30 Best Children's Book Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Books are uniquely portable magic, especially for children. Check out some of the best children's book logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Sveta Sadykova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/128716431/Toby-the-Underdog-Childrens-book

The design of logos for children's books has a rich and interesting background that has evolved over time to meet the changing needs and demands of the publishing industry. The history of children's book logo design can be traced back to the early days of book printing, where simple, hand-drawn images were used to identify the publishers of children's books. Over time, these simple designs gave way to more complex and sophisticated logos that not only identified the publisher but also served as a key marketing tool for the book itself.

The design of children's book logos has always been an important aspect of the publishing industry, as it helps to create brand recognition and a sense of familiarity for readers. From the iconic logo of Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat to the simple yet effective design of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, children's book logos have become an integral part of the literary landscape, serving as a visual representation of the stories and characters that capture the imaginations of young readers.

In recent years, the design of children's book logos has continued to evolve and adapt to changing trends and technologies. With the rise of e-books and digital publishing, for example, logos have become even more important as a way to distinguish one book from another in the crowded online marketplace. Many publishers have responded to this challenge by developing logos that are specifically designed to stand out on digital platforms, with bold, eye-catching designs that can be easily recognized on a small screen.

Here are some of the best children's book logo design ideas you can reference:


1. A Tale Of Two Houses

Created by Steve Simpson | https://dribbble.com/shots/19257240-Book-Cover

To touch kids' hearts, the design of children's books should have an excellent concept. Target readers should recognize your design as the fairy tale angels. This means you need to create the most attractive design for the cover. If you are going to tell them a story about two houses, decorate the cover of the book with an illustration of two houses connected by wires.


2. Pan Kotsky

Created by Anna Khomych | https://www.behance.net/gallery/145929865/Pan-Kotsky-Childrens-book

Who will be the star of your children's book? It can be a great actor for the cover of your children's book. For example, if the book is about a bear cub, create an illustration of a bear cub wearing a red hat for the cover. You can also use your imagination to create the cutest cover ever.


3. My Green Is Gone

Created by Lena Bardy | https://www.behance.net/gallery/124298543/My-Green-Is-Gone-picturebook

Children's books should not only entertain kids but also make them learn something. Educational children's books must have a stunning cover. For example, if you want to teach them the importance of the woods and trees, then use the color of leaf and wood on the cover of the children's book. This is going to make readers focus on the wood.


4. The Great Dream

Created by blockbrush _art | https://www.behance.net/gallery/154359009/Book-illustration-The-Great-Dream

A lot of illustrations are going to attract little readers. Kids are full of imagination. If you use many illustrations and colors on the cover of the book, you'll help them imagine things much more easily. The illustrations don't have to be connected. This book, for example, has illustrations of a dragon, whale, bird, lion doll, and others.


5. Kenzie and Her Curls

Created by Sveta Sadykova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/127302589/Kenzie-and-Her-Curls-Childrens-book

Who will be the target of the book? If your target readers are little girls, soft colors will make a nice cover. Lilac and lavender are two nice colors to use. Those are the closest colors to pink. Make the cover look more gorgeous with a drawing of the main character of the book.



Created by Julia Zabolotnikova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/100735909/JOZIOS-ADVENTURE-illustrated-book

An adventure is something challenging and mysterious. That's why you can create a mysterious design for the cover of a children's book. This adventure book comes with a unique boy illustration and a black cat. What adventure awaits them? Let your little readers guess what will happen next. To wake their curiosity, use bold colors like red and orange.


7. Un bateau à la mer

Created by Lucie Dessertine | https://www.behance.net/gallery/157675463/Un-bateau-a-la-mer-Plume-de-bourdon-ditions-2022

The cover of a children's book should be very creative and stunning. But note that kids are learning how to read properly. This means you need to use a fantastic font that will ease them to read the words. Many decorative fonts can help you create an amazing cover. But before using a decorative font, ask a kid to read words in that font first.


8. The dream of space

Created by Lana Levitann | https://www.behance.net/gallery/163914457/The-dream-of-space-Childrens-Book-Illustration

A lot of illustrations and drawings can help you create a cover for a book about space. Stars and a rocket are two elements that will make the book look incredible. The space is dominated by dark colors. Use dark colors for the cover of the book, like royal purple. Combine it with brighter colors like white and gold.



Created by Matheus Rodrigues | https://www.behance.net/gallery/144029151/TACACA-Book-Cover-Illustration

To help little readers read the title of the book very easily, consider using uppercase letters for the cover. Use a modern font that is going to ease everyone in reading the words. And make sure that the color of the typography has enough contrast with the color or pattern of the background.



Created by diep hoho | https://www.behance.net/gallery/86762915/FATHERS-FORTURE

Using special fonts can also help you create a unique children's book logo. Many decorative fonts look nice and cute, with a heart replacing the dot of the letter i. You, too, can use a unique font that will make the typography look more stand out. Color it with a soft color to ease everyone in reading it.


11. Beeware The Bees

Created by Rosina Spivak | https://www.behance.net/gallery/159711537/Cover-book-with-animals

The illustration you use on the logo of a children's book needs to help kids learn about things in real life. For example, if the logo is going to show the illustration of bees, you need to make the bees like the original ones living around us. When your target readers see the real bees, they can identify them.


12. ¿Te Has comido al bebé?

Created by Laura Díez | https://www.behance.net/gallery/145604225/Libro-Te-Has-comido-al-beb

How are you going to combine colors when designing a logo for a children's book? Use pastel colors for the background and bolder colors for the main focus of the logo. For example, soft purple will be nice for the background. To grab everyone's attention, you need to use solid colors like red or green.


13. The Secret Garden

Created by Manu Romano | https://www.behance.net/gallery/136861727/Book-Cover-The-Secret-Garden

Since the theme of the book is gardens, the logo and cover should have the element of a garden. Dark green will be awesome for the background. Pink flowers, an orange fox, birds, and some bees will complete the garden illustration. Use different shades of pink for the flowers instead of many colors.


14. Flamingo Flamenco

Created by Alex Zhdanov | https://dribbble.com/shots/10834162-Children-s-book-Flamingo-Flamenco

Interested in creating a super unique logo for the children's book? If there is more than one word on the logo, use some different fonts and create a more outstanding logo design. But make sure that the different fonts have the same characteristics. For example, the words Flamingo and Flamenco are both using uppercase letters and tall fonts.


15. A Habitat for the Little Bat

Created by Olga Urbanowicz | https://www.behance.net/gallery/141332341/A-Habitat-for-the-Little-Bat

Be realistic when drawing an illustration design for the logo of your children's book. For example, if the book is about a bat, make your readers know that the bat wakes up at night. A night background will help your little readers learn a new fact: a bat sleeps during the day and do many things at night.


16. Berns McGoo Food Detective

Created by Olga Illarionova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/126087313/Childrens-detective-book

Use colors that will attract the attention of your target readers. If the target is little boys, soft blue for the background and blue for the logo will create a nice combination. Use contrast colors for the typography, like orange and white. No matter what colors you finally use, make sure that everyone can read the text easily.


17. Sweet Home

Created by Elias Sounas | https://dribbble.com/shots/14380427--Teratomikroulis-sleeping-monster

Is it okay to use an abstract design on the logo of a children's book? Yes, it is, but you need to make sure that kids can understand what you are trying to convey. The design of the logo should help kids imagine the main character and the whole storyline inside the book.


18. Feeling the Wind

Created by Matheus Furtado | https://www.behance.net/gallery/165975289/Feeling-the-Wind

Most children's books are designed with bold colors. But you need to consider using pastel colors. Pastel colors are soft and will keep readers feeling comfortable when reading the text on the logo. Also, pastel colors are perfect for books for older kids. About the color of the text, you are free to use any font and color.


19. En los ojos de Inés

Created by María Tuti | https://www.behance.net/gallery/122292293/En-los-ojos-de-Ins

A logo of a children's book can also tell the story of the book. For example, from this picture, you'll know that the book is about a little girl named Ines and how she sees things around her. The visual of your children's book logo will affect people's reactions to your book.


20. Elise & Miles Shrink Logo

Created by Josh Lewis | https://dribbble.com/shots/15713687-Elise-Miles-Shrink-Logo

Those who design a book for older children should consider simplicity. A simple logo design with text only and no illustration is less interesting and won't be able to attract younger kids. Older children who have learned how to read would be more interested and want to read the book by themselves.


21. Dream Light

Created by Elias Sounas | https://dribbble.com/shots/19620032--Dream-Light

A fairy tale book usually has unusual illustration designs. If you also want to use unusual drawings on the logo of a children's book, make sure that the unusual drawings won't scare little readers who are going to purchase your book. If you need to draw unique characters, like elves, make sure that those characters look friendly.


22. The Tale of Despereaux

Created by Nadia Gunawan | https://www.behance.net/gallery/123689853/The-Tale-of-Despereaux

Desperaux is a mouse, the main character of the children's book. Help readers imagine what Desperaux looks like by creating a cute illustration of this mouse. Make it look nice by drawing a mouse with clothes. Little readers will imagine the mouse you create while reading the story inside the book.


23. Lichen Books

Created by Lisa McCormick | https://dribbble.com/shots/20945860-Branding-for-children-s-book-company

A logo for a children's book doesn't have to be crowded, full of illustrations, and has many colors. This unique logo only has five colors. And the illustration is just as big as a coin. It also has a decorative font for the typography. Use this design as inspiration when you're creating a book for older kids.


24. Amiguinho do Mar

Created by Lídia Farias | https://www.behance.net/gallery/157000697/BOOK-COVER-DESIGN-Amiguinho-do-Mar

A combination between bold colors and pastel colors will create an awesome gradient. For example, if the focus of the book is under the water, use bold colors for the main illustration. And then use pastel colors for the sky above the ocean. This will draw people's attention to the view under the water.


25. Green Witch Magic

Created by Leslie Olson | https://dribbble.com/shots/16308977-Green-Witch-Magic-Book-Cover

Try a unique idea like this unique Green Witch Magic book. The book has green shades, but it doesn't show any witches. Since the book is about essential plants for the cupboard of the witch, the book has illustrations of leaves that symbolize the essential plants.


26. The Potatoe Artbook

Created by Francis Chouquet | https://dribbble.com/shots/18460664-The-Potatoe-Artbook

Can you use monochromatic colors for a children's book logo? You can, but make the logo look more stunning and creative. For example, fit the text inside a potato shape since the book is about The Potatoe Artbook. Black and beige will make the logo look simple yet make people curious about it.


27. Baking Memories

Created by Matheus Rodrigues | https://www.behance.net/gallery/158227297/Baking-Memories

Another beautiful idea to create a logo for a children's book is by creating a 3D logo. To make a 3D logo, add shadows to the text. Shadows will make the text look more realistic. Use colors that will make the font look more alive. For example, a combination of brown and yellow will make it look great.


28. Los Buscadores de Luz

Created by Andreaga | https://www.behance.net/gallery/161824763/Los-Buscadores-de-Luz

A sketch-styled drawing or illustration will make the logo of a children's book look much more stunning. The book is about a couple who are looking for the light. So, use fewer light colors and let dark shades dominate the logo. For example, this book has dark purple for the background and yellow for the accent only.


29. La Detective Y El Dragon

Created by Isaac Murgadella | https://dribbble.com/shots/20980391-Children-book-cover

Bright colors like red and yellow will create a great logo for a children's book. Combine both fresh and warm colors with monochromatic colors like white and black. The combination of four colors will look more fascinating, with a cute illustration of a little girl and a dragon's head on the corner of the book.


30. Toby, the Underdog

Created by Sveta Sadykova | https://www.behance.net/gallery/128716431/Toby-the-Underdog-Childrens-book

Some children's book logos come with unique text. The unique text contains uppercase and lowercase letters. The use of uppercase and lowercase letters is excellent if the target readers are older kids. Older kids who know the differences between lowercase and uppercase can read the title more easily. Avoid combining uppercase and lowercase letters if the book is for younger kids who just learn how to read.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent children's book logo designs?

There are many symbolisms that can be used to represent children's book logo designs, depending on the specific theme or message of the book. Some common symbols include animals, such as bears, rabbits, and cats, which can represent the playful and imaginative nature of children's literature. Other symbols may include stars or other celestial objects, which can evoke a sense of wonder and awe, or simple shapes and patterns that reflect the design aesthetic of the book.

Which colors are commonly used in children's book logo designs?

When it comes to choosing colors for children's book logo designs, bright and bold hues are often preferred, as they can capture the attention and imagination of young readers. Red, yellow, and blue are commonly used, as they are primary colors that can create a sense of vibrancy and playfulness. Other popular colors include green, pink, and purple, which can evoke feelings of nature, sweetness, and magic, respectively. It is important to note that the choice of colors should also reflect the specific themes and messages of the book and should be chosen carefully to create a cohesive and engaging design that appeals to both children and their parents.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating children's book logo designs?

When creating children's book logo designs, it is important to keep the target audience in mind, which is typically children between the ages of 3 and 12. The logo should be designed in a way that captures the imagination and attention of this age group, with bright colors, playful shapes, and characters that resonate with them. At the same time, the logo should also appeal to parents and caregivers, who often make purchasing decisions for young readers. As such, the logo should convey a sense of quality, reliability, and trustworthiness while also reflecting the specific themes and messages of the book.

What are the successful examples of children's book logo designs?

There are many successful examples of children's book logo designs, some of which have become iconic symbols of the genre. One of the most recognizable logos is the Little Golden Books logo, which features a smiling, golden-hued book with the words "Little Golden Books" in bold letters. Other successful examples include the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat logo, which features the beloved character in his iconic hat, and the Harry Potter logo, which features the title of the book series in a whimsical font. These logos have become synonymous with the books they represent and have helped to establish these titles as enduring classics in children's literature.

Which design styles are often used to create children's book logo designs?

When it comes to designing children's book logos, there are several design styles that are often used to create a visually appealing and engaging logo. One popular style is the use of hand-drawn illustrations, which can capture the whimsy and playfulness of children's literature. Another common style is the use of bold typography, which can create a strong and memorable visual impact. Additionally, minimalist designs are often used to create simple, iconic logos that are easy to recognize and remember. Finally, the use of vibrant colors and playful shapes can help to create a sense of fun and excitement while also capturing the attention and imagination of young readers.


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