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Article: 30 Best Ramen Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Ramen Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Mark Johnston  |

Ramen logo design is not just about creating a visual identity; it's an art form that encapsulates the essence of this beloved dish. As we dive into the world of noodle-inspired creativity, we'll explore some of the most imaginative and impactful designs that have taken the culinary and design worlds by storm. Ramen, a dish that has transcended its Japanese origins to become a global phenomenon, deserves a logo that's as flavorful and enticing as the dish itself. This article is your ticket to discovering those unique designs that do justice to the world of ramen.

What makes a great ramen logo design? It's a blend of tradition and innovation, simplicity and detail, umami and visual appeal. In this article, we will showcase a collection of designs that embody these elements, bringing out the soul of ramen in every curve and color. From minimalist designs that focus on the elegant simplicity of a ramen bowl to more complex illustrations that tell a story of heritage and flavor, these logos are more than just branding – they're a tribute to the art of ramen.

Get ready to be inspired by designs that are as diverse as the many flavors of ramen. Whether you're a ramen shop owner looking for branding inspiration or a designer hungry for creative ideas, this article is a feast for your eyes and imagination. Let's embark on this delicious journey of ramen logo design, where each logo is a bowl full of creativity, waiting to be savored.


Ramen Logo Design Ideas

1. Umami Ramen House

Created by Dum Dum Studio  |


2. FUKU Ramen House

Created by Bravewell Design Co  |



Created by design.studiotwenty5  |


4. Nakayoshi

Created by meishi_so  |



Created by MADE in MIND  |


6. Rockettow Noodle

Created by Albaari Kemal  |


7. Ramen Boy

Created by Andrea Varas  |


8. Ramen Hai

Created by Casandilax Studio  |


9. BĹŤru Ramen Bar

Created by Preston A Brigham  |


10. Tabetetsu

Created by Charaf robyo  |


11. OM Ramen

Created by Katarzyna Gazarkiewicz  |


12. Kaori Ramen Ya

Created by Natália Fanchini  |


13. Mecha Noodle Bar

Created by chuck brooks  |



Created by Mortise Design llc.  |*image


15. Ramen Bowl

Created by Drew Rios  |


16. Future Ramen

Created by A Friend of Mine  |


17. Kitsune

Created by Richard Smith  |


18. Omani Ramen

Created by Charles Honig  |


19. Miso Fast Ramen

Created by Arpita Mitra  |


20. Tamashii Ramen

Created by CAXA estudio  |


21. Qoyo Ramen

Created by joshua robins  |


22. Kita Ramen

Created by Ross Bruggink  |


23. AKUMA Ramen

Created by Peter Zaitsev  |


24. kyoto ramen

Created by Febrian Hidayat  |


25. Ramen Fortune

Created by Jake Warrilow  |


26. House Of FU

Created by Lucas Jubb  |


27. Ramenup

Created by Katelyn Berkshire  |


28. Clever Koi

Created by Mark Johnston  |



Created by X2 Finest Design  |


30. Slammin Ramen

Created by Colin Gauntlett  |


What Are the Essential Features of a Ramen Logo Design?

When it comes to crafting the perfect ramen logo design, it's like seasoning a bowl of ramen - it needs just the right ingredients to be unforgettable. In the world of logo design, especially for something as universally adored as ramen, striking a balance between tradition and modernity, simplicity and detail, can be quite the culinary challenge. Here are the five essential features to consider when designing a ramen logo that's as tasty as the dish itself!

Noodle-licious Typography

First up, let's talk fonts! The typography in your ramen logo design should be as fluid and inviting as freshly cooked ramen noodles. Opt for fonts that are easy to read yet have a touch of whimsy. The letters could mimic the curves and twists of ramen noodles, or maybe they're bold and chunky like a hearty broth. Remember, the font should convey the personality of your ramen shop – whether it’s fun and funky or elegant and minimalist.

Bowl'em Over with Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand slurps, right? Incorporating imagery like steaming bowls, chopsticks, or even playful doodles of ramen ingredients can make your logo more relatable and appetizing. The imagery should be simple enough to be recognizable at a glance but detailed enough to evoke the mouthwatering qualities of a good ramen bowl.

A Palette of Flavors

Color plays a huge role in appetite appeal. Traditional colors like red and black speak to the rich history of ramen, while brighter hues like orange or green can give a more modern, fresh twist. Think about what kind of emotions you want to stir up. Warm colors can evoke a cozy, comforting feeling, much like a hot bowl of ramen on a rainy day.

Cultural Infusion

Ramen has its roots deep in Japanese culture, and your logo can pay homage to this heritage. This doesn't mean it has to be overtly traditional; subtle nods through the use of certain design elements or patterns can add depth and authenticity to your ramen logo design. Whether it's a hint of a Japanese character or a minimalist design that echoes Japanese aesthetics, these small touches can make a big impact.

Flexibility is Key

Lastly, in today's digital age, your logo needs to be as flexible as ramen noodles themselves. It should look great on different platforms, from a tiny icon on a mobile app to a large sign above your restaurant. This means opting for a design that's scalable and legible in various sizes and formats.

In summary, the essence of a great ramen logo design lies in its ability to tell a story - the story of delicious, heartwarming ramen. It's about combining elements in a way that's balanced, harmonious, and, most importantly, appetizing. So go ahead, stir up some creativity and let your ramen logo be a bowlful of your brand's personality!


How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for a Ramen Logo Design?

Diving into the colorful world of ramen logo design is like stepping into a vibrant street in Tokyo, filled with the enticing aromas and vivid hues of ramen shops. Choosing the right color scheme for your ramen logo is as crucial as getting the broth's flavor just right. Here are five flavorful tips to help you select a palette that not only looks great but also captures the essence of your delicious dish!

Understand Color Psychology

Every color stirs up emotions and can whet the appetite of your customers in different ways. Red, for instance, is a popular choice for ramen logos as it evokes feelings of hunger and passion – think of the fiery spice in some ramen dishes. On the other hand, earthy tones like brown and green can communicate organic, wholesome qualities. Knowing what emotions you want to evoke will help you pick colors that resonate with your brand's personality.

Consider Cultural Significance

Colors have different meanings in different cultures. In the context of Japanese cuisine, and ramen in particular, certain colors can convey authenticity and tradition. Black and red, for example, are often associated with elegance and sophistication in Japanese culture. Including such colors can give your ramen logo design an authentic and respectful nod to ramen's cultural roots.

Look at the Competition

What colors are other ramen shops using? While you want to stand out, you also don't want to stray too far from what customers instinctively associate with ramen. If most ramen logos in your area use warm colors, it might be wise to stick to a similar palette but use different shades or accents to differentiate your brand.

Think About Versatility

Your logo's colors need to look good everywhere – from the sign above your shop to your social media profile. Some colors might look fantastic on a large banner but lose their appeal when shrunk down to a small digital icon. Test your color scheme in various sizes and on different backgrounds to ensure its versatility.

Reflect Your Unique Flavor

What makes your ramen shop special? Maybe you specialize in a particular type of ramen, or perhaps your shop has a unique, modern vibe. Use colors in your ramen logo design that reflect this uniqueness. For instance, if you specialize in spicy ramen, fiery reds and oranges can hint at the heat your dishes offer. Or, if your shop has a more serene, minimalist vibe, consider cool blues or simple monochromatic schemes.

In conclusion, selecting the right color scheme for your ramen logo design is a mix of understanding psychology, respecting culture, assessing competition, ensuring versatility, and reflecting your unique flavor. Just like crafting the perfect bowl of ramen, it’s about balancing ingredients to create something that not only looks inviting but also tells a story – the story of your delicious ramen. So, go ahead and play with colors, experiment, and find that perfect palette that makes your ramen logo as appetizing as the noodles in your bowl!


What Typography Best Represents a Logo of a Ramen Restaurant?

Navigating the world of typography for your ramen logo design is akin to selecting the perfect type of noodle for your ramen bowl – it needs to complement every other element while standing out on its own. The right font can slurp up attention and make your brand memorable. Let's dive into the five key tips to help you pick the perfect typography for your ramen restaurant's logo, ensuring it's as appealing as a steaming bowl of ramen on a chilly day.

Balance Tradition with Modernity

Ramen is a dish steeped in history, yet it's enjoyed in an ever-evolving, modern context. Your font choice should reflect this balance. Consider fonts that have a traditional Asian touch or calligraphy-inspired styles to pay homage to ramen's roots. Alternatively, modern, clean fonts can give a contemporary twist, appealing to a wider, more diverse audience. The key is to blend the old and the new in a way that's harmonious and inviting.

Legibility is Key

Just like a clear, flavorful broth, your typography should be easy to digest. Avoid overly complicated fonts that might be difficult to read, especially at smaller sizes. Remember, your logo will appear on various platforms – from storefront signs to social media profiles. A legible font ensures your brand name is easily recognizable and memorable.

Personality Counts

Just as every ramen chef brings their unique flair to their dishes, your typography should reflect the personality of your restaurant. Is your brand playful and fun? Consider a quirky, handwritten style font. Is your restaurant more upscale and sophisticated? A sleek, elegant serif might be the way to go. The font you choose should give a taste of the experience customers can expect when they walk through your doors.

Consider Custom Typography

Sometimes, off-the-shelf fonts just won't cut it. Custom typography can be a great way to ensure your ramen logo design is as unique as your restaurant's recipe for ramen. It allows you to tailor the font specifically to your brand's ethos and aesthetic, ensuring no other ramen shop has the same look.

Cultural Sensitivity Matters

If you're incorporating Japanese characters or styles into your typography, it's crucial to do so respectfully and accurately. Misusing a language or culture can be off-putting to those who hold it dear. If you're not familiar with Japanese typography, it might be worth consulting with a designer who is. This attention to detail and respect for culture can add an authentic touch to your logo.

In conclusion, selecting the right typography for your ramen logo design is a crucial step in creating a visual identity that's as enticing as your ramen. It's about finding the perfect mix of tradition and modernity, ensuring legibility, reflecting your brand's personality, possibly going custom, and being culturally sensitive. Just like finding the perfect blend of flavors in a ramen broth, finding the perfect font requires a blend of artistry, understanding, and a touch of creative flair. So, let your font choice be the cherry on top of your delicious ramen branding!


Should My Ramen Logo Design Include Images of Noodles or Bowls?

When it comes to crafting a ramen logo design, the question of whether to include images of noodles or bowls is like pondering whether to add that extra dash of spice to your ramen – it can change the whole flavor of your brand! Let’s slurp our way through five key points to consider when deciding if noodle or bowl imagery should make its way into your logo.

Visual Appetite Appeal

First and foremost, noodles and bowls are the quintessential symbols of ramen. Including them in your logo can instantly evoke hunger and craving. Just like a perfectly presented bowl of ramen can make mouths water, a well-designed logo with noodle or bowl imagery can create an immediate connection with the dish, making it relatable and desirable. Remember, your logo is often the first taste a customer gets of your brand, so make it appetizing!

Brand Storytelling

What’s the story behind your ramen shop? Are you all about traditional, authentic Japanese ramen, or do you offer a modern twist on the classic? If your restaurant prides itself on handmade noodles or unique bowl presentations, including these elements in your logo can be a great way to tell your brand's story visually. It's like giving a sneak peek into your kitchen and what makes your ramen special.

Simplicity vs. Complexity

In the world of ramen logo design, less can often be more. While including noodles and bowls can be visually appealing, there's a fine line between detailed and cluttered. A simple, stylized noodle or bowl icon can be more effective than a complex image, especially when it comes to reproducing your logo across various mediums. Think of it like a minimalist ramen dish that focuses on a few high-quality ingredients rather than an overloaded bowl.

Memorability and Uniqueness

The goal of any logo is to stand out in the minds (and stomachs) of your customers. If including imagery of noodles or bowls helps to make your logo more memorable, then it might be a good choice. However, consider how you can put a unique spin on these common elements. Maybe it’s a playful twist on the noodle shape or a bowl that’s designed in an unexpected way. Your logo should make people think, “Ah, that’s the place with the amazing ramen!”

Cultural Respect and Authenticity

If you choose to include noodles or bowls in your logo, it's important to do so with cultural respect and authenticity. These elements are not just food items; they're part of a rich culinary tradition. Ensure that your imagery pays homage to this tradition in a way that is respectful and accurate. This not only shows your dedication to authenticity but also resonates well with ramen enthusiasts.

In conclusion, deciding whether to include images of noodles or bowls in your ramen logo design boils down to your brand’s story, the simplicity of design, memorability, and cultural respect. Just like the perfect bowl of ramen, your logo should be a harmonious blend of ingredients that creates an unforgettable visual and emotional experience. So, whether you choose to include these iconic elements or not, make sure your logo is as deliciously appealing as your ramen!


Can I Use Traditional Japanese Elements in My Ramen Logo Design?

In the flavorful world of ramen logo design, incorporating traditional Japanese elements is like adding a secret ingredient to your broth – it can imbue your brand with a dash of authenticity and cultural richness. However, navigating this path requires a blend of respect, understanding, and creativity. Let’s explore five essential points to consider when integrating traditional Japanese elements into your ramen logo.

Cultural Respect and Authenticity

First up, respect is key. When you use elements from a culture not your own, especially in a context as globally beloved and culturally significant as ramen, it's crucial to approach it with sensitivity and authenticity. Do your research or consult with someone knowledgeable in Japanese culture and design. This ensures that your use of traditional elements is appropriate, respectful, and avoids cultural appropriation. It's like knowing the difference between authentic ramen and instant noodles – the details matter!

Symbolism and Meaning

Traditional Japanese design is rich with symbolism. From cherry blossoms (sakura) representing the beauty and transience of life, to koi fish symbolizing perseverance and strength, each element carries deep meaning. When choosing symbols for your ramen logo design, understand their meanings and ensure they align with your brand's values and story. It's akin to selecting ingredients for your ramen that blend together harmoniously to create the perfect flavor profile.

Balance and Simplicity

A fundamental principle in Japanese aesthetics is the concept of 'Ma' – the art of balance and space. Your logo should embody this by not being too cluttered or overly complex. Simple, clean lines and a balanced composition can convey a sense of elegance and tranquility, much like the serene ambiance of a traditional Japanese ramen shop.

Color Palette

Colors in traditional Japanese design are often inspired by nature and have specific cultural connotations. For instance, red is considered to be protective and is a symbol of strength and vitality, while white is associated with purity and cleanliness. Choosing a color palette that reflects these traditional hues can add a layer of cultural depth to your Ramen Logo Design, while also ensuring it’s visually appealing and relevant.

Typography Considerations

If you’re incorporating Japanese characters into your logo, it’s vital to ensure they are used correctly and respectfully. Opt for fonts that are legible and harmonious with the overall design. If you’re not familiar with Japanese typography, seek guidance from a professional to avoid any missteps. Remember, the way you present text can be as impactful as the imagery in conveying your brand’s connection to traditional Japanese culture.

In conclusion, using traditional Japanese elements in your ramen logo design can be a wonderful way to pay homage to the dish’s cultural origins and add a layer of authenticity to your brand. However, it’s important to approach this with respect, understanding, and an eye for detail. Just as a great bowl of ramen is a blend of carefully selected ingredients, a thoughtfully designed logo is a mix of cultural respect, meaningful symbolism, balanced aesthetics, appropriate color choices, and respectful typography. So go ahead, explore these elements, and let them infuse your logo with the spirit of traditional Japan!



Ramen logo design is an art form that requires a perfect blend of creativity, cultural sensitivity, and branding know-how. In crafting a logo for your ramen business, it's essential to balance traditional elements with modern aesthetics, ensuring that your brand stands out in the bustling culinary market. A well-designed logo not only attracts customers but also tells the story of your unique flavors and culinary heritage. Remember, your ramen logo is more than just a symbol; it's the first taste of your brand's identity, setting the stage for the delicious experience that awaits your customers. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll create a logo that's as memorable and satisfying as your ramen.


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