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Article: 30 Best Buddhist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Buddhist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.
Check out some of the best Buddhist logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Elmira Gokoryan |

Buddhism is a religion and philosophy that originated in ancient India and is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha. The design of the Buddhist logo is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and is rich in symbolism.

The design of the Buddhist logo is steeped in Buddhist philosophy and symbolism. Each of the components of the logo represents a different aspect of Buddhist teachings and is meant to convey a specific message. The lotus flower represents purity and enlightenment, while the Dharma wheel represents the path toward enlightenment. The Bodhi tree represents the Buddha's enlightenment and growth, and the mantra represents the power of meditation.

In addition to its symbolism, the design of the Buddhist logo is also aesthetically pleasing. The lotus flower is a beautiful and delicate flower, while the Dharma wheel is a simple yet striking symbol. The Bodhi tree is often depicted with intricate branches and leaves, while the mantra is written in elegant Sanskrit characters.

The Buddhist logo has become a widely recognized symbol of Buddhism and is used in a variety of contexts, from temples and shrines to Buddhist artwork and literature. The design of the logo has been adapted and modified over time, but its core components have remained consistent. Today, the Buddhist logo continues to be an important symbol of Buddhist philosophy and a reminder of the journey toward enlightenment.

Here are some of the best Buddhist logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Mahasandhi Great Perfection

Created by Dmitriy Dzendo |
This one is the minimalist idea to consider with black as the background color and a minimalist Buddha logo in gold. The minimalist font in light color is a nice option.

It allows for easy reading and will make people recognize your brand easily. The combination between the black background and gold logo and writings creates elegance.


2. 佛陀成道

Created by 颜真愚 |

The word above says The Buddha Becomes the Way. No matter what you want to say on your logo, the Chinese characters and a walking Buddha figure will create a brilliant design. When minimalist design meets solid colors like peach and white, the Buddhist logo will look simple yet meaningful. Just make sure that you write the message in Chinese characters correctly.


3. Laughing Buddha

Created by Zvucifantasticno |

Those who are looking for a Buddhist logo with modern touch should consider this design idea. This logo has a solid gray color for the background and white color for the writings and logo. The bold font and capitalized typography for the logo makes it look firm and more modern. Even though it has monochrome color, the logo is going to make your brand look awesome.


4. Ahmad Nasr

Created by Ahmad Nasr |

This Buddhist logo is perfect for those looking for minimalism and abstract design. This logo has a very simple design, white background, and some purple circles looking like a Buddha sitting. You don't even have to write something to let anyone knows what your logo is about. Even though your logo will have an abstract look, make sure anyone can see the message.


5. Stevan Rodic

Created by Stevan Rodic |
The Buddha head logo here has a very simple design with shadows that make the logo look real and more natural. It only has one color but also has complex details.

The simplicity of the logo is enough to make it easy to remember. It is an easy-to-recognize logo, and everyone will remember your brand when they see a logo this simple.


6. Trust the Process

Created by JoJo Lee |
Here is a Buddhist logo design idea for those looking for something more fun. If the previous ones have one or two colors only, this logo uses more colors.

The combination of Buddhist symbols, like Buddha, lotus flower, and bamboo, makes the logo look more fun and complex. Use easy-to-read font and typography to balance the logo.


7. Alberto Bernabe

Created by Alberto Bernabe |

This unique and simple logo may look like the Laughing Buddha logo. But this logo uses more earth tones than the Laughing Buddha. The design is also simpler than Laughing Buddha. The smiling monk looks happy on this logo and will be ready to make your day. You can use this logo for your food and beverage brand or any other products that make people happy.


8. brandosaur

Created by brandosaur |

Create a logo from lines if you want the logo to look minimalist but awesome, like this Brandosaur logo. The China tea logo here has a monk sitting and holding a cup of tea. Since you are going to use something Chinese, make sure that you use Chinese fonts. There is no need to use Chinese characters if you try to invite anyone.


9. Gautama

Created by Stevan Rodic |

This logo is the bold version of Stevan Rodic's logo. The Buddha logo is totally the same, but it has a gold color and black lines, while Stevan Rodic's logo has gold lines on white background. Use a nice font to write the name of your company under the logo. This way, people will notice the brand represented by the logo they're seeing.


10. Liz Hixon

Created by Liz Hixon |

This logo has a person's figure inside a lotus flower. In Buddhism, lotus flowers are the symbol of Buddha's awakening. Those flowers are also a reminder that everything on earth has the same potential to get enlightenment. Lotus flowers grow out of the mud before rising to the surface of the water and then blooming in purity and beauty. This is a very meaningful logo for your company.


11. buddar

Created by HannaUeva |

Looking for a logo for your pharmacy company? Then you may want to make a simple logo with Medicine Master Buddha as the main figure. Baisajyaguru is the Buddha of medicine and healing in Mahayana Buddhism. He has twelve mantras and vows that will eliminate suffering, a perfect symbol for your health organization. He is usually sitting and wearing Buddhist monk's robes.


12. Khairos

Created by Casign |

Lotus flowers have been the most famous Buddhist symbol used in many logo designs. Keep in mind that the color of lotus flowers in Buddhism has different meanings. The blue lotus flower you use on your Buddhist logo represents intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. The flower is usually partially opened. It indicates someone who has started a spiritual journey.


13. Amida

Created by Jared Jacob |

This logo is inspired by Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Ultimate Bliss in the Western Pure Land. This one is the most famous Buddha of the Mahayana Tradition. Another name for Buddha Amitabha is Amitayus. Amitayus means limitless, while Amitabha means limitless light. The logo and wonderful meaning behind the logo make it perfect for your brand.


14. Travel Monk

Created by PrstiPerje |

The Travel Monk logo has a very simple look and design, just like the message it tries to deliver. Travel Monk logo uses using simple brown color and pale-yellow background that symbolizes simplicity. When you try to create a simple logo like this one, make sure that you use two fonts that everyone can read easily. Two types of fonts are enough.


15. Siddhartha

Created by Atul Pradhananga |

This logo is inspired by the great teacher, Siddhartha Gautama or the Buddha, or Sakyamuni. He was the founder of Buddhism. If you want to use Siddhartha as your logo, choose the right color for the logo. Instead of drawing the face of Siddhartha, create a silhouette of the Buddha. And then, pick a minimalist font for the logo typography.


16. Sacred Liberation

Created by delfin |

The vintage logo may look like a woman with curly hair and a top hair bun. But she has the face of a Buddha along with the symbol on her forehead. If you want to use this logo, make sure that you use the right color that will represent your company. This color makes the logo look vintage and perfect for an old-school company.


17. Keep Calm & Mortgage On

Created by |
Using a monk as the main figure of your logo is going to be a great way to create a Buddhist logo. Just make sure that you modify the logo to match your company.

This logo has a cool design with a metal monk wearing sunglasses. Be creative in adjusting the style of the monk and choosing the right color.


18. V3 Creation

Created by V3 Creation |

Try to be creative when designing a Buddhist logo. You may want to try creating a unique logo with two different designs at once. This Buddhist logo design looks like a Buddha sitting but also looks like the face of a dragon with two eyes on both sides of the nose. Dragon itself is a sacred creature in Buddhism.


19. Budha goods

Created by Olga |

Do you know there is an element in Buddhism called Bodhi Tree and Bodhi Leaf? The Buddha achieved his awakening when he was sitting under the sacred fig tree known as the Bodhi tree. Now, the Bodhi tree has become the Buddha's enlightenment symbol. The heart-shaped Bodhi leaf is a symbol of the potential waiting to be awakened. Use the Bodhi leaf when you are making a Buddhist logo.


20. Topmonks

Created by Radek Jakl |

Topmonks is a cute logo with a sitting monk closing his eyes to get enlightenment. This simple logo goes well with any color you desire. Just make sure that you pick the right color that matches your company. Blue, white, and red are going to be the simplest colors for this monk logo. However, you can combine some other colors.


21. Buddha's Wiser Listening

Created by Alexandru Circo |

There is no better way to create a Buddhist logo than using a Buddha figure. But you need to add something that makes the Buddha logo look like he is wearing your product. For example, if you are in the music industry, make the Buddha figure wear a headphone. Or if you own an apparel business, make the Buddha wear a cloth you try to sell. 


22. Monk Yatra

Created by Ravichandra GopalaKrishnan |

Just like the Buddha, the monk is also a significant figure in Buddhism. You can use the monk as the main figure of your logo. And then add something to perfect the logo. This logo, for example, has a monk walking to paradise. It looks super realistic and has simple and modern typography.


23. Eleanor

Created by Eleanor |

This cool yet simple logo has a lotus flower in white. Each color of the lotus flower has a different meaning in Buddhism. The white lotus flower represents the heart of the Buddha. It also represents purity in spirit, mind, and body. This logo is going to emerge pristine from the murkiest waters. The logo also depicts someone's spiritual journey's goal.


24. Why Chai

Created by Alex Seciu |

The Why Chai logo and its monochrome colors look super simple but meaningful. The logo is inspired by Manjusri, a Bodhisattva of great wisdom. He is a male Boddhisattva who has a flaming sword. You can draw only the head of Bodhisattva Manjusri or draw him riding on his blue lion. This combination represents the use of wisdom that is taming the mind.


25. Infinite Buddha

Created by Mutassim Al Shahriar |

The Infinite Buddha logo is actually inspired by the Three Jewels. In Buddhism, the Three Jewels have another term, the Three Refuges. The first jewel is the Awakened One, the Enlightened One, or the Buddha. The second jewel means the Dharma or the path that follows the Buddha's teaching. And the third one is the Sangha.


26. Buddha Blend

Created by Joshua Noom |

You can use the Buddha figure to create any logo you need. This Buddha Blend logo is for a bar where various blended beverages are served. To create a Buddhist logo that matches your company, you need to use the colors of your business and the elements that represent your business. Combine the Buddha logo with some other Buddhist elements.


27. Soul Health & Wellness

Created by design_artgo |

Lotus flower is always the best option to create a logo that represents wellness and health. Each stage of a lotus flower represents the spiritual path stages. The closed buds mean the beginning of a journey, while the partly open flowers mean someone is walking the path. Finally, the fully blooming flower means enlightenment, the end of a journey.


28. Elmira Gokoryan

Created by Elmira Gokoryan |

Here comes the unique Buddhist logo for food and beverage businesses. This logo has a monk figure with a bowl of food and coffee beans on top of him. This unique Buddhist logo is trying to let you know that the food can keep you calm and happy. Just make sure that you draw the right expression on the monk's face.


29. Namaste

Created by Slavko Kahovsky |
The Namaste logo is inspired by Samantabhadra Bodhisattva or Bodhisattva of universal worth. But this logo uses emojis instead of the faces of Bodhisattva.

The Samantabhadra Bodhisattva himself represents virtue both in conduct and principles. He is working side to side with Manjusri Bodhisattva, who represents righteousness and wisdom.


30. Zen Lotus

Created by Ignas |

The most minimalist lotus flower logo will bring peace to anyone who sees your logo. Even though it has a minimalist design, it uses bold lines that make everyone remember it anytime. The lotus flower blooms in every aspect of Buddhist literature and art, and it is a great element for an artistic logo design.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the main elements of a Buddhist logo design?

A Buddhist logo design typically incorporates symbols and motifs that are significant in Buddhist philosophy, such as lotus flowers, dharma chakra (wheel of law), bodhi trees, or sacred animals like elephants or peacocks. The color palette is often muted and earthy, with shades of brown, green, and gold representing nature and enlightenment.

Can a Buddhist logo design be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, a Buddhist logo design can be used for commercial purposes as long as it is respectful and appropriate. Companies that promote mindfulness, spirituality, or eco-friendliness might find a Buddhist logo design suitable for their branding. However, it is important to ensure that the design does not use Buddhist imagery in a superficial or disrespectful way, as this could be offensive to some people.

Is it necessary to include the Buddha image in a Buddhist logo design?

No, it is not necessary to include the Buddha image in a Buddhist logo design. In fact, many Buddhist organizations or businesses choose not to use the Buddha's image out of respect for the Buddha's teachings on non-attachment and impermanence. Instead, they may use abstract symbols or calligraphy that represent Buddhist concepts like compassion, wisdom, or interdependence.

How can I make sure my Buddhist logo design is culturally sensitive?

To ensure that your Buddhist logo design is culturally sensitive, it is important to do research on Buddhist symbolism and philosophy. You should also consult with members of the Buddhist community or seek feedback from experts in the field. Avoid using images or symbols that are associated with specific Buddhist traditions or rituals without understanding their meaning or significance.

Can a non-Buddhist designer create a Buddhist logo design?

Yes, a non-Buddhist designer can create a Buddhist logo design, but it is important to approach the task with respect and sensitivity. A designer should do research on Buddhist philosophy and symbolism, seek feedback from members of the Buddhist community, and avoid appropriating or commodifying Buddhist imagery. Ultimately, a successful Buddhist logo design should be authentic, meaningful, and relevant to the intended audience.

How can I incorporate the values of Buddhism into my logo design?

To incorporate the values of Buddhism into your logo design, you can focus on concepts like compassion, wisdom, interdependence, or impermanence. You can use symbolism or typography that expresses these values or choose colors that evoke the natural world or inner peace.

How important is the cultural context in designing a Buddhist logo?

Cultural context is very important in designing a Buddhist logo, as Buddhist symbolism and philosophy has different meanings and associations across different cultures and regions. It is important to research and understand the cultural background of the intended audience and seek feedback from members of the Buddhist community to ensure that the design is respectful and appropriate.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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