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Article: 30 Best Cafeteria Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Cafeteria Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Lunch hour is one of the best hours of the day.
Check out some of the best cafeteria logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Studio Cohe |

Logos are important. Any good brand, whether personal or business, has one. Of course, cafeterias are not an exception. If you want to build your cafeteria brand and stand out from your competition, you will need a good cafeteria logo design.

Don’t have any ideas of how your brand logo should be yet? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to designing a logo, you don’t need to start from scratch. Some cafeteria logo design samples can give you inspiration about what kind of design fits your cafeteria the most.

Below, we have a list of 30 logo design samples created by talented designers from all over the world. All of the works on the list are unique, extraordinary, and inspiring. They come in various styles and colors as well. You will probably find some logos that suit your preference.

Ready to get inspired? Alright, without further ado, let’s start.


1. Plantacia

Created by Rita Radkiewicz |

Created by Rita Radkiewicz, the design exhibits simplicity yet conveys what the brand is meant to be: a modern canteen that shows that vegan food is not only delicious but also inexpensive and offers something for everyone.

Despite its apparent simplicity in its design, the Moche font and simple geographical shapes make this cafeteria logo design stands out. It also uses bright colors, which makes it more noticeable but not in an over-the-top way.


2. Central Park Cafe

Created by Renan Ramos |

Next on the list is Renan Ramos’s work for Central Park Café. This one grabs attention effortlessly. Not only that, but it also has interesting details in it. It tells the name of the place when it was established and a cute, attention-grabbing squirrel figure in the middle.

What’s amazing about it is its scalability. Regardless of its size, the design is noticeable. That makes it a good representation of a cafeteria.


3. La Empanadería

Created by Silvia Moran Ponce |

While symbols are often incorporated in logos, it is not the only way to make a good logo design for a cafeteria. A stylized text works well, too. Silvia Moran Ponce’s work here proves that point.

Not only is it “only” a stylized text, but the brand’s logo also comes in white. This makes it simple yet endearing. The white color also makes it versatile as it can work well with various backgrounds.


4. Puppa

Created by Pix by Pix |

Using multiple colors is surely an excellent way to make an image attractive. You need to do it carefully, however. Too many colors can be visually overwhelming.

Created by Pix by Pix, the work here is a good example of how multiple colors can make a logo attractive without being over the top. It has a white background which makes it pops out. Notice how the geometric shapes make it even more attractive.


5. Panetone

Created by Luciana Almada |

Luciana Almada’s Panetone is the next on our list of design samples. The design is rather simple: a stylized text with a bread figure on a black background.

Although the design looks simple at a glance, it has the elements of a good logo. It differentiates the brand, has balanced shapes, and tells a story. It is an amazing example of how the name of a cafeteria can be turned into a brand’s visual representation.



Created by Tatevik Kerobyan |

Symbols are the image element of a cafeteria logo design. They can be an excellent tool for branding. Thus, you want a symbol that is not only unique but also one that conveys a message.

Tatevik Kerobyan’s design work has all that. It is unique and can be easily recognized. According to the designer, the concept coffee bar has three main elements: architecture, a bird, and nature. All of which are expressed very well.


7. Capra

Created by Anna Ivanova |

When it comes to designing a logo, going minimalist is certainly not a bad idea. If anything, you want yours to be simple. The design here shows how a simple design can be beautiful.

Created by Anna Ivanova, the design combines a font that is attractive and pleasant to the eyes, a small yet noticeable symbol, and a warm background that allows the text and symbol to shine. It really shows beauty in simplicity


8. Roni’s

Created by S A R O O R I |

A good cafeteria logo design matches the atmosphere of the place. This work of art here is created by Saroori. It is meant for a coffee shop with a childish vibe aimed at young adults. The logo is able to capture this well.

Notice the playfulness of the images and text. There aren’t any straight lines or edges, giving the impression as if it is hand-drawn and hand-written. It conveys friendliness and bubbliness, too.


9. Senses

Created by Guilherme Vissotto |

Created by Guilherme Visotto, this design is unlike any other. The design combines three different things into one: an Arabic hamsa, a cup of coffee, and a hand.

It also uses interesting color palettes. The symbol is in bright orange while the text is a lighter brown, and the background is in darker green shades. The stark contrast makes it visually attractive and enables it to stand out, capturing the attention of passersby quite effortlessly.



Created by Sara Neves |

Sara Neves’s work of art is not only easy on the eye but also sophisticated. The pink and gray combination gives off a sophisticated vibe. Meanwhile, the clear and bold text makes it unmissable. It is a logo that lets you know the name immediately.

The design’s contrasting shapes make it even more attractive. Notice how the straight lines and edges contrast with the pink leaf while the gray background allows them to shine.


11. Garden

Created by medula design |
The Medula Design’s cafeteria logo design is as straightforward as it gets. It has no symbol at all. Instead, it has stylized text with the name of the place and green, large leaves as the background. 

What’s interesting about this wonderful work is the leaves part. Note that the concept café is located in Brazil. Not only does the design captures the natural theme of the café, but it also shows its tropical side.


12. Korean Chicken

Created by Tatyana Pyatovski |
A good logo is one that is attention-grabbing and memorable. That doesn’t mean you need to make it complex. On the contrary, you want to make a logo design that is as simple as possible.

Take a look at Tatyana Pyatovski’s Korean Chicken design. You can see the name of the place very easily. There is a simple yet visible chicken symbol as well. It encompasses the place’s vibe while keeping things simple.


13. Alfred Cafe

Created by Carlos Eduardo Marin |

Created by Carlos Eduardo Marin, this work here tells a story about the place in a concise way. On the first line the café’s address, on the second, its name, and on the third, what it offers.

While the first and the third lines have a normal font, the second line is more stylized. Thus, making it more eye-catching. The contrast between the text and the background makes it even more visually appealing.


14. Le Clair

Created by Alina Volynets |

Alina Volynets’s Le Clair work is nothing less than bold and brave. The design is straight to the point and makes a statement that no one can ignore. The white text contrasts the dark background, allowing it to stand out and be noticeable.

While the tone of the cafeteria logo design is mostly serious, it still has a playful side. Notice the small cup of coffee and its smoke within the letter A.



Created by Karla Hernández |

The next one on our list is the work of Karla Hernandez created for Galani. A good logo tells a story. This one does it in an exciting way.

The donkey was the founder’s favorite animal. He liked the animal because not only is the animal strong and hard-working, but it is also perseverant and capable of a strong kick if pushed around. And here, you can see the donkey kicking a coffee bean.



Created by Studio Cohe |

There’s nothing wrong with using squares and straight lines. Done right, a cafeteria logo design simple with squares and straight lines can look good, too. Studio Cohe’s work proves that.

The work consists of a rectangle with 2 squares and 2 smaller rectangles within. The left square is a “C,” which symbolizes the cafeteria, the upper and lower rectangles are the cafeteria’s name, and the right square tells when the cafeteria was established.



Created by Fabiano Diniz |

One of the things that a logo should do is encompass the vibe of the brand it is representing. In this case, the cafeteria’s brand. Fabiano Diniz’s work here represents a cafeteria/bakery that is not only cozy but also pleasant for everyone. It is designed to be the perfect place for everyone to take a break from daily life.

This work is simple, inviting, hard to miss, and conveys the cafeteria’s vibe well.


18. KOA

Created by Julia Gerhardt |

The next work is created by Julia Gerhardt. This work is among the simplest designs on the list. Simple doesn’t mean it is unattractive. On the contrary, simplicity is what you want to strive for when creating a logo.

Notice the arrangement of the letters here. The clever arrangement makes it more visually attractive without making it hard to read. Also, the dots under the letters highlight the text, further drawing attention to it. 



Created by Salvador Munca |

The Cafeina by Salvador Munca is an example that "less is more". While the work is minimalistic, it is able to convey elegance. It has a symbol at the top that doubles as an icon. The “Cafeina” text in the middle is capitalized and stylized, turning it into a focal point.

The lower parts tell what the café serves and where it is located. Due to the contrast, the logo is difficult to miss. 


20. Loma Escondida

Created by Paola Estrada |

When it comes to choosing colors, balance is important. Most restaurant logo designs use no more than two colors. You can add more, but as you add more color, the harder it becomes to keep the colors balanced. 

Paola Estrada’s work for Loma Escondida here is an example of good color balance. There is only a single color: green. What makes it visually appealing is the green shades, which create an unmissable contrast.



Created by Guasca Studio |

Guasca Studio’s work for Oh Bruder is one of the playful samples on the list. On the left, you can see the café’s name and its description. On the right is a stylized letter Ü that looks like a magnet with two lightning bolts.

The letter Ü is taken from the German word Brüder, with the two dots above it turned into bolts. They symbolize connection, caffeine energy, and the possibility of bringing people together.


22. Singular Cafeteria

Created by Lina Bassiouny |

This slick and stylish cafeteria logo design is created by Lina Bassiouny. The “S” in the middle makes it iconic, especially as it is surrounded by a circular wheel that attracts attention.

It also has good color symmetry. The colors contrast one another, but they are balanced. None of the colors looks visually overwhelming. On top of that, it communicates the brand well. It is an excellent logo in more ways than one.


23. El Buen Cafe

Created by Borja Estudio |

Bright colors are great for a logo design, too. The Borja Estudio’s work here proves just that. Notice how eye-catching and attractive the design is. In addition to that, the logo is appropriate for a cafeteria with a cozy atmosphere.

Notice how the font looks friendly and warm while the contrast between the text and the background gives off an inviting vibe. With such contrasting colors, it is difficult to miss.


24. Beans & Leaf

Created by Faikar |

Created by Faikar, the Beans & Leaf design exhibits elegance. The intricate stained glass design makes it quite easy on the eye. Plus, it makes an excellent icon for the cafeteria.

The text is bold and clear, allowing you to know the cafeteria’s name in an instant. The color play is nice, too. The colors complement one another. The background allows the text to stand out, bringing attention to the logo effortlessly.


25. Foodcrest

Created by Biswajit Guchait |

The next cafeteria logo design is the Foodcrest logo. It is created by Biswajit Guchait. It has earthy colors, thus making it pleasant to look at. What’s more, the logo plays with contrast but does it in a gentle way.

The contrast allows customers to read the text easily. In addition to that, the light brown background highlights the unique symbol, turning it into a focal point. It is another example of beauty in simplicity.


26. MMM Food

Created by Vish Sisters |

Vish Sisters’ MMM Food logo is a work of art that grabs attention and does so effortlessly. There are three reasons why. Firstly, the letters are easily readable. Secondly, there is a cute, onlooking bunny. You just can’t miss the bunny.

Thirdly, it utilizes whitespace to make it more visible. With only white color, it manages to make itself visible in various backgrounds. Of course, this also includes the image of the cafeteria.


27. Hub Cafeteria

Created by David Silva |

The Hub Cafeteria logo, created by David Silva, plays with a contrast between orange and a mute earthy color. The colors complete one another. The orange allows the mute earthy color to stand out, and vice versa.

The letters are unique as well. They give off a welcoming and cozy vibe, which is fitting for the Hub Cafeteria. It tells people that the cafeteria is a space where everyone can share joyful moments.


28. Coffeelin

Created by FUNDAMENTAL Studio |

Created by Fundamental Studio, the Coffeelin logo shows how a symbol or an image can blend seamlessly with the text. Just look at how the smoked bean on the right connects to the Latin calligraphy in the middle.

Since the style of the “Coffeelin” is different, it becomes the focal point, with the other text telling the story about the cafeteria. It can double as an icon, too. The logo is a work of art.


29. Adocicada

Created by Tayla Menezes |

When done right, a design can look good with just text. Tayla Menezes’ Adocicada minimalist logo is an example of that. Despite not having a symbol, the logo looks good and inviting. 

The wavy letter A makes it quite pleasant to the eye. The pink background makes it noticeable. Better yet, due to how stylish it is, it can also be used as an icon for the cafeteria. No symbol is needed at all.


30. TKS Confeitaria

Created by Felipe Lannes |

Lastly, Felipe Lannes' work for TKS Confeitaria. It is simple yet elegant and sophisticated. The dark green provides the ideal background for the light brown to stand out and make a bold statement.

The contrasting colors make it eye-catching without being visually overwhelming. The empty space within the oval highlights the stylized “TKS”, turning it into a focal point that nobody can miss. It evokes elegance and sophistication, and it does that effortlessly.


Final Words

Creating a good logo can be a daunting task. Still, the task must be done if you want to build your brand. Even if your cafeteria has been around for years, you will still need one. That’s just how important it is.

Our list above should give you an idea or two about a good logo for a cafeteria. Hopefully, they inspire you to create your own cafeteria logo design. No need to rush. Take your time and know your brand well. That way, you will be able to create a good logo for your cafeteria. We hope this helps.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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