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Article: 30 Best School Club Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best School Club Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Joining a school club can open doors to new opportunities and friendships.
Check out some of the best school club logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Brad Hansen |

As a graphic designer, one project that will undoubtedly pop up on your creative docket is a school club logo design. Whether it's a debate club, a chess society, or a soccer team, a compelling logo can help the club stand out and foster a sense of unity among its members. This article explores innovative school club logo design ideas, merging creativity, relevance, and aesthetic appeal to make your design work shine.

Whether you're an established professional or a budding designer, these concepts will give you a fresh perspective and a reservoir of inspiration. After all, when it comes to logo design, we all need a creative nudge every now and then. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, flex your creative muscles, and delve into the fascinating world of school club logo design ideas! From essential design principles to inventive ways of capturing the essence of a club, we've got it all covered. Let's explore together because creating an iconic logo is not just about design; it's about telling a compelling story. So, are you ready to begin this journey?


1. After School Club

Created by Stephanie White |

As you see the name and the broken pencil, you may smile yourself, remembering how you feel when you graduate and are no longer obliged to meet the deadlines for your assignment. This logo is just the representation of this whole feeling. The confetti and the color; all tell us how pleased you are after finishing school.


2. Middlesbrough Football Club

Created by MissMarpl |

The color is one element to show the power of the club. The golden touch is the representation of the prestige that the club holds up to. The white background for the symbol gives the right contrast for the whole design.


3. Loanners & Loners

Created by brian hurst |

The name is quite intriguing. You'll be more intrigued by the picture of the logo. You have a scary skull and a candle above books. Plus, the words: "no meetings, no discussion, no friends" will make you think, "What kind of club is this?" Well, you can look at the name again for the answer.


4. Abertillery bowling club

Created by Veronika Žuvić |

Since it's a bowling club, it takes a round shape as the representation of the ball. The letters show the identity of the club, and what's inside is the representation of everything that you can find in bowling.


5. Granville Cycling club

Created by Abby Richey |

First of all, it is like a cycling club logo. It has a picture of pieces of the bike's chain on the logo. However, you will notice that it is actually a brewer. The rest details show that it is a brewer. It even has a glass of beer on the outside part of the main logo in the middle.


6. Philadelphia Basketball Club

Created by Cameron Maher |

The logo is very easy to be revealed. It is a picture of a basket with a ball on a basketball court. The picture is taken from the above angle so that the look is that way. The red shows the braveness and the high passion of the whole team.


7. QClub Golf League

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

The logo depends a lot on the use of the initials. There are Q and C that are stacked together to form a symbol of the logo. It also has several great white dots that represent the ball of the golf. For the people who play golf, it won't be difficult for them to tell about the logo.


8. Youth Camps Switzerland

Created by Sava Stoic |

At first glance, you may see a cross sign with a flame of fire above it. But, it's actually the picture of the firewood for a bonfire, where usually every camper will surround it at night. To make the message clearer, you can see the name of the camp below the picture.


9. Medical Study Group

Created by Faikar |

The logo, which has a plus sign, is always associated with the medical or healthcare unit. This logo is also in the same line. It has a plus sign as the logo; only the middle part is designed as it is an open plus, making the shape octagonal, suggesting the study group itself. The green color was chosen since it is the common color used by the medical care units representing a soothing feeling.


10. Camp Well

Created by Kate Libby |

There are several options for the logo. On the first logo, you can see that there's a girl in front of a curve door, posing in a similar way to The Virgin Mary, indicating that the camp is one of the church school's programs. While on the other logo, you can also see a slogan saying, "Rest well, camp well, play well". The three activities are also represented in three different colors used in the logo.



Created by Skilline |

It's time to involve Cupid. The Cupid is described differently here. It is forging heart steel, and along with it, there's a slogan "Pretty-sweet & strong", telling that the club is only suggested for those who have a strong heart.


12. Hooligan’s Boxing Club

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The logo is just simple. It doesn't apply many elements in the design. It only put the name of the club, and that's it. The keep this type of logo interesting, the designer commonly plays on the color choices and the font used. Most of the time, they will apply customized fonts to meet the need and still make the logo worth buying.


13. Brighton Journalism Club

Created by Curt R. Jensen |

If you ever heard the saying, "Your mouth is your tiger", then a journalist would say, "Your pen is your tiger". Although now no more journalists use a pen or a pencil to do the work, still, the symbol tells a lot about it. The saying is used by the Brighton Journalism Club for the logo. As a journalist, you should be careful with what you're writing because it may cause you a "tiger" that may pounce you back.


14. The Knockout Club

Created by Daniel Patrick |

If you like a simple design, then this one could be your favorite. This logo is presented in a light and simple way. It only uses the name of the club, and no more details, either in pictures or other words. And just like any other letter mark type, the designer plays on the font choice and the color to make the logo worth watching.


15. St. Mark's

Created by St. Mark's |

Simple but elegant, it is. The logo is just telling people what it is about. The clever choice of color has made it a stunning point. Plus, a few rays from the above-left side has given a real light to the logo.


16. MTCS Cougars

Created by Dan Blessing |

First of all, the contrast used in the logo is perfect. The black background with orange on the symbol has made a great point. The background has made the symbol highlighted in such a way that it will attract attention immediately. Then, when you see closer, the cougar is not only one but two; the other one is in the background. Both cougars are the representation of braveness, power, and the passion of the mount climbers.


17. Vermont Green FC

Created by Matthew Wolff |

There are some interesting elements in the logo. You can see pine trees, a window with rays coming in, and a top of a snowy mountain. But what is interesting is the curve above the word "Green". It creates a wide smile on the mountain. While the whole picture is covered in green, as it is suggested by the name.


18. Preston North End Football Club

Created by MissMarpl |

The club is like bringing a holly mission since the animal is very much like a war horse bringing a war banner to the battlefield. It shows the power of the team that they are ready for every match.


19. Dancela

Created by Design Burg |

This is another logo that is designed simply yet very nicely. It has a full black background which makes it easy for the designer to put the contrast for the main content. Yet, the designer chooses to put simple content by mentioning only the name of the club, and a simple but clear font is used. The interesting part is the symbol put into it. It is a symbol of a dancing person. And the symbol is really nice, sleek, and cool.


20. That Schoolin Life

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The logo uses an owl as a symbol. It's not just a regular owl, but apparently, it is a smart owl. The owl is blue, carrying a bag and a ruler, and it is wearing glasses. It's mostly represented the professor instead of the student. And it looks like he invites everyone to come to study with him.


21. Positive Thinkers Club Badge

Created by Jake Warrilow |

It's Positive Thinkers Club, The Road to Happiness. That's what's said in the logo. Meanwhile, there's a picture of a winding mountainous road heading somewhere. And the road is also brightly shone by the sun's rays, and there are also some pine trees on the left and right to accompany the journey. When you need a place to keep up your life, then it's the best choice for you.


22. Society of Collectors

Created by Eight Hour Day |

Collectors have unique ways of expressing their existence. This logo is one of the expressions, somehow. You can find a unique shape of a logo with unique symbols as well. For common people, this logo may look like a simple one, but for those who live their lives collecting things, this logo could mean something important to them.


23. Camp Fox

Created by Cameron Maher |

Although the name is the camp fox, you cannot see a picture of a fox there. Instead, you'll find a fish on the logo. Well, it suggests that the place is also a good place to go fishing, or the logo is actually suggested that it is a fishing club instead of a campsite. You can see that from the information served in the logo about the beach on Catalina Island.


24. SchoolHouse

Created by Jason McCall |

There are two options for the logo; the one that differentiates one from another is the picture used. One uses a picture of a school building, while the other uses a picture of a small house. Both suggest that the building is just the representation of the name, The Schoolhouse. It means you can get to school while you're in the house, or the other way around, you can feel at home when you go to school.


25. Black Rose Football Club

Created by Chris Rogge |

As the name suggested, the logo has a black-and-white theme for both choices. The first one uses the badge shape with s rose as the symbol, and it adds a crown on top of it. While the second choice has a black background with a vandell shape with the initial of the club's name.


26. Burlington Black Hawks Lacrosse Club

Created by Dan Blessing |

The symbol of the logo has spoken the name itself. You can see a head of a hawk symbol there. All the letters are written in a very vivid and significantly bold font so that people see them clearly. The red is chosen to show how passionate the members are.


27. Back Bay Run Club

Created by Dan Fleming |

The logo is designed simply by providing people with the name of the club and what the club is. It has a white background which makes the designer easily use any color for the main content to create contrast for the design. The letters are written in simple font yet very clear so that they will be easily seen even from afar.


28. Portland Pirates

Created by Tron Burgundy |

There's a hockey stick used as a flagpole here, and the flag has a pirate's symbol, as it is derived from the name of the club. While the hockey stick has told us that it is a hockey club.


29. canadian books club

Created by Badr |

Five open books are arranged in such a way that it looks like a blooming flower. Next to it, the name of the club is written in a clear font. Simple yet informative, how the logo is.


30. Lion Booster Club

Created by Brad Hansen |

The lion is the main symbol of the logo. It's running and bringing a flag where it is written the name of the club. Thelion is also wearing a shirt with the initials of the club's name.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent school club logo designs?

When it comes to school club logo design, incorporating symbolism can add depth and meaning to your creation. There are several powerful symbols you can use to represent school clubs. For academic clubs, consider using an open book to symbolize knowledge and learning or a graduation cap to represent achievement. Sports clubs could feature a dynamic athlete in action, representing teamwork and athleticism. Social clubs might incorporate symbols of unity and friendship, such as interlocking hands or a group of people. Remember to choose symbols that resonate with the club's purpose and values.

Which colors are commonly used in school club logo designs?

When it comes to school club logo design, choosing the right colors can make a big impact. While color choices may vary depending on the club's theme and target audience, there are some commonly used colors that work well. For academic clubs, consider using traditional colors like blue or green, symbolizing knowledge and growth. Sports clubs often opt for energetic colors like red or yellow, representing passion and vitality. Social clubs may incorporate warm and inviting colors like orange or purple, signifying community and creativity. Remember, the key is to select colors that align with the club's purpose and evoke the desired emotions.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating school club logo designs?

When creating school club logo designs, it's crucial to consider the target audience you're designing for. The target audience for school club logos can vary depending on the specific club, but generally, it would be the students and faculty of the school. Understanding their preferences, interests, and values will help you create a logo that resonates with them. For example, if the club focuses on academics, consider a design that appeals to students who are passionate about learning. If it's a sports club, think about a design that captures the enthusiasm of athletes.

What are the successful examples of school club logo designs?

When it comes to successful school club logo designs, there are several examples that stand out. One notable example is the logo for the National Honor Society, featuring a torch symbolizing enlightenment and knowledge. Another successful design is the logo for the Key Club, which incorporates a key as a symbol of unlocking opportunities for community service. The Math Club logo by Pieter Pelgrims showcases the integration of mathematical symbols in a visually appealing way. These examples demonstrate the effective use of symbolism, relevant imagery, and typography to create memorable and impactful school club logos.

Which design styles are often used to create school club logo designs?

When it comes to designing school club logos, various design styles can be used to create visually appealing and meaningful designs. One popular style is the minimalist approach, which emphasizes simplicity and clean lines to convey a modern and sophisticated look. Retro or vintage styles can add a nostalgic charm, especially for clubs with a historical or classic theme. Illustrative styles can bring vibrancy and energy to sports or creative clubs. Typography-focused designs can use bold and creative fonts to make a strong visual statement.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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