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Article: 30 Best Bagel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Bagel Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by cmpt_rules  |

Bagel logo design is more than just a trend; it's a creative journey into the heart of branding. In this vibrant article, we're set to explore some of the best bagel logo design ideas that can transform your brand from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine a bagel, not just as a delectable breakfast staple, but as a symbol of your brand's identity, rich in flavor and style. That's what we're diving into!

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it's crucial for businesses, especially in the culinary sector, to have a logo that not only stands out but also resonates with their audience. A well-crafted bagel logo design can do just that – it can be the secret ingredient to your brand's success. We're talking about designs that blend creativity with a dash of fun, capturing the essence of your brand in a single, delicious visual treat.

From minimalist to whimsical, rustic to modern, the possibilities in bagel logo design are as varied as the bagels themselves. Each design tells a story, sets a mood, and creates an unforgettable first impression. Whether you're a startup bakery, a seasoned café, or a bagel enthusiast looking to step into the business world, the right logo can be the yeast that makes your brand rise above the rest.

Join us as we knead through some of the most inspiring and appetizing bagel logo design ideas. Get ready to sprinkle your brand with uniqueness and a pinch of fun! Let's toast to creativity and bite into the world of bagel logo design – where every swirl, color, and font choice matters in baking the perfect brand identity.


Bagel Logo Design Ideas

1. Bonnie's Bagels

Created by Sabina Sidhu  |


2. Charlies Bagels

Created by Jay Master  |



3. Jeffrey Bagels

Created by Curt Crocker  |


4. Bagel and Fox

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan  |


5. Hella Bagels

Created by Jerry Okolo  |


6. Roundie's Bagels

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


7. Alfred Cafe

Created by Carlos Eduardo Marin  |


8. Noah’s NY Bagels

Created by Noah’s NY Bagels  |


9. Everything Bagel Hot Sauce

Created by Nick Lowry  |


10. Einstei Bros Bagels

Created by Einstei Bros Bagels  |


11. Bagel Baron

Created by Akuma.Studio  |


12. The Bagel Shack

Created by Keyla Lerma  |


13. Wellbred Bagel

Created by Jess Smith  |


14. Ross Bakery

Created by Studio Beast  |


15. Bagel Baron

Created by akum_studio  |


16. Desirae Struthers

Created by Desirae Struthers  |


17. Brandwein’s Bagels

Created by Brandwein’s Bagels  |


18. Allie Boy's Family

Created by Joe Huber  |


19. Social House Logo

Created by Ibnu Ardi Design Supply  |


20. Bagels and Buns

Created by Dave Battjes  |


21. Roxanne's Deli

Created by Vincent Conti  |


22. BBBagel

Created by about_moment  |


23. Third Street Bagel

Created by Jaici Shiemke  |


24. ep _ Bagel

Created by Fiftyall.  |


25. bagel o bagel

Created by Rabeez Agency  |


26. Mr. Bagelman

Created by Wells Collins  |


27. Crumbs Bagel Co

Created by Trey Ingram  |



Created by cmpt_rules  |


29. Wide Eyed Cafe

Created by Stephen Griffin  |


30. Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish

Created by by Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish  |


What Are the Key Elements of a Bagel Logo Design?

When it comes to creating a memorable and effective bagel logo design, certain key elements are essential to consider. These elements not only make your logo visually appealing but also ensure it resonates with your target audience. Let's slice into the five main ingredients that make up a scrumptious bagel logo design!

Appetizing Color Palette

Just like the perfect bagel, the color palette of your logo should be inviting and mouth-watering. Warm, earthy tones like golden brown, cream, and coffee hues can evoke the freshly baked feel of bagels. Alternatively, for a more playful and vibrant look, consider using bold colors. The right color combination will not only make your logo pop but also help in establishing your brand's identity. Think of colors that remind you of a cozy bakery or a sunny morning breakfast table - that's your palette!

Iconic Imagery

Incorporating imagery related to bagels can instantly make your logo recognizable. This could be a stylized bagel, a cream cheese smear, or even a quirky baker's hat. The imagery should be simple yet striking, making it easy for customers to associate your logo with delicious bagels. Remember, the icon you choose is like the “sesame seeds” on your logo bagel - it adds the perfect touch!

Typography That Talks

The font you choose for your bagel logo design speaks volumes about your brand. A hand-drawn, script typeface can convey a sense of tradition and artisanal quality, while a sleek, modern font might suggest a more contemporary and innovative brand. Your typography should be legible and scalable, ensuring it looks great on everything from a business card to a storefront sign. The right font is like the perfect spread on a bagel - it completes the experience!

Memorable and Scalable Layout

A good logo is versatile. It should be easily recognizable whether it's on a small package or a large billboard. A clean, uncluttered layout with well-balanced elements ensures your logo is scalable and effective in various sizes and formats. Think of it as making sure your bagel is just the right size - not too big, not too small, but just perfect.

Brand Story Integration

Lastly, your logo should tell your brand’s story. Whether it's a family-run bakery with decades of history or a hip new bagel spot in town, your logo should reflect this narrative. It could be through the use of specific colors, imagery, or even the font. This aspect of the design is like the unique flavor of your bagel - it's what sets you apart and makes customers come back for more.

In summary, an effective bagel logo design should be a blend of an appetizing color palette, iconic imagery, communicative typography, a memorable and scalable layout, and an integration of your brand’s unique story. Each element should be carefully considered to create a logo that's not just visually appealing, but also tells the story of your brand and appeals to your target audience. Just like crafting the perfect bagel, creating a logo requires a balance of ingredients, a touch of creativity, and a sprinkle of fun!


How Can I Incorporate My Brand's Colors into My Bagel Logo Design?

Incorporating your brand's colors into your bagel logo design is like adding the perfect blend of toppings to a bagel - it's all about balance, harmony, and making sure every element complements each other. Here are five delectable tips to infuse your brand's colors into your logo, ensuring it's as appealing to the eye as a freshly baked bagel is to the taste buds!

Start with the Bagel Base

Think of your bagel (the main icon in your logo) as the foundation. If your brand colors are bold and vibrant, you might want to use a more neutral or subdued color for the bagel icon. This contrast will make your brand colors pop and draw more attention to them. If your brand colors are softer or more pastel, consider using a darker or richer color for the bagel to create a pleasing visual balance.

Spread the Colors Tastefully

Just like you wouldn't overload a bagel with too many spreads, be mindful of how many colors you use in your logo. A good rule of thumb is to use your primary brand color for the main elements, like the name or the most prominent part of the icon, and use secondary colors for accents. This approach helps in creating a cohesive and harmonious look without overwhelming the senses.

Season with Complementary Shades

If your brand colors are very specific and you're worried about them clashing with a traditional bagel color palette, consider using complementary shades. For example, if your brand color is a bright blue, incorporating a touch of warm orange or brown can create a balanced and appealing look. This technique ensures that your logo remains true to your brand's identity while also being visually appealing.

Bake Consistency into Your Branding Dough

Consistency is key in branding. Make sure the colors used in your bagel logo design are the same shades as your brand colors across all platforms and materials. This consistency helps in building brand recognition and ensures that your logo is an accurate representation of your brand's identity. It's like ensuring every bagel you bake has the same delicious taste and quality.

Glaze with Creativity

Don't be afraid to get creative with how you incorporate your brand colors. Think beyond the bagel and consider using your colors in the background, as a border, or even in a tagline. Experiment with gradients, patterns, or textures that use your brand colors to add depth and interest to your logo. The goal is to make your Bagel Logo Design as unique and memorable as your brand, just like a signature bagel recipe.

Incorporating your brand's colors into your bagel logo design should be a fun and creative process. It's about finding the right balance between staying true to your brand's identity and creating a logo that's visually appealing and memorable. Remember, your logo is the face of your brand, just like a bagel is the face of breakfast - make it irresistible!


What Fonts Best Represent a Bagel Business in Logo Designs?

Selecting the perfect font for your bagel logo design is like choosing the right seasoning for your bagel - it makes all the difference. The font in your logo sets the tone for your brand and communicates your brand's personality to your audience. Here are five fantastic font styles that can beautifully encapsulate the essence of a bagel business in its logo design:

Handwritten Script Fonts for Artisanal Charm

If your bagel business exudes a homely, artisanal vibe, a handwritten script font is your go-to choice. These fonts mirror the craftsmanship and personal touch that goes into baking each bagel. They convey warmth, friendliness, and a sense of tradition. Think of fonts like “Lucida Handwriting” or “Brush Script” that have a personal, crafted feel, just like your hand-rolled bagels.

Bold Sans-Serif Fonts for a Modern Twist

For a more contemporary bagel café, bold sans-serif fonts are the ideal pick. These fonts, with their clean lines and no-frills appearance, communicate modernity and efficiency. They are easy to read and stand out, making them perfect for a business that prides itself on a fresh, modern approach to the classic bagel. Fonts like “Helvetica Bold” or “Arial Black” can add that sleek, urban edge to your logo.

Vintage Serif Fonts for a Nostalgic Flair

To give a nod to the rich history of bagel baking, vintage serif fonts are a perfect match. These fonts, often seen in old-style bakeries and delis, evoke nostalgia and tradition. They are ideal for a business that has a long-standing history or aims to replicate the classic bagel experience. Fonts like “Garamond” or “Times New Roman” can transport your customers to the past with just a glance at your logo.

Quirky Display Fonts for a Fun Personality

If your brand is all about fun and quirkiness, then a unique display font will do justice to your logo. These fonts are all about being playful and standing out. They work well for businesses that are targeting a younger crowd or are known for their creative bagel flavors and toppings. Fonts like “Jokerman” or “Cooper Black” can bring a fun, lively spirit to your logo.

Classic Calligraphy Fonts for Elegance and Sophistication

For a more upscale bagel boutique, a classic calligraphy font can imbue your logo with elegance and sophistication. These fonts reflect luxury and high quality, perfect for a business that specializes in gourmet bagels. Fonts like “Edwardian Script” or “Bickham Script” add a touch of finesse and class to your logo.

In the world of bagel logo design, the right font can significantly influence how your brand is perceived. It’s not just about being readable; it's about communicating your brand story, your values, and your unique selling proposition. Whether you want to convey a sense of tradition, modernity, fun, or luxury, there’s a font out there that can perfectly encapsulate the spirit of your bagel business. Remember, the font you choose is as important as the bagel itself - it should be irresistible and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Choose wisely and let your font tell your delicious story!


What Are the Best Practices for Bagel Logo Symmetry and Balance?

In the flavorful world of bagel logo design, achieving symmetry and balance is like perfectly toasting a bagel - it's all about getting that golden ratio right. A balanced and symmetrical logo not only pleases the eye but also conveys professionalism and harmony. Let’s slice into the five best practices for creating a logo that’s as well-balanced as your favorite bagel sandwich!

Embrace the Circular Nature of Bagels for Natural Symmetry

The circular shape of a bagel is a natural guide for symmetry. Use this to your advantage by centering your design elements around this shape. This could mean placing your brand name evenly around the top and bottom of a bagel icon or having symmetrical toppings or patterns that reflect the circular form. Just like a perfectly baked bagel, your logo should feel complete and whole.

Play with Visual Weight for Dynamic Balance

Balance in logo design isn’t just about symmetry; it’s also about the visual weight of elements. Ensure that the elements of your logo are distributed in a way that doesn’t make one side feel heavier than the other. This could mean balancing a bold icon on one side with a weighty font on the other. It's like balancing the right amount of cream cheese spread – too much on one side, and it overpowers the bagel.

Utilize Negative Space Wisely

Negative space, the empty space around and within your design elements, is a powerful tool. In bagel logo design, use negative space to create a sense of harmony and balance. This could be the space inside the bagel, around the text, or even part of the design itself. Think of it as the pause between bites – necessary and refreshing.

Maintain Consistency in Fonts and Icon

Consistency in fonts and icons contributes to a balanced logo. If your bagel icon is playful and whimsical, choose a font that matches this style. Similarly, if you’re using multiple icons or images, make sure they are of a consistent style and size. It’s like ensuring each bagel in a batch is equally delicious and well-formed.

Experiment with Asymmetry for a Modern Twist

While symmetry is classic, don’t be afraid to experiment with asymmetry for a more modern and dynamic logo. This could mean offsetting your bagel icon with your brand name or playing with asymmetrical color blocks. Asymmetry, when done right, can make your logo stand out, much like a unique bagel flavor that surprises and delights.

Crafting a symmetrical and balanced bagel logo design is a delicate art. It requires a keen eye for detail and an understanding of design principles. Whether you opt for classic symmetry or a more dynamic asymmetrical approach, the key is to create a logo that’s visually appealing and reflects the essence of your brand. Just like the perfect bagel, your logo should be a harmonious blend of all its elements, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get baking that perfect logo!


What Makes a Bagel Logo Design Appealing to a Target Audience?

Creating a bagel logo design that truly resonates with your target audience is like crafting the perfect bagel recipe – it requires a mix of the right ingredients, a touch of creativity, and a deep understanding of your customers' tastes. Let's dive into the five key ingredients that make a bagel logo not just good, but absolutely irresistible to your audience.

Understand Your Audience's Appetite

First and foremost, know who you're baking for. Is your target audience craving a traditional, comforting experience or are they on the lookout for something new and avant-garde? A logo for a hip, urban bagel shop might be sleek and modern, while a family-oriented bakery might opt for a logo that's warm and nostalgic. Just like choosing the right bagel toppings for different taste preferences, your logo should cater to the specific likings of your audience.

Incorporate Mouthwatering Colors and Imagery

The visual elements of your logo, like colors and imagery, are like the aroma of freshly baked bagels – they should draw people in. Use colors that reflect the warmth and comfort of a bagel – think golden browns, creamy whites, and appetizing oranges. Imagery, whether it’s a classic bagel, a schmear of cream cheese, or an artisan baker, should be instantly recognizable and appealing. It's about creating a visual flavor that your audience can almost taste.

Convey Your Unique Bagel Flavor through Typography

The font you choose for your logo is like the signature flavor of your bagel – it should set you apart. A playful, hand-written font might suggest creativity and fun, suitable for a brand that’s all about unique bagel toppings. On the other hand, a more traditional serif font could convey the craftsmanship and heritage of a long-standing bagel bakery. Choose a typography that speaks the language of your brand and resonates with your audience.

Balance and Symmetry – The Recipe for Eye-Catching Design

A well-balanced and symmetrical logo is pleasing to the eye and easy to remember. It's like the perfect ratio of bagel to cream cheese – too much or too little of one element, and the whole experience is off. Pay attention to the layout of your logo. Ensure that the text, imagery, and colors are harmonious and proportionate, creating a visual balance that’s instantly appealing.

Sprinkle Personality and Storytelling in Your Design

Last but certainly not least, infuse your logo with the personality of your brand. If your bagel shop has a story – maybe it's a family business, or it started with a famous bagel recipe – let that shine through in your logo. This could be in the form of a vintage design, a family crest, or even a clever play on words in your tagline. Your logo should tell a story, one that your target audience wants to be a part of.

In the end, a bagel logo design that appeals to a target audience is a blend of understanding what your customers crave, creating a visually appealing design, and infusing your brand's unique personality and story. It's about designing a logo that's not just seen but felt, leaving your audience with a craving for your brand's bagels. So go ahead, mix these ingredients, and watch your bagel brand become the talk of the town!



Bagel logo design is an art that combines aesthetics with strategy, much like baking the perfect bagel itself. It's about creating a visual identity that not only looks appealing but also resonates deeply with your target audience. Remember, a great logo is the first step in telling your brand's story and setting the stage for your business's success. By focusing on understanding your audience, choosing the right colors and fonts, ensuring balance and symmetry, and infusing your brand's unique personality, your bagel logo design can become an iconic symbol that attracts and retains customers. It's not just a logo; it's the face of your brand and the first taste of what you have to offer.


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All of these creative inspirations are created by some of the best designers, creatives and professionals around the world, curated by Kreafolk's team. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us your comment below. Cheers!


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