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Article: 30 Best Winery Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Winery Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Whatever you do, there's always time for a glass of wine.
Check out some of the best wine logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Sérgio Fonseca | -

Designing a logo is not an easy task. Why? Because a logo is more than just an image or stylish font. It is a brand’s visual representation. As such, you want to make a good one, so your brand is well-recognized by your target audience. A good winery logo design goes a long way, after all.

The good news is you don’t need to start from scratch. You can learn from other designers’ works and use them as references to help you design your own.

Below, we have collected no less than 30 artworks from talented designers from all around the world. The artworks come in varying styles, which means there are lots of things you can learn from them.

See the designers’ artworks, get inspired, and design a good brand visual representation for your winery. Without further ado, here are the best winery logo design ideas you should check.


1. João Rita Barroso

Created by MAU MARIA |

The minimalist trend has swept across many industries. The winery is not an exception. Created by Mau Maria, this minimalist artwork exhibits uniqueness in a simple yet stylish way.

The font makes it difficult to ignore. In addition, the contrast between the colors of the text and the background draws more attention to it.

The note in red completes the design, conveying the brand’s unique character, courage, and eagerness to stand out.


2. Burgundy

Created by Tomatdesign ® |

Tomatdesign’s artwork is unique in more ways than one. Firstly, the navy blue background. Navy blue conveys confidence, authority, and importance. This tells the character of the winery brand to the target audience.

Secondly, the lowercase letters. The letters in the logo are all in lowercase. This communicates friendliness and, most importantly, approachability.

Thirdly, the contrast between the text and the background. The hard contrast draws attention to the center, making the logo unmissable.


3. Cuvee Balo

Created by Peter Voth |

While many ideas on our list involve letters, that doesn’t mean that is your only option. Using a picture works well too. Peter Voth’s pictorial mark for Cuvee Balo here shows that.

The use of a picture makes the wine more distinguishable. It stands apart from the competition easily. As such, customers will be able to recognize it in no time. That’s exactly what a good logo does: making a brand stands out.


4. Domeniile Dumbrava

Created by Dusan Sol |

When it comes to designing a visual representation for your brand, you should start in black and white. Figure out what design elements suit your brand best. If the design is good in black and white, it will be good in colors.

Notice how Dusan Sol’s artwork here conveys a lot of information. It tells the audience the name of the brand, what it is about, the motto, and when it was established.


5. Geracoes Em Sintonia

Created by Apolinário © |

A good brand’s visual representation is simple and easy to understand. What better way than to make a monogram? A monogram is a logo that consists of a letter or more. Apolinario’s artwork here is an example of such a typography-based logo.

It is not entirely comprised of letters, however. There is also the brand’s name. This makes it easy for the target audience to associate the GS monogram with the brand.


6. Domaine Du Bourrian

Created by Max Lippolis |

Max Lippolis’s work is nothing short of an art. The pictorial mark represents the brand very well. Notice the sea, the hills, the vineyard lines, and the domain of the logo. All of these tell a story about Domaine Du Bourrian, a family-owned wine estate in Southern France.

The contrast between the image and the background results in a distinctive design that grabs attention. It also makes the logo easy to recognize.



Created by Hristijan Stankovski |

The simpler a logo is, the easier for the audience to recognize and memorize it. Hristijan Stankovski’s artwork is a simple and attractive visual representation of Bovin Winery. It is clean and minimalist, with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Red is associated with passion and excitement, which works well for a winery. In addition, the letters are all in uppercase, indicating the brand’s boldness. The color combination makes the logo easily noticeable.


8. Casacorba

Created by Cleper Ravanello |

Dark and stylish, Cleper Ravanello’s artwork grabs attention effortlessly. It is a nice logo that no one can simply ignore. Brown is a color often associated with trustworthiness and reliability. A nice choice for the Casacorba winery brand.

There are three colors used here. The black background creates an ideal background where the white text is highlighted. Meanwhile, the brown text adds a soft contrast, adding an interesting visual cue without making it overwhelming.


9. Tychson Cellars

Created by Izzy Cruz |

When it comes to designing a logo for your winery brand, you’re not limited to using only shapes that are easily recognizable. Abstract logo marks can do wonders, too. Izzy Cruz’s artwork here proves that.

The abstract lines in the middle create a contrasting image with the background. As a result, it becomes a hard-to-miss focal point. The bright colors amplify that even further. It is a nice and distinctive winery logo design.


10. ATAO

Created by INDUSTRIA ® |

If you want to get your brand’s name out there, using a wordmark logo is definitely a good idea. Industria’s brand visual representation for Atao here may use only the name of the brand, but it tells the audience that stylishly and elegantly.

The cursive text never gets old. It is charming and adds character. It is a perfect choice for a winery wordmark like Atao. The color option here makes it even better.


11. Sibuna Winery

Created by Luiz Arthuso |

Luiz Arthuso’s artwork is impressive in several ways. Firstly, it connects the name with the symbol. Here you can see Anubis, an Ancient Egyptian god, which connects with the name “Sibuna,” a backward spelling of Anubis.

Secondly, the color selection adds a touch of sophistication. The dark tone also creates a sense of a night drink. Thirdly, its simplicity. A simple logo is a good logo. This one is simple but also sophisticated.


12. Lantides Winery

Created by Luminous Design |

If you’re looking for inspiration for a clean and minimalist logo, look no further than Luminous Design’s artwork here. It is as clean and as minimalist as logos get. That doesn’t mean it is boring, however.

On the contrary, its simplicity is what makes it easy on the eye. The logo stands out, but not to the point it goes overboard. Also, the four parts of the glass add interesting details to it.


13. RB5 Vinícola

Created by Victor Weiss Studio |

While you should strive for simplicity, that doesn’t mean intricate and colorful designs are bad. When designed properly, intricateness and colors can make a logo interesting. Victor Weiss Studio’s artwork is proof of that.

Notice the two wine cups toasting. The top cup has red wine, while the bottom cup has white wine. The contrasting colors add a fascinating visual element. Meanwhile, the stylized text exhibits a touch of modernity, class, and elegance.



Created by CROM STUDIO |

The next logo is designed by Crom Studio. It shows how good use of whitespace can make a winery logo attractive. Most parts of the design are empty and black. In the middle, there are geometrical shapes that combine into an image of a wine bottle.

The vast emptiness allows the “bottle” and text to shine. The audience’s eyes are drawn quickly to the bottle, and they learn the brand’s name shortly after.


15. Familia Morgan

Created by Max Lippolis |

Designed by Max Lippolis, this winery logo design conveys sophistication through simplicity. It is a combination mark as it comprises a pictorial mark and a wordmark.

The logo shows us things related to the winery, like the vineyards, a building, an olive tree, and the Andean mountains. On the other hand, the wordmark tells us the brand’s name clearly and boldly, making it distinctive and recognizable. It is a simple but effective logo.


16. Askaneli

Created by Giorgi Borchkhadze |

Giorgi Borchkhadze’s wine logo design is not only delicate and elegant but also symbolic. The bird here is a pheasant, which is among the most recognizable symbols associated with the Georgian identity. What’s more, the bird carries a key, symbolizing openness and success.

All these elements suit the brand so well. Plus, the soft contrast between the text and the background is pleasant to the eye. The design grabs attention but doesn’t overdo it.


17. Domaine Lévéjean

Created by Romain Diant |

A good logo tells a story. That’s exactly what Romain Diant’s artwork does. Not only does it serve as a visual representation, but it also tells the audience the story of the brand.

The image creates a visual link between the brand and its material production site. Notice the winery building, mound, and soil. The image conveys the modern side of the brand. It is also a nod to Domaine Levejean’s roots.


18. Vino Tinto

Created by Studio Kyes |

Studio Kyes shows class and elegance in their artwork for Vino Tinto. It is simple and straight to the point, which makes it a good winery logo design. While it uses only letters, the stylizing creates a distinctive look.

The typeface associates professionalism, expertise, and authority, fitting Vino Tinto’s long history as a winery. The white text sets the bottle apart from the competition effortlessly. It is an excellent example of a letter mark.


19. Hahn

Created by Affinity Creative Group |

The next artwork is by Affinity Creative Group. What’s great about this logo is how it suits the bottles well. Whether it is a bottle with a lighter color or a darker one, the artwork makes the bottle distinctive and stands out.

It is also attention-grabbing enough. When you see the logo, you will immediately know about the brand, its symbol, and its values. Moreover, the colors add a touch of elegance and luxury.



Created by Liad Nimni |

A brand with a long history needs a visual representation that can tell its story. That’s what Liad Nimni’s amazing design does here. The stylized letters A and E look similar to that of Ancient Greece urn drawings, which fit the brand well.

In a way, it brings the visual language of the past into the modern world of today. It is a creative and unique combination of a wordmark and a letter mark.


21. Samarkand Winery

Created by Grigoriy Konovalov |

When it comes to designing a logo, the fewer colors you use, the easier to balance them. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t design a vibrant and colorful visual representation for your brand.

That said, even with just a few colors, you can create a good one. Grigoriy Konovalov’s artwork here is an example. There are only three colors in total, but the logo is distinctive, attention-grabbing, and makes a statement.


22. Weightstone

Created by 2TIGERS design studio |

Striving for simplicity is a good practice. But when done right, a bit of complexity can do wonders, too. Notice how delicate Ztigers Design Studio’s artwork for Weightstone is here.

While the artwork is in black and white, it stands out and tells the audience a lot of things about the Weightstone brand. Firstly, the amazing design represents the brand’s uniqueness. Secondly, what is the brand all about? And thirdly, where the brand originated.


23. Tamás Günzer

Created by kissmiklos |

Gold represents various attributes, from luxury, wealth, success, and confidence, among others. As such, it is an appropriate color for a winery logo design. Here you can see the use of gold in Kissmiklos’s artwork.

The color is applied to both the wordmark and the letter mark. What’s more, it changes shade as it moves to the right, as if it is hit by light. The logo shows luxury and elegance through its simplicity.



Created by Guilber Guisolfi |

Guilber Guisolfi’s artwork is quite interesting. The logo design comprises three parts. There are upper and lower parts that look like an oval divided into two upper and lower halves, and there is text in between them.

This unique combination results in a brand’s visual representation that is attractive and makes a statement. It tells what the brand is about and, at the same time, allows the audience to associate the images with the brand.



Created by Pena Design Studio |

If you want a truly unique visual representation of your brand, abstract shapes are the way to go. With abstract shapes, your brand’s visual representation will stand apart from the competition. It is even better if the shapes have meanings behind them.

The Pena Design Studio’s winery logo design conveys meanings with three vine-leaf-shaped triangles. It represents the three generations that run the winery, vine leaves, and three flavors that the winery offers.


26. Wocawuca

Created by Ilya Stallone |

Aztec symbols are always fascinating. It comes as no surprise if they can become great logos. Ilya Stallone’s artwork for Wocawuca is not an exception.

The unique Aztec-Esque symbol here conveys uniqueness and character. The design alone makes the logo stands out. The vibrant yellow makes a statement. 

The black background balances it, creating an interesting focal point that the audience can’t ignore. Not to mention the image works well on a bottle, too.


27. Limnos Wines

Created by Luminous Design |

Luminous Design’s artwork is minimalist and clean. There’s plenty of empty space in it. On the one hand, it gives a feeling of spaciousness and clutter-free. On the other, it allows what’s in the center to really stand out.

Your attention is immediately focused on the center. Namely, on the image and then to the brand’s name. These design elements make it easy for the audience to recognize and memorize the Limnos Wines logo.


28. Renwood Winery

Created by Dom Moreci |

Gold and black are such a powerful color combination. Gold is associated with luxury and passion. Combine it with black, and it looks even better. Dom Moreci’s awesome winery logo design shows how good the color combination can be.

Notice how attention-grabbing the gold bird image and text are. When you see the bottle, your attention is drawn to the center. You immediately know what the brand is and what it is about.


29. Sir Wine

Created by Carlos Mello |

Can a winery logo be colorful? Of course. When done properly, a colorful design can look amazing. Carlos Mello’s artwork for Sir Wine proves that. It brings not just color, however. It also brings liveliness, freshness, and flexibility. All qualities resonate with the brand so well.

Interestingly, the text has a serif font. So, on the one hand, the Sir Wine logo conveys youthfulness, modernity, and excitement. On the other, it conveys traditions.



Created by Sérgio Fonseca |

Sergio Fonseca’s artwork for the brand Bonventi communicates luxury through simplicity. It is a stylish wordmark that grabs attention easily. The text is in white, which allows it to stand out on bottles with darker glass.

The font is a type of serif that adds a traditional touch to the logo. In addition to that, the letters are all uppercase, thus conveying boldness and authority. The logo really makes a statement and stands out.  


Final Words

The design of a winery logo may be classical and traditionalist, modern and minimalist, or elegant and sophisticated. Which overall style you should use for your brand depends on your brand’s personality and your target audience.

The above winery logo design ideas should give you an idea about what a good brand’s visual representation looks like. Use them as references, but avoid copying at all costs.

When designing a winery logo design for your brand, be sure to take your time. You want one that represents your brand well. Making such a logo takes time. So, do take your time.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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