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Article: 30 Best Halloween Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Halloween Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Halloween is when ghosts and goblins roam the streets and witches fly on broomsticks. Check out some of the best Halloween designer logo design ideas!

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

Hey there, fellow creatives! Are you hunting for some spooktacular inspiration for this year's Halloween? Well, you've stumbled upon the right crypt because today, we're digging into some thrilling Halloween logo design ideas that'll knock your socks off. We're all aware that when October rolls around, the world gets a little more eerie, and as graphic designers, we're the ones responsible for crafting that spine-chilling atmosphere through our work. 

Whether it's for a haunted house event, a creepy costume party, or a brand looking to get into the spooky spirit, a well-thought-out Halloween logo can truly make or break the vibe. So, let's dust off those cobwebs and get into the creepy, quirky, and downright fantastic realm of Halloween logo design. It's not just about pumpkins and witches - there's a whole ghostly world to explore. Hold on to your broomsticks because we're about to dive in!


1. spooky boy

Created by Nick Barbaria |

A simple ghost logo in white is a classic Halloween logo design. The ghost on this logo may look simple, but its design is going to draw everyone's attention because of the unusual expression of the ghost. The unique Spooky Boy Halloween logo has two different fonts for the text. One of them is a regular sans-serif font, and the other is a handwritten font.


2. Johnny Cupcakes

Created by Corey Reifinger |

A baker is usually wearing an apron and carrying something sweet. For the Halloween event, dress the grim reaper with an apron. A grim reaper is usually carrying a scythe. But make this grim reaper smile wide while carrying a scythe and a bowl full of dough. Pick black and white for the main colors and then use pink for the accent color.


3. Uncle Fester

Created by Corey Reifinger |

Another scary cupcake logo design to consider is this scary clown logo design. Just like the other two Halloween logos, this one has black and white as the main color. But the accent color is pastel yellow, which looks much softer and more soothing than pink from the previous cupcake logo design. Replace the Skull of Danger logo with a cupcake.


4. Spooky Bunny Buddy

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Black can always be the best color for the background of your Halloween logo. But white is not the only complementary color for black. You can always replace it with other colors like light grayish yellow (#f6f8cb). Use this color to create a spooky bunny ghost with no legs. The pastel color will make the ghost look less scary.


5. Crow beer

Created by Ethan Fender |

In the culture of the modern Western, crows symbolize death and the afterlife. A crown can be a beautiful logo for your Halloween logo design. Crowns are identical to black. But you can use black for the background of your logo. And then use orange to color the crown. Orange is a color that's identical to pumpkin and Halloween.


6. Raven Ranch

Created by Coric Design |

The Raven is a symbol of bravery, and it becomes an excellent object for your Halloween logo. But if you want to make it look scarier and spookier, consider using the skull of a raven instead of the whole head of the bird. A strong red (#cc3f2b) is going to be a nice color for the background of your raven Halloween logo design.


7. Cursed Cemetary

Created by Saurav Karmoker |

Halloween is identical to many things. Instead of using only one ornament of Halloween, consider using some different ornaments on one Halloween logo design. For example, this one has tombstones, bats, an owl, a pumpkin, a wizard, and a sacred tree in the middle of the cemetery. The combination of orange and black enhances the scary look of the logo.


8. Sisters of Fate

Created by Jason Carne |

Can you spot the sisters on this logo? Both sisters are only symbolized by the white eyes. The rest of the logo is the text of the brand. Vivid green, orange, and deep purple create a spooky look on the logo. White eyes will only neutralize the colorful Halloween logo design. The scary logo uses uppercase letters and a tall font.


9. Trick or Treat

Created by Nagual |

Even a bottle can be creepy on Halloween. The bottle on this logo has an eye, a creepy mouth, and a pair of evil wings. Its red color makes the angry face of the bottle look even creepier. If there's text on the logo, make sure that you color it red as well. It is the color of blood.


10. Two crow

Created by Favela Design |

Two crows on this logo actually look cute with their wide eye. But they're perching on a skull, and there's a black shadow on the ground. Is it blood? However, the Two Evils text under the skull logo makes it creepier. Black and white are enough to make a scary Halloween logo design.



Created by Ivan |

The Haunt logo has a doorknob and an eye under its keyhole. This doorknob has a crescent moon on top of it and a pair of horns like it is something alive. The key and a bone are hung on the letter U of the Haunt text. The dark marble color of the doorknob and the text makes the logo creepier.


12. Dead Skull

Created by Alberto Bernabe |

Gray and black will create a cool and creepy background for your Halloween logo design. A skull is the most famous object for Halloween logos; you can use it on your Halloween logo as well. Place it in the middle of the logo and then add some sunbeam rays around it to make it shiny. Silver font and skull will blend well with the background.


13. Shahbaz Tahir

Created by Shahbaz Tahir |

A Halloween text is enough to make your logo look creepy. This white Halloween text may look simple, but it has three smiling mouths and two creepy eyes on some letters. Since Halloween is identical to pumpkin and its orange color, the background adopts two shades of orange. And since you're going to add emoticons in the text, pick a modern font.


14. Salem Broom Co.

Created by Jordan Kabalka |

Salem Broom Co features a magic broom and the pointed hat of a witch. It has a black color, a decorative font, and a regular sans-serif font, all in black colors. If you are going to use two different fonts, one of them should be a decorative font, and the other should be a regular font. Use monochromatic colors.


15. Werewolf

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

A werewolf is another famous object for a Halloween logo. Make your logo look super scary by designing a werewolf holding a magic crystal ball. Use some colors like orange and black that will enhance the scary look of the werewolf logo. If you want it to look less scary, use a pastel yellow for the background and as an accent color.



Created by Andrey Shestakov |

This sinister logo has a grim reaper holding its scythe and trying to look at the audience through its long black cloth. The grim reaper doesn't show its whole face, but it still looks creepy. And monochromatic colors used on the logo enhance the creepy look. There's nothing better than the black logo on white background; it is not only classic but also timeless.


17. Darina Darvin

Created by Darina Darvin |

Here's another simple black-and-white logo. Black makes the bat ghost looks creepier. However, its face looks cute with its grin. It also has black Halloween text with a handwritten font and uppercase letters. The white background eases you to spot the cute but scary bat ghost. It also allows you to read the Halloween text very easily.


18. Marcus Rentsch

Created by Marcus Rentsch |

If you love the idea of white for the background of your logo, but you're not going to use black for the logo, then consider using orange. It is the color of Halloween. Use some ornaments of Halloween, like a pumpkin, a tombstone, a black cat staring right at you, and a bat flying in the sky.


19. Kotliar Ivan

Created by Kotliar Ivan |

Jack-o'-lantern will be the best object for your Halloween logo design. This logo has a jack-o'-lantern that's not orange. The black color makes this jack-o'-lantern creepier, especially with its scary facial expression and thin 'hair' on top of it. You don't even have to add any text to make it look scary.


20. Catacombs

Created by Jonathan Ball |

This Catacombs logo design has a special look because of the green color. The text on this logo has a dark color that makes it more readable. A cute little spider leaves its web around the letters and accentuates the Halloween vibe of the logo.


21. Headless Horseman

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

The Headless Horseman is actually a very scary logo design, but it looks less creepy because of the unique gold-colored illustration. It is an illustration of a man riding a horse. But the man has no head. Instead, he is holding a pumpkin with a smiling face. The dark red background color was designed to make it look creepier.


22. Puro Truco Gang

Created by David Espinos |

You sure can use some different objects on your Halloween logo. This one has four unusual creatures at once. However, they share the same colors: deep blue (#171930), pink (#f6737f), grayish blue (#658f9d), and soft yellow (#faf8d2). If you want to add text to the logo, make sure that you use one font for the main text and complementary text.


23. Forever Sinkin'

Created by Egg Doodle |

You don't have to use dark colors for the Halloween logo design. This one, for example, has a coffin as the main object of the Halloween logo. But the coffin has a light brown color and some accents of yellow around the coffin. The background of the logo has a pale red color (#ffbeca) which makes the logo look cute instead of creepy.


24. Witch

Created by Patrick Mahoney |

Pure lime green color (#00ff01) can be the best option for your Halloween logo. It is a neon color that will match the dark-colored background. The light grayish blue (#dbdce0) is used for the small rope that's uniting the bones to create the neon green Witch text. Place this creepy bone logo on a black background and make everyone read it easily.


25. Watch Your Back!

Created by Eric Lee |

The logo is telling you to literally watch your back. It has an illustration of a snake squeezing a knife, but the knife cuts its back. The logo has black and light gray as the main colors. The blood-red color is only used as an accent color, but it is enough to scare everyone who sees your logo.


26. Phillies

Created by Chris Vasque |

The Phillies logo is inspired by a mummy. The Phillies text on this logo is fully covered. And the two letters I on the text have a skull replacing its tittles. Black is still the main color of this Halloween logo. But the text has the color of bandages, and the skull has a bone-white color instead of pure white.


27. Konstantin Reshetnikov

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

This is a unique Halloween logo because of the color #a7ad7d for its background. This color is not usually used for Halloween logos. But it looks scary because of the chocolate brown werewolf and white full moon illustration on the logo.


28. Dark Carnival

Created by Brad Hansen |

The Dark Carnival Halloween logo has a black castle looking scary because of the white crescent moon, a white spirit coming out of the chimney, and black bats flying around the house. It also has two jack-o'-lanterns in front of the house. Black, orange, and white never fail to create a creepy Halloween design.


29. Spooky Groceries

Created by Rebekah Rhoden |

This logo looks super creepy and spooky because of the unusual font for the text. The skull makes the logo scarier. On the top corner of this logo, there's a small tombstone that enhances the creepy look of the design.


30. Hello Queen

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

The queen on this logo doesn't have flesh and blood, only a skeleton and a smiling skull. She is wearing a veil and a crown on her head. The pink crown matches the rose she is carrying. This is the most gorgeous Halloween queen you may want to create. Use black for the background of the logo.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a Halloween logo design?

Halloween logo designs are creative and spooky graphic representations specifically crafted to capture the spirit of Halloween. As a professional graphic designer, you have the opportunity to create unique logos that embody the essence of this popular holiday. Halloween logo designs often feature iconic elements such as pumpkins, bats, witches, ghosts, or skeletons. Incorporating eerie color schemes, creepy fonts, and clever visual concepts can enhance the overall impact. These logos are perfect for businesses, events, or individuals looking to add a touch of Halloween charm to their branding.

Which colors are commonly used in Halloween logo designs?

In Halloween logo designs, there are specific colors that are commonly used to evoke the spooky and festive atmosphere of the holiday. As a professional graphic designer, you can experiment with various shades to create captivating visuals. Dark and moody colors like black, deep purple, and blood red are popular choices. These colors convey a sense of mystery and add a touch of drama to the design. Additionally, orange, the color of pumpkins, is a quintessential hue associated with Halloween. Combining these colors can create a visually striking logo that captures the spirit of the holiday.

Which industry niche commonly uses Halloween logo designs?

Halloween logo designs find widespread use across various industry niches, adding a touch of seasonal charm to their branding. As a professional graphic designer, you can explore exciting opportunities in sectors like entertainment, hospitality, retail, and events. Haunted houses, costume shops, candy stores, and Halloween-themed parties often embrace these logos to create a festive vibe. Movie studios, theaters, and streaming platforms may also incorporate Halloween logos to promote spooky films and series. Moreover, businesses hosting special promotions or sales during the Halloween season can benefit from eye-catching logos.

What are the successful examples of Halloween logo designs?

When it comes to successful Halloween logo designs, there are some remarkable examples that inspire graphic designers. One notable example is the logo of the "Haunted Hallow" amusement park, featuring a spooky tree with glowing eyes and bats flying around. Another successful design is the "Boo-tiful Bakery" logo, which incorporates playful ghosts and vibrant colors to convey a fun and festive atmosphere. Additionally, the "Creepsville Cinema" logo cleverly combines a haunted house silhouette with a film reel, capturing the essence of Halloween and cinema.

Which design styles are often used to create Halloween logo designs?

When it comes to Halloween logo designs, there are several design styles that are commonly used to capture the essence of the holiday. As a graphic designer, you can explore styles like vintage, grunge, hand-drawn, and minimalist. Vintage styles evoke a nostalgic Halloween feel with aged textures, ornate typography, and classic illustrations. Grunge styles create a spooky and worn-out look with distressed elements and splattered textures. Hand-drawn styles add a personal and whimsical touch, while minimalist designs simplify the concept to its core elements, relying on clean lines and limited colors.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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