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Article: 30 Best Wedding Planner Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Wedding Planner Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Hope your wedding is as good as your pin on Pinterest!
Check out some of the best wedding logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!

Created by Julie Gibson | 

The wedding industry is a highly competitive and lucrative market, and having a well-designed logo can help a wedding planning business stand out and attract potential clients. A good logo should be memorable, timeless, and easily recognizable. It should also convey the essence of the business and the type of service it provides.

Common design elements used in wedding planner logos include romantic imagery such as flowers, rings, and hearts, as well as elegant typography and sophisticated color palettes. However, it is important to strike a balance between being visually appealing and overly clichéd or stereotypical.

The wedding planning industry has grown significantly over the years, and with this growth has come increased competition. As such, a wedding planner logo design has become an essential aspect of branding for any wedding planning business. A logo is a visual representation of a business and helps establish its identity in the market. It serves as a visual cue that allows customers to easily recognize and remember the business.

The purpose of a wedding planner logo design is to create a unique identity for a business that is easily recognizable and memorable. The logo serves as a symbol of the business and is used on all marketing materials, including websites, business cards, and social media pages. A well-designed logo can help a wedding planning business stand out in a crowded market and attract potential clients.

The background of wedding planner logo design can be traced back to the early days of branding. Businesses have been using logos since the Middle Ages to identify their goods and services. The concept of branding evolved over time, and by the 20th century, logos had become an essential aspect of branding for businesses across all industries. Today, logos are even more important due to the rise of digital marketing and social media.

In the wedding planning industry, logos have become particularly important due to the growth of the industry and the increasing number of wedding planning businesses. A well-designed logo can help a business establish a unique identity and differentiate itself from its competitors. A logo can also convey the values and aesthetic of a business, helping potential clients understand what the business stands for.

Here are some of the best wedding planner logo design ideas you can reference from:


1. Davis Row

Created by Shar Biggers |

The icon is right; the writing style is also suitable. What else, if not the Davis Row logo? Everything in this logo looks balanced and elegant. At the bottom of the service name, there are good words, namely 'love the process.


2. The Carter Collective

Created by Tara Mosier |

With just a fresh, fun-looking pink background, you can already give this logo by Tara Mosier a round of applause. The logo gets even more stunning with a beautiful part of the lettering style. Each word from 'The Carter Collective' uses a different and elegant writing style.



Created by Alexandra Ursan |

Having two S, surely the designers will not stay silent. By finding these two letters, designers can make them into a unique logo and icon. The background only uses plain white to indicate the presence of writing on the logo.


4. L. Bridal

Created by Murat Boğazkesenli |

A very simple brand name; even if you ignore the word bride, it's only one letter. However, it's very iconic, right? The font style used for writing with capital letters as a whole is very elegant and neat. The part halfway between the letter L and the next uses a ribbon icon which makes it look even prettier.


5. Kawa

Created by María Teresa Pablo |

Using the background of a person wearing a wedding dress and an elegant writing style, this logo deserves special appreciation from you. The background is very apt as it depicts a bride getting married, and the style of the writing makes it look even more beautiful.


6. Hughes & Walker

Created by Levon Grigoryan |

Like a scene from the old days for royalty getting to marry off their princess or king, this logo has a very elegant design. The border of the logo looks to have some perfect curves and keeps the letters H and W. The logo looks even more perfect with a pair of thin lines on the word Wedding at the bottom.


7. Hazelwood Weddings

Created by Johnny Bertram |

Hazelwood's writing looks very beautiful with the right writing style. The icon section looks like a house, tree, and moon; all fused in a neat circular border. You can say this logo has a balanced and good composition between the icon and the writing.


8. Zumbarda

Created by Marguva Casa de Diseño |

The direct logo has an application on a fabric that appears to have a dark green structure. The icon on the logo also looks to have a fairly rough texture with the letter Z which has a beautiful writing style and is slightly curved at the ends. This logo is perfect for you to use on an employee's shirt as a wedding planner or event that involves a party.


9. Swoon

Created by Genesis Silva |

The name of this icon alone sells well, doesn't it? Swoon is a simple logo by the great designer Genesis Silva. The background is off-white and uses all capital letters. On the letter N, there is a heart ornament that makes the logo look prettier.


10. Blush

Created by Nikolina |

This logo is perfect for fancy event organizers or parties. The ornament on the logo is just two circles on each side with gradient colors of bright pink and yellow. The style of writing on the word 'Blush' uses precise and neat choices to highlight in the center.


11. Fairy Tale Amafi Coast

Created by Salvatore S. G. |

A fairy, namely the wedding organizer herself, can turn you into a charming bride. Parties become more fun and comfortable on the happiest day of life. The highlights are the fairies with heart-shaped wings and the writing style that fits the logo perfectly.


12. Celeste

Created by Ruan Lategan |

Dark green background with a faint shadow of a tree branch. On the right side, there is a circle for the words CSR and ZA. Apart from that, in the middle, you can immediately see Celeste Styled Events reading which uses a yellow color and can still be seen clearly against a background that tends to be dark.

At the bottom, there is a description of the words 'styled events.' You can appear stylistically and become the most stunning wedding bride at the event.


13. KietHoney

Created by Hoai Nhan |

Set against a darker violet background, this logo by designer Hoai Nhan looks stunning. The surface of the writing style is made to look like fine gold strokes to make it look more luxurious. The icon section uses a mix of shapes, such as triangles as well as some circles.


14. Plan & Co

Created by Alyson Starks |

A logo that is also simple but very neat and attractive belongs to Plan and Co. The bright green background is eye-catching, and the lettering style is perfect for this logo; everything looks right. You can use it as a logo for a wedding planner or event planner.


15. Soho Weddings

Created by arndtteunissen GmbH |

Using only a backdrop of pink mixed with red, Soho Weddings can look very eye-catching. It's only in the form of writing, but the designer's Wedding section is unique. The two D's used in the text are made to look like related icons.


16. Aguarela

Created by Rafaela Moreira |

You can only praise this logo by Rafaela Moreira with one word, namely, beautiful. You won't regret it if you have to look and stare at this logo again and again. With a background that resembles paper with a similar texture and color, this logo manages to look great.

The icon uses the shape of a plant with pretty little leaves. The writing style and part of the designer's name with different thicknesses of the writing, the details that the designer made are very creative.


17. Jennifer García

Created by Marina González |

This Jennifer García has a simple black background with a pink font color. Some writing that reflects the purpose or intent of the logo forms a circle border that surrounds the icon. The part is derived from the two letters J and G, which use a classy style of writing to indicate their extension.


18. Elena Barbieri

Created by Chiara Antenucci |

Chiara Antenucci has applied the principle of simplicity as the main feature of the logo. It appears with simple letters, initial in the middle, and a supportive color as the background. Though the background is not bright enough, the rather dark color has even successfully put the highlight on the logo itself. 



Created by Omnia Salah |

Only one word can describe this logo, namely elegant. Why? Selection of a very elegant writing style for one letter 'H' as a symbol of Juana Hugo. Not only one symbol but also two texts that describe the purpose of this logo, as well as a light brown background.


20. Sofia Lombardo

Created by Lorena Geiss |

The background color resembles that of old paper but makes it look even more elegant. The icon that has the top placement uses a combination of the letters S and L on one border with a circular shape. Using font styles and complete information for destination, wedding, and planners, are you sure you don't want to use this design idea?

Apart from the wedding planner's description, you can also see the words 'destination.' Have you determined the destination and next steps after the wedding? You can create a spectacular party in advance with this service.


21. Couture Events

Created by Julie Gibson |

This logo by Julie Gibson has incredible application and looks very real. The icon section with a square border consists of many lines with a flower in the center. The ornament uses a sparkling gold color, making it expensive and elegant.


22. Nano's Organizer

Created by Aulia Akmal |

This logo by Aulia Akmal does not use a plain background without ornaments or images. You can see the chairs lined up, like when you are attending an event at the auditorium. The icon relies on the letter N which has an elegant shape and is rounded at the end with a light yellow color.


23. Pena Plus

Created by Dita Kintani |

Using a pink background with bright orange, this logo looks very friendly and girly. The top of the lettering style uses a heart-shaped icon which fits perfectly with the concept of this logo.


24. M. Juliet

Created by Ilaria Fanigliulo |

Using the background of someone who is seen wearing a wedding dress and holding a flower, of course, you can already know what that means. The M uses very pretty details with some leaves, then Juliet uses a different letter style.


25. mtsnk

Created by mtsnk |

Do you understand the meaning of this logo name? The shape of the icon is very beautiful and has a hidden meaning. The color used is a golden color that has light-to-dark gradations, like a color that is increasingly covered with sunlight. The background uses only black to make it shine more.


26. Special Moments

Created by The Promotion |

Marriage is the perfect moment, even a lifetime, for many people to experience. It is the same as the intention that The Promotion's designers want to convey. This logo with a dark gray background uses an icon that catches the eye. The icon looks like an S in a trap with metallic stripes.


27. BIZE

Created by LARDI |

Using a background with pictures of a happy-looking bride and groom, you can use this logo inspiration as the one that best fits the concept. The writing style makes it look so clear and elegant, coupled with the heart ornament that will make you more and more captivated



Created by Nastasia Osipova |

Using a black cloth background and a rope on the top, Monaco also has a clean and elegant design. The writing style uses a mix of gold and yellow which is quite old. The icon looks very real, like a logo you might see in a jewelry store or a store that sells luxury goods.


29. Marry Me

Created by Yuliya Arisova |

The designer immediately showed the application of the logo with a very clear appearance, namely on a white card. Around the card, you can see lace cloth which is usually used for bridal clothing or decoration. The writing is gold and appears below the icon of the hand holding a ring.


30. Bloom

Created by Lina Romanova |

The background that the designer used for this logo is also very appropriate, namely a cloth, jewelry, and some flowers. Bloom's writing uses a very good style, especially with creativity with different letter styles in section B. You can also see the year since this service was created at the bottom of the logo.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are some common design elements used in wedding planner logos?

Common design elements used in wedding planner logos include romantic imagery such as flowers, rings, and hearts, as well as elegant typography and sophisticated color palettes. However, it is important to strike a balance between being visually appealing and overly clichéd or stereotypical.

How important is the color scheme in a wedding planner logo design?

The color scheme is very important in a wedding planner logo design as it can convey the overall theme and style of the wedding planning business. For example, a logo with pastel colors may suggest a more traditional and romantic approach, while a logo with bright and bold colors may suggest a more modern and fun approach.

What are some popular symbols or images used in wedding planner logos?

Some popular symbols or images used in wedding planner logos include rings, hearts, flowers, wedding cakes, and wedding dresses. These symbols can help to immediately convey the business's focus on wedding planning.

Should a wedding planner logo be gender-neutral?

It depends on the target audience and the business's branding strategy. Some wedding planning businesses may want to appeal to a specific gender, while others may prefer to remain gender-neutral to appeal to a wider audience.

How can a wedding planner logo design appeal to a specific target audience?

A wedding planner's logo design can appeal to a specific target audience by incorporating elements that resonate with that audience. For example, if the business caters to LGBTQ+ couples, the logo could include rainbow colors or other symbols that represent the LGBTQ+ community.

How can a wedding planner logo design communicate the business's unique personality?

A wedding planner logo design can communicate the business's unique personality by incorporating elements that reflect the business's values, mission, and approach to wedding planning. For example, if the business focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable weddings, the logo could feature a leaf or other nature-inspired element.

Should a wedding planner logo design be timeless or trendy?

It depends on the business's branding strategy and target audience. A timeless logo may be more appropriate for a business that focuses on traditional and classic wedding planning, while a trendy logo may be more appropriate for a business that focuses on modern and innovative wedding planning.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

How can a wedding planner logo design create a sense of luxury and sophistication?

A wedding planner logo design can create a sense of luxury and sophistication by using elegant fonts and sophisticated color schemes and incorporating high-end wedding symbols such as chandeliers or intricate patterns.


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