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Article: 30 Best Catering Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Catering Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Here we have prepared some inspiring catering logo design ideas to help you create and develop the most amazing brand for your business. Check these out!
Created by Khaled Amin |

Catering logo ideas is one of the fundamental points to consider before starting the business. A powerful logo is the umbrella of a business that can tell everyone what your business is all about.

The reason why a logo is powerful is that it can attract prospective clients because of its ability to create an ideal ambiance. This will create a sense of belonging between the brand and the customers. Given the fact, catering logo is a point that will make customers taking action.


An Ideal Catering Logo

An ideal catering logo is one that can leave a mark on customers’ minds and hearts. Therefore, it will shape a mindset that your catering is an ideal brand that they have been looking for. With that kind of mindset, it surely leads to a higher rate of sales.

To successfully do that, the first thing to think about is the detail of your catering business. You have to understand what scale of business you are running, what your target customers are, what types of cuisines you serve, and other important details.

The idea behind understanding those details is that you can fully know the bigger picture of your brand. For instance, big scales catering business will have a different way and approach from smaller scales catering business. Thus, know your brand’s position.

When you know your brand’s position, so then you come up with catering logo ideas that match your brand. If your target customer is teen events throwing a birthday party, you can come up with a fun or freedom type of theme. If it is a big-scale event, consider elegant and professional catering logo ideas or references.

Created by Mai Creative |


Things You Need to Know About Logo Design

Since we all know that logo is a way for customers to know your business deeper, then it should be noticeable and grabbing attention. To create such atmospheres, the inclusions of your logo design should be eye-catching and artistic that can be delivered by words of branding, colors, and ideal typography.

1. Words of Branding

Your logo design is your words of branding. The essential aspects of logo design must be strong and balanced that it can be memorable for customers. Take a look at some logo designs from famous brands such as Pepsi. The strength of the logo is considered timeless for its exclusivity.

Have you ever wondered what makes the logo never feel outdated? It is because of the exclusivity of the brand through logo design. You have to create your brand identity first before proceeding to the other details. You should deeply understand how you want your brand to be presented.


2. Colors

In designing a catering logo, color is inevitably an important aspect to consider. Color has the strength to deliver various emotions to those who see it. Certain colors can represent happiness, and another one represents anger. Thus, choose the appropriate color.

To choose the appropriate color, you have to make sure what personality and mood you are trying to deliver through your logo. Besides, you have to decide how many colors you want to include for your logo.


3. Typography

The choice of letters and shapes is also essential to deliver your brand’s messages. The choices like serif or san serif can be decided based on your brand’s need. Moreover, be careful with letterspacing and also the size of the words. Make sure they are adjusted well.


Types of Popular Catering Logo

As mentioned earlier, you have to come up with ideal catering logo ideas for your catering business. By having an ideal logo, your business will be widely known and used by customers. In order to make sure you come up with the right ideas, here are the types of popular catering logo that is widely known:

1. Romantic Themes

When it comes to romantic events such as engagements and weddings, the ideal theme should be the theme that can create a sweet-romantic atmosphere. Therefore, you have to make sure your logo delivers a sense of special romantic days.


2. Modern and Professional Themes

This type of logo is usually used for corporate events. It can be small corporate events international events. Since it is a formal and professional purpose, your logo should be presented as efficiently as possible. The logo should have its elegant look and modernity.


3. Friendly Themes

Friendly themes are widely used for social events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, or charity events. Given the fact that it is intended for social purposes, it is essential to create a friendly logo where people can feel the sense of human connection just by seeing your logo.


4. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are used for catering businesses that are focusing on sit-down events where the cuisine is served. Although the theme is quite similar to the modern and professional one, this theme is quite different since it is not very formal and professional. 


5. Special Theme for Unique Caterers

Unlike the other catering, a unique catering business can be distinguished from the cuisine that they served and how they present it. One of the popular types of this catering is biodynamic food trucks. Since it is said to be unique, do create a stand-out logo that shows your specialty.

Created by Agência Yo |


Recommended Catering Logo Ideas to Boost Your Inspiration

Not only does inspiration comes from a process of thinking, but also it comes from references that you have. Being that said, you need a lot of information about catering logo ideas to boost your inspiration. Here are some ideas to broaden up your mind for your logo inspiration:


1. André Leal

Created by António Tudella |

As a home cooking service and catering, André Leal tries to communicate a sense of friendliness and human touch on the design. The catering logo ideas are the inclusions of kitchen ambiance such as chef hat, spoon, and also an ambiance of fire.


2. Freshly

Created by Sophia Park |

Freshly is a bistro and catering business that wants to represent something playful and modern. To deliver that message, it uses a bright color palette as it can strengthen the idea of delightfulness and dynamic. The use of swoosh elements also makes it more fun to see.


3. Magna Catering

Created by Manuala Zapata Uribe |

As a molecular cuisine catering, Magna is influenced by the beauty of nature. They use symbols as their logos. Leaf symbolizes nature, M is the initial of the company, and square as a symbol of minimalism. Those three components represent elegance, minimalism, freshness, and reliability.


4. Know Meals Catering

Created by G · UP |

Know Meals Catering is a casual dining catering whose logo is modern and stylish. It uses multiple color palettes such as black, hexachrome yellow, and warm red. It is one of the catering logo ideas that will give a sense of casualty to the customers.


5. Brown Butter Kitchen & Catering

Created by Michael Penda |

To represent the sense of baked goods that it produces, Brown Butter Kitchen & Catering come up with simple yet great catering logo ideas. With just a letter B and also a melted ink on the logo, it represents delicious baked goods that are worth buying. 


6. Shizen Shusi Catering

Created by Nova Estudio Gráfico |

Located in Peru, Shizen Shusi Catering tries to combine both Peru and Japanese elements on their catering logo in order to create a sense of connection between Shushi produced and the country it originally comes from. The chosen elements are river, mountain, and Flora.


7. Grand Catering

Created by Anna Mikhailenko |

Grand Catering by Belmond Grand Hotel Europe wants a professional logo design while keeping it elegant. The logo is quite simple for only using words without the additional elements like symbols. The use of serif fonts makes the logo looks grand. 


8. Alternativa Catering & Events

Created by Grafica 360 |

This catering business focuses not only on formal events but also on informal ones. The catering is intended for corporate events, weddings, and private events. Thus, the catering delivers the sense of luxury yet friendly by a simple logo using serif fonts and a flower as a symbol of luxury.


9. Caramello Fondete

Created by Angelo Longo |

Specialized in baked goods and ice cream, this catering only uses one brown color. Brown symbolized chocolate that is identical to baked goods and ice cream. There is also a visualization of a cake and also whisk with melted chocolate.


10. Ginger Restaurant

Created by Bee Tsui |

The unique elements of this catering are that the handwriting and the picture of a cow. Both symbolize the benefit that ginger can offer. Besides, the choice of colors black and white also symbolizes power and stability.


11. Lauren Foodies & Catering

Created by Ivan Scayan |

Representing elegant and modern elements, their catering logo has multiple variations with multiple colors. The main logo is dominated by yellow and black with the inclusions of kitchen utensils such as bowl, spoon, and fork. 


12. M Catering NYC

Created by Riccardo Sabioni |

Similar to previous catering, M catering NYC represented by kitchen utensils to send the message of friendliness and elegance. The use of serif fonts also supports the messages. The interesting thing about the design is that the word M is surrounded by multiple kitchen utensils. 


13. Hungry Berry

Created by Studio Spectro |

Hungry Berry is catering to young women as the main target of customers. To ensure that their brand can grab customers’ attention, they try to communicate the message of fun and aesthetic through design. The use of feminine colors is effective in making the message well delivered.


14. Comparti

Created by Whitney Clark |

As a full-service catering, the services can be small to big scale events, both formal and informal events. The color is dominated by black to give the sense of sophisticated services. The word comparti using serif fonts also emphasizes the sophisticated services on their catering logo.


15. Applausi Catering

Created by Panmella Araújo |

Applausi catering uses a leaf as the dominant element on their logo. Leaf symbolizes friendliness and closeness with nature. The dominant colors are pink and green. As with the typography, it uses the exclamation mark in the beginning and at the end of the word Applausi. 


16. Galato Catering

Created by Coruna Branding|

Galato Catering chooses orange as its base color. Orange represents confidence and friendliness. With the use of that color, Galato catering wants their brand to be perceived as a confident and friendly brand.


17. Tasty Catering Service

Created by Adrianna Bilas |

Tasty Catering Service is a service that provides traditional polish cuisine. Intending to create a playfulness ambiance, they choose red shadow as their base color. The other colors they use are yellow, pink, and orange shadow.


18. Room Service

Created by Marie Stadelmann |

Room Service is a cocktail catering that represents an enjoyable atmosphere. Room service also uses orange and purple as their base colors to show the playfulness yet luxury. This kind of catering logo will give a sense of closeness between the brand and customers.


19. Whoa Nelly Catering

Created by Cody Small |

Whoa Nelly Catering’s logo concept is quite simple. There are only two colors used on their logo, black and white. As mentioned earlier, black and white are two ideal colors to represent exclusivity and a luxurious look. Combined with white, it can easily attract customers.


20. eLunch

Created by The Lab Studio |

eLunch is a catering service that provides corporate lunch and snacks. The logo is very important for their branding since they also sell online through eLunch application. The inclusion of a fork that is shaped like a circle quite represents the idea of food and lunch. 


21. Balsamico

Created by BR/BAUEN Design |

Balsamico has a very different approach to designing a catering logo. While others see a logo as a business branding, they see it from the perspective of the arts. Thus, they try to create their logo using a technique called suminagashi, a technique to develop paintings for the brands.


22. Beto Cunha

Created by Carlos Braga |

As a barbeque catering, Beto Cunha comes up with the idea of using black, white, and red. Each product comes in different colors. Although each product is not totally similar, they are still in line with each other.


23. Eatertainment

Created by Blok Design |

Eatertainment is a catering business that has won an award-winning catering. This catering wants to represent a passionate and innovative identity to the customers by exploring the color used and typography. To reach that identity, they combine a fresh color with contemporary boldness. 


24. S2

Created by Nero Atelier |

S2 presents a luxury and elegant catering logo for a wedding party. Knowing that marriage is one of the important moments of one’s life, S2 is trying its best to create a sweet-romantic ambiance by choosing gray and white that represent seriousness and romantic situation.


25. Catering Pro

Created by Rahi Ismayil |

As a newly established business, Catering Pro is present to reach any layers of customers' attention. They want to represent a minimalist model for their brand, so they pick red and white. The combination of red and white is considered to express the sense of minimalism and ambition.


26. Gold Catering

Created by Formula Creativa - César Torres |

Gold Catering is a business that is not only focused on industrial food but also on equipment. To represent all aspects, they use the straight form of chimney and fork to represent pieces of equipment. As for food, it is represented by the use of multiple colors.


27. Akla

Created by Medhat Amin |

As a frozen food catering, Akla tries to give a fresh and soothing impression to the business by using green. It is one of another great catering logo ideas that fitly represent the brand identity of frozen food.


28. The Meat Angel

Created by Khaled Amin |

The Meat Angel is an exclusive catering and event that wants to send a message that the brand values softness and comfort. To do that, they use the combination of black and brown for it can show the exclusivity and soft impression.


29. Victoria Casanova

Created by Mújica 750 |

Victoria Casanova’s catering logo ideas are derived from two elements. They are flowers and initial. Flowers represent that everything that blooms, while C represents their initial. For a strong and friendly impression, they use serif and shoreline fonts. 


30. Platter

Created by Andrew Fathalla |

Platter is a restaurant and catering service located in Elgouna city. As a catering service that serves boats and events, they choose to represent a modern and classy look by using multiple colors such as red, gray, and green. 



The catering logo is an essential element in the business. One logo can create massive impacts for better or worse. Having an ideal one can grab massive attention and will successfully make a great impact on the business. Meanwhile, having a standard logo can impact low sales.

To have an ideal logo, a company should come up with the right brand identity and a great design. The problem is that a company has a hard time to think what they really want to present in their brand. To help solve the problem, having proper catering logo ideas is essential to kick-start a new business.

When you understand your brand personality and how you want your brand to be perceived by customers, you can start choosing an ideal logo design reference based on your brand's requirements. Choosing the ideal reference will help you navigate your brand logo wisely.

So, which one of these logo is your favourite? Let us know your comments by writing down in the section below. Have a good day and cheers!

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