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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Medical Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Medical Logo Design

An apple a day keep the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit.
Here are some tips you can follow to create a fantastic medical logo design!
Created by Gennady Savinov |

Creating a good medical logo design needs proper skills and knowledge as well. It is because this industry is different from the others, and it is so important for human life.

Are you a medical expert who is looking for a new symbol for your clinic or others? There are some points to note in this case. This health industry has certain unique colors to represent it.

The shape could be typical at the same time. Typically, the colors are white and green, blue, or red. White always becomes the main option chosen by people. How about the shape?

As we always see, the recommended health icon uses some images and symbols. Those are like a white cross with a red background. This is the most common image that people associate with comprehension.

Created by winmids |

On the other hand, someone may use the Asclepius stick as well. If you are a dentist, using the teeth or molar icon will be great. Once again, everything depends on your needs and the basic services you offer.

That is why, as ordinary people, we always see the different symbols out there. People may use images to convey their messages. It means that customers can directly understand the service.

It is even just by seeing the medical image design. If you are the one who wanted to create it, please ensure you know several tips and tricks. The goal is to make a powerful and effective symbol.

Created by Omnium |

There are various aspects that need to be considered here. The most important one could be color because it must show the health circumstances. Then don’t forget about the fonts, slogans, and many more again.

Is it possible to combine everything there? Should you use only one shade or even more? Well, basically, the tips and tricks below can help you. So, check this out then.

That is why, as ordinary people, we always see the different symbols out there. People may use images to convey their messages. It means that customers can directly understand the service.

Created by Sudipta Bhuinya |

Is it possible to combine everything there? Should you use only one shade or even more? Well, basically, the tips and tricks below can help you. So, check this out then.


10 Tips to Create a Good Medical Logo Design

  1. Use A Vibrant Color
  2. Use Symbolism
  3. Use A Proper Software
  4. Understand the Objective
  5. Create A Recognisable Visual
  6. Make It Simple
  7. Create A Timeless Visual
  8. Always Be Original
  9. Use Colour Representation
  10. Remember To Give Some Space


1. Use A Vibrant Color

maybe you are afraid to use a full-color icon for health industries. There is a fear that it will look unelegant, childish or something like that. Actually, with the right combination, a good medical logo design may be amazing.

The full-color option is an interesting thing to see. Patients will welcome it really well because, psychologically, it can soothe their minds. Visiting a doctor or hospital can be scary sometimes, right?

The full-color image is good for making someone feel more comfortable and cheerful at the same time. He may get a new spirit from that. A wise brand can also build trust between a clinic and patients.

Created by Omar Faruk |

However, don’t forget to support it with the professional and well-experienced staff. Back again to the colors, there are various shades that are good to use. White is the major one.

It is going to represent a meaningful medical symbol and give a clean taste. After that, you may combine it with the other colors, such as red, blue, and green, too. If you want to play it safe, use two or three colors.

There are various references available on the internet right now. It will be beneficial to include your inspiration for creating something colorful while remaining elegant.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |


2. Use Symbolism

is not only about pictures and colors. In this case, adding your slogan or short message is highly recommended. The aim is to make people easily understand the service offered.

Somehow, this slogan is also a tool to attract customers and make them feel better. An example is if your specialty is in cancer treatment or giving birth care. You might add some powerful words there.

These include things like your happiness in our health, a convenient maternity care center, your trusted cancer care center, and many more. These words do have great power and are suitable for signs of medical industries.

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

The key is to focus on your specialty and services. If it's a family doctor's practice, make sure you show it to people too. This will become crucial information that is sought by the patients.

From the explanation above, you could learn that the message must bring positive vibes. It must be able to comfort someone and build a sense of trust so that people will choose to use your clinic.

In fact, it is a strategy to create a powerful health symbol, which, in the end, is effective for branding. What language should you use?

It is better to make it into two versions. Those are your national languages, and you should create an English version as well, because foreigners may be interested as well.

Created by Habib Ahmed |


3. Use A Proper Software

Tons of software for editing images or making icons like this are now available. They come in the form of applications or maybe online platforms. Choose one that you like more.

Using this technology is really helpful because it always comes with complete features. Besides that, it is user-friendly too, which means it is easy to use, even by a beginner.

This app usually has various catalogs and icons to create a medical logo design. The result will be not only interesting but also visually effective. Various icon options like that are so great.

Created by Mahdy Hasan H. |

It is because you can choose one that suits your job more. In other words, you could say that it may help to save more energy and time. Besides that, some of them are free versions as well.

Furthermore, the paid version is also available. You may need to pay for it, but don’t worry, it usually has more complete features and facilities. What are the examples?

In a paid version, you are able to use more than one icon. That is more helpful if you want to make a professional logo for the medical industry. Just choose one based on your condition.

Created by Shihab |


4. Understand the Objective

From the brief discussion about the logo above, of course, you can draw conclusions about the function and purpose of making it. The main purpose is to create a depiction of a brand or company.

An icon like that will indirectly describe the quality of the entity. However, the form of the picture itself often does not directly describe what the entity looks like.

The shape does not have to absolutely follow the object and form of the brand. An example is if the entity is in the form of a candy product. It does not mean that the icon must take the shape of a candy cane.

Created by David Kovalev |

Or, if the entity is in the form of a printing service, it does not mean that the picture must be a paper or document sheet. Because if it is like that, there will be confusion in the market and among consumers.

To avoid this, a special icon like this should be made unique and as attractive as possible. If you use a tooth form, for example, make it funny in the concept of a cartoon.

You could give that tooth two eyes and a fantastic smile. That will be out of the box, and children are going to love it, right?

Created by Pujovski |


5. Create A Recognisable Visual

When it comes to brand identity, a design like this may be just one of the other attributes of visual identity. Therefore, it is important to know that just making an icon for your business is not enough.

It is especially useful for increasing community perception and brand awareness. Make sure to complete it with the other aspects, such as the best services, complete tools, and so on.

Speaking of a good medical logo design itself, you should ensure that it is descriptive. That has to be easy to translate, especially for the consumers who are your target. It must not be too complicated.

Created by Jahid Hasan |

The picture must be descriptive and able to convey the essence of a brand. That should be a presentation of your company and represent what you want to convey and communicate.

Another recommended alternative is when you are able to find the name of a brand that is easy to remember. That is a great opportunity to attach it to the icon.

From the name itself, a medical brand usually consists of only one or two words. A simple name is always chosen to make people easily remember it.

The name is also strongly related to the health industry as well as something positive. Examples are Yellow Laboratory, Mom & Baby Clinic, and something like that.

Created by Badr |


6. Make It Simple

Creating a simple yet memorable one is always better. The function is to make your customers easier to remember it all the time, which is a positive value. It can attract customers to come and form a positive memory at the same time.

Simplicity doesn’t mean that you can not use some shades or more than one image at the same time. You may use that, but your job is to find the right harmony between those aspects. Make sure that the icon is not using an abstract concept that is hard to remember.

The abstract concept isn’t too suitable for creating a special image to represent your business. It is because people are hard to translate, and it is difficult to be connected to brand identity.

Created by Sergio Joseph |

On the other hand, you must be able to predict whether the icon will be loved by all people or not. This feeling is like a skill that needs to be trained as time goes by.

Simplistic reasoning, in this case, can be seen from various aspects. The examples are from the font used, colors, lines, and many more. The slogan you use must not be too complicated as well.

Sometimes people only use a single letter to represent their service. This is actually a smart and good medical logo design. However, make sure that the initial letter used has a unique design.

Created by Pixeliota |


7. Create A Timeless Visual

This timeless point is strongly related to the simplicity above. Timeless means that your design will be memorable and suitable for any era. It is for now or even some years later in the future.

That is why the experts always say not to apply the current trend when making an icon. It is because the image taste can fade after a few years. A perfect example is the Coke drink logo.

This popular drink product uses a symbol that has been used since 1885, and they still use it today. It is what an effective health symbol should have. Changing your icon is not recommended.

Created by Badr |

Why? The reason is that the market needs time to trust your brand again. It is because they are familiar with the previous design. In several businesses, change like that must be avoided.

Buyers may have so many things on their minds. They may think that a product or service is under a different developer, so the symbol is changed. Then they are questioned about the quality, etc.

You may be able to hold a kind of press conference about that change. However, it means that you have to provide more time, energy, and definitely budget for introducing a new logo.

Created by Josh Warren |


8. Always Be Original

This factor lets other people easily remember your brand when they see your symbol. They don’t remember other similar products.

It is similar to when you see a "check" icon. It will lead you to remember a famous shoe product, won’t it? Check is a sign that is so simple, but their company dares to use it, and for sure, this is original.

Original means you are the only one who uses it. Besides that, it is also creative and unique. Another example that can be seen is a bitten apple picture. It has been related to an enterprise.

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

Usually, it is registered to get a legal proprietary. What will happen if someone dares to apply the same icon or maybe use almost similar ones? There is a legal consequence for that action.

In other words, you may say that a good medical logo design must be 0% plagiarism. Try to explore yourself to get a different and unique icon, but it's still effective for sure.

Discuss with other people if you get stuck on the ideas. They may give you several ideas and tell you everything they know. Don’t forget to add your knowledge from many sources out there.

Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |


9. Use Colour Representation

How you choose the shades for the final look and its components will decide the result. In addition, that is also affecting the quality of your logo design. So, what should you do about it?

Be wise and know everything, including all the aspects that you need to make an icon. An effective official image like this always has the right composition. That is not too much and not too little.

Too many shades are not good because it could be confusing and make the symbol look like it is just too much. The tips are just using three to four different colors at the same time.

Created by Rafij Rahman Rohan |

What if you need to use a lot of colors? Well, actually, it can be done, although that is a little bit challenging. Find the logical combination that is visually appealing.

For that situation, you have to understand the principles and theories of shade psychology. This theory will describe the right combination to try in a picture.

Besides that, each shade usually has several unique meanings. It is something that needs to be known. Learn about that and then match everything with your needs and services.

Created by Babu Ahmed |


10. Remember To Give Some Space

When you make an icon, don’t make it too full with so many objects in all parts. Always provide a blank or empty space that doesn’t consist of anything there. It's just a plain color.

The aim is to make that symbol look clean and tidy. Besides that, you have to consider where this icon will be attached. For a drinking product, as an example, The round shape will be great for being attached to a bottle.

Usually, the medical icon is going to be attached to a wall, mirror, door, window, banner, and some other areas. Those areas are usually wide and large enough. So what is the advice?

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Choose a font that is tidy, bold, and quite easy to read. When it is printed, it will be easy to see it directly. Try to learn about many types of fonts for this case.

The empty space that we are talking about usually comes in plain shades. It can be dark or even bright. Everything depends on your image and the sentences that are used.

Created by Gennady Savinov |


Final Words

The key to a good medical logo design is that it must have the right combination. Each aspect should support the others so that it can be balanced and more interesting to look at.

The final result of your logo design also needs an evaluation. That is why, once it is released, keep an eye out for developments. Try to see how effective it is and whether people like it or not.

Created by Mais Tazagulov |

If something bad happens or the icon is not very effective, you may do an evaluation. Maybe something is just not right. That can be about the colors, size, fonts, combinations, and something like that.

To find out about market reaction, it is a good idea to make a questionnaire online or offline. For sure, ask people for their honest feedback on your service and the icons.

When the symbol needs to be changed, then make a new one. Make sure to let the customers know about it. Besides, the net result has to be a good medical logo design that is interesting and effective.

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