonchik

The unique Ponchik Dmonchik donut logo has a happy donut wearing sunglasses. Use monochromatic colors to make the donut look like an actor from an old TV show. Make it look elegant by using a honey and white background. The touch of honey color will make the logo look more colorful and not boring.


26. Donut Planet

Created by Hugo Maja | https://dribbble.com/shots/2996475-Donut-Planet

Usually, when people make a planet from a donut, they will choose the planet Saturn as the inspiration. But this one isn't inspired by Saturn. Instead, it has a rocket flying next to the planet and decorating the planet made of pink and blue donuts.


27. Lamars Donuts

Created by Larry Fulcher | https://dribbble.com/shots/6693603-Lamars-Donuts

The donut logo design is super big so that you can place the text of your logo in the hole in the middle of the donut. This donut has a yellow color with white, pink, and blue topping. Use the same white color to make the two fonts in the middle of the donut.


28. Ooka Booka

Created by PANTER | https://dribbble.com/shots/15629552-Ooka-Booka-Patisserie-Shop-Logo-Sign-mockup

Ooka Booka is a very simple logo with a geometrical sans-serif font and uppercase letters. The donut icon is made of a spiral and has a unique shape. The monochromatic color is used on the text, and the brown color is used for the background. This color combination makes Ooka Booka looks minimalist yet gorgeous at once.


29. Hero Doughnuts

Created by Josh Carnley | https://dribbble.com/shots/2236196-Hero-Doughnuts-Identity

The donut illustration on this logo looks extra simple. It has a combination of white and orange. The topping is just many small dots that accentuate the minimalism of the logo. Pick an orange color for the background that will match the color used on the donut.


30. Don.

Created by Igor Levin | https://dribbble.com/shots/3124785-Don

This cute logo has a sunflower color for the background and the topping on the letter O. Black color for the text, and the donut illustration eases people in reading the text. Since you are going to use the letter O as a donut, pick a bold and black font for the text.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent donut logo designs?

When designing a donut logo, there are several symbolisms you can incorporate to represent the essence of donuts. These can include the iconic donut shape itself, which signifies indulgence, pleasure, and comfort. Sprinkles and colorful icing can evoke a sense of fun and playfulness. The central hole can represent unity, wholeness, or the idea of sharing. Additionally, using elements such as steam rising from a freshly baked donut can convey a sense of freshness and temptation.

Which colors are commonly used in donut logo designs?

Donut logo designs often incorporate a range of vibrant and appetizing colors to enhance their visual appeal. Commonly used colors include shades of pink, which convey a sense of sweetness and femininity, as well as brown tones that evoke the rich and baked nature of donuts. Bright and cheerful colors like yellow, orange, and pastel hues are also popular choices, reflecting the playful and indulgent qualities of donuts. Additionally, the use of contrasting colors, such as combining warm and cool tones, can create visual interest and make the logo stand out.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating donut logo designs?

When creating donut logo designs, it's essential to consider the target audience that your brand wants to attract. Donuts have a broad appeal, making them suitable for various demographics. However, certain target audiences may resonate more strongly with donut logos. For instance, families and children are often drawn to the playful and indulgent nature of donuts, making them an ideal audience for logos with vibrant colors and whimsical designs. Additionally, young adults and millennials may appreciate donut logos that embody a sense of nostalgia, creativity, or trendy aesthetics.

What are the successful examples of donut logo designs?

There are several successful examples of donut logo designs that have made a lasting impact. Dunkin' (formerly Dunkin' Donuts) is a prime example, with its iconic pink and orange donut logo that has become instantly recognizable worldwide. Another notable example is Krispy Kreme, featuring a sleek and minimalist logo with a stylized donut shape and a bold font. Voodoo Doughnut's logo stands out with its playful and quirky design, incorporating a grinning donut character.

Which design styles are often used to create donut logo designs?

When creating donut logo designs, various design styles can be employed to convey different brand messages and aesthetics. One popular style is a playful and whimsical approach, featuring cartoonish or illustrated donut characters with exaggerated features and bright colors. Minimalist designs with clean lines and simple shapes are also common, emphasizing the iconic donut silhouette. Retro and vintage styles evoke a sense of nostalgia, often incorporating elements like retro fonts, distressed textures, or classic color palettes.


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