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Article: 30 Best Easter Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Easter Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love, and joy. Check out some of the best easter logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Jake Givens |

Easter, one of the most significant Christian holidays, is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As with many festive occasions, Easter has its own set of symbols and iconography, including the Easter logo designs. These logos play a vital role in capturing the essence and spirit of Easter, and their backgrounds are rooted in both religious and cultural traditions. In this article, we will explore the background of Easter logo designs, tracing their origins and examining their significance.

The use of logos in association with Easter dates back centuries and is deeply intertwined with Christian symbolism. The most prominent Easter logo is the cross, representing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cross is a universal symbol of Christianity, symbolizing sacrifice, redemption, and eternal life. It is often depicted as a central element in Easter logos, reminding believers of the core message of Easter.

Another widely recognized symbol found in Easter logo designs is the lamb. The lamb represents Jesus as the sacrificial lamb who takes away the sins of the world, drawing from the biblical imagery of the Passover lamb in Jewish tradition. The lamb symbolizes purity, innocence, and the victory of life over death, making it a fitting representation of the Easter story.

Cultural traditions and regional customs have also influenced the design of Easter logos. For instance, in many Western countries, the Easter bunny has become a beloved symbol associated with the holiday. While not inherently religious, the Easter bunny represents fertility, abundance, and the arrival of Easter eggs. Logo designs featuring the Easter bunny often appeal to children and evoke a sense of joy and playfulness.

Here are some of the best Easter logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Anthony Gehin

Created by Anthony Gehin |

Christians believe that easter is the day when Christ finally rose and left his empty tomb. This means you can use an empty tomb as the main object of your easter logo. Add some flowers around the tombstone, and don’t forget the small symbol of the cross. Use white for the text and keep it simple.


2. Northway Church Risen

Created by Chris Ganz |

Another object you can use on an easter logo is a hand, particularly the hand of Christ. The hand should have a famous detail of Christ, which is the nail hole in the palm. You may want to use this hand as the background of your logo. And then, use a candy pink color (#E4717A) for the text in front of the white hand.


3. Cassidy Kelley Dickens

Created by Cassidy Kelley Dickens |

Two hands with a nail hole can also be a brilliant idea for your easter logo design. This logo design looks nice and elegant because of the combination of dark green, white, and gold. Dark green becomes a nice color for white easter ornaments. And gold for the main text and as the accent color perfects the design.


4. Allan Peters

Created by Allan Peters |

How to combine a cross with a heart symbol? This logo has a white cross in the middle that matches the red heart shape. And then, it uses smashed pumpkin orange color (#FD673A) for the background. Orange is a color you get from red and yellow, so it will match the red heart on the logo.


5. Rise & Shine

Created by Carly Kraihanzel |

Make the empty tomb the main focus of your easter logo. You can do it by making the empty tomb look like it is shining while the lid is being removed. Use a font that has contrasts for the main Rise & Shine text or any other text on your logo. Make sure that the color of the text matches the rock.


6. Carter Smith

Created by Carter Smith |

Easter is a happy moment that should be filled with fresh and pastel colors. Instead of using one or two colors, you can use some pastel colors at once. This logo has pink, yellow, and blue, all in pastel shades. Frame it with something dark, like a dark green color. It is going to frame the text and make it readable.


7. Joshua Noom

Created by Joshua Noom |

Use the color #edc44a to make a fun and fresh background for your logo. This is a shade of yellow that will make your logo look more refreshing. This color is going to make a nice background for white text with a decorative script font. No need to add any outline to the text. Just make sure that it is readable.


8. Violetta Barsuk

Created by Violetta Barsuk |

The #7cccc0 is going to be a beautiful color for the background of your easter logo. It is a shade of blue that looks soft and will soothe everyone who sees it. The logo has a bunny, the most common character of the easter tradition. It also has a chick. Both bunny and chick have pastel colors that match the text.


9. Unstoppable Kingdom

Created by Morgan Carter |

This beautiful easter logo has an elegant color. You can also use the combination of #b88c54 and #c0a27d colors for the text and ornaments of the logo. If you want to use this color for the text and ornament, pick white for the background. White is going to neutralize the colors and make your text much more readable.


10. Morgan Carter

Created by Morgan Carter |

Many colors can make your easter logo look awesome. But if you want to keep it simple with some shades of gray, use the combination of #babab8, #ccccca, and #e4e4e4 for your minimalist logo. Those shades of gray will be perfect for the empty tomb, crosses on the hill, and the sun between the clouds. Color the easter text with a darker shade.


11. Mark van Leeuwen

Created by Mark van Leeuwen |

Simplicity can also make an elegant easter logo design. This logo design comes with only one word in the middle. It has a decorative script font and this #99714a color. The color is a shade of brown which is an earth tone and will make your logo look much more natural and gorgeous.


12. Flatstudio

Created by Flatstudio |

This #14bbe4 color can be the right option if you are looking for the most eye-catching color for the background of your logo. Complete this blue background with white text and some easter ornaments. You may want to add an easter egg and bunny ears that are all identical to the easter tradition. Use #e9f1f7 color for the text.


13. Allan Peters

Created by Allan Peters |

The main focus of this easter logo is the cross in color #ed5425. And then, some other lines create two hearts around the cross. You may want to use neutral colors like color #cdccba for those lines. The contrast between the cross and the hearts will automatically draw attention to the cross.


14. Risen, Indeed

Created by Karl Nilsson |

This logo celebrates the holy week, which means it should contain all essential events of Christ’s last moments on earth. Make the logo look more impressive by using some symbols like a cross, a donkey, and a tombstone. The donkey was the ride of Christ. A cross is where he died. And the tombstone is where he was risen.


15. Good Friday

Created by Jake Givens |

Trying to create two essential logos to represent two special events? The color #af1b21 is a nice option for the Good Friday logo, and #659aa0 is a calmer option for the easter Sunday logo. Since both events happened in two different places, use a hill with crosses for the Good Friday logo and an empty tombstone for easter Sunday.


16. Maria K. Studios

Created by Maria K. Studios |

A cross is the most famous symbol for easter logos. If you want to use a simple cross for your easter logo, consider framing it with a pointed arch and some lines that make the cross look shining. Use some different shades of brown such as #784f28, #b68951, #c5ab8c, and #e4cfb4, for the cross logo, main text, and complementary text.


17. Becca Kaiser

Created by Becca Kaiser |

The background of this logo, color #da6d42, makes the black and white illustration look more standout. If you are going to add text to the logo, consider framing the text with a banner with the color #dce0c9. And then use a dark color for the text so that it will be more readable. Use uppercase letters so that anyone can understand the message.


18. Changed

Created by Matt Crummy |

Color #0001fc becomes the right choice for the main color of your logo. To accompany this color, you may want to use colors #de0eff and #01fefe. Both are neon colors which means you should use them as accent colors only. Use white for the background since this neutral color is going to make your logo look simpler.


19. Kylee Bateman

Created by Kylee Bateman |

Christ was asked to wear a purple cloth as a king. Use this color for the background color of your logo. And then use black for the stone that covers Christ’s tomb. For the empty tomb, pick gold which is going to show people that he has risen. Since there are already some colors on the logo, pick white for the text.


20. Becca Kaiser

Created by Becca Kaiser |

Since Christ is also known as the Lamb of God, you can use a lamb on your easter logo. Make the little lamb hold a cross, and then add a sun behind it to make the lamb look shiny. Use the color #cd3525 for the text and the lamb illustration. And then, for the background, color #eae4ca will be soothing enough.


21. Heath Vester

Created by Heath Vester |

Your simple logo can be very elegant if you can find the right colors. This one has color #46546e for the background and white for the cross illustration that’s framed with two circles. The text on this logo also has white color. It is typed with uppercase letters, which makes your audience understand the message easily. 


22. Gage Hunt Creative

Created by Gage Hunt Creative |

This logo is very luxurious, with black color for the background and some curves inside the circle frame. Those curves create clouds that will make your logo more artistic. It also has a sun in color #ecce8e that standouts between the clouds. The easter text uses a decorative font and color #4b4128 that enhance the elegance of the logo.


23. Easter Egg Hunt

Created by Kendra Gilts |

Need to make the easter logo look more gorgeous? This extraordinary easter logo has the color #c1a12b for the text that’s framed with white shadow. And the background of this logo has a bright color. You can use the same color, which is #ea4527, in the color tool. For the shadow, consider using a darker color like #6e1f14.


24. Erin Pille

Created by Erin Pille |

If you want to frame your easter logo with a circle, place a cross, some clouds, a sun, and some flowering plants inside the circle. Though you’re going to use many ornaments, make sure that there’s enough space for the text. Use a tall font for the text on the logo. The #3d3f29 will be a cool main color for your impressive logo.


25. Evan Travelstead

Created by Evan Travelstead |

Who will be the target audience of your easter logo? If your target audience is female customers, then the color #ff9a88 will be a great option for the text. It makes the text more feminine. Combine the feminine color with a cute font like the decorative script font.


26. Jake Givens

Created by Jake Givens |

This modern and futuristic easter logo has the color #f9ecdc for its background. The unique easter text on it is made of lines and has three different colors. Those colors are #c26728, #dfaa79, and #dfaa79. Those colors are still in the same tone, so they won’t be too crowded for your easter logo.


27. lika sichinava

Created by lika sichinava |

The purple #a732e9 color becomes a royal background of this fascinating easter logo. It makes the best background for the illustration that has colors #af81c9, #eec9f2, and #f8fafb. Some curves around the text of your easter logo will frame it flawlessly and make people fall in love with your extraordinary logo.


28. Michelle Kathryn

Created by Michelle Kathryn |

Trying to use some shades of orange and yellow to make a fantastic and fresh logo? Use the #f59678 for the background of your easter logo. And then use #fcc688 for the text of your logo. If you want to make the text look more realistic, add a shadow behind it. Use the color #f16e50 for the shadow.


29. Adam Roark

Created by Adam Roark |

Christ has risen to become a king and the conqueror of death. He deserved a crown which means you can use a crown as the main object of your easter logo. Color the crown with color #832c1b, and then make sure that you use the same color for the text.


30. Easter Sunday

Created by Jake Givens |

Easter Sunday is the third of the holy events. The first one is the Palm Sunday which is symbolized by the palm leaf icon. The second one is the good Friday, and it is symbolized by the cross. Finally, Easter Sunday is symbolized by the shiny empty tomb. Make the logo look happier by using some shades of orange.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the easter logo designs?

The cultural and symbolic meanings of Easter logo designs are diverse and rich. The cross represents the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, symbolizing sacrifice, redemption, and eternal life. The lamb signifies Jesus as the sacrificial lamb, representing purity, innocence, and the victory of life over death. Easter eggs symbolize new life and rebirth, while flowers like lilies, daffodils, and tulips represent purity, hope, renewal, and the arrival of spring. The Easter bunny, popular in Western cultures, represents fertility, abundance, and the arrival of Easter eggs.

What types of industries are suitable for using easter logo designs?

Easter logo designs can be utilized by a variety of industries to add a festive touch to their branding and promotional materials. Firstly, religious organizations and churches can incorporate Easter logos to visually represent their faith and commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Secondly, businesses in the retail sector, particularly those selling Easter-related products like chocolates, decorations, and gifts, can use Easter logos to attract customers and create a seasonal appeal.

Which colors are commonly used in easter logo designs?

Colors play a crucial role in Easter logo designs, evoking a sense of joy, vibrancy, and seasonal celebration. Traditional Easter colors include pastel hues that symbolize renewal and the arrival of spring. Light shades of pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue are commonly used in Easter logo designs. Pink represents love, compassion, and new beginnings. Purple signifies royalty, penance, and spiritual growth. Yellow symbolizes happiness, positivity, and the sun's warmth. Green represents growth, rebirth, and nature. Blue evokes calmness, serenity, and the sky.

What other symbolisms can I combine with easter logo designs?

In addition to the traditional symbols of Easter, there are several other symbolisms that can be combined with Easter logo designs to enhance their meaning and visual impact. One option is to incorporate elements of nature, such as blooming flowers, butterflies, or birds, symbolizing growth, transformation, and the beauty of spring. Additionally, incorporating symbols of hope, such as a sunrise or a dove, can convey the message of new beginnings and optimism.

Which famous brands or companies are using Easter symbolism in logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have embraced Easter symbolism in their logo designs to align with the holiday spirit and engage their audience. One prominent example is Cadbury, a renowned chocolate brand known for its iconic purple packaging and incorporation of Easter eggs in its logo. Another notable brand is Lindt, which features a golden Easter bunny as a symbol of its Easter-themed chocolate products. Additionally, companies like Hallmark and Target often incorporate Easter-related imagery, such as Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers, in their seasonal logo designs and advertising campaigns.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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