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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good African Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good African Logo Design

A man without culture is like zebra without stripes!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic African logo design!
Created by FatPenguin studio |

Just like anything else, African logo design will be useful for you to show off your brand's personality. With a professional designer, you will also get maximum design results, and this will not disappoint you. And we also have African Logos samples.

African logo may not be the preference of many professional designers. But basically, a logo like that has a unique characteristic and must be the center of attention too. So for those who want inspiration from the global community, they can choose Africa.

This theme has the prospect of developing rapidly. Moreover, because it is still rarely used, you will be one of the logo designers who are the most preferred by customers. So start planning ahead for the perfect African logo design now!

Created by Liszar Inzani |

We have also collected some amazing preferences for the Africa logo, which of course, can only be an inspiration for you. Don't use the logo straight away and claim it's yours. And uniquely again, the African logo has a distinctive design and is attractive.

In making the best African Logo, what will be the center of attention are the colors, fonts, and shapes. But because it is only an essential thing, there are still some important things about African characteristics that must be considered to make it more outstanding.

And of course, each world continent has its own characteristics, and that also adds to the unique value of each region. So for those of you who still don't know what to adopt, maybe African culture can be incorporated into your next design portfolio.

Created by Wisecraft |

But because the original purpose of making the logo design was for Africans, it must be able to adapt to African customs so that it can be their identity too. And, of course, a relevant logo design will engage more target audiences later.

And we already have a guaranteed way to design an African logo. Seeing all these industries are already very popular, and all of them are vying to present the first price of branding with a distinctively African design style. And this is the way to do it all:


10 Tips to Create a Good African Logo Design

  1. Get To Know Your Audience
  2. Research The Competitor
  3. Start Designing From A Basic Shape
  4. Implement A Story
  5. Experiment With Fonts and Typography
  6. Choose A Suitable Style
  7. Create A Positive Vibe
  8. Choose A Proper African Elements
  9. Using Vibrant Colors
  10. Consider Adding Nature Vibes


1. Get To Know Your Audience

    Remember about your main or target audience. Here, because you are making designs with African styles, you must always focus on African Adience. Knowing if you focus on African, don't use Asian, American, or other styles.

    By designing your popular African design, the focus there is to clearly communicate to your audience your value and make sure that it matches what they expect. Connecting your logo with that message will also be complex.

    These insights mean that you first process consumer requests and know what matters and is important for most of them. With considerations like this, there will be brand stories that are connected and become a brand identity as well.

    Created by Michael Penda |

    The identity in question is about the African, meaning that every time they see the logo, they will immediately refer to things related to Africa. In the end, it will be a good experience for African logo design and other important aspects.

    According to professional designers, branding and design connect to the most specific target market possible, not to the broadest direction. The visual must be focused on the brand to the audience, and it is the best target demographic for interests.

    Created by Mateus Araújo |


    2. Research The Competitor

      This African-based industry is not only yours, but there are many other types of industries that are doing the same. So you must determine in what market you will move to and compete with other competitors.

      Knowing your industry and competition means that before you create a good African logo design, you must adjust to the sets of your brand. Because, of course, there will be companies operating in the same set of brands, the design must be unique.

      The uniqueness is also adopted from your own unique story. So that, from the logo alone, it can be seen and differentiated whether you are engaged in this type of one or another industry. Simply put, the audience knows accurately about the sector.

      Created by Si Maclennan |

      This kind of Initial Impression is what all industries need. Apart from making your logo have its own uniqueness, it will also make, in the end, convey the feeling of the target to choose one in one sector.

      In addition, you are actually very likely to follow designs owned by competitors and the same industry. Don't follow 100%, but follow the design style, and it will make you know more about what the African logo really is.

      Created by Brad Cuzen |


      3. Start Designing From A Basic Shape

      What’s important here and you should always be able to apply in designing your logo is how you conceptualize the type, color, and shape of the logo. And it's definitely something more basic than any other way of design.

      If you've previously figured out what kind of natural vibes to adopt in the design, then the colors, now it's your turn to determine the types, colors, and shapes. The type of logo itself is a combination of various forms.

      Created by Vumile Mavumengwana |

      There are 7 types of logos that you can include in your African Design; there is a Monogram logo, which contains letters, Wordmarks, or logoTypes, then there are also Pictorial Marks and Abstract Logo Marks. Mascots, Combination Marks, and Emblems.

      And if you have previously determined the main color to be included in the design, now it's your turn to choose the secondary color to accompany the main color, so it doesn't look boring and ordinary in terms of usage.

      Logo Shapes also should not be forgotten; what will be the main frame of the logo. Is it traditional or cutting edge, artistic style, or something else? But remember again, because this is an African logo design, there must be an African element too!

      Created by Rico Smith |


      4. Implement A Story

        Each brand and logo must have its own story. Your logo will have to lead customers to consider important elements related to its worthiness. Your story can also be formed with a large part of your branding inside it.

        With a story, you can deliver and communicate your message more easily. Maybe at first, you will find it difficult. However, ideas like that will emerge and make them your brand offers.

        Created by Studio Warburton |

        Furthermore, African logo design will also be able to differentiate you and your competitors according to each customer. In short, this relates to the emotion and generic of logos in the industry, just like you see logos of other luxury brands.

        And the thing with African is, you have to be able to bring a certain message that has to do with African in that logo. Again, it will be a history of the brand that represents the mind and idea in making a logo in the first place.

        Maybe in your brand, you can include stories like “A woman who found her dream accessory” with the logo “African woman trying on accessories on her wrist.” And that has become an identity, right?

        Created by Mam'Gobozi Design Factory |


        5. Experiment With Fonts and Typography

          Fonts are also always a special consideration that designers must keep in mind. Even the font in the logo will be the first thing to notice. As much as the image stands out, the font and writing in it are sure to be read.

          According to the data we got, every 3 out of 4 logos from companies that have anything to do with Africa always use sans serif fonts even though it is a type of font in African logo design that doesn't look prominent and is too basic.

          Created by Val Waters |

          So if you do deeper research, the logo development must be able to match the interests of your brand from the start. This will help interest and excite customers, as well as encourage significant African logo brand growth.

          The function of fonts is basically as a way for you to convey your brand name more clearly, become values ​​and stories, and make images not look too single and alone. But the use of the wrong font can also be a boomerang to the design.

          A good African design must be added with fonts and typographies that have to do with Africans. For example, the fonts we recommend are Bahnschrift, Cascadia, Harrington, Informal Roman, Maiandra, and also Niagara Solid.

          Created by Mam'Gobozi Design Factory |


          6. Choose A Suitable Style

            And a special tip for the African logo is related to the timeframe. Maybe you were previously used to logo designs that are timeless, classy, ​​and can also be used for a long time. But for the African logo, as much as possible, it is trendy.

            From the various researches we have done, Africans really like and are interested in what is trending. When you see a logo, and it looks like something that is trending, then there is a desire to try it and then make it more trendy.

            Created by Bureau Rabensteiner |

            The current industry is like that, so you can follow the customs of Africa to be adopted into the logo and then come up with something fresher. So the Logo Designer who gets the African logo job must understand that.

            As many as 86% of customers report that the brand will stand out if it uses something that is trending. This is one of the most important aspects also for your company to implement the same thing, and helping customers.

            With a logo that can capture the attention of customers, these ideas will be corporated again to the dedication and positive outcomes that will be recognized. For example, the trend in Africa is the cocoa tree, so it can be used as a design element.

            Created by Sarah Anne Gibson |


            7. Create A Positive Vibe

              Your task now is to form a global perception of Africa that is good. And this is a condition if you can't be wrong in determining the design. Don't because of your design; African is labeled bad and doesn't live up to expectations.

              “A good logo is necessary and important to give a strong impression of what is in it, its background, and the company. Logos need to create positive things and perceptions, especially to attract more customers.”

              Created by Tamuka Nyoni |

              The logo must also be excitable, and you can apply it in various sectors of touchpoint. Take advantage of the logo as a means to get results that are in line with what you expect, namely growth, along with a positive image of the main aspect, Africa.

              If from the visual alone there is a bad impression, then it will be an additional task for the company owner to find a way to build a strong perception of what your African Company is about. It's an extremely complex way to look accordingly.

              Created by LiNa Yousry |


              8. Choose A Proper African Elements

                Don't forget that you will need special African ornaments to make its design and your masterpiece more African-related. This relates to your brand personality as well as in trying the amazing example of Africa and the African itself.

                Adding certain ornaments will make the logo look easy on the eye and make it even easier to find out what a company, business, or service is all about. This single image can only be seen from the African logo design.

                Created by Wiktor Ares |

                Maybe before you put more emphasis on the value of simplicity, but for the African logo, the one with lots of ornaments will be the main choice. African people like the philosophy adopted from the brand, even though it's over-designed.

                The simplest solution for this design approach is to first determine what field your brand, company, and services are in. Then find out what ornaments have to do with it all. So it will add to the easily identifiable point as well.

                The ornaments we mean are “the Mask” for those who are engaged in facial-related fields, “African Traditional Dance” for Creative Media, “African fruit” for supermarkets, and also typical African patterns for other sectors.

                Created by Yokaona |


                9. Using Vibrant Colors

                  And no less important is the choice of color, and we emphasize again here that your brand color will determine how good the sales and growth trends are because the color will provoke people's eyes to see the logo from the start.

                  Try to imagine if you are in an industrial place that has a lot of banners. While you use basic colors like black, white, or gray, other brands around you use colors that stand out.

                  Created by Marïn |

                  From there, it can be a reflection of your African Design that the more dominant color will make the eyes more attracted to it. Furthermore, the selected color must reflect the same value as well.

                  So for those of you who are now working in the African field, in terms of making designs, you must also consider colors that have to do with African culture. And the colors usually used for African logos also vary.

                  The most dominant color is brown because it represents nature from Africa, then there is the green color which is the same concept. The color is orange because many African cultures use green, and you can also choose dark blue.

                  Created by Chisaokwu Joboson |


                  10. Consider Adding Nature Vibes

                    Because Africa is very thick with natural elements, and that's also what you can put there. Set elements of nature in the logo will be a characteristic that is no less interesting, especially if the natural element is related to your brand identity.

                    By Nature Vibes, we mean the nature of Africa, which is still being preserved. Starting from a beautiful stretch of beach, forests that are still of good quality, and there are also traditional clothes that will be a plus for African logo design.

                    Created by Marina Itano |

                    Nature Vibes in the logo, of course; you shouldn't enter haphazardly if you don't want misconceptions to occur there. On the other hand, you should first research the natural characteristics of Africa and what can be applied to the company logo.

                    For example, if you want to run a business that is engaged in the social sector in Africa, then you can apply social elements to it as well. For example, natural vibes are traditional clothes to African customs, and it will be a more beautiful visual.

                    As your company wants to continue to be developed, maybe you can start slowly, and in the end, you will find the most important elements in the scale of business so that few clients will always associate your design elements with the nature of the object.

                    Created by Lisa Omore |


                    Final Words

                    Sure enough, the audience's first encounter is how you build your brand identity. While your target audience comes from one area, what you present is for them, meaning logo design must also refer to them.

                    That doesn't mean you can't prepare a design that can be used universally. However, because the name is the target audience, the design must go to the first and only then relate to the identity of the outside public so that it can be a means of brand recognition as well.

                    Created by Adam Grason |

                    We've mentioned that you need to know your target audience first, and for African Design, add ornaments that represent the continent. What's the first thing you catch every time we mention Africa and its culture?

                    Therefore, through a wider market, and the more you know what the style is, you can get what you want. Types of Logos, colors, and also shapes should not be separated from your considerations so that they match your brand.

                    Not to forget, we will also mention that you are actually free to look for reference options related to the design. Take yourself out of the design and determine your personal taste in it. And from that characteristic surgery, all can produce the African logo design.

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