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Article: 30 Best Seafood Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Seafood Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.
Check out some of the best seafood logo design ideas!
Created by Wisecraft |

Welcome, fellow graphic designers, to another exciting journey into the creative abyss! Today, we're diving deep into the realm of "seafood logo design ideas". This niche area of design is teeming with potential, just like the ocean itself, brimming with unique, colorful, and diverse species. As designers, it's our task to take inspiration from the aquatic world and translate it into striking, memorable, and effective logos.

We're talking about seafood logo design that speaks louder than words that immerses your clients' customers in a sea of flavors before they even taste the food. It's not just about illustrating a lobster or a clam; it's about capturing the essence of the ocean, the sizzle of the grill, and the promise of a fantastic dining experience.

Stay tuned as we embark on a deep dive into different seafood logo design ideas, exploring various design principles, color schemes, and typography that can help you reel in the perfect design. You'll gain a fresh perspective on blending creativity with functionality, allowing your designs to swim freely in the competitive sea of restaurant branding. Let's get our feet wet, shall we?


1. SB Seafood

Created by Megathorn GFX |

Shrimp is one of the popular seafood that is loved by so many people all around the world. No wonder this logo uses shrimp as the symbol for the seafood restaurant being promoted. Using the popularity of shrimp as seafood, the logo will do its task easily to introduce people to the brand.


2. Seafood Ozora Turkey

Created by Halil Kulbak |

Not always using the animal as the symbol for a seafood restaurant, creating a logo for the business may use the sea itself as the material. And this logo is an example of it. It uses the background, which gives an illusion of seawater. The rest details talk about the brand name, where it is, and when the business started to operate.


3. Lavasas Fish Tavern

Created by John Maravelakis |

The logo is pictorial style, where the only material used is a picture. You can see that there's Lavasa fish in the logo, and it is in the middle of the ocean. As you visit this tavern, you'll immediately know that Lavasa is the star here.


4. La cigogne

Created by Ayman Zerdaoui |

Cigogne is the French for stork. As you can see in the picture, the stork is the symbol in the logo. But don't be deceiving by it. You should go over and see what's behind it. You can see that someone is enjoying an oyster. So you see that this place is serving seafood for the customers.


5. Lolo's Sea Seafood

Created by Burak Bal |

There's a picture that gives us an image of a wavy ocean with the letter L and S above it. The letters are initials for the brand name, which is Lolo's Sea. Below it, there is more information telling us that this is a seafood restaurant which is established in 2022.


6. Salty Bottom Blue Oysters

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The logo involves a mermaid as the symbol. The mermaid sits beautifully on an open oyster shell as if she is on the seashore. While the letter mark tells us the brand name and when it started the business.


7. Toscana Mare

Created by Patrik |

The logo uses a combination style where you can find both pictures and words in it. The picture is clear that it is an oyster shell with five stars above it. Then there's a word that tells us the brand name below the picture. The lowest part says that it is an Italian oyster bar. Well, all information you need is already shown in the logo.


8. Del Mar Restaurant

Created by Wells Collins |

The logo simply shows us the name of the brand with a simple but clear font choice. The word" Del Mar" is Spanish for "from the sea". If you are familiar with Latin words or culinary, then you will immediately see what is being offered here.


9. The Cerulean

Created by Natalie Suarez |

Cerulean is a variation of blue. People commonly associate it with the color of the blue sea. The logo takes the brand name for its reason. Below the brand name, it is stated that it is a coastal kitchen and bar. The logo also involves a flamingo as the animal that usually preys on the coastal area.


10. Blue Plate

Created by Yana Frost |

Blue is the color of the sea, while a plate is a place for a dish. So it's easy for you to connect the phrase with seafood, right? Meanwhile, the logo is shown a fish that is served on a tray and the phrase BluePlate, which finally reveals the name of the brand. While the phrase "seafood bar" is added to confirm what message the logo conveys.


11. Oldtopus

Created by Yulian Rahman |

The term is derived from the phrase "old octopus". The symbol which uses an octopus is able to tell you how old the octopus is. Meanwhile, other details are also written in the logo to make it clearer, and people will get an idea of the logo immediately.


12. The Golden Fish

Created by Ardian |

Some types of golden fish are edible and even have become the main menu in several seafood restaurants. This logo was inspired by the fact and made a golden fish the main symbol used in the logo. This symbol is designed in watermark style so that the brand name can be put upon it without being blocked by the picture. The use of colors is also important here so that the brand name is highlighted successfully on the fish's body.


13. P&J Seafood

Created by Phi Hoang |

P & J logo is one of the seafood restaurant logos that do not involve any marine material into it. Is it possible? Well, it is, indeed. You can see that the logo only puts the brand name on the badge shape. This shape is backgrounded with bright red to make it more eye-catching.


14. Shrimp Shack

Created by Kareem Haroon |

As the name suggested, a shrimp is used as the symbol in this logo. You can also find another picture, and they, look like, representing that another sea animal is being captured by a net. Below the shrimp, there's a phrase "shrimpin' n' drinkin'," which tells you that this bar serves you the drinks and the seafood that you like.


15. Mussel Coast Seafood Co.

Created by Michael Penda |

The logo uses a mussel as the symbol, as it is what is being offered here. Above the symbol, there's a letter mark saying the name of the brand. While on both sides of the mussel, it is stated where it is located and when the business started to operate. The interesting part is the additional stamp on the right side of the logo. It says the slogan of the business, which highlights that the product is locally produced and it always fresh.


16. Mr Lang

Created by Gabriela Reitmaier |

There is a tuna fish and the word "Mr. Lang" in the logo. From both elements, people will immediately recognize that it is a restaurant that sells fish as their main menu. The simple logo is deliberately chosen so that the logo will not make people confused by what it the message conveyed by the logo itself.


17. Pescatore

Created by carol anne solberger |

The logo uses a combination style which combines a picture and words in the creation. In the background, there is a big fish in watermark mode, so it is not seen clearly. Moreover, it is covered by the color of the background itself. But you still can see it in a vague. Then on the picture, the brand name is written in interesting font with white color to create a strong contrast so that every element has the same opportunity to show up.


18. Thompson's

Created by Jay Master |

The symbol is interesting. It uses the picture of an anchor with a fork on the top part of it. As you see it, you should know that it means a place for you to eat while you are mooring your ship. While the letter mark shows you who run the business and what is served for the customers.



Created by Michael Clopatofsky |

This logo is used for both sides of a business card. The logo uses a Sigma sign as the symbol of the corporation, and the octopus is the representation of the business being run. The sigma itself is actually the letter M, but it is placed in that way so that it looks like a sigma symbol. While writing the letter, I am using Greek characters as well. Well, the word "Metusia" itself is from the Greek language, which means "drunk" in English. And as we all know that most sailors are associated with that kind of behavior. Such deep thought and research for this logo, right?



Created by La Fortuna Estudio |

The phrase "cocina de mar" means "kitchen from the sea". So, as you see the logo, you must know that this restaurant offers seafood as its main menu, and it is run by those who speak Spanish; to be exact, it is Mexican. And you know it from the logo, obviously.


21. OIA Restaurant

Created by Effect Studios |

OIA uses a shrimp as its logo. Looks like a stamp; the shrimp is placed right in the center of the logo, then it is written OIA upon it. As the background, the logo doesn't implement a blank space. Instead, it puts a delicious shrimp dish on a plate. And you can tell how tempting it is!


22. Fiddler on the Wharf

Created by Michael Penda |

There are several pictures in the logo, starting from a lighthouse, a house with three different objects on it, and a sailing boat. All of them are pictures of everything you can relate to the sea life. However, there's nothing related to the word "fiddler". Well, you should stare at it a bit longer to be able to find it, perhaps. And that's where the logo has done its job perfectly; to keep you staring at it, finding something important.


23. Marítimo

Created by Andrés Domínguez |

Well, the logo is clear. The name of the restaurant is Maritimo, and it serves seafood and drinks for the customers. The interesting part is the symbol which is constructed from the letter M and an anchor. It looks like the anchor is the shadow of the letter.


24. Deep Sea Seafood Restaurant

Created by Kayla Selberg |

This logo is also sending a very clear message to the customers. The name of the restaurant is Deep Sea. And as it is a deep sea, it is clutched by the octopus's tentacles, which function as the symbol.



Created by Katerina Galanova |

What is so interesting about the logo is actually the smart concept. It only uses the fishbone, and people will know what the logo means. It uses the perfect contrast of black background and golden content, making the content much more powerful for the design.


26. Anchored Life Oyster Farms

Created by Coric Design |

The oyster farm has made the twin mermaids the logo of the business. The twins hold an oyster shell, and above the shell, there's a crown. It's like the great life it's represented since the oyster business offers you a great profit.


27. Gaspésie

Created by sylvain drolet |

A small fish in red and the brand name in golden presented a great contrast but still in line. This contrast is one of the most interesting parts which attracts people's attention. Its soft background definitely gives the space for the main picture to be shining.


28. Alabama's Oyster

Created by Josh Carnley |

This logo has every detail of the business. It has the name, the symbol, the address, what type of restaurant it is, and even it has the business number that can be called. Complete, and it's all red. What a color!


29. Kohav Marine

Created by Wisecraft |

From the picture, we can easily tell that the business involves crabs as a commodity. It's not a seafood restaurant. However, it is a seafood trading business. You can see that by looking at the logo at once. The crab represents the commodity being traded, and looking at how great it is, shows that the business only involves the best quality crabs only.


30. The Fulton

Created by Mucca Design |

The only part of the logo that you can relate to seafood is the wave under the word "the". While the logo only mentions the name of the business brand, it's quite difficult for people to get an idea of what the business is involved in. However, this type of logo is usually the re-formed one from the previous logo. After the brand has become famous, the business tends to change its logo into something more simple and easily remembered by minimizing the element used.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent seafood logo designs?

When it comes to creating seafood logo designs, there are several symbols that can be used to make a splash. One popular choice is incorporating fish, such as a sleek and elegant fish silhouette or a stylized fish illustration. Shells and seashells are also great options, representing the ocean and its bounty. Other symbols like waves, anchors, or fishing nets can evoke the maritime theme. Don't forget about the color palette too! Blues and greens often symbolize freshness and the ocean.

Which colors are commonly used in seafood logo designs?

When it comes to choosing colors for seafood logo designs, there are some common choices that can make a real splash. Blue is a go-to color as it represents the ocean and freshness, making it a natural fit. Green is also popular, symbolizing nature and sustainability. Earthy tones like sand and beige can evoke a coastal vibe. To add a touch of sophistication, incorporating metallic shades like silver or gold can create a sense of luxury. Ultimately, the color palette should reflect the brand's personality and target audience.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating seafood logo designs?

When crafting seafood logo designs, it's crucial to keep the target audience in mind. Understanding who you're designing for will help you create a logo that resonates and reels them in. Consider the specific industry niche you're working with‚ÄĒwhether it's a seafood restaurant, a fish market, or a seafood delivery service‚ÄĒand envision the demographic that typically enjoys these offerings. Are you targeting upscale seafood enthusiasts or a more casual crowd? Knowing this will guide your design choices, from the color palette to the typography style.

What are the successful examples of seafood logo designs?

When it comes to successful seafood logo designs, there are some standout examples that have made a splash. One such example is the iconic Red Lobster logo, which features a bold and vibrant red lobster silhouette, instantly conveying the seafood theme. Another notable design is the clean and elegant logo of Legal Sea Foods, utilizing a stylized fish illustration in a sophisticated manner. The logo for Fisherman's Market cleverly incorporates a fishing hook within the typography, adding a unique and memorable touch. These examples showcase the importance of capturing the essence of seafood while maintaining a visually appealing and memorable design.

Which design styles are often used to create seafood logo designs?

When it comes to creating seafood logo designs, various design styles can be employed to make a splash. One popular style is a clean and minimalist approach, using simple shapes and typography to convey the message effectively. Another style is a vintage or retro-inspired design, evoking a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. A playful and whimsical style can be utilized for brands targeting a younger audience or aiming for a more lighthearted tone. Additionally, a sophisticated and elegant style can be appropriate for high-end seafood establishments.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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