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Article: 30 Best Party Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Party Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun.
Check out some of the best party logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Jessica Strelioff |

In the early days, party logos were typically simple and straightforward, featuring little more than the event name in a basic font. However, as the party became more competitive and branding became increasingly important, event organizers began to put more thought and effort into their logos.

As events grew in popularity and complexity, party logos became an essential part of occurrence marketing. A well-designed logo can help to build brand recognition, create excitement, and attract attendees. Event organizers began to put more thought and effort into their logos, often hiring professional designers to create a logo that captured the essence of the party and resonated with the target audience.

Here are some of the best party logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Solana Summer Camp

Created by Eddie Lobanovskiy |

When designing an event party logo design, you want to make it appear as fun as possible. You can do that in many ways. For example, Solana Summer Camp's logo incorporate bright colors and graffiti-style text. Notice the white "Summer". The white part helps other colors to shine. At the same, it adds dynamic to the design, preventing it from looking dull.


2. Garden Party

Created by Audrey Elise |

The fun doesn't always mean colorful elements. It can be stylish with black and white elements, too. The party logo design of Garden Party exhibits elegance. It consists of two parts: "Garden" and "Party." They have different typefaces and colors. The Garden is back and written in bold and uppercase with a serious font. The Party is white and written in a relaxed font.


3. Party Palooza

Created by Cynthia Tran Vo |

The logo features a mascot. A mascot is an excellent way to make your logo friendlier and more approachable. Just look how friendly the mascot is. The cartoonish design not only draws attention but also leaves a positive impression. The colors are easy on the eyes. Above the mascot is the name of the party, and below is the date when the party is held.


4. Electroland Music Festival

Created by Marcin Wozniak |

A good party logo design is unique and differentiates. Electroland Music Festival's logo is one such logo. It combines a symbol with intricate designs and easy-to-read and bright text. Since there are only two elements, the logo is memorable and recognizable. In addition, the white background sets the stage for the logo to make a statement. The design is minimalist but effective.


5. Wild Goat Events

Created by Vladimir Liubarskiy |

If a logo includes a graphic and text, people will associate the two. You want to make it easy for them to do so. Wild Goat Events uses a logo that fits its name. The party logo features a goat in the wilderness. Except for a small part, the goat and plants are in black. The logo stands out and draws attention.


6. Party Tiger

Created by Sorina Bogiu |

What is a better way to show you are a party animal than using an animal in your party logo design? The logo depicts a cute albino tiger wearing a party hat. This image alone is already eye-catching. Not only that, but it also fits the name well. The background is light brown, which creates a contrast and makes the tiger more noticeable.


7. Bluebird Music Festival

Created by Brian Steely |

The logo is one of the design ideas that combine a symbol and text. The blue bird symbol is situated in the middle. Above and below it is text telling the audience about the name of the event. On the one hand, the overall design is tidy and sleek. On the other, there are unpredictable parts that look extraordinary, like the tail/guitar part.


8. Big Pour

Created by Santi Jaramillo |

Adding a slogan to your party logo design is a good idea. It conveys a message and makes it clear what the event is about. By just looking at the logo, people can learn a lot. The logo does that and more. It features multiple typefaces, which makes it not only noticeable but also hard to miss. The colors are amazing as well.


9. Valley Music Festival

Created by Gustavo Zambelli |

A music festival is something fun. How do you attract as many people as possible? Yes, with a well-designed logo. There are so many to unpack in the logo. There is a cool sun at the center, a valley, a forest, and sun rays. The coloring is incredible. It makes you think of a real valley with the sun radiating its light.


10. Uparty

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

Balloons are very common in a party. So, why not use balloons in your party logo design? Not only do they fit the occasion, but they also make the logo more exciting. Instead of a regular font, the logo has letters styled in a balloon-like shape. The impressive coloring makes it as if you are looking at real balloons. Just look at the lighting.


11. Promiseland Music Festival

Created by Pavlov Visuals |

Concise, straight to the point, and simple, that's how we describe the logo. It doesn't have a lot of intricate details, but the target audience knows exactly what it is. With the party's name being outlined, people can read it easily. Its colors are easy on the eyes. The gradation in the background is simply beautiful. It attracts but doesn't become overwhelming.


12. House Party For One

Created by Brendan Wray |

You can use any symbol you want in your party logo design. If you don't know what to use, consider the name of the party. House Party for One uses a house. It matches the party's name. Meanwhile, the name is placed in the middle. This makes it easy for people to read it and associate the symbol with the name.


13. Bottlerock 2022

Created by Vinicius Gut |

Next, we have Bottlerock 2022's logo. The logo features a lot of details. It has the name of the party, where and when it is held, what's on it, and a beautiful symbol. The symbol is a guitar with plants and birds. It has gorgeous gradation. The colors are balanced by the white text surrounding it. The result is a difficult-to-miss party logo.


14. portfolio party

Created by ūĚöēūĚöěūĚöēūĚöä |

Going minimalist for your event logo is a good idea. The simpler the design of a logo is, the more memorable it becomes. By keeping it simple, you make it easier for your target audience to recognize your logo. Portfolio Party has such a logo. The design is minimalist, the colors are only a few, but they are enough to make it attractive.


15. Englewood Kids Christmas Party

Created by Maria K. Studios |

This Christmas party logo design has everything. A baby in a manger leaves that remind you of a Christmas tree, doves, lamps, and candy canes. Plus, the logo is filled with colors. It stands out but is still easy on the eyes. The text comes in black and white, making it easy for the audience to read them among the colors.


16. The Jolly

Created by Hana Kirchhoff |

A simple party logo design can be fun, too. The logo features a darker and a lighter shade of the same color. The darker shade is for the color, which allows it to stand out and be noticeable. The lighter shade is for the background, setting the perfect stage for the text to make a statement. The typeface is quirky, reflecting the party.


17. Holiday Party

Created by Jenna Bresnahan |

Just because it is a party logo, it doesn't mean you have to stick with bright and loud colors. Using a calmer tone works wonders, too. The logo uses a script font, which suits the occasion. It uses a lighter shade of green for the background, a darker one for the text, and red to provide contrast and balance. A fitting holiday logo.


18. Newport Jazz Festival 2022

Created by Pavlov Visuals |

Abstract shapes and unusual patterns make a party logo design more interesting. Notice the patterns on the circles. The circles have four colors in them, but how they are arranged differs from one circle to another. The piano floor is intriguing, too. It leads you to a place of excitement: the Newport Jazz Festival. It is a very memorable party logo.


19. OnBlast

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

A party can be loud sometimes. The logo captures that very well. It features a loudspeaker facing the right. This fits not only the loudness of a party but also the name of the occasion. Particularly the "blast" part. But that's not all. The party logo design has a striking contrast. When you see it, your focus will be immediately drawn to the symbol.


20. Sound Summit

Created by Steve Wolf |

A good logo conveys a message. The logo does it excellently. It contains only the name of the party, a symbol, and when and where the party is held. And that's it. It is as straightforward as that. What makes it interesting is its colors and typeface. The colors contrast but balance each other. Meanwhile, the typeface is stylish but easy to read.


21. Get off the grid

Created by Manitou |

The logo is a combination mark. It combines a symbol and text. The symbol is rather subtle, however. Notice how the "O" is replaced by a sun. On the one hand, the styling keeps the text readable. On the other, it makes it a lot more interesting. The background is a thing of beauty, too. It depicts a gorgeous landscape during sunset.


22. Hot Dog Party Tiger

Created by Chad Landenberger |

A fierce tiger is an excellent symbol for party animals. It makes a nice party logo, too. The logo here doesn't include just a tiger, though. The tiger is biting a hot dog. It references the name of the party. It includes a slogan as well, which sums up what the party is all about. People eat up and party down.


23. Craig-Approved Party

Created by Brendan Wray |

Everyone loves cats. What makes a better mascot for your party logo design than a cute cat with big eyes? Combine it with pink, and you will get a logo that no one can miss. The pink and white create a soft contrast, enabling the cute cat to take center stage. Details about the party (name, when, and where) are written below it.


24. Rad Dads' Pizza Party

Created by Nigel Hood |

Looking forward to throwing a pizza party for your birthday? You can learn a lot from Rad Dads' Pizza Party. The logo is mostly in red, a color that makes us feel hungry. But it is not the only thing that makes us want to eat. Look at how delicious the pizza looks. Plus, the background reminds us of a tablecloth.


25. The Birthday Party Project

Created by Ryan Jarrell |

We also have a birthday party logo design. The logo is on the simpler side, but it evokes a feeling of excitement. It is a wordmark that features the party's name as the main element. What makes it interesting is the confetti spread around the logo. The logo instantly reminds you of a birthday party. It is simple, but it works.


26. Georgia Women's Food Fest

Created by Emma Harris |

A party logo design should reflect the occasion. If it is a formal one, you want a logo that communicates that. Georgia Women's Food Fest has such a logo. The text is written in serif, communicating its formal nature. The "Women's" is in italics, adding interest and highlighting who the event is for. The text stands out thanks to the background.


27. Party Hat

Created by Sergio Joseph |

If the name of the party is unique, consider using it as the logo. For example, Party Hat uses its name as its main element, emphasizing the hat part. The overall design is minimalist, but the hat above the party makes it intriguing. The hat comes in black, too, which not only makes it noticeable but creates an interesting contrast to the text.


28. Serb Fest Clearwater

Created by Rade Stjepanovińá |

Compared to most ideas on the list, Serb Fest Clearwater's logo is very different. It is a party logo design like the others, but it looks like a crest. The design alone is very attractive. It is one of those things that make you pause and appreciate. The red and blue combination is simply beautiful. It balances and makes the logo appealing.


29. Party On

Created by Jessica Strelioff |

The party logo tells a simple message: Let's get the party on! Notice how the text is designed. The thick font makes it hard to miss and gives a casual vibe, fitting the party. Not to mention it comes in white, too, which increases its visibility even more. The background is easy on the eyes while providing a soft contrast to the text.  


30. A&F Challenge 20 Years

Created by Drue Dixon |

Last but not least the A&F Challenge 20 Years party logo design. It is a party commemorating the 20th year of the A&F Challenge. It will have a music festival and fundraising. The logo is clear and straight to the point. A glimpse is enough for the audience to know what the party is about. Its color gradation is very beautiful.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is the purpose of the party logo designs?

The purpose of party logo designs is to create a visual representation of the event and to communicate its theme or purpose to the intended audience. The logo serves as a symbol that identifies the party and distinguishes it from other events. It can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation among attendees, as well as contribute to the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of the event. Additionally, a well-designed event logo can help to promote the event and attract potential attendees. By conveying the unique character and purpose of the party, the logo can help to build brand recognition and increase engagement with the event.

What is the background of the party logo design?

The use of party logos dates back several decades and has its roots in branding and marketing practices. As events became more commonplace, organizers began to realize the value of creating a visual symbol to represent the event and communicate its theme or purpose. Over time, party logos have evolved to become more sophisticated, incorporating a wide range of design elements such as colors, symbols, and typography. Advances in digital technology have also made it easier and more affordable to create and distribute event logos. Today, party logos are an essential part of event marketing, helping to build brand recognition, create excitement, and attract attendees.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating party event logo designs?

When creating party logo designs, it is essential to keep the target audience in mind. The target audience is the group of people that the party is designed to attract and engage with. Depending on the type of party, the target audience could be a specific age group, gender, occupation, or cultural group. For instance, a logo for a music festival targeting young adults would look very different from a logo for a corporate networking party aimed at business professionals. By understanding the target audience's preferences and expectations, event organizers can create a logo that resonates with them and helps to build excitement and anticipation for the event. A well-designed logo can help to attract and engage the target audience, resulting in a successful and memorable event.

Which colors are commonly used in party logo designs?

The colors used in party logo designs can vary widely depending on the event's theme or purpose. However, some colors are more commonly used than others. For example, bright and bold colors like red, blue, green, and yellow are popular choices for events that are designed to be energetic and lively, such as music festivals or parties. Soft pastel colors like pink, lavender, and baby blue are often used for parties that are more formal or romantic, such as weddings or galas. Additionally, black and white can be used for a more sophisticated and elegant look, while metallic colors like gold or silver can add a touch of luxury and glamour to the design.

What graphic elements can I use to represent party event logo designs?

There are a variety of graphic elements that can be used to represent party logo designs and help to communicate the event's theme or purpose. For example, images or illustrations can be used to depict specific elements related to the event, such as musical notes or instruments for a concert, balloons or confetti for a celebration, or flowers or rings for a wedding.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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