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Article: 30 Best Silver Jubilee Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Silver Jubilee Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Let’s celebrate 25 years of togetherness & commitment!
Check out some of the best silver jubilee logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by sabeena karnik |

Celebrating a silver jubilee is one of the ways that make sense to mark the 25th anniversary of your business journey. Many things need to be prepared to achieve a memorable anniversary celebration, one of which is building silver jubilee logo designs.

A quarter century is not a short time. Your business has experienced ups and downs, so it deserves some extra thought to appreciate 25 years of achievement and togetherness through powerful and meaningful silver jubilee symbols.

Some top-notch companies like McDonald’s, Adobe, and Jet Airways excellently created their silver jubilee signs, resulting in decent and praiseworthy 25th-anniversary marks. Each emblem is made with company values in mind, allowing the audience to learn new things from the layout.

Do you need inspiration for your upcoming project? We have compiled the best silver jubilee symbols that will flood your brain with creative ideas. Take a closer look at the following list and get inspired!


1. Cal State San Marcos

Created by Saira Rivera |

The public university marks its silver anniversary with a simple yet meaningful symbol. A cougar icon that serves as the university mascot becomes the focal point of the drawing, allowing the viewers to identify the symbols at a glance.

A large 25 sign clearly shows the message that wants to be delivered by the institution. It also uses two basic colors that best represent the university as well as simple typography that makes it highly legible.


2. Sky News

Created by Chris Sharpe |

Sky News has a unique symbol for its celebration. The British news channel features number-shaped photo collages consisting of significant events in the last quarter-century, marking their 25 years of breaking news.

This is a unique idea to create silver jubilee logo designs, especially if you want to highlight important events during the 25 years of your journey. Add your company’s default trademark underneath the photo collage to help the audience recognize your business.


3. McDonald's Egypt

Created by Mohamed Hassaan |

McDonald’s Egypt has brought its quarter-year anniversary mark to another level. They decide to bring the happiness and cheer of enjoying meals in McDonald’s outlets to the layout, resulting in a colorful graphic that will catch the attention of the audience.

Depending on your business value, playing with colors can help you create catchy artwork. McDonald’s has proven that incorporating many colors into work is not always a bad idea.



Created by Stewart Ooi Eu Hock |

Designed with simplicity in mind, Leo Club’s celebration symbol is one of the most inspiring ideas to help you with the project. This artwork boasts lines and curves that uniquely form number 25, signifying their 25 years of commitment to the organization.

This silver jubilee design has a few elements that blend nicely, including fonts, lines and curves, images, and upside-down background. Earth tone color choice creates a warm accent to the design as a whole.


5. Kingdee

Created by Yuan Zhu |

Kingdee’s artsy symbol is another good example of an elegant yet meaningful plan. The software company modifies its default trademark by adding a subtle 25 icon next to its name, creating a silver anniversary sign that is familiar to its audience.

The additional element uses similar colors that represent the company’s value. Not only is it visually attractive, but it also helps create a harmonious look. It uses a lean vertical line to separate between the company name and the silver anniversary mark.


6. EFS Logistics

Created by Speakerbox Media |

To appreciate their 25th year of service, EFS Logistics introduces its beautiful silver jubilee logo designs. Using company colors of red, white, and blue, the audience can easily identify this anniversary celebration logo as EFS Logistics.

The outline blends fonts and figures that look clean and formal, promoting high readability in various sizes. Curves and soft lines are incorporated to provide an attractive final result. Years of establishment and 25th anniversary are added to give additional information to the audience.


7. Saveur Magazine

Created by Peter Voth |

Saver Magazine arranged a unique sign for their silver jubilee celebration. The online food, travel, and gourmet magazine unpredictably used a hare as the main icon for its artwork, combined with an iconic fork, knife, and plate symbols.

There are not so many colors used in this drawing. Instead, it includes floral ornaments that make it look a bit crowded. What’s interesting, it combines Saveur’s iconic symbol to make it easy to recognize.



Created by Gabriel Barletta |

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, ALFC introduces a modest, elegant, yet classy work of art that may inspire you. It doesn’t feature so many elements, but it is strong enough to be an attention stealer.

The monochromatic layout has a clear 25 figure on the background combined with ALFC’s default trademark that goes through it, giving a strong artistic touch to work. Additional information is well arranged at the top and below the main icon.



Created by Lilit Papoyan |

HSBC’s quarter-year anniversary gets more festive with an artsy concept. Still using their iconic color of red and white, the 25th-anniversary marking is an improvement of the basic company’s symbol.

The default trademark is rearranged and multiplied to create an attractive mosaic of 25. This piece delivers clear and straightforward information about the company’s achievement in entering the 25th year. Being one of the best silver jubilee logo designs, it can be a great source of inspiration.


10. Nogueira

Created by Maria Fernanda Araiza |

An artistic piece is brought to you by Nogueira, the exterior company. The two-tone work looks flowy with lines and curves, presenting the business value of the company. It is created with a simple pattern without incorporating too many components.

Designed side by side with its default sign, this anniversary mark uses the same elements from colors and font options. This helps create a harmonious look when introduced to the public.



Created by Marlon John Dorado |

Another inspiring work comes from KSCSI. Their anniversary slogan, IMMEASURABLE, is modified to create a professional-looking blueprint. The beautiful color combination provides a good-looking symbol that steals the spotlight.

Quite similar to most icons, this artwork plays with font sizes. It combines large and small fonts to create a dramatic look and put emphasis on the main message. This way, you can deliver all the messages without making the model look too crowded.


12. Koç University

Created by Emrah Meshur |

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, KOC University introduces simple yet representative silver jubilee logo designs. Characterized by its red and white geometric pattern, the university presents a straightforward map.

The geometric shape that looks like the letter K represents the initial of the KOC University, while the shield symbol comes with 25, which represents the silver jubilee. It also uses the default red and white colors, the same as the basic KOC University logo.



Created by christian bögle |

BoySetsFire marks a quarter century of their journey in the music industry with a cool symbol. Featuring a circle of the band name and their journey record, it looks informative, straightforward, and easy to understand.

The red name circle comes together with decorative elements of a branch, a bird, and a moon that brings specific messages to the viewer. Another version comes with a simpler work with only a branch and boy band name.


14. Grace Community

Created by Andrew Coss |

Grace Community has a complicated anniversary mark. The golden outer circle provides a clear boundary to separate the inner logo from the background. Inside the circle, it has a community name and year of establishment.

The piece also features bold lines and curves that form an artistic numbering. Horizontal and diagonal lean strokes are added to make this creation an artwork. The color combination of navy blue and gold gives a stunning final result.


15. Foo Fighters

Created by Daniel Cantor Triana |

Foo Fighters has one of the best silver jubilee logo designs. Used for their 25th – 26th-anniversary tour, this masterpiece uniquely features a UFO with its alien rays. The band name above the flying saucer is visible with its white color, not to mention a pair of lightning symbols that make it look dramatic.

The UFO and band name are not the only element used in this item. To show the world their togetherness for the last quarter-century, it includes their journey record.


16. Adobe Acrobat

Created by sabeena karnik |

Known as a family of application software, Adobe Acrobat has a magnificent commemoration symbol. Featuring Adobe’s well-known initial, it looks more adorable with a variety of colors that represent diverse programs under Adobe Acrobat.

Behind the decorative A sign, Adobe Acrobat showcases its 25th anniversary with a curvy 25 figure. It features more subtle colors to counterbalance the colorful A sign on the front. This is one of the most artistic silver jubilee logo designs ever made.


17. HCI Institute

Created by Haley |

The HCI Institute presents a one-of-a-kind artwork to celebrate its 25th anniversary. While most silver anniversary artworks are made cheerful and colorful, HCI adopts a monochromatic style with solid white background and crisp black decorations that look beautiful in a different way.

HCII25 becomes the focal point in the layout, providing clear information to the audience about the institution’s silver anniversary. Additional decorations deliver a strong message of technology development and human interaction with technology.


18. Toni Delgado

Created by Raul Luque |

A solid dark background is a neutral but strong option when it comes to designing an emblem. Toni Delgado’s artwork shows the power of dark background to emphasize the message, especially when combined with bright colors.

As one of the attractive silver jubilee logo designs, it has a few elements included. Bright-colored letters with readable font and large size ensure readability. A distinct 25 figure is combined with a unique beard graphic that best represents Toni Delgado.


19. Daniel Michniak

Created by Daniel Michniak |

A semi-abstract sign is brought to you by Daniel Michniak. Not only does it use lines and curves, but it also pays attention to detail that helps form a creative illustration, providing a clear personal representation to the audience.

This creation interestingly creates a progressive effect that signifies a fast movement during the 25 years of journey. It also plays with colors, combining dark tire-shaped lines, vibrant 25, and solid white background.


20. The Florida Aquarium

Created by Mitchell Feickert |

The Florida Aquarium released this modest and elegant mark for their celebration. It blends an ocean blue background and white numbers that best represent the oceans, beaches, and the like. No details or unnecessary elements were used in the blueprint.

Sea wave illustration is brilliantly added, providing a strong accent of the sea and ocean view. This idea is among the best silver jubilee logo designs for anyone who needs a straightforward option for celebrating the 25th anniversary.


21. Point Zero

Created by Tubik Studio |

Readability is an important aspect to consider when creating an anniversary mark. Point Zero maintains its legibility by applying one type of font and two main colors. When a navy background meets white wording, it creates a professional-looking result for the 25th-anniversary celebration.

The basic piece is tweaked for visual attraction. Rather than keeping the wording plain, the letter O is modified and replaced with a red oval shape that contrasts the white element.


22. Medina Turgul DDB

Created by Kaan Iscan |

Medina Turgul DDB has the most complex silver jubilee logo designs. High complexity comes from colors and shapes that bring the work to the next level. Despite the many colors it has, the layout looks harmonious as a whole.

The focal point consists of flowy lines that form a distinctive 25 figure. The surrounding space is embellished with colorful lines, adding complexity and a professional look at the same time. The company name is added atop the logo.


23. Forever Freo

Created by Pj Smith |

Another great example of a simple but artistic drawing comes from Forever Freo. Combining the club’s basic trademark with a symmetrical figure, the audience can identify the purpose of this 25th-anniversary mark.

The drawing limits color usage to maintain its simplicity. It incorporates a solid navy background and white font that best represent the football club. A size trick is also used to help the audience focus on their 25th anniversary.


24. Texas Freedom Network

Created by Laurel Barickman |

The 25th-anniversary celebration of the Texas Freedom Network has brought adorable silver jubilee logo designs into reality. Using the existing elements in the organization’s mark, such as colors, shape, and arrangement, the sign is completely easy to identify.

Number 25 in a huge size, becomes the center of attention, showcasing vibrant colors of red and blue with the organization logo in the middle. Texas Freedom Network's iconic typography with its establishment year completes this graphic layout.


25. Ronald García

Created by Ronald García |

A bold and strong inspiration comes from the perfect blend of color, font, and supporting elements. This 25th-anniversary celebration symbol features a solid maroon background that easily draws the attention of the public.

The artistic white font contrasts the vibrant background, creating a stunning appearance as a whole. At the top, a 25 figure is made with shades that create a dimensional look. A red ribbon with “Years” wording is also present as a supporting element.


26. Lukas Klepke

Created by Lukas Klepke |

Bi-color silver jubilee logo designs are simple to make, and this example is no exception. Only two colors are needed to create this silver anniversary sign, allowing you to save time and effort during the design process.

Bright yellow background and bold black number create contrast but a nice combination. The figures are meticulously made to form a lightning symbol in the center, resulting in valuable and meaningful work to celebrate its 25th anniversary.


27. XXV

Created by Brandon Murray |

During the brainstorming phase, you may want to create one that is not only functional but also memorable. The XXV can be a good source of inspiration for your upcoming project.

Using a stone-like effect, it is made to be reversible. That means you can see the same design from different directions, thanks to the same shapes and elements for each figure. It is only a matter of direction and placement that creates such a unique creation.


28. Restauracje Krawczyk

Created by Maciek Kaźmierczak |

Bringing a strong sense of vintage, Restauracje Krawczyk offers a great example of inspiring silver jubilee logo designs. All the elements blend nicely, including the fonts, numbers, and additional decorations such as leaves, ribbons, and lines.

Quite similar to old-fashioned emblems, the silver anniversary logo comes with an outer border that showcases a clear boundary between the main logo and background. Patterned background with neat lines also adds visual attraction to this graphic.


29. Años de Diseño Gráfico

Created by Manuel Alejandro Corredor |

Another example of irreversible work is presented by the Anos De Diseno Grafico. At a glance, this piece looks complicated with so many curves and lines. But when you take a closer look, you will be able to understand the beauty behind the outline.

It brings an artistic 25 figure that best represents a 25th-anniversary celebration. Brilliant color choices add complexity, at the same time, make it a distinct artwork that sets it apart from other pieces.


30. Jet Airways

Created by Mangesh Kavale |

Jet Airways shares its happiness through this excellent masterpiece. The aviation company builds a symbol that represents their business the most, providing the audience with an eccentric airplane-shaped sign.

While most silver jubilee logo designs incorporate colors that represent their company, Jet Airways is an exception. Rather than using blue and yellow that characterize their corporation, it comes with a nice combination of gray and navy colors.


Final Words

The silver jubilee celebration marks 25 years of your struggle and commitment in a specific business field. Building a symbol is a great way to appreciate your effort and build better engagement with the audience.

With a long list of inspiring creations from various lines, building your own project could be a little easier. But if you need help, finding a 25th-anniversary logo design free can help you achieve the goal without putting in some extra effort and thought.

Logo generators are abundant, allowing you to create silver jubilee logo designs and adjust every element in a few simple steps.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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