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Article: 30 Best Clinic Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Clinic Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Medicines cure diseases, while doctors cure patients.
Check out some of the best clinic logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Itamarzão |

Clinic logo designs, which means it will be a means to welcome patients. Those who don't feel fit will know where they should be if they see a sign with the clinic's logo on it. But the design should not be boring.

An inviting medical logo will grab the eyes of your prospective patients. They become convinced that your place is a clinic. So they will go straight in without any nervousness and get the best care for their physical health.

The process of creating a logo has never been an entirely easy one. Because in general, patients who are responsible for a design must know what their obligations are and must satisfy prospective patients.

Many online tools say that this is a quick and easy job. The progress of making it must be based on choosing colors and shapes and adding important elements related to it, such as medicine symbols and other icons.

Top 30 Best Clinic Logo Designs You Should Check Now

An important part of designing a clinic is visual communication. That is how designers convey a generational message that is combined with design. To find out what and how try reading the reviews on the following logos:


1. Health Talk

Created by Babu Ahmed |

The first Clinic was Healtalk created by Babu Ahmed. The logo is quite simple, with the company's writing and the symbol on the left. So with a Creative like this, it gives a clean and luxurious impression.

The Healtalk logo only contains brand writing in Sans Serif font. To make the logo not too simple, the designer included elements of a parallelogram formed from colorful water droplets. Until in the middle of the parallelogram, it shows a “+” icon.



Created by Cadu Chiarella |

The VITTA is also simpler, only full of writing without any additional symbols. But what makes such logo designs stand out is the way they define the spacing. 5 These letters are placed in small spaces; some are not even there at all.

The letters V and I are placed, while the letters T and A are also attached. What is even more unique is that the letter A user does not have a center line, just like a V shape that is rotated 180 degrees.



Created by Cadu Chiarella |

The Elysium Clinic logo png can also be a reference choice if you are still having trouble finding inspiration. The design of the Elysium is more of a natural and stylish impression. With a choice of thin fonts and added with the bold line.

The Writing of Elysium Clinic on the logo is also deliberately not too close to the reader. Elysium also includes a bit of a basic clinic logo design, but it gets some modifications.


4. Vataksi Dent

Created by Studio KION |

Vataksi Dent is a clinic that focuses on the dental field. Still the same, this Dental still uses a special font to write the branding name. Orange is the main color, while light yellow is the background color.

The gear logo is such that it stays cool. Above the words Vataksi Dent, the dental is made to form the letters V and D. Below the design of the clinic, an inscription is added, which is a way of communicating with customers.


5. Hello Health

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

For those who are still having trouble finding ideas for a modern logo and keeping it simple, you can follow the Hello Health style below. With wide spacing, this clinic design online looks very clean and looks flawless.

Because Hello Health is a clinic and has a background in the health sector, they still include elements of the first aid symbol in the form of a red “+” icon on the first line of the letter H, and the writing is “+ Iello.”



Created by taller M estudio de diseño |

Diana Lazo uses a more abstract logo creation scheme but still attracts attention. From the color selection alone, it is quite prominent, namely bright red with yellow as the secondary color and forming the letter D in the square.

Diana Lazo also seems to be a veterinary. It is proven by the hole in the letter D in one of the clinic logo designs, which contains several animal heads which are located abstractly. No more writing, only the big D to be a brand identity.


7. IVT

Created by Lesse Studio |

IVT stands for Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. The IVT logo is also quite fresh and makes the eyes of the viewer more interested. Very clean, with a white background, and added a light blue water drop symbol in the middle.

These water drops are also not only a logo but also a way of communication. Under it, the branding of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy has just been added, which is also very small in size. It can hardly be seen by potential patients.


28. Specialty Eye Clinic

Created by Hassan Al Teibi |

Best clinic logo designs download can follow the creativity of the specialty eye. Because it is an eye specialist, it can use the eye and the key as the main element in the Specialty Eye.

There is also a dark black color to describe the eye frame as well as to write typography. And that is the specialty eye clinic for your idea of ​​compiling a logo for you.



Created by Brain & Bros DZ. |

The Dermish is also one of the most unique. The choice of bold colors is the hallmark of the Dermish logo. Moreover, there are no capital letters, a sign that the logo designer knows what he is doing with the Clinic Sign.

Created by Brain&Bros DZ, the dermis logo is perfect for other clinical references. Dark green color as a background with elements of pink leaves or lemons arranged abstractly. Then add the word dermis.


10. Eller

Created by Brandsummit Studio |

This one is a facial treatment, with the initial L and the second L being distinguished by the designer. This is a monogram-type logo, with only text without any other visuals. But the designer was able to package it into an amazing.

Of the other 30 best Creative logos, the Eller Clinic Sign is in the top 10 most unique. The letter L is distinguished by the first L having an underline that curves up and the second one that curves down.


11. four-u

Created by Kaio Cezar |

The Four U is also unique. Kaio Cezar can produce a logo that is more able to get attention. Especially with the choice of colors that are quite attractive to the eye, namely milky pink as the background and white color for writing.

The designer not only made a FOUR-U design, but the “-” line in the middle of the word Four and U were changed to a dot in the middle. Four dots make the four-u logo more unique and attractive, and those dots are set in dark orange.


12. ZOOpolis

Created by Роман Василевский |

Suppose this one health clinic does not want to be outdone by other veterinary. If you think that a veterinary clinic logo design can only use an animated logo, then Zoopolis has thought of something that is clearly beyond the understanding.

Zoopolis uses a Bulldog as a model, along with the words ZOO at the top while the policy at the bottom. What's even more unique is that the letter O in the middle seems to be stretched lengthwise so that it looks different in size.


13. allure clinic

Created by Rafaela Abreu |

The Allure logo is unique. The first time seeing, it can be very strange and meaningless. After we researched, the Allure Creative clinic logo continues to present the best logo with writing that catches the eye.

The Allure Clinic logo is with a choice of fonts such as Castellar. Then, the writing is made smaller with shorter spacing as well. For the background, Allure uses a dark color with a human silhouette holding his body.


14. Harmony

Created by Endorphins Art Labs |

The harmony logo can also be the most Clinic Sign among the others. You could say that this simple can be praised as the best Creative clinic logo with Harmony writing on top in black and in bold.

The Harmony logo uses a white background color so that other color combinations will still match. Harmony Clinic uses a combination symbol type. The icon used is an image of a dog and a blue cat.


15. Tai Chang Tang

Created by 森田 達子 |

Tai Chang Tang is a clinic that focuses on traditional medicine. Tai Chang Tang uses the traditional mandarin font, so the impression of the Chinese logo is also very prominent. So this goes into the type of logo, which is a combination.

For the frame, Tai Chang Tang used a pao-like shape. So it's not too round, while there's no sharp edge either. In it, there are also typical Chinese elements, such as liking, fonts, mandarin writing, and also traditional leaves.


16. Spinal Sentech

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

Spinal Sentech uses a fairly basic font, but it's still an impressive logo. To illustrate the clinic's impression, this clinic logo designs use two leaves to form an unconnected and different-colored letter S.

Green on top, and blue leaves on blue. So Spinal Sentech can be an option because Rafij Rahman Rohan presents several more memorable logos. White and black base colors for Spinal Senteech typography writing.


17. Axel Medical

Created by Superheroes Agency |

Axel Medical is also a reasonable choice for those who are busy looking for a good logo. The basic color is dark green with Arabic font for Axel Medical writing, which makes patients who see it will be amazed because of the good impression.

Axel Medical is a clinic that uses a monogram symbol. Therefore, patients who see it can immediately know that this is a clinic. Moreover, because it has Medical writings, it is not difficult to guess it.


18. Owly

Created by Victoria Rys |

OWLY doesn't look like a clinic logo, but this is also an interesting reference and idea for creating a design. OWLY, using three owls flapping their wings, becomes an amazing Creative logo.

Victoria Rys uses a design that is spectacular and different from the rest. This type of logo is a combination of symbols and text. This OWLY font uses the orange Centaur font with a very dark green background.



Created by Dan Suleimenov |

For patients who care about health, the DIMED will attract attention. There are many kinds of these 30 best logo designs that you should check. The light pink color with a heart in the middle is the hallmark of this Clinic Sign.

The heart used is a combination of white and easy brown. Below it, the DIMED puts its name in capital letters. Suleimenov created this logo to reflect love with impressive results.



Created by Munehiro Machida |

The Fukuoka Birth Clinic uses the Japanese-style type. Even the icons incorporated into it are Japanese style, with two bullets with a curvy line. So the Fukuoka Birtch will become a very attractive logo.

Fukuoka Birtch Clinic is one of the 30 best clinic logo designs that will attract patients' eyes, Fukuoka Birtch is a children's clinic. So two bullets are the head of the parent and also the child.


21. Ferticare

Created by Efraín Vera |

Ferticare is a clinic that specializes in healthcare. Ferticare with a small distinctive logo makes it look more attractive. Even patients who see it can immediately guess that it is a white vertical logo.

In the background, there is a picture of a person holding hands. So that it is also a sign of other patients' concern for health, all of which are reflected here to be seen by more and more patients.


22. D de Dentista

Created by Saturna Studio |

D de Dentista uses a direct model to reflect a person who has good teeth. D De Dentista is dental, and that is also its trademark. There's even a logo :) ) ) to represent the clinic's D de Dentista.

In terms of the logo, it is very attractive and practically will invite patients to use the design. Saturna Studio uses a black background, with the letter D as the foot frame. So, the logo becomes the one that best matches the others.


23. ZATT

Created by Joana Zatt |

ZATT is a beauty clinic, so that is also what makes the ZATT design look attractive. This best clinic logo design created by Joana Zatt includes an image of beauty. Cirurgia Plastica became the tagline for the creation of the ZATT.

The health clinic is a dark green background. Even the secondary colors are light green and a little blue. Therefore, ZATT became a clinic logo design for free download that matches the color to invite many patients.



Created by Alyona Chubova |

The logo Helena's also remains a favorite of many patients. Logos like this can be said to be unique and not easy to arrange. Symbols of health fairies such as those in hospitals are generally modified in such a way.

Helena is a design template for a clinic that uses the basic colors of white and gray. The font used is Helvetica to write HELENA. So you need to check the HELENA to get a Creative logo that attracts attention.


25. Clínica Badía

Created by Aitana Francés |

Clinica Badia's logo is also different from most clinics in general. With clinical Badia as the design inspiration, your design will be very different from the others. Clinica Badia even presents a background color that was never imagined.

White color with Sans Serif font is used to write the Clinica Badia logo. For the background, what is used is a stiff pair with a minimalist impression. Clinica Badia is a Clinic Sign that is a letter mark.


26. Cemre Sensoy

Created by Studio Hep |

This clinic is engaged in orthodontics. So that there are not many designs that stand out, only the background is black with white. The Cemre Sensoy clinic logo designs also incorporate a CS element above the existing orthodontic.

Your clinic can use the Cemre Sensoy logo as your design which you should check. Orthodontics is engaged in the field of nerves and bones, so there are some pictures of bones in between.


27. Dr. Shveys

Created by Matei Rusu |

The DR Shyveys logo does not incorporate elements of direct health and clinics. But if you just look at it, it can seem quite intellectual. The DR Shveys uses a light brown color with a special white symbol in the middle.

You can create DR SHVeys according to your creativity. DR Shveys into a logo that looks like it can be customized. This includes DR Shveys, who inserts injections and other medical equipment in the center of the Clinic Sign.


28. Capillare

Created by Itamarzão |

Capillare is a clinic that focuses more on the field of neurology. Is evidenced by the branding name of Capillare, Transplante Capilar, with a logo that also reflects elements of nerves and other body parts in the human body.

Capillare Transplante uses only letter-marked logotypes. Only the writing game stands out. As for the background, they chose the clinic logo designs in black with bright blue stripes and fading.


29. DGclinic

Created by Alena Logvinova |

The DGClinic is a logo that is engaged in health and physical care. DGCLinic presents a logo that suits the tastes of many patients. So if you see the DGCLinic, you can tell when you see it firsthand.

DGClinic uses white to form round shapes and brown to represent smiles. Therefore, it can be said that the best clinic logo designs like this should be checked and then presented with a new design.


30. Hera Clinic

Created by GOLDY |

The Hera Clinic uses medicine to depict vivid symbols. Hera also uses green as a background. Hera Clinic used the Calibri font in white to write all of these fonts.

Two of the drugs used are in pill form. So that patients who see it already know that it is a health logo. The Hera Clinic Sign was created by Goldy, and you can also use it as design inspiration.


Final Words

The above references are some of the artwork that cannot be overlooked how talented the designers are. By looking at the design alone, patients can enjoy it and leave with a better impression of it. But need to know how important the elements there.

The logo's function is also so that patients who see it for the first time will immediately know that it is a clinic. Especially for those whose needs are sudden, the logo will be a valuable help.

You will need to see a range of color swatches associated with the healthcare industry. Color will also determine health, wealth, and wisdom. It's worth making a note of the best clinic logo designs and summarizing what style suits your logo there.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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