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Article: 30 Best Medical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Medical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

An apple a day keep the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit.
Check out some of the best medical logo design ideas we have curated!
Created by Sergio Joseph | -

Day by day demands of health services, and that requires medical logo designs. Building a brand, especially for medical services, is not an easy thing. From the symbol, you can instill trust in everyone to visit your place when you need it.

If you are planning to build a healthcare business, you've come to the right place. It is not an easy thing to be successful in this industry. Only with careful preparation can your services be chosen compared to your competitors.

As a medical place, what needs to be emphasized is that in the symbol, there must be a clear symbol if it is related to the medical profession. It can be tough to come up with ideas to indicate your service.

When it comes to signing design, you need to attract the millennial market. And in fact, what is the type of design they choose is one that looks professional. So if you want to add elements related to medicine, add wisely and make sense.

It might seem odd for you to change the health symbol to one that makes people's eyes comfortable now. This medical logo vector is also related to the practice of the symbol. Keep your logo updated and do a redesign based on design ideas like this:


1. Salient

Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |

The Salient symbol displays a professional element. People who see this sign will also have no trouble finding details more easily, especially when they want to try to explore further the design of their new medical.

Uses a monogram-style style, with Corbel font to write the brand name, and makes symbols that are creations of the letter S. There are no symbols that indicate medical space, but from the appearance, it is enough to be an illustration.


2. ArchForm

Created by Josh Warren |

If you look at the Archform with just one look, you can immediately call it a medical logo design. Even if you could say, this is one of the best. With black and white, an irresistible combination.

The font used is slightly bolder so people can see it more clearly. On the left, biomedical elements are included with pictures such as viruses or bacteria but refined so that people who see them are also comfortable.


3. Medicus

Created by Omnium |

Medicus uses elements but is added with its own creativity. Medicus uses the “+” symbol as the main element, but each corner is made curvier, so it doesn't look boring.

The main color used in this medical vector is dark green with white in the middle. The symbol can be used as inspiration because designers have tried their creativity as well as possible, don't just copy and paste.


4. Atcare

Created by Sudipta Bhuinya |

The medical logo images aim to make people who see a place with the sign know immediately that it is a place to get health services. But this can not be simply ignored. The design must be attractive.

Dark black was chosen as the background color, while the typical healthcare services symbol was made more abstract with four blocks of pink, yellow, light blue, and bright blue so that this symbol can be an inspiration for advanced.


5. Homedical

Created by Babu Ahmed |

Have you seen the Google Photos sign? You will notice that the colors that stand out the most are blue, red, yellow, and green. And that color is also what inspired Homedical to present designs for their biomedical.

To create the “+” element, which is a common symbol found in all public places, they combined elements of different colors and uniquely positioned them. Neutral colors such as white are also chosen to decorate the background.


6. BetoRec

Created by Fahim |

Betorec also does not want to be left behind in presenting a symbol design. This time, the colors used are more varied; there are four colors, namely green, light blue, light blue, and dark blue. Such a mix of colors looks perfect for a new symbol.

Best medical logo designs should be able to provide clear branding. For BetoRec, they add their initials, the B, plus the "+" symbol. From a clean appearance, it can also show professionalism.


7. Mediwon

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

MediWon, the letters M and W are the highlights of this medical place. And that is also the main element that they put into the symbol design. The purple M and blue W are merged and then rotated 45 degrees.

With a symbol like that, the best health sign has to anticipate the arrival of another unique design. Without having to think about anything else, MediWon manages to deliver one of the most attractive types of designs.


8. Aemino

Created by Fahim |

If the previous one still emphasized the value of professionalism, Aemino as a medical space was not too burdened by that. But Aemino prefers a trendy design and not even if the symbol needs to be replaced quickly.

With a pixelated style, the biomedical sign looks hype. The pixels arrange and form the letter A in purple. Besides, The Aemino is written in a basic font. What is unique is that all elements have a purple shadow.


9. Hera

Created by Badr |

The concept brought by Hera is the Monogram symbol, and that is also the most professional element. Only with the words HERA and added with the initial elements of this brand and added with the "+" symbol

However, the uniqueness does not just come from there. The "+" element is formed with five colors, the far left is yellow, and in the middle, there is pink, dark, and light blue. At the same time, the last block is united with the l element.


10. Pilleax

Created by winmids |

There is absolutely no professional element that can be seen from the Pilleax sign. But this is indeed a type of design that cannot be denied. The animated display makes people less concerned about where they are going.

This vector uses five types of colors, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and also bluish-black. All the colors form like water drops and spread to almost the entire page design. For the main symbol, use % creation.


11. Firstin

Created by Badr |

If you want to find a company that has the capacity in a globalized world, what can't be ignored is its logo. If it looks ok and there are no problems, then you can choose it for your daily activities.

In addition, this Firstin symbol, which we have been referring to, has the capacity and can be seen even just from the sign design. The main colors chosen are the colors of the French flag, blue, white, and red.


12. Docttrow

Created by Omar Faruk |

DOCTTROW's is already very prominent in medical logo designs. Even with just one look, people can immediately tell that the services they offer are for medicinal, health, and medical-related purposes.

Therefore, the value of A for their capabilities in branding. There's nothing special about the font, but because the symbols used are very good, overall, there's no problem. Just have a look and adjust what exactly the symbol is.


13. RepReach

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

For those who can highlight professional values ​​as well as fun, the RepReach symbol deserves to be considered. The colors used are a little more fun than other medical space logos, but the fonts and other elements are still professional.

The colors used are light green for the symbol, blue for the background, and white for writing the brand. The symbols used are 1 + 0,5 + 0,5 hearts which are arranged interestingly and beautifully.


14. Redrop

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

How about following the redrop symbol? Is that a good reference? Questions like this are very often entered and asked by designers. But in our opinion, it is only suitable for certain types of biomedical logo design, not all.

The Reddrop has an image of blood with an eight symbol in the middle. A sign like this can also be your creation; what exactly is a specialty? If it's dropped, it's practically a type of biomedical.


15. Medineed

Created by MD ALAMIN |

If you want a universal function, then the Medineed symbol is the most appropriate. Images like this are rarely found because they are not easy to create. However, Medineed can present attractive medical logo designs.

The colors chosen are also different from the general ones, namely green, white, and dark blue. The symbol used is a green person character, and it means that there is no disease in the body, plus the "+" symbol.


16. Keycare

Created by David Kovalev |

Keycare is a lock-up symbol design, it can be re-created, and for those who want to try to design it, it can be done with a different placement. The color used is basically one of the most interesting to follow.

Dark blue, light blue, and pink, all made slightly transparent, with the opacity may be at 40%. With this medical vector, placement is not difficult, and you can create according to your name and brand.


17. Healthfun

Created by Mais Tazagulov |

Healthfun also emphasizes the value of professionalism as well as fun. The fun element can be seen in the sign, which also displays symbols such as smiling people with no less interesting colors, namely blue, white, and green.

The symbol created by Mais Tazagulov is a consulting service whose field is health. So that the logo clearly should not be made too firm. So, there are two types of designs offered by healthfun online consultation.


18. Finic

Created by Habib Ahmed |

The Finic logo is not only unique and attractive but is like the symbol of a professional person. The Finic sign is made with red and white elements. Even the red color is chosen according to the color of blood in biomedical.

This Finic symbol is made with elements of health symbols such as “+.” With a symbol like that, people who see it also don't get bored easily, because it is made in a modern style.


19. CityPharma

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

The Citypharma is also no less cool than the medical space symbol in general. The plaster emblem on the left it's pretty much a description of their specialty, namely in the field of medicine and general medicine.

CityPharma is also a timeless logo design. This medical vector is the creation of Rafij Rahman Rohan and is made in a creative style. The purplish-blue color was also chosen to create highlights.


20. Nxden Scrubs

Created by Pixeliota |

Whether an industry is a health service or not, it can be seen from the use of the "+" symbol. If they apply the symbol, then 80% can be said that it is a sign of medical space.

For Nxden Scrubs, they are aware of this fact and have given such creations in their symbol as well. They don't even choose a basic style; they still include the creativity to make the "+" symbol more attractive.


21. Pfizer

Created by Pujovski |

Pfizer is also a company with a pharmacy logo design. So, that's also what makes them have to adapt their logo and identity to their competitors, especially in the medical market where the competition is very tight.

For Pfizer, the symbol used is a letter mark style. The symbols are bigger than the typography, but that doesn't make the logo stand out more than the font. So, it never hurts to try it in your medical space.


22. Feather & Canabis

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

These medical logo designs may not fully represent the picture of healthcare access. But if you pay attention to it in more detail, this has also become one of the most remarkable medical symbols and can be tried for other designs.

Feathers and Cannabis, the name alone does not describe the biomedical. But that doesn't make their design like a cafe or other places. So, what they are trying to show from this design is basically professionalism.


23. Molecula

Created by Gennady Savinov |

Molecules exist in our bodies, and since this medical space uses the name molecule, the element that must not be missed is the molecule because it is still related to the health and metabolism of the person who saw the design.

The Molecula symbol is also made more neat and professional. This medical vector even includes five molecular dots to be their symbol. While the rest is nothing special and arguably needs to be refreshed again.


24. True Friend

Created by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy |

You need to know that medical logo designs are not just like making other logos. The medical logo must have a branding meaning and purpose so that the results can match the target.

For the TRUE FRIEND sign, they used a female head element and added leaves that formed like a crown. It's not enough to get to the site; the color choices also stand out, namely, choosing green and dark blue as the design.


25. Hygee

Created by Jahid Hasan |

The Hygee sign is very similar to non-biomedical elements. Maybe it's like a company engaged in the field of computers or the like. But the plus point is that the name selection is not arbitrary and interesting.

The Hygee logo is made up of 6 equilateral triangles. The colors chosen are also very varied; there are white, gray, dark green, light green, pink, and blue. From a view like this, it might not be immediately known as medical space.


26. Medicus

Created by Shihab |

The next medical vector comes from Medicus. It is clearly explained that the main elements of this sign are the letter M and the love icon, and combined so that it becomes one of the medical logos that attracts attention.

The Medicus logo is also one of the many medical logo designs that attract attention thanks to its color. For the Medicus mark sign, they use pink, while the background is white for white branding.


27. Mediware

Created by Ahmed Rumon |

Don't forget the Mediware logo, too, because just the appearance of the sign can make potential patients do frequent checkups. You can also use the logo as a reference o because the use of spacing, fonts, and colors is bolder.

For the sign mark, they use a pink color that is fading into a dark blue color. As for the writing, Mediware uses white with a dark blue background, and there are other elements in it.


28. Beepr

Created by Sergio Joseph |

Beeper logo is also a medical vector that makes people who see it not feel that it is a basic thing. Because what Beepr is trying to show is a modern medical space with adequate services.

The red and white colors have always been the icon for biomedical signs. So for those who are looking for this type of design, the Beepr can still be used as a reference. Even if that's not enough, you can change the color.


29. Kollabex

Created by Gennady Savinov |

The letter K when coupled with other creativity, will be one of the most interesting letters to look at. Including Kollabex, who tried to create the sign and gave birth to one of the most recognizable logos.

At first, it was made like the number 5 on a dice, then the three dots on the right were drawn in a line to form the letter K. Then, the words Kollabex were added to complement the design presented.


30. Mola Bio

Created by Niisheta |

Medical logo designs from Mola Bio may at first look like artwork. But in fact, the design can be one of the most suitable to be incorporated into their designs. So let's share what you think about it.

The color chosen is also more out of the box, with black color fading to light purple to white. Their main element is the letter M which is entered in the box. So, for those who see this design, you can see the artwork of talented designers.


Final Words

Sign Design should not be overlooked in importance. If your biomedical logo does not meet your expectations, the customer will not choose your place either. Meanwhile, if what is presented can be interesting, then don't get stuck in serving the many patients.

The medical sector is not just for emergency purposes. But if someone sees a sign such as access to health, they might think about doing a regular checkup. Furthermore, the design will also remain a prominent collection of artwork.

So our tips always include elements that have to do with health. From that element, creativity is also added but must remain professional. In the end, your medical logo designs can be praised and used as ideas by others.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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