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Article: 30 Best Business Anniversary Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Business Anniversary Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Let's celebrate hard work, perseverance, and dedication and prepare for the future.
Check out some of the best business anniversary logo design ideas!
Created by Gabriel Reyes |

Business anniversary logo designs serve as visual representations of a company's milestone achievement and are an integral part of celebrating significant years in business. These logos are specifically created to commemorate a business's anniversary, be it a 5th, 10th, 25th, or any other important milestone. The background and purpose of these logo designs are multifaceted, incorporating elements of branding, marketing, and storytelling to convey a company's history, growth, and success.

Moreover, anniversary logos offer a unique storytelling opportunity for companies to reflect on their journey and share their history with the world. Through design elements such as timelines, illustrations, or icons, these logos can encapsulate key milestones, significant achievements, or notable moments in the company's evolution. This storytelling aspect helps to connect emotionally with customers and stakeholders, fostering a sense of nostalgia, pride, and loyalty.

In some cases, business anniversary logos are also used to launch special initiatives or campaigns. For example, a company celebrating its 50th anniversary may introduce a commemorative product line or offer exclusive promotions to mark the occasion. The anniversary logo serves as a unifying visual element across all these initiatives, tying them together and creating a cohesive brand experience for customers.

Here are some of the best business anniversary logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Seven years Canales & Co

Created by Denver Gravitt |

People say that seven is a lucky number. The Canales & Co has reached this number, and they want to celebrate the glory with a special logo for the anniversary. Taking soft and pale colors in the design has made it show a vintage touch. Quite full of content, probably to cover the solemn color choice so that the logo won't be too dull.


2. Ceremony Coffee 20 Years

Created by Mark Johnston |

There are three options for the anniversary logo here for you to choose from. The main logo provided a complete picture of the business. They don't only sell coffee, but they also believe in taking care of the environment well. At the same time, this big picture can be separated into smaller parts which never leaves the significant parts.


3. Loyola Chicago

Created by Jay Fletcher |

Loyola was established in 1895 and has been one of the best choice of education centers in Chicago for 150 years. And for its 150th anniversary, they choose to present a simple yet delicate logo design. Without leaving its main mascot, a wolf, the logo has been very attractive.


4. NOC 50th Anniversary

Created by Matt Henriksen-Brown |

NOC will celebrate its half of century anniversary. And for the achievement, it prepared the anniversary logo in a light and cheerful color. It chooses to use yellow for the color combined with blue for the typography. The badge concept is chosen by the designer to give a sleek and chick layout. A vivid font type is used so that people easily get it at a glance. All elements have worked together to make such a nice logo.


5. CRU Football Anniversary

Created by Zach Oldham |

To commemorate its 50 years of journey, the anniversary logo has been set up. The main concept is to add the number 25 to the main logo they have. No need for any other delicacy; the logo has become a perfect logo anniversary for the club.


6. Tony's Coffee 50th Anniversary

Created by Cameron Jennings |

The idea is to imitate the shape of the 50-cent coin, only this logo is more oval than the coin. The typography has told itself that it is the coffee of Tony's, which is celebrating its half of a century anniversary. The logo comes in various colors, leaving the easier choice for Tony where to put it so that it blends perfectly with its surrounding.


7. Ocean Spray 90YR Anniversary

Created by Jevons Design Co |

Since the name of the company is Ocean Spray, you can easily tell why the main color used is blue. You can also see the little "spray" on the part of the breaking wave at the top part of the logo. The slogan is made surrounded by the main logo in the middle, and the designer has chosen the color red for that. The choice is perfect to show the well-contrast between blue and red.


8. Wells College 150th Anniversary

Created by Weather The Norm |

With red background, the design shows how powerful the college is. Being in its 150 years of service in education, Wells College proudly celebrated its anniversary. The choice of white for the typography and the symbol will make people easily get the idea since the background chosen is red.


9. Ceremony Coffee 20 Years

Created by Mark Johnston |

An experienced designer would likely offer several choices of design for the customers. This logo is also presented in two options. One is where the cup filled with a sailboat is in the middle of the typography containing all the information about the logo. While another one is both the typography and the symbol are separated but still in a cluster. The designer only puts the cup under the typography. Both are great designs.


10. Cg15

Created by robert pflaum |

This logo utilizes typography as the main element; the initial of the company, CG, is barely unseen because it is half-covered by the banner with the "fifteen years" phrase, which shows how long the business has done its work. Other information that you need about the business has been written clearly in the logo itself. So, it's easy for you to know what this is about.



Created by Morgan Carter |

It's quite crowded for a logo, but the designer or the one who wants to use the logo wants to have a perfect logo for the anniversary occasion. As you see from the slogan put in the logo, it may be a logo for a church that has been serving the people for fifty years. In celebrating its service, they want people to understand the greatness of The Majesty.


12. RaiseNoChicken

Created by RaiseNoChicken |

You can see a jockey riding a horse running at a great speed. This picture is completed with the detail of the splash of the soil as the horse runs very fast. In the background, you can see the number 50 with golden color, showing that this is the golden anniversary of the association. Vivid and straightforward, making the logo one of the best choices for the anniversary event.


13. Little League World Series

Created by Jonathan Schmitt |

This logo uses dark blue as the background, with several diamonds spreading along. Right in the middle, the symbol comes in white with a thin, light blue line to strengthen the characters made. 75 is the age that is being celebrated since it is clearly written. And the one who has the event is also clearly written on a diamond-shaped banner in front of the number.


14. D-Day 75th Anniversary

Created by Michael Jolly |

Simplicity has always been chosen by many designers of a logo for the main element to show. This logo shows that simplicity will tell everything you need as you see the logo itself. Only by putting the name of the association in the middle and then adding some decorative numbers around you can see that this logo works very well for the audience. The combination of green army and yellow mustard is another element to be appreciated as well.


15. Slice One Year

Created by Brethren Design Co |

Being unique is a must in creating a design. Using the middle finger, the logo tells you that the beer co. is only one year old. You know when they started the business, and you'll also know that normally the first year in business sucks. Therefore, they use the middle finger as the main concept here.


16. Cowtown 25 Years

Created by Mark Johnston |

Some symbols may be implicitly spoken here. As a cowtown, you can see that the main shape is the cow horn. And then, there are two dices showing 2 and 5, which represents the anniversary. Another element to be noticed is the word "and rolling"; it shows they have been rolling for 25 years and still do. What great messages, aren't they?


17. Clint Martin

Created by Clint Martin |

The numbers 7 and 5 are designed with two different colors in good contrast. And then, they are combined so that they form a round shape to show the year of the business running. At the end part of the logo, there's an initial of the association having the event. And the initial also uses the same contrast with the numbers used.


18. DWFP 18th Anniversary

Created by Gustavo Zambelli |

The dirt world associations surely need the shove for the work. And the designer has a great thought of how to make it into the element of a logo for related associations. Not playing much with color since it's all about the dirty world, still, it manages to be a good logo.


19. 100th Anniversary of Saigon Church 2021

Created by Le Dang Khoa |

This church has been serving people for a decade, and it is its 100th anniversary. To make the celebration more special, they created a special logo too for the occasion. Blue is chosen as the main color to represent serenity and peacefulness. While the mustard has brought the perfect contrast to fill the space in the zeros.


20. Bauhaus 100th Anniversary

Created by Viacheslav Olianishyn |

It uses great contrast of white and red combination of colors. The white background is not completely plain, but it is designed like rustled paper, adding to the artistic sense of the work. The typography is created in such an ambigram style to give a powerful sense of a logo design.


21. Goulburn Reds 150th anniversary

Created by Leeleebefrank |

It is a rugby club's 150th anniversary, and the design takes the shape of the rugby ball as the main symbol used. The combination of red gradation is taken to show that at that age, they are still as powerful as they were at the beginning of the club. The choice of color and font for the typography is perfect for creating good contrast and clarity.


22. DSGW 80th Anniversary

Created by Cody Paulson |

This logo tells us that though color is an important element of a logo, it doesn't mean that you should play a lot with them. This logo only uses the right typography, and the designer knows exactly how to shape it into a good form of logo. Again, simplicity is the main element to be posed in this work. And the result is just another piece of artwork.


23. Society 1st Anniversary

Created by The Hungry Design Co |

While this work has shown you how colors work very well in a logo. By combining two strong colors, red and yellow, the logo has been very much interesting. Using the symbol of a sandwich holding abeer, this work also chooses the right and clear fonts for the typography aspects. The "wordy" content makes it even more noisy but shows some cheerfulness.


24. NOC 50th Anniversary

Created by Matt Henriksen-Brown |

The NOC has marked its fifty years journey by promoting a badge-shaped logo for its golden anniversary. It's concise and clear; the color option has also shown wisdom as it is reached the age of steady condition. And you can tell that this is one of the good designs indeed.


25. Walmart 50 Years

Created by Ian Bakar |
Walmart chooses blue as the background to highlight the main symbol that is presented in yellowish gold. Though it is not a golden age, the gold color is a good choice here. And not only tell people how old Walmart is, but it also tells people that the slogan will save their lives.


26. Grace Community Church

Created by Grace Community Church |

It is great work for the church that they have been going through the 25 years of services. Its anniversary logo tells us that and it is made with compassion and simplicity as the symbol of the services given here.


27. Saveur Magazine

Created by Peter Voth |

There are at least three options for the logo. However, it never leaves its main symbol, the rabbit. As the media of written communication, these options are important considering places where to stick it. With several options, any design can be put appropriately and comfortably.


28. Gabriel Reyes

Created by Gabriel Reyes |

Putting gradations of blue, the logo displays some important pictures and messages at the same time. This work should be done by a highly-creative person. The perfect combination of color and shape, and though no typography is involved, the work speaks loudly for itself.


29. SKIS Painting Bandana

Created by Matt Naylor |

The details are amazing. Crafting surely needs hard work and a lot of time. Involving many delicate shapes with the right coloring in each shape makes the logo such an interesting artwork to be paid attention to.


30. Apollo XI 50th Anniversary

Created by John Mata |

Using the concept of a stamp, this logo has tried to show up differently, and it does very well. It highlighted the picture as the main element to show, and the words are just very little to complete the information needed for the picture.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent business anniversary logo designs?

When designing a business anniversary logo, several symbolisms can effectively represent the milestone achievement. Some common symbolisms include incorporating numerals or Roman numerals to highlight the anniversary year, laurel wreaths or ribbons to symbolize success and accomplishment, stars to signify growth and excellence, and intertwined rings or circles to represent unity and longevity. Additionally, incorporating elements related to the company's industry or products can add relevance and create a deeper connection with the audience.

Which colours are commonly used in business anniversary logo designs?

In business anniversary logo designs, the choice of colors is crucial as it sets the tone and conveys meaning. While the color palette can vary based on the company's branding and industry, certain colors are commonly used to evoke specific emotions and symbolize important elements. For example, gold or silver tones are often used to signify prestige, luxury, and celebration. Blue conveys trust, reliability, and stability. Red represents passion, energy, and excitement. Green symbolizes growth, freshness, and sustainability. Black signifies sophistication and elegance.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating business anniversary logo designs?

When creating business anniversary logo designs, it is essential to consider the target audience. The specific audience may vary depending on the industry and the company's customer base. However, the primary focus should be on existing customers, loyal clients, and stakeholders who have been instrumental in the company's success. These individuals already have a connection with the brand and its history. Additionally, prospective customers, partners, and investors should also be considered, as the anniversary logo can serve as an opportunity to attract new business and build relationships.

What are the successful examples of business anniversary logo designs?

There have been numerous successful examples of business anniversary logo designs that effectively capture the spirit of the milestone celebration. One notable example is Coca-Cola's 125th-anniversary logo, which incorporated the iconic Coca-Cola bottle silhouette adorned with a ribbon, evoking a sense of celebration and longevity. Another example is BMW's 100th-anniversary logo, featuring the brand's iconic blue and white colors arranged in a dynamic pattern to represent motion and innovation. Additionally, Google's 20th-anniversary logo utilized playful illustrations to reflect the company's journey and evolution.

Which design styles are often used to create business anniversary logo designs?

Business anniversary logo designs can encompass a range of design styles, each with its own unique characteristics. One commonly used style is a classic and elegant approach, incorporating clean lines, balanced compositions, and timeless typography. Another style is a contemporary and minimalist design, utilizing simplicity, geometric shapes, and modern typography to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Retro or vintage-inspired styles can also be employed, using nostalgic color schemes, retro typography, and vintage elements to evoke a sense of heritage and history. Additionally, illustrative or handcrafted styles can add a personal touch, infusing the logo with unique illustrations or hand-drawn elements.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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