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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Silver Jubilee Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Silver Jubilee Logo Design

Let’s celebrate 25 years of togetherness & commitment!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic silver jubilee logo design!
Created by Mangesh Kavale |

A silver jubilee logo design can help make a 25th-anniversary celebration more festive. A logo is created to represent happiness and appreciation for togetherness and commitment for the last 25 years, providing motivation and encouragement for involved parties to stick together.

Many companies, organizations, and institutions use silver anniversary marks to strengthen engagement with the audience and prospective customers. These symbols can also help redefine their existence amidst their rivals, showing their capability to thrive for quite a long time.

Considering the importance of a silver jubilee logo, it becomes essential to build one good design. Different factors create a good sign, including composing elements, readability, recognizability, and originality. Overlooking these factors during the design process can affect the quality.

Created by Mitchell Feickert |

Additionally, your brand vibe and business value should be depicted in the artwork. During the design process, you may want to spend a few minutes writing keywords that encompass how you want to describe your brand through the silver anniversary logo.

It may be a bit overwhelming to know that one little graphic takes a lot of heavy lifting. But since a design can explain your business and it represents your long journey before entering the silver anniversary, it deserves some extra thought.

A good anniversary symbol can be daunting to design, but that does not mean impossible. With a little know-how, you can make a really good piece to release on a special day, even if you are a beginner.

Created by Tubik Studio |

There are several tips and tricks to create an excellent graphic that sets your business apart from its competitor. Following these tips can help you build an appealing, powerful, and meaningful silver jubilee logo design.

We have compiled the 10 most useful tips to make a logo design for the silver jubilee celebration. Follow these design tips to help you get started.


10 Tips to Create a Good Silver Jubilee Logo Design

  1. Find Some Good Examples

  2. Follow What People Do But Make It Better

  3. Pick One Good Visual Style

  4. Draw Some Rough Ideas

  5. Always Start with Basic Shapes

  6. Do Experiment with Typography

  7. Choose a Festive Font

  8. Add Some Decorative Elements

  9. Keep It Festive and Classy

  10. Try Using a Logo Mockup


1. Find Some Good Examples

One good way to start designing an emblem is to find some good examples. Building design ideas from scratch can be energy-draining and time-consuming. On the other hand, finding artworks of other designers can provide you with inspiration, allowing you to work more efficiently.

There are tons of silver jubilee logo designs you can find on the internet. All you have to do is enter the keyword in question and sort out the possible designs that can be potential sources of ideas.

Created by sabeena karnik |

Always keep in mind that not every silver jubilee logo design can be a good inspiration for your design process. Take some time to screen designs that have similar vibes and values to your business or organization so you can keep everything on track.

After finding good examples, try to analyze the layout as possible. Figure out any elements and discover what makes them appealing. Write down possible elements you want to include in your upcoming project so you will not miss a thing.

Avoid stealing a single idea and bring it to your design. Maintain the originality of your logo by discovering unique traits of your institution, business, or organization. That is how you can keep the symbol representing you the best.

Created by Mohamed Hassaan |


2. Follow What People Do But Make It Better

Austin Kleon mentioned in his book that no artist’s work is completely original and that attempting to be fully original will hinder creativity. The same is true for the logo design process. It is not necessary to collect your own ideas from scratches; instead, you can remix and modify others’ ideas.

At the beginning of the design process, collect possible logos that are visually attractive and that fit your vibes. Take your time to think about which elements would be good for your silver jubilee logo design. Feel free to follow the ideas but make sure to add a little enhancement to make it different.

Created by Laurel Barickman |
There are so many ways to modify others’ designs. Once you gather positive traits from each, remix them or adapt them to your business personality so they can best represent your organization. You can also make an improvement here and there to bring the drawing to the next level.

Following what people do can help you with the process, but there’s a catch. When you copy from a single layout, then you will end up plagiarizing it. Instead, copy from multiple designs and modify the idea. Make it better and start polishing it with your fresh and original ideas.

Created by Pj Smith |


3. Pick One Good Visual Style

Your way of creating a catchy silver jubilee design can be backbreaking, but the result is worth it. Finding inspiration from others may sound simple, but it is pretty much trickier than it seems, especially with tons of ideas available out there.

Being selective is the key to your success in the process. Make a short list of potential outlines that have elements you want to remix and modify. It helps you get rid of the distraction you do not want to use. Additionally, it lets you stay focused on the process.

Created by Peter Voth |

Visual style plays a major role in creating an impressive and memorable jubilee logo. Find prospective design ideas that meet your preferences in different aspects, including contained elements, color choices, supporting decorations, and typography.

Put your energy and drive to create the best possible version from the collected pieces. When several ideas fuse, it will create unique characteristics in the final result. Be sure it has a visual pitch that you expect to deliver the messages.

The process never comes easy, but the ideas will flow as soon as you start. Begin collecting your references from any sources and start building a good one.

Created by Daniel Cantor Triana |


4. Draw Some Rough Ideas

Even the most professional designers take some time to brainstorm before getting to the final result. Keep in mind that the best design rarely comes from the first idea. This is why you need to keep drawing sketches to visualize any rough ideas that come across your mind.

Begin your creative process with a pencil and paper rather than a computer. There are some advantages of manual sketching. First, it allows you to catch ideas as soon as it pops up in your brain. Second, revising your design is much easier on paper than on a computer.

Created by Daniel Michniak |

On top of that, drawing outlines on paper let your creative ideas flow naturally. Feel free to express your mind without being distracted by program rules. Not to mention you can use papers as many as you want to sketch.

When working with rough designs, you can visualize the outlines without paying attention to the details. This is simply because focusing on the outline can help make your silver jubilee logo design on track.

Additionally, avoiding details in the first stages of the process allows you to get rid of an overcrowded symbol. When you add it later, you can easily control the detailing level.

Created by Gabriel Barletta |


5. Always Start with Basic Shapes

Basic is not always boring. When it comes to graphic design, starting with the basic shapes can help you with the next steps. Without putting in extra effort, you can modify and enhance them for incredible results.

There are several reasons why starting with basic shapes is always a good decision. First, it is the safest way to avoid overcomplicated design. You can add details bit by bit without overcrowding the initial concept.

Created by Raul Luque |

Second, you do not have to put in extra effort to make improvements. Basic shapes are typically easy to edit, no matter what details you want to add. Next, basic elements are easy to correct. Even if you make errors, all it takes is only a quick reshape, and you are good to go.

During the brainstorming phase, think about the possible shape that will be the main element in your artwork. Maintain the original form so can meet the goals.

What are the most popular shapes in silver jubilee logo design? While squares and circles are the most commonly used in the outline, you can break the boundaries and use unpopular shapes like triangles or stars to create a memorable piece of anniversary symbol.

Created by Manuel Alejandro Corredor |


6. Do Experiment with Typography

Typography is one of the key factors in artistic graphic design. This artsy technique allows you to make written language not only readable but also visually attractive through a meticulous selection of typefaces, line spacing, point sizes, length, and letter spacing.

When it comes to typefaces, copious options are available to choose from. Serif, Sans Serif, and Arial come to be the most popular, but you can explore other styles for your project.

Created by Lukas Klepke |

Keep in mind that font style has something to do with readability. Despite the many choices out there, picking one that is highly readable helps you create a good sign. Avoid using styles with excessive decorative strokes like ethnic typefaces that may reduce their legibility.

What’s great about making a silver jubilee logo design is that you can do experiments with typography. Try different styles with typefaces to discover one that meets your preferences. Use different arrangements so you can find out which one churns out the best.

Using different typefaces in one project sounds interesting. However, combining two or more styles can result in a complicated output. Limit your font choices to keep the symbol legible in various sizes, not to mention it maintains a sense of professionalism.

Created by Brandon Murray |


7. Choose a Festive Font

A silver anniversary celebration is all about happiness, fun, enthusiasm, and anything that exudes positive vibes. Picking a festive font for the sign is in line with this concept, allowing you to spread positivity to the audience.

There is a long list of festive fonts that will make your silver jubilee logo design stand out. Most of them boast a strong artistic sense that helps redefine your piece of art while maintaining readability, though some are rather difficult to identify.

Created by Andrew Coss |

For instance, Harrington is a classic style enhanced with a touch of fun that delivers decorative accents with slants and curves. Party Lights, as the name suggests, is a holiday font coming with clean and thick characters and has circle accents.

How about bringing the playful Candy Cane font to your celebration sign? Inspired by Christmas candy canes, this font showcases rounded edges with iconic stripes. Or, if you think about maintaining elegance, Hand Stockyard with brush-like font can be the perfect option.

Unfortunately, these creative font styles are rarely found in basic graphic design programs, so you will want to download them from websites. Alternatively, use font generators to help you generate a type of font that meets your goals.

Created by Lilit Papoyan |


8. Add Some Decorative Elements

A silver jubilee logo design is supposed to be appealing. When you try to visualize your ideas, decorative elements are a thing you should not skip. Not only does it make the layout intriguing, but it also serves as the embodiment of practical concerns and values.

Using decorative elements can also be a strategic practice to define your business identity and distinguish it from the competitors. This is why choosing the right art element is crucial during the creative process.

Created by christian bögle |

Ornamental elements vary widely from shapes and colors to textures. Different shapes like triangles, circles, ribbons, or flowers are a great space filler besides emphasizing an area of the layout. Meanwhile, colors work efficiently to set a mood for your design.

And when it comes to textures, this supporting element lets you create a perception of how it feels if you could touch it. You can use depth and shade that will provide an optical illusion for the desired feeling. For instance, you might consider a stone or brick for a strongly textured background.

On the contrary, a soft-textured background implies coziness and comfort, which could be a good choice for your clothing business. The right texture can create a dynamic and visual attraction, so choose wisely.

Created by Maciek Kaźmierczak |


9. Keep It Festive and Classy

When working with a silver jubilee logo design, aesthetic and function come first. The symbol should be visually pleasing and communicative at the same time. One of the good ways to achieve this goal is to keep it festive.

Several ways that can help you create a festive sign. First of all, use a color that best represents your celebration theme. Prior to designing a symbol, be sure you decide on a theme to showcase, so choosing the right color can be easier.

Next, include eye-catching icons that will serve as an attention stealer. Depending on your theme, there is a list of potential icons to incorporate into the layout, from bow to confetti and from balloons to your company’s specific icon.

Created by Yuan Zhu |

The company logo ensures the sign is recognizable. For this reason, top companies usually include their brand in the outline, allowing the audience to easily recognize your celebration mark.

In spite of the temptation to add various icons and decorative elements, it is important to avoid overloading the design with festive cheers. Keeping the artwork modest is the key to adding a sense of classiness, not to mention it helps prevent your piece of work from ending up looking overwhelming.

Created by Stewart Ooi Eu Hock |


10. Try Using a Logo Mockup

After breaking your back and draining your brain for a silver jubilee logo design, you want to check out what it looks like. Fortunately, a logo mockup can help you achieve this goal while still giving you the opportunity for improvement.

A mockup is a creative display of your design. The prototype comes with the entire elements you incorporate into the layout, showing a realistic appearance for the final result. Mockups usually come with different backgrounds and layouts.

Why is it important to use a mockup when creating a graphic design? While it mainly serves as a life-like draft of what you have done, it gives you options to test how the visual elements work together. Plus, it provides a hint of rendered format.

The major advantage of using a mockup is that you can figure out the realistic result and easily make a revision when needed. If you skip this stage, it is not possible to revise the outline unless you start from scratch. Of course, this is the last thing you want to experience when working with a graphic design.

Overall, an accurate mockup helps you see what the project will look like without closing your opportunity for enhancement.

Created by Speakerbox Media |


Final Words

Building a silver jubilee logo design is not an easy task, but appreciating your long journey is worth the effort. A well-designed artwork doesn’t come in a few minutes, so feel free to take your time to arrange the best piece.

During the initial phase, do not hesitate to find some good examples and follow what other designers do. To avoid plagiarism, you will want to filter the elements and modify your creative ideas during the brainstorming phase.

There are several aspects to consider when making a logo for a silver anniversary, such as typography, font option, and decorative elements. The least mentioned can be adjusted to the theme that you have set beforehand. Overlooking each aspect will impair the final results.

Created by Saira Rivera |

Prior to finalizing your work, using a mockup offers a huge help. It lets you know if all the elements work as expected while giving you options for revision without starting from scratch. Mockups are typically realistic and provide you with a hint of what the layout looks like in different backgrounds.

Now that you know the useful tips to create a silver jubilee logo design, it is time to make a good one. With a little know-how, it is unlikely to get lost in your creative process.

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