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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Event Planner Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Event Planner Logo Design

Hope your party and event are as good as your pin on Pinterest!
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic coach logo design!
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Event planners are one type of business that has been booming in recent years. The increasing number of ways in which social events are held in the social life of the world's people makes many event planner businesses appear to meet the existing demand. In business, including event planners, branding identity becomes a very crucial thing in determining whether the business will be well known by the public or not. With a unique branding and positioning display, a planner business can become more famous and find customers who match their targets.

One way to make branding identity better is to have a good logo design that reflects your business identity well. Through this logo, you not only display an attractive visual but also make the public aware of what is the hallmark of your event planner business.

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Every event planner business certainly has its style when organizing an event. Whether it's in the aspect of the services offered, the types of events that can be covered, style expertise in decoration, and many others. If you want your business to be more known and able to reach people who are specific to your market, then you can display a niche branding to make it easier for you to do that.

All businesses, regardless of the type or specifications of the business, require a strong and authentic logo design. You can think of this logo as the face of your business in the public eye, which will determine how your business will be remembered, discussed, and referred to by many people. Therefore, even though your event planner business is still on a small scale, you cannot underestimate the appearance of your logo symbol.

If you want to make an event planner logo design that is good, unique, and can reflect your brand identity well, then you can follow some of the tips below.

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1. Think About A Strong Identity

Now, there are already many event planner business scales; the numbers may have grown quite far when compared to a few years ago. This means that although the market is also growing, the number of competitors in the market has also increased drastically. This large number of competitors may seriously hinder your business from being able to get a lot of clients. One of the best ways to overcome this is to make your brand stand out with a stronger brand identity.

Being strong here doesn't mean you have to plan out personality branding that is eccentric or bold, or extreme. You can also use soft or elegant identity branding; it's up to you. The most important thing is that the branding of the entity you choose must be consistent and specific and also appear prominent when compared to the branding of other event planner businesses around you.

You can first observe the businesses around you, mostly branding, like what they use. If you find a lot of similarities in these identities, your next option is to decide whether you want to use the same branding identity as well or instead use a different identity to appear more stand out. If you want to use the same branding as well, you can also package it in a stronger or specific style so it doesn't seem generic when compared to your competitors.

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2. Create A Moodboard

If you are not someone who works in the creative field or are not familiar with terms in the design world, you may still not know about mood boards. A mood board is a board created as an aid for you to determine the theme, concept, and overall feel for your design later. 

This board can be filled with various things that inspire you and also guide you for the appearance of your logo. You can fill it with images, textures, colors, text, and various other elements that you use in your logo. This mood board can be used as a guide to creating a consistent branding style and concept. 

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If you still don't know which design concept you want to use later in your design, you can create more than one mood board and compare them with each other later. This way, you can get a more concrete visualization of how your logo will appear rather than just ideas in your head. You can make this board digitally or conventionally. 

Creating a digital mood board is chosen by many people because it is easier and more practical. But if you want to get a more real and inspiring feel for you, you can provide a special board and paste the various elements you find for your design onto it.

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3. Plan A Framework

Mood Boards may not be an option for everyone. If you don't like using a mood board to determine the direction of your logo design in the future, you can also use various media frameworks that can guide you to collect the basis for your logo design. Many people prefer to use a list framework instead of using a mood board. So, you can prepare a piece of paper or digital notes and write down what design elements you want to use in your design.

You can also start by creating a mindmap. This method is the easiest way to be able to produce creative designs. Previously you have determined what kind of branding you want to use; you can use this as the basis for your mindmap. So, for example, if you want to create strong, bold, luxurious branding, you can list any elements that can help you visualize it in the logo. So you can add words like gold, wood, dark colors, and various other things.

Using mind maps as your framework is highly recommended by various professional designers who are used to designing unique and creative logos. In this way, too, you are less likely to create a generic or mediocre logo; you can create an extraordinary and unique logo that was never thought of before.

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4. Create A Versatile Logo

In this day and age, there are a lot of media that are used to help brand and market your business. Nowadays, people don't only display their logo on storefront signs, brochures, or in their products, but the logo design is now also displayed on various digital media. Social media plays a very important role in business performance in this modern world. 

To make your business get more exposure than if you only use conventional marketing, you can use social media content marketing. In this context, of course, you must be able to display your logo in various sizes and fields.

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Therefore, you have to take this into account. Create a logo that can be placed in multiple places, regardless of size or medium. One of the main keys that you need to remember is to use a simple logo so that even though it is small, the logo can still be seen clearly.

Not only in digital media, but a simple logo will also help your logo to be easier to see from afar, which will be very useful if you want to build your shop and put a sign in front of it. People who see the sign of your store from a distance can even become interested in your business later.

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5. Plan Out Your Design by Sketching

In a business event planner, the visual aspect is one of the most important aspects for you to pay attention to. Most of your business will be related to planning a good event, and your logo design can give potential clients an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčyour abilities, especially if you are still a small business and still don't have a good reputation.

After finding various references and building an adequate framework, the next step you have to do is to plan in detail the appearance of the logo design, not just the basic concept. You can do this by sketching various display ideas that you want. You can create several logos or even up to tens if you want to explore as many options as possible.

The more sketches you have, the more likely you will get more interesting ideas that can make your logo look out of the box. Try to sketch as many logo ideas as possible that come across your mind. You can sketch using digital materials or only with paper and pen; it's up to you. By trying to sketch it directly, you can play with the proportions and also the placement of each element better than just imagining it.

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6. Choose The Best Sketch Options

The next stage is to choose which sketch you like the most and which is suitable for branding your business event planner. If at the sketching stage you have made dozens of sketches, now you have to narrow it down and choose which design is the best for you to choose as the final look you will use.

This decision may require a lot of consideration, as your final decision will greatly determine the image of your business later, and it is okay. It's not your time to see which displays have the most potential and can be appealing to your target customers. 

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At this stage, although you still have to choose the best one among the others, you don't have to make all the ideas that you have created. You can save 1-3 other best looks for you to use as alternatives in case you change your mind, or after your survey, it turns out that your final choice is no more appealing than your previous sketch.

Save some options that you can develop later if, in the next design stage, the appearance that you chose before turns out to be not so satisfying to you. In the design process, change of mind always happens; even professionals still do it.

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7. Create Your Own Graphic Elements

If you look closely at the logos of other event planner businesses, you will see a lot of logos that have pretty similar ornaments in them. Usually, this ornament is in the form of a curve decoration with a floral theme or classical details. This is fine for you to use in your design. But if you want to use an ornament theme like this, you have to use a good design that can still make your brand different and look unique compared to other logos.

The similarity of the concept and the selection of ornaments in your logo mark will greatly determine the appearance and image that people get when they see your business later. We all certainly want to create a design that will make people amazed when they see it. Therefore, you must use ornaments that can look impressive too.

You can use a thicker curvy design or maybe a floral ornament with different flowers from many other businesses. It's not just the type of appearance that you should pay attention to. You also need to adjust this ornament with your branding. Don't just because you see other event planner logo designs using a lot of similar ornaments; you also want to use them to fit in even though they don't match your branding design. In business, often, being different is something you have to achieve.

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8. Benchmark From The Best

The skill to design a good logo is not a skill that everyone can master overnight. For that, if you are someone who is not used to designing a logo at all, you can try the imitate and modify method. You can see inspirational ideas from various professional designers' works, then implement them in your design, but in your style.

In the design world, of course, there are lots of interesting ideas that you can imitate for your business logo design to make it look more attractive, whether in terms of color, elements, typeface style, or other inspiration. You can analyze one by one professional logos that you like and take some elements that are interesting factors in the design. Later you can imitate the element, modify it, and combine it with other interesting elements that you find in other designs.

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9. Ask For Feedback & Finalize

Whether you like it or not, the opinion of others is a very important thing in determining whether a logo design is good or not. Keep in mind that you will use this logo design as the face and representative of your business event planner, so of course, you want to display the best design and be liked by the general public. You can ask other people's opinions about your design as a trial run before the logo is officially launched as a symbol for your business. Ask people around; it can be your friends, relatives, or family.

Invite them to give an honest opinion that first comes to their mind. If they don't like it, also ask what can be improved from the logo. Asking for opinions from other people who are not professional designers may be quite confusing because they also cannot provide clear and constructive criticism. But at least you can still know how the public will react when they see your logo later because most of the public are not professional designers.

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10. Test Your Logo With Mockups

When you've designed a lot of logos and done a lot of revisions and research, but your logo design still can't appeal to people around or satisfy those around you, the last tip you can use is to use an automatic logo generator. There are many free logo design generators that you can use for your business. These generators can usually also design a logo specifically according to your line of business, so they can also provide a good logo event planner design display.

But you can use these tips as the last option that you only use when you don't find any other way out. Logo design for a business, let alone an event planner, plays a huge role in your brand, so the design must be really well made and well planned. If you use a free generator, then you have a lot of chances that your logo will look similar or even the same as other business logos, and of course, you don't want that for your brand, right?

Although it can be customized again, certainly, there will be a very clear difference between a logo that is well designed compared to a logo that is only created in a few minutes via a generator.

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Final Words

The ten tips above are some tips from professional designers that we have summarized to make it easier to understand and do for those of you who want to design an event planner logo design as a beginner. If you want to have a logo that is not only cool but also unique and makes your brand stand out, make sure to pay attention to the tips above and put them into practice in your design process.

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