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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Clinic Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Clinic Logo Design

Medicines cure diseases, while doctors cure patients.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic clinic logo design!
Created by Alena Logvinova |

Opening a clinic and trying to thrive in the medical niche can come with varying challenges. Aside from the practitioner's skills and expertise, one of the known traits to success in the said business is a good identity. The identity includes having a powerful clinic logo design, which can put you or your client's business in the proper place at the market. 

But it is best to bet that appearing with a proper logo design demands a good amount of consideration and planning. Logo, in general, has many elements which help create identification of the business, in this case, a clinic. Planning properly in creating the design should be part of the process. If you are the one that tries to create a logo, be sure to mind some of these tips. 

Created by Rafaela Abreu |

The following tips are the fundamental considerations for logo and design creation. Sometimes a project should be started with the most fundamental information, such as the clinic message, the medical niche it suggests, and some ideation on the process. All goes with the fact that the clinic business will face dozens of similar services and competitions. 

Healthcare facilities, services, and medical niches are pretty vast. Even in the smaller portion of the country, you will likely face a competitor. That is where the clinic needs a strong logo design or a visual identity that draws people or makes the business recognizable. To help plan the clinic logo design, here are some tips you will need to highlight.  


10 Tips To Create A Good Clinic Logo Design

  1. Understand What The Clinic Specialization 
  2. Create A Clear Message
  3. Choose A Proper Color Pallete 
  4. Use A Custom Font 
  5. Be Different Than The Competitor
  6. Ensure The Design Is Relevant 
  7. Consider A Timeless Design
  8. Keep It Simple
  9. Design A Versatile Visual 
  10. Prepare Various Logo Versions 
Created by Babu Ahmed |


1. Understand What The Clinic Specialization 

Given the fact that the health care and medical industry is pretty vast, it is best to start by understanding the real niche of the clinic. Clinics, in general, can appear in varying niches and services. It is best to know or find the clear niche of the clinic. If you are working with a professional business, you are likely to find the company has already developed its niche. 

Niche, in this case, can include what kind of services or products the clinic serves. The information about the different medical specialties will affect the best decision on what kind of clinic logo design you are going to make. Take an example of the pediatric niche; it means the medical facilities should consist of friendly colors, youthful graphics, and children-related imagery. 

Created by Роман Василевский |

It would be a different sense of design when the clinic focuses on different specialties. A therapist and psychologist clinic will have certain elements related to its services. A therapist logo likely has its strong, bold typography to state the sense of professionality. Meanwhile, the icon can appear as an abstract or something representing the mind, human, and personality. 

How about a clinic that has its focuses on animal or veterinary services? The designer will need to consider working with design elements that cover its niche. It can be animal imagery, a cute little cross, and cat, or other animals. Remember that the niche can shape up the whole logo design style or ideation. So, pay attention to its clinic niche and services.  

Created by Endorphins Art Labs |


2. Create A Clear Message

The designing logo also needs to pay attention to the real message of the brand and the services of the clinic. It is not only about the niche but also what is the target and the aspiration the company's trying to reach. The way the clinic showcases its message will help develop the logo with an easier and more communicative identity. 

Take an example of a clinic practitioner that wants to provide the best herbal practice. In this case, you can put similar imagery or icon that follows through with the main message. It works with a leaf icon, green color, or similar herbal-themed imagery. It will help signify the real purpose of the clinic, at the same time, determine the real audience or target market. 

Created by Brain&Bros DZ |

Another good example is a 24 hours general clinic. The main message is to provide non-stop medical practice, which can be a main element of the clinic logo design. It does not always have to highlight the niche or the services, but a certain aspect that the clinic tries to deliver can be another good element of the logo or the design in general.  

Sometimes, the idea of a message goes along with the idea of values, mission, and vision. If you are working with a new clinic, try to find the message or the mission it tries to do. It will help add another consideration to the design elements, which means you have a higher chance of crafting something unique. 

A 24 hours clinic is the best example. But every clinic has its story. An example is a veterinary, pet shop, and pet hotel combination. The practitioner's mission or message will be a unique addition to the design idea. You can blend a home, pet, and relevant imagery to make the logo design distinctive and communicative. 

Created by Saturna Studio |


3. Choose A Proper Color Pallete 

How you deliver information does not always mean or done with icons. In a logo or branding, the design color can shape the meaning of the work. In this case, the clinic business is still in the medical industry. The said industry or market typically goes with hues that emphasize professionality, hygiene, freshness, or alerts. 

Depending on what kind of clinic you are trying to make the logo design, the imagery can appear in different colors. Take an example, blue, the most favorite and used hue for medical logos. It represents cleanliness, knowledge, professionality, and trust. In many cases, you can call blue the most traditional hue for the logo you are using for a clinic. 

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

But there are also varying other possibilities in developing a design for logos without falling into the stereotypical color. Green is a good option for a clinic that is looking or trying to deliver a message of growth. It would be the best option for a rejuvenating or recovery clinic and practitioner. At the same time, it can also cover different meanings, such as plants and herbs. 

Red is another good color if you are trying to use an eye-catching element. In the medical business, red can refer to strength, passion, love, aggression, or urgency. A red clinic logo design will be the perfect option if the practitioner tries to deliver information of quick passion and helpful work. 

Another good point to consider when picking a color is not only catchy and attracting people. When crafting logo design, it is best to consider the market and the business environment. Going out of the box is fine, but doing it too much will only put the identity out of the loop. In other words, pay attention to the culture of the product, region, or market to ensure it still has relevance.  

Created by 森田 達子 |


4. Use A Custom Font 

Similar to color, you will find typography as one of the finest elements of a good clinic or medical logo design idea. The idea of typography is that the visuals it gives can represent different connotations. Since the project is for a medical or healthcare business in the form of a clinic, it is best to strategically consider the typography. 

In general, typography is known to be able to add personality to the design. It works in many ways, such as a custom letter in the design that makes a loud or bold impression. In the case of this industry, it is best to choose a font that can help create a strong and trusted branding or business identity, including the professional clinic logo design. 

Created by Cadu Chiarella |

The best input should be typography or font that has a clean and straightforward appearance. It will help set the tone of the business. The traditional option is the Serif or the sans serif fonts. The fonts give out a very direct impression or look and are also easier to read. But the options are also known for their ability to blend well with logo design. 

Since the logo is for a clinic or medical business, pay attention to the chance of urgency and easy recognizability. With that in mind, it is best to avoid working with fancy handwriting or cursive. The best option is to pick the simple one so people can capture the information. Meanwhile, try to limit or not use multiple fonts. If needed, you can try to play with text hierarchy.

Created by Brandsummit Studio |


5. Be Different Than The Competitor

Icon and its visual imagery is the key element of clinic logo design. But the medical industry is pretty vast and varied. It means one needs to consider creating something novel to be unique and different in the market. That is why some logos and their design for clinics need something fully customized. 

That is one of the roles of a designer. If you are trying to make a logo, ensure the design has its particular point to make it distinctive. Using a logo generator might work, but adding or altering the imagery helps make it different. Another good point is to look for varying inspiration from similar markets and designs. 

Created by Efraín Vera |

In the case of medical and clinic businesses, you can start with the traditional visuals. Try to use something that people recognize as the real stereotype of the business. An example is the cross symbol, teeth imagery for the dental clinic, or Rx symbol. From the traditional, try to add personality by modifying the imagery. 

Take an example of creating the black and white rendition of teeth or back spine style. A unique old style of glasses can also be a nice touch for an optometrist clinic. The logo design elements and how you approach or display it can depend on the message. A bit of branding and personality of the clinic might also help develop the design ideas. 

Created by Sofi Markova |


6. Ensure The Design Is Relevant 

As much as you can try to be unique and different, the main point of a successful logo and its design is relevancy with the brand. An optometrist logo is commonly found using related imagery such as eye charts, eyes, and glasses. A pediatric clinic can appear more fun with colorful designs and unique logo icons, such as sunshine, baby, or kids' doodles. 

The idea of relevance is also considered a concept. In other words, your clinic logo design should have a concept that covers different types of elements. In other words, the work is not only about the icon but also the color, typography, composition, and other elements of the image.  

Created by Studio KION |

Take an example of a Natural health clinic logo by vector maker studio. The imagery shares a nice touch of modern, elegant, simple, but also relatable meaning with its services. It is a company or a clinic providing natural practice. With that in mind, the style appears as a combined logo image. It has a unique icon or symbol, as well as the clinic name. 

The combination style came up as the best option, considering the many similar renditions of medical logo design. In the example, the designer creates a smart way by using unique imagery. It uses a water drop shape, single leaf imagery, and people inside. The color also depicts its message of nature, green and blue. Efficient imagery with its unique styling.  

Created by Studio Hep |


7. Consider A Timeless Design

One key success of creating a logo design is to keep the work elegant and modern. In the busy market, being modern and elegant increases the chance of better recognizability. In other words, an elegant design refers to the smart use of color, imagery, and fonts. It should look simple enough to look easier to recognize. 

The modern and elegant image is also known for its ability to adapt to the ever-changing trend. You can also call this tip, creating everlasting and timeless imagery. You don't need to fully commit to the trend. Instead, be smart in using the trendy aspect. Make sure the style can stay intact in years or a few years in the future. So, the clinic does not need to do a frequent rebrand. 

Created by Matei Rusu |


8. Keep It Simple

Another key to good clinic logo design is to keep minimal imagery. Minimal or simple is always a good point in every logo or identity design, it is because the tip helps improve recognizability. The idea goes along with the fact that humans have a short attention span. Being unique is one of the keys, but doing too much only lowers the chance the design is easier to remember. 

The idea of simplicity also helps the logo adapt to future changes and other branding products. The use of minimalism also has a very broad and diverse audience. Thus, it can help save more money and time. To make a simple design, the key is avoiding too many colors, lines, typography, and details. Staying with simple geometric can help the process. 

Created by Itamarzão ® |


9. Design A Versatile Visual 

Versatile can also refer to flexible works that can be seen, used, and implemented across all platforms. The clinic is not only about a big logo design on the billboard or neon board. One might have to expand and market the business on online media, such as social media or print. Quality clinic logo design can be transposed to varying uses and still inspire longevity. 

Created by GOLDY ® |


10. Prepare Various Logo Versions 

If working with one design idea is not enough or found outdated, the clinic can also appear better with different logo variations. Variations, in this case, refer to different appearances, such as 3D, animated design, monochrome logo version, or simplified model. That is why working with simple imagery is a winning tip. You can make other variations of the work easily in the future.  

Created by Munehiro Machida |


Final Words

Creating a logo design for any industry comes with its challenge. One might have to consider learning further about the brand or the business it signifies. The clinic business is part of the heavy and vast healthcare industry. It can cover a certain message or niche to serve. When it happens, one of the main keys in creating a logo is the design brief itself. 

Design briefs include all possible information needed or given to signify the company. It can include the message, the niche, the product served, the services, the market, or the opponent. From that, designers can start creating or thinking about the design for the clinic logo. The rest of the tips are trying to keep the logo or the work conceptual. 

Created by Aitana Francés |

Conceptual means the work should correlate, meaning, and message to showcase every design element it has. The elements include typography, icon, color, and message. Meanwhile, the whole imagery itself should stay in the elegant, modern, simple, but also versatile display. It will help the clinic logo design stay memorable and work. 

Logo and its design creation tend to have a unique intake on the creating or making process. No matter the industry, the designer needs to at least do deeper learning about the brand. The logo impression and elements will need to work together. A successful logo for a clinic should appear as a simple, memorable, and relatable design. 

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