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Article: 30 Best Food Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Food Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Nothing brings people together like good food! Check out some of the best food logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!
Created by CAXA Estudio |

Joining the food industry feels like a challenge. Thus, the more reason to make a better- and high-quality branding or identity. Logo design is always one way to stay true and different in the noisy industry. But it needs to be diverse, distinctive, unique, versatile, yet relevant to your business or product.

With that notion coming as a key value in developing proper food logo design ideas, one should put more consideration into their image. It is thanks to the vast and varied food industry. You will need something that pinpoints your item, your product, and your work in the meantime. But it also needs to be something that has meaning and attraction.

So, it comes to finding the proper inspiration and design imagery for your logo. Remember that a picture can speak thousands of words, including misleading ones. Food can bring people together, but one cannot give everything. Be distinctive in a creative way without any miss information. And your logo will be your first impression and introduction.

From cookies to Chinese food, you got to be precise. So, to inspire you, here are several best logo designs for your food brand. Check them out!


1. Brookies Cookies & Co

Created by Blank Design Studio |
Brookies cookies go with the very simple and common logotype for its design. Using a logotype is the ideal imagery to introduce a new business and show its name. The use of script font is the key differentiation, and the additional short animation makes it more memorable, bouncy, and fun to represent its brand.


2. Agricola Ridolfi

Created by Cobra Studio |
Azienda Agricola Ridolfi takes smart logo design with various variations and styling. The point of the principle is to develop a simple, modern, and easy-to-understand branding. Hence, the use of logotype in mixed upper- or lowercase fonts. To make it more different, the creator also uses a peach illustration to replace the O letter. Thus creating an outstanding identity.


3. Panaderiá Cultivo

Created by designio branding studio |
Panaderia cultivo also uses fancy lettering for its identity. The logo design consists of its name and some details. The use of serif font with an ornamental swoosh and tails makes it appear higher-end or luxurious. It fits with the name and concept as the food brand highlights Pan and café service with high-quality services.


4. Ikigai

Created by Adrian Orozco |
Ikigai's Japanese lunch box shows that the company is trying to attract younger audiences. The design is made to be more casual, fun, and popping with sans-serif custom font with red and white as the main color palette. The use of additional anime or cartoon characters helps accentuate the style. At the same time, the logo is easier to use in various lunchboxes.


5. South Coast Bar & Lounge

Created by Thomas Peretu |
Orange and white are the best color to show the merry and joyous vibe of the beach bar. The South Coast design also focuses on the less is more style, as it uses a simple logotype in it. It tries to make a distinctive mark with the buoy-shaped O letter. It is fun and attractive without being too much to see.


6. Polpo

Created by Richard Marazzi |
Polpo badge logo design highlights simplicity, direct, and memorable identity. The brand name is located in the middle, with other details surrounding it to appear like a circle. The model and its design stand out without being too much, which is the best option since the seafood industry is pretty much noisy, stereotypical, and identical.


7. Moccia

Created by Michael Micmas |
Moccia uses the more traditional logo design created with the use of a mascot image. In this case, the food brand tries to capture the original creator or the owner. Thus developing an image of an old man. But the design also tries to stay in the said industry with the brand name and its yellowish color.


8. Agro Productos

Created by Krisel G Santacruz |
Agro products use the logotype design as a logo and its capabilities in telling the information. But it is also complemented with a small symbol consisting of its initial and a corn illustration. With or without the logotype, the design will still be identifiable. The logo concept also stays true to the industry as it uses yellow and green as the color.


9. Burguemia

Created by Bitbrand Team |
Burguemia brings the best and the tastiest appeal for its logo. The identity comprises the brand name in a bold and blocky logotype. There is not much of an idea or imagery, but the simplicity of the logo makes it fit with a more apparent or strong image, such as a burger. It shows that a food industry logo does not always have to be looking tasty.


10. Salsa Norte

Created by Monumento Co |
Salsa Norte keeps the design classic and old school with the use of a letterpress font. In many ways, the use of letterpress font is a unique intake to highlight. Thus Salsa Norte deserves a good point for keeping it clean and memorable. It is likely; the brand will try to keep everything original as the design resembles an old-time classic.


11. Orchi

Created by Al Gendi |
Orchi's wordmark does not do justice, but it still makes an impression with the unique font. It pretty much showcases the font and contrasting yellow +purple color. The simple additional star on the I and the uses of a simple yet formal typeface make it more relatable. It is a small detail that makes Orchi's logo stand out.


12. Bottega Longo

Created by Andrea Basile |
If the sans serif font appears flat, the use of decorative and script font to make a logo a flair of personality. That is what Bottega Longo shows. The logotype is pretty much simple, but the figurative tail and stroke make the font memorable. Put it in black and white color; the design will fit everything.


13. Oneiro

Created by Vinay Gowtham M |
Oneiro Boulangerie uses the typography and lettering design in its hand for the best logo identity. To appeal to the young and relaxed vibe, the design uses lowercase sans serif. But it also adds script for a touch of formal taste in the detail. In one way to other, the minimalist approach will fit the modern and millennial market properly.


14. Mustache

Created by Rafael Silveira |
There is nothing mustache related to the design of the logo. It goes with the fact that the brand identity is about burgers and all, so the name and identity will likely just be a logotype. Like many other wordmarks, the design stays simple and direct with a very flat font. It will help make a more versatile and capable design.


15. Thai Son

Created by Tram Nguyen |
Thai Son logo design is pretty much out there with all it needs to spread the word. The logo consists of the brand name, a smart and simple symbol. To make it work and be relevant to the product, the symbol uses line art. It resembles T & S initial with line art to imitate rice paddy or crop field patterns.


16. Folkz Pizzas & Saladas

Created by Enredo Brand Innovation |
One thing that is very appealing about Flokz's design is the use of animated logos. It uses various colors to highlight versatile businesses and various services. Its main visual element is the typography, made with a handwritten design to appeal to a casual audience. A nice little badge logo is also provided with a monogram of FZ drawn in a sharing bridge lettering style.


17. Coxi.nhas

Created by CAXA Estudio |
The modern and young audience prefers fun, loud, and unique appeal. With that concept in hand, Coxinhas use more popping colors like purple, yellow, and red for its scheme. The use of a simple block sans serif font is the main visual, which also introduces its business. To top it off, the company also uses various images for its services.


18. Falafel & Co

Created by Mohamed Raafat |
Falafel gets a more unique, modern, and trippy font for its wordmark logo design. It uses sans serif but with a stroke design to create a more rigid impression. But to avoid the strong impression, it combines the logo with a soft curved shape for the other layer. Along with a small graphic of its product, this logo is versatile and meaningful.


19. Farena Pizza Locale

Created by Jona Sbarzaglia Studio |
Another logo design that captures simplicity as the key imagery is Farena. The design only uses sans serif and a logotype design for the imagery. There is a chance that the company is going for a minimalist approach for a more versatile and easier-to-understand image. That is why it does not take commonly used pizza images.


20. Chickin

Created by Chochoi Creative |
Yellow and red are two colors mostly used in the food industry. Chickin logo design also uses the same color as well as a uniquely casual sans serif with a hint of native writing in it. As a whole image, the logo also includes a mascot image with a picture of a chicken head wearing a hat. This adds a layer of distinctive image for the brand.


21. Vida Veggie

Created by LUKTHIS® STUDIO |
When the image of the logotype and branding name is unique, the brand does not need to be overly focused on the graphic image. Instead, working with food logo design ideas consisting of wordmarks will suffice. Vida Veggie already has a unique name and an outstanding market. It later used an orange color, a black line, and its brand name resembling a basket of veggies.


22. Ram’N’Base

Created by Dariusz Jabłoński |
Playing tricks with the naming can help create a fun or distinctive identity in the food industry. Ram N base, play around with pronunciation and naming as it puts Ramen and Base into shortened versions. Along with the name, it also uses line art made out of circles and straight lines to make overly simplified ramen noodles and chopstick images.


23. San Elote

Created by Alvaro Franco |
Latina snack is known for their spice and hot taste. That is why San Elote takes the red color as the main palette. Yellow to add highlight and black as its font. It has a mascot depicting a man with a halo and a chin shaped like corn. Simply said, it is fun and memorable with its brand name included.


24. Basho

Created by José Alcânttara |
Basho logo design is pretty much one of the best-planned imagery. The logotype is stuffed and shaped to make a fish lake shape, of course, with an outline to create the fish image. The uniquely drawn lettering, playing weight, and shape make it distinguishable. To make it better, Basho is a Japanese sushi Edo-style food brand. This a very relevant branding.


25. Hooks Meat Bar

Created by Barmalys Studio |
One of the essential parts of the meat business is the meat hook. It is given that it turns into a unique concept for the brand identity. The designer took the idea and put everything together. The embossed wordmark with a shiny metal texture resembles the iron bar. It fits the theme and imagery while still showing its name.


26. Lignoto

Created by Luís Caracinha |
Lignoto is not using a flat image for its food logo design. The idea comprises a wordmark written in a simple font and filled O letter. It is simple, but it also relates to its name, "light." The factor that keeps the brand looking better is the symbol. It uses a hanging light image but with a secret hint of an eye.


27. Le Caviar

Created by ThinkBold |
Luxury brands are bound to use their related styling and elements, such as yellow or golden colors and elegant lettering. Le Caviar uses a similar intake to accentuate its high-grade product. It uses an elegant Roman font with gold color. A small spade image is added as a symbol, and a highly detailed old-school graphic accompanies the whole package.


28. Sando Crispy

Created by A Ru |
Being a Japanese brand makes the Sando crispy work with lettering in their native language. The use of simple and bold fonts makes the Japanese kanji stand out. But it also uses the Romanji or the pronunciation at the top. It is pretty much straightforward looks but fits with the classy and professional industry.


29. Cabocla Braba

Created by Gabriel Paranhos |
Mascot images need to be related or unique. Cabocla Braba got the idea by creating an image of women with flower hair pins. The classic hand-drawn image is made into a modern logo with a short animation. The animation itself pinpoints the uses of triad colors, green, pink, and black. Those colors complement each other and are eye-catching.


30. Pass The Salt

Created by Pánico Estudio |
Food logo design also has various ways to attract people. Sometimes, they get into literal meaning for its naming. Pass the Salt takes a similar idea as it does not use crazy imagery. Instead, it uses a bubbly font type for its wordmark. The arrangement is the key, as the design stacked every word. It is also clad in black and white for maximum versatility.


Frequently Ask Questions

How important is color selection in food logo design?

Color selection is crucial in food logo design as it can evoke emotions, create associations, and differentiate the brand from competitors. For instance, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow can stimulate appetite and convey warmth and energy. On the other hand, cool colors like blue and green can suggest freshness, health, and relaxation. Ultimately, the color palette should reflect the brand's identity, values, and target audience.

What role does imagery play in food logo design?

Imagery plays a crucial role in food logo design as it can communicate the brand's personality, values, and product offerings. For instance, a logo featuring a chef hat can suggest expertise and quality, while a logo with fruit can indicate freshness and healthiness. Additionally, imagery can create a sense of nostalgia, humor, or sophistication depending on the brand's target audience and message.

How can food logo design appeal to different cultures and markets?

To appeal to different cultures and markets, the food logo design should consider cultural nuances, preferences, and symbolism. For instance, a logo for a Chinese restaurant may feature calligraphy, red and gold colors, and a dragon or a panda. In contrast, a logo for a French bakery may include a fleur-de-lis, pastel colors, and a vintage script. Ultimately, the logo should resonate with the target audience and reflect the brand's values and identity.

What are some current trends in food logo design?

Some current trends in food logo design include using bold and playful typography, incorporating minimalist and flat design elements, using bright and vibrant colors, and incorporating retro or vintage styles. Additionally, logos that feature organic and sustainable themes, such as plant-based foods, eco-friendly packaging, and natural textures, are becoming increasingly popular.

What are some common symbols used in food logos?

Common symbols used in food logos include utensils like forks, spoons, and knives, as well as images of food items like fruits, vegetables, and meats. Additionally, symbols related to cooking or culinary culture, such as chef hats or aprons, can be used to add a unique touch to the logo.

How can I use my food logo to effectively communicate the brand's geographic origin?

To use your food logo to effectively communicate the brand's geographic origin, consider incorporating design elements or typography that reflect the region's culture or history. For example, using typography or imagery that reflects a specific language or using colors that are associated with the region can effectively communicate the brand's origin.

How can I use my food logo to effectively communicate the brand's menu items or product offerings?

To use your food logo to effectively communicate the brand's menu items or product offerings, consider incorporating imagery or typography that reflects the range of products or menu items. Additionally, using color schemes that are associated with certain flavors or ingredients can effectively communicate the brand's product offering.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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