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Article: 30 Best Kitchen Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Kitchen Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

People who love to cook and eat are always the best!
Check out some of the best kitchen logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Almeja Estudio |

Maybe not many people are aware that your cooking business will need kitchen logo designs. This will change your perspective on the kitchen business. And of course, what can be obtained is that your business is more popular than competitors.

The logo has always been an important element when you want to start a business. It doesn't matter what kind of business; what will make a lot of impacts is when we know the popular sectors for inspiration. Eye-catching logo designs don't take long and are expensive.

While you want to make your kitchen business tastes well, this industry also needs to add inspiration to make it eye-catching. We don't mean in terms of plating, but how do you mark your brand, one of which is by choosing a logo?

There are hundreds of references to turn it into an idea. It will also determine whether your business has good taste or not. And this will also be a benchmark for competition between brands in the market in the midst of increasing competition.

The Review of 30 Best Kitchen Logo Designs for your Inspiration

You may ask why we should get a kitchen logo in the first place. In our opinion, it has to do with identifying the brand from the number of people who see the brand name. Therefore, we have prepared 30 designs that can be an inspiration for your kitchen logo, such as:



Created by Rafael Alves |

The kitchen logo depends on how it catches the eye. Therefore, Gi Bolacharia has succeeded in using elements that can attract attention with relevant colors and elements and are certainly pleasing to the eye.

The colors chosen tend to be pastel, namely purple, white, blue, and pastel orange. The background color is also light brown. So for the Gi Bolacharia logo, just try to create it by yourself to get the kitchen logo maker you want.



Created by Dariusz Jabłoński |

The style highlighted by RAM 'N' Base is a modern style with a hint of Japanese style. Because this is a Japanese restaurant, which is based in a Ramen restaurant, there is that element, namely the ' ' symbol next to the letter N is two chopsticks.

The background is the reason we mention modernism. This restaurant immediately shows the restaurant design but is edited in a higher tint. So that in appearance, visible light blue color dominates.


3. Kitchen Design Studio Monogram

Created by Kenneth Manuel |

As the name implies, this logo uses a monogram type for its creation. And as a result, this can be one of the most attractive kitchen logo designs. The colors used also tend to be simple and still eye-catching.

With a monogram style, what is used is text with a small logo. A symbol that accentuates the kitchen layout it's an interesting idea. For placement, this restaurant uses a vertical row layout which is divided into 3.


4. Lava Kitchen

Created by Isabelle Lin |

Kitchen businesses never run out of ideas to make their branding stand out from the rest. Including the idea of ​​Lava Kitchen to create their logo by showing directly what they specialize in the kitchen.

It's Ramen made, and you can see from the logo that it's a bowl of ramen. In addition, because the name is Lava, the Ramen sauce is made with a red color like Lava. So it is very attractive for consumers to visit.


5. Bite me

Created by amor Estudio |

The next kitchen logo designs are quite basic, just like other pastry shop logos, namely twisted and stacked designs. But what makes Bite Me unique is Bite Me's ability to determine the placement of words, including the tagline.

Bite me uses the tagline “Always Sweet & Savory,” plus the address of the manufacturer. In the middle, the brand name was written, namely, Bite Me. For the background, they do not use a solid color but display bread.



Created by Miras Bektemissov |

For a kitchen brand to compete in the industry, what needs to be shown is what is unique, including Parsha, who put their expertise in the Kitchen & Bar. And that should be emulated by other kitchen business owners.

In addition to writing the specialty on it, there is the writing PARSHA. Black was chosen to be their solid color, with a unique fork image as the main element in the design. The style used is a combination of text and symbols.


7. East 101

Created by Nikita Chemokhonenko |

East 101 is a restaurant that doesn't have Thai elements, but for the font, they use the Thai style there. So that in appearance, it can be a blunder for kitchen logo designs, especially for those who don't know.

Because one might think it's a Thai restaurant and not want to eat there. But for the 101, they were smart enough to include elements like spoons, plates, and forks in a row. So it looks like writing 101.


8. LoveMeat

Created by Pedro Lopes |

The Loveseat logo was created by Pedro Lopes, and it's one of the unique steak shop logos we've ever seen. The view is not much, but it clearly shows that it is the best creative kitchen logo design.

The red color used to write Love Meat is like a fire that is burning a steak to bring out the maximum taste image. In the background, there is also an image of a burning steak, but it is a blackout to level 80% so as not to cover the logo.



Created by ʟɪᴜʙᴏᴠ ᴛsᴇʟɪᴜᴋʜ |

From the kitchen logo designs, we can directly see the characteristics of the restaurant, including the DIFA logo, which from the appearance of the logo alone, we can guess that it is a kitchen business that uses a minimalist style.

White is used in all design elements, starting from the cloth, white plates, white flowers, and the writing of DIFA's name is also white. So if you want to try to create it, you can adjust it to the style you prefer.


10. Kitchen

Created by The First The Last |

Kitchen Hero can present one of the hundreds of designs that stand out. Created by the First the Last, this logo has always been the inspiration for presenting cooler designs. Moreover, the choice of blue-green and orange is a plus point.

But the value that is highlighted is not that, but the sun bears in the middle who looks like a chef. With a chef's signature style that emphasizes good taste, and of course, don't forget to wear a chef's hat.


11. Sazón

Created by Clàudia Bahima Studio |

This Sazon has a design like most cafes. Not too flashy, but still pleasing to the eye. The choice of colors also illustrates that this cafe doesn't have many unique menus, but the matter of taste remains their advantage.

The orange color was chosen to accompany the yellowish-white color for Sazon's writing. In addition, the font used in this kitchen logo design is Lucida Fax. So that designers can still create the logo as desired.


12. OSHI

Created by Alexander Babariko |

OSHI is a Japanese restaurant located in Russia, so two different elements of writing are combined here. Black color remains the choice for making this logo to be outstanding and, of course, timeless.

The element of Mount Fuji is still the choice to describe if this is a Japanese restaurant. The writing of the word OSHI is made like Japanese elements, and there are also Japanese characters. Underneath is Russian writing, so it's an interesting mix.


13. Lotus Indian Kitchen

Created by Alan Cheetham |

Because the background is an Indian restaurant, the Lotus logo incorporates a lot of Indian elements there. For example, the letter L is displayed clearly. But it's not just a solid L, but a combination of Indian patterns made like the letter L.

Underneath it is written LOTUS in a typical Indian font and closed with the words Indian Kitchen at the bottom in a smaller size. So from this view, it can be one of the preferences of many people for their restaurant.


14. Pasumachu Dark Kitchen

Created by Alejandra Cordova |

PASUMACHU entered the kitchen industry with a unique style. That brings a little different in terms of the placement of letters. First, the logo is divided into 2, PASU and MACHU, with a slightly American cartoon style of writing.

Because they both have the letters A and U, the next unique thing about the kitchen logo designs is that the letters are made longer. So the letters A and U take up two lines of design, namely Pasu and Machu.


15. Mr.Lou

Created by Вероника Северинова |

Mr. Logo Lou also deserves to be an inspiration for people who are just starting the kitchen business. Because the base is a Chinese restaurant, there are four mandarin characters there; on the side, there is a bowl filled with noodles.

On the right and the most prominent is the writing of Mr. Lou, who still has his uniqueness. The letter L is changed to a pair of chopsticks. So that visually, it looks like Mr. Writing. Lou with a bright red background.


16. Hetty’s Kitchen

Created by Itebogeng Makgae |

Hetty's kitchen also offers a unique simple kitchen logo, as well as many meanings. The woman's logo in the middle means that making food is quite difficult. So that people who understand the philosophy will be more curious too.

The background color is also quite bold, namely reddish-brown, with yellow for the other design elements. Hetty's Kitchen also uses a font that is both simple and feminist, maybe because the maker is also a woman.


17. Udon Japanese Kitchen

Created by Narmin Javadova |

As a Japanese restaurant, the value that must be emphasized is the Japanese element. And that's also what is presented there, namely Udon restaurants, which are almost all adopted from Japanese culture, including the writing font.

The base of this design is the Japanese flag, but the white color is changed to light yellow, and the red circle is changed to dark orange. Inside the circle, there is also a picture of a snake with dark blue chopsticks.


18. Copperhead Kitchen

Created by Robynn Gardner |

Copperhead Kitchen is a unique design element as well as deserves to be the choice of people who are just starting in this kitchen business. With a classic style, from this design alone, one can guess that it is a classic restaurant industry.

I used only initials to play with the design but made it in a more curvy style. The background color for kitchen logo designs is like the others, namely solid color. And the copperhead kitchen uses a dark blue color.


19. Orchi

Created by Al Gendi |

The kitchen business is related to cafes, stalls, to homemade restaurants. And this is also what makes you have to know the design elements of each; from all that, Orchi can bring that element to the cafe logo that they market.

What is more unique is the yellow color for the background and purple as the color for the author. So, with this style, people know that the logo belongs to the Café. So, maybe you can use it as a reference for your design in a new kitchen business.


20. Buka

Created by Hafeez Olamide |

The strict kitchen business makes brands have to be able to find a way to make their brand stand out, including what is being done by BUKA for marketing techniques, namely by including their food menu list directly on the logo.

For example, there are salads, healthy chicken wings, and other healthy foods. Because BUKA is a brand whose background is in healthy food. So from the logo, they want everyone to know that their specialty is in healthy food.


21. Foodsi

Created by Podpunkt |

FOODSI also has a unique and attractive presentation style. Including the logo style, which is the main element, where they use a lock-up design to make it more attractive. Where there is a hand holding a green apple.

The background is kept simple with the dominant white color. In addition, the solid color also makes nothing to be changed. Therefore, for designers who don't get an idea, the FOODSI logo is always an option.



Created by Almeja Estudio |

It's a Japanese restaurant again, and DAISHO is a type of brand in the kitchen business with a style that is no less unique than the common kitchen logo template. With a style as it is today, people can immediately know Daisho's specialties.

Incorporating the sun element as the main symbol of DAISHO is a no less interesting idea. In addition, to enrich the design, some Japanese characters were included, and that made the main elements clearer.


23. Gastró

Created by Safari Studio |

In contrast to other kitchen logo designs, Gastro dares to choose a color that is more unique than the others. From the choice of this color, we can tell that it is similar to the dominant light orange color of carrots.

In addition to the orange color, there is also a green color above the letter O. That is not only an additional element but is something that can make your inspiration higher and can present a unique kitchen business as well.


24. Corner Kitchen

Created by Nikita Lebedev |

Corner Kitchen's logo emphasizes that they are the type of restaurant that specializes in all fields. It is proven by its logo, which has a picture like a bowl but contains meat, fish, bread, carrots, peppers, and onions, and all of them are combined.

With the choice of design elements like that, the colors also become more varied. But the Corner Kitchen color is also interesting, namely a dark brown color. With such a style, the logo can display a maximum impression and attract attention.


25. Bolzano

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

BOLZANO is an Italian Cuisine Restaurant. Even though from their kitchen logo designs, it seems that there is absolutely no Italian element, instead it is more of a Classical European style. The selected background is a dark green color.

For the main logo from Bolzano, they use a shady tree element. The name BOLZANO is also written in the bold Corbel font. Therefore, what adds to the uniqueness is the designer's creation in realization.


26. Knife

Created by craftoxa |

Have you ever heard of a restaurant called Knife? Maybe this is still rarely heard, but from the logo, it is sure to attract a lot of attention. Because of their logo, what stands out the most is the inscription KNIFE.

Using a basic font doesn't make the logo look basic. As for the background, a bright orange color is an option. These types of kitchen logo designs are monograms, which are designs that only contain text branding.


27. Taverna

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

The Taverna also doesn't want to be left behind in presenting a cool design. The Taverna logo uses elements of the growing tea, with a gold color that stands out. Und/underneath, there is the inscription TAVERA in dark blue.

TAVERNA is a Mediterranean kitchen, so that's what made this article show the background of the restaurant. The background color chosen is also not pure white, but a yellowish-white color, like milky white.


28. Collard Green Kitchen

Created by Yossi Belkin |

Collard Green Kitchen doesn't want to be left behind in the kitchen logo designs industry. They present a dark green colored design. Meanwhile, the logo also displays the design that emphasizes the uniqueness of the restaurant.

It is created by Yossi Belkin, and as a result, this is a design that combines three types of fonts. Collard with Lucida Handwriting, Green with Maiandra, and Kitchen with Mangal. So it's a unique combination.


29. Maison

Created by Josh Kulchar |

MAISON's specialty is Kitchen & Bath, and that is also what makes this design stand out from other designs. What's even more unique is the MAISON emblem, which denotes a gray and abstract design element.

It was created by Josh Kulchar and is one of the logos with unique designs. Even for the font, the spacing used is arguably the coolest. There are three colors chosen, namely light brown, brown, and black.


30. Treehouse Kitchen

Created by Catur Argi |

Treehouse Kitchen is a logo design that is no less unique. Using elements of a typical Japanese house, but also featuring the side of a tree house. In appearance, the Treehouse Kitchen presents one of the best.

The writing is also simple, but the designer can be maximally creative. For example, from placement, made four lines vertically. The colors chosen are also the most basic, black and white, but do not reduce the value of the kitchen logo designs.


Final Words

You already know why you need the kitchen logo in the first place, but what you need to make it stand out is the contest work. You want the logo to attract more attention from competitors, and you can use the kitchen logo anywhere, of course, the placement.

Without a kitchen logo, people will not know the kitchen business you are running. But if the logo is not well thought out, then the logo will also look meaningless.

But you also need something to prepare the kitchen logo; this aims to present a more winning design than that of other designers. Kitchen logo designs are also concerned with how you provide the main elements needed for branding.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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