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Article: 30 Best Minimalist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Minimalist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It’s not about having less; instead, it’s about making more room for what matters.
Check out some of the best minimalist logo design ideas we have curated!
Created by MEDUZZA |

The logo is one of the important components of a brand. The better the logo, the more it will stick in people's hearts. Many logo design inspirations exist as references, such as the following 30 best minimalist logo designs. You should check.

The minimalist logo is currently a lot of choices. Minimalism does not mean shortcomings and weaknesses but trying to adapt to all conditions. However, it is still valuable and elegant.

List of 30 Best Minimalist Logo Designs You Should Check

The designers are more interested in making a minimalist design because it has an impact on the public's assessment of a product. In general, well-known brands in the world use a minimalist logo because it is easy for consumers to remember.

Here are some examples of minimalist symbol designs that have every characteristic as the references for you:


1. JDI Broker

Created by Solar Digital |

JDI Broker is a brokerage firm on FOB BS Market in Geneva, Switzerland. The JDI Broker sign by Solar Digital has a special meaning. The design uses a quarter circle and other patterns that are placed in several places abstractly.

The choice of the symbol has its meaning. One of them indicates the plant element, which is a source of export. In addition, the logo also means the main value of the product sold in the market.


2. Fice Acts

Created by Walter Mattos |

Five Acts is an old brand that updated its design in 2020. This company was established in 2005. The purpose of this logo change is to show its new identity and reframe its brand.

The person who designed the Five Acts was Walter Mattos. Logos that use these five dots show identity. Therefore, the meaning is transformation through data and goes beyond data. Five Acts is dominated by white and blue.



Created by Marcio Nascimento |

Pats is one of the minimalist designs for a logo by Marcio Nascimento. It is an engineering and construction company. Pats uses a minimalist logo using only letters. However, the font selection is unique enough to make the logo easy to remember.

Pat's logo uses precise lettering to indicate that this is a construction area. However, the mission of the company is to meet customer demands with quality, speed, sustainability, and transparency.


4. Conta 48

Created by Rafael Silveira |

Conta 48 is one of the 30 best minimalist logo designs. You should check. Rafael Silveira is the person who creates the logo design. This is a business brand that uses a minimalist design concept. The symbol consists of a simple pattern, letters, and numbers.

The basic colors by Conta 48 are bright green and black. This brand carries a combination of squares and semi-circles with a square in the middle. Furthermore, this logo's creativity is not only for t-shirts and jackets but also for glasses, shirts, and others.


5. Brila

Created by DEBUT |

Loto Brila looks like the number 10 at first glance, but it's not. Debut, the designer, designs the logo as a model for the letter B. The main character of the Brila logo is to use the unique letter B plus the letter "rila" next to it.

This business brand uses three color combinations, namely yellow, blue and white. It is for the use of t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and others. In conclusion, Please note that Brila is a brand that is engaged in laboratory ideas.


6. Kenchi

Created by Jessica Strelioff |

Usually, minimalist designs have short letters. For example, Kenchi was by Jessica Strelioff. The Kenchi symbol looks very ordinary but has value. Strelioff uses a special curve in the letter K. This is what makes it look different.

While the other letters are just ordinary. Kenchi is a browser for providing support and empowering teams. That way, work teams in the world can work more optimally. The unique meaning of the letter K is a new pathway and strong feedback.


7. Fammi

Created by Fammi Digital Creative |

One of the 30 best minimalist logo designs You should check Is Fammi. The Fammi logo was by Fammi Digital Creative. This is a digital company based in Italy. This company focuses on design agencies and digital marketing.

While the Fammi symbol is a symbol of personality, young-minded, seriousness, and modernity, in addition, Fammi is an Italian who means to make me. If seen, the unique side of the Fammi logo is on the letters F and A.


8. Yaza

Created by graphicstock bd |

Yaza is one of the logo designs by Graphicstock Bd. This is a design seller service that serves logos and other needs. The Yaza logo is a blend of pattern and writing. Thus, it is a long triangle with a semi-circle above it.

Then, on the left side is written yaza in ordinary letters. The triangular design is placed on the left to form something abstract. To add an elegant and professional impression, Yaza uses basic dark blue and black colors.


9. The Green Dot

Created by Raz Keren |

The Green Dot has a minimalistic symbol. The design by Raz Keren is only in the form of one letter pattern, namely an italicized G. For The Green Dot, the symbol change is a system change.

Then, the meaning of The Green Dot symbol is financial contribution and commitment to environmental sustainability. G symbolizes the planet, ecosystem, and protection. However, the current G symbol is a more minimalistic change than before.


10. Planalize

Created by Taymoor Ilyas |

Taymoor Ilyas is the one who creates the Planalize symbol. The Planalize design has a luxurious yet minimalist impression. Therefore, Using the letter P makes up two patterns consisting of a long semi-circle and a parallelogram.

Penalize has a quote: a goal without a plan is just a wish. From the logo, it can be seen that Planalize has a modern vision for the future. So, the light blue and dark blue colors in the symbol make the design feel even more flaming.


11. Reech

Created by Aleksey Busygin |

Compared to others, Reech has the most minimalist design. This design was by Alexsey Busygin. Therefore, The Reech symbol only uses one rectangle with a horizontal position and one parallelogram placed on the top right side.

The meaning of making the symbol is for someone to keep moving forward and keep fighting to achieve their dreams. In addition, Reech comes from the word Reach, which means to continue to reach more customers.


12. Technopodium

Created by Aleksey Busygin |

As the name suggests, Technopodium is an online store that sells gadgets and various solutions for smart homes. The person who creates the Technopodium logo is Aleksey Busygin.

The Technopodium symbol design is unique because it uses the letters T and P in the form of a barcode. Therefore, they are shaped like regular lines. It consists of five long and short lines, and the inscription Technopodium becomes two lines beside it.


13. Fresh Brands

Created by Symbol Studio |

Fresh Brands is one of the 30 best minimalist logo designs. You should check. The logo by Symbol Studies looks like an image of a flag with a circle dot below it. Fresh Brans is a company in the fashion sector.

Although like a flag, this company symbol is the letter F. The purpose of creating a Fresh Brands symbol design is to create dynamic branding under developing trends.


14. Liggo

Created by byhaus studio |

Byhaus Studio creates a unique and minimalistic Liggo logo. Liggo is a successful production management platform in its field. The company is very optimistic about building harmony between machines and humans.

The Liggo symbol design is very simple because it only uses text. However, the two G's have a unique model design. Liggo uses a green base color to make it easier to remember by communities.


15. Modelari

Created by MEDUZZA |

Modelari is a minimalist logo by Meduzza. This design has a minimalist but luxurious concept. Although at first glance, it only takes the letter M in a slightly curved fashion, the design is very easy to remember.

Modelari is a very popular dental clinic that dominates the market. Therefore, many people come to the clinic. The M logo is called a smile, modernity, technology, leadership, and security. Many people find this design unique.


16. Rede Arquitetos

Created by Walter Mattos |

Walter Mattos creates a minimalist sign for an architectural collaboration studio called Rede Arquitetos. Located in Brazil, this community created a new design after ten years of existence.

The unique symbol is a combination of the letters R and A. In addition, the symbol also means unity, network, and synchronicity. Apart from being minimalist, the Rede Arquitetos symbol also has a modern feel.


17. Keyko

Created by Yana Ivanova |

The next one of the 30 best minimalist logo designs You should check is Keyko. Keyko is a company engaged in the beverage sector, namely matcha tea. Yana Ivanova is the one who creates the minimalist design.

Characteristics of the Keyko symbol are to use of a unique font, especially the letter K. Then, above the letters, there are vertical lines and semi-circles. The Keyko Logo design is in line with the business vision, which is to create harmony and peace.


18. M. Patisserie

Created by Vincdesign |

M. Patisserie is a cake company based in Hong Kong. To show a professional image, VincDesign creates the M symbol. The letter M is taken from the name of the founder of the company, namely Manci Man.

Meanwhile, to add a minimalist impression, the designer provides a black-and-white color combination for the symbol brand. From the very beginning, for this brand, Manci was committed to contributing to the wider community.


19. Folk

Created by iframe design studio |

Folk is a local street food that sells various types of food. Even so, Inframe Design Studio creates a simple and minimalist symbol for this brand. To be more elegant, Folk uses a combination of dark blue and red.

The food brand has a vision of creating great food for customers. For the symbol character, use letters by changing the shape of the letters F and K. Therefore, the letter F looks like K. Then, at the top right is given the words Local Street Food.


20. Linka

Created by Logo awesomme |

One of the references from the 30 best minimalist logo designs You should check is Linka. The Linka logo design was by Logo Awesome. The brand identity is very minimalist because it only uses one pattern and one word.

The left side of Linka uses a 90-degree elbow shape. Then in the middle, there is an additional small circle. The elbow shape is like the letter L. While on the right side, the words Linka are added.


21. TechTronic

Created by Maro Studio |

Techtronic is one of the brand's designs by Maro Studio. Techtronic not only has a minimalist symbol but is also simple and elegant. This brand took the parallelogram pattern and added stripes to it. Then, the words Tecktronic are placed on the right side.

Techtronic is a Fintech startup. The symbol design is also very young. Therefore, this design suits today's startups. Besides being young, the symbol also looks modern following the times.


22. Sam LLC

Created by Essam Eldin Saad |

The next minimalist symbol reference is SAM LLC. Essam Eldin Saad is the one who designs this symbol. This symbol is simple because it only uses letters that say SAM LLC. However, the minimalist impression of this design is shown by the precise font shape.

The symbol concept has a purpose and meaning. One of them is strength. In addition, the SAM LLC logo also means aerodynamics, building, and development. The interesting side of the logo is the modification of the letter A.


23. Facto

Created by Eduardo Grunow |

Facto is a brand that has a unique design. The design is simple and minimalist but has a different model from the symbol in general. The shape is like the letter F with the addition of two semi-circles on the left side.

This brand has the vision to create products professionally. This matches the symbol. Moreover, the color chosen uses two color gradations, namely light green and dark green. In addition, the designer has also added Facto writing on the right side.


24. ICC

Created by Mateus Cardoso |

ICC also has a minimalist symbol design. This is the International Christian Center. The ICC symbol designer is Mateus Cardoso. His prowess can create unique designs that are easily recognized by the public.

The characteristic of the ICC symbol is to use of two semi-circles. Then combine the two so that they become a unit to form a beautiful pattern. Then, on top of it, added a small circle pattern. Usually, this logo is equipped with an image of Jesus as a background.


25. Blue Core

Created by Tu Nga Nguyen |

The more minimalist a symbol is, the more elegant it will be. One of them is the Blue Core by Tu Nga Nguyen. The Blue Core symbol design is one of three long lines that are placed sideways in a row.

Previously, Blue Core had undergone a symbol change. The new logo has a simpler model. Blue Core is a tour company that helps travelers to enjoy the core ocean. Therefore, this brand is synonymous with the color blue.


26. Vedfox

Created by Nayeem Mondol |

Redfox is a minimalist design by Nayeem Mondol. Despite having a simple design, Vedfox is quite luxurious because it uses several color gradations. These colors are red, pink, yellow, purple, and blue.

Redfox has the shape of two inclined parallelograms. Then combined into one. In comparison, the writing of Vedfox is right below the design. The symbol model represents the letter V as the icon of the Vedfox brand.


27. Avantguard

Created by Andrey Tifanof |

Avantguard is one of the 30 best minimalist logo designs. You should check which has a unique model. Andrey Tifanof makes this design with a mix of cubes and triangles. The cube is on the outside, and the triangle is on the inside.

The Avant-Garde logo is for various types of goods. For example, jackets, t-shirts, pens, glasses, flash drives, and others. With this minimalist design, these items become more elegant and classy.


28. Jonathan Filmiano

Created by Jonathan Filmiano |

This symbol design was by Jonathan Filmiano in a very simple design. The model only uses the letter J with a combination of black and white basic colors.

Even though it only uses one letter, it modifies the font so well that it looks like a combination of two patterns.


29. Paulo Martins

Created by Paulo Martins |

Paulo Martins creates Paulo's designs. This minimalistic symbol is for himself, a graphic designer. In his design, Paul uses regular letters with modifications to the letter O.

With this design, Paulo is committed to innovation and transformation. Therefore, he hopes to become someone professional. So, it is understood that the creation of the Paulo symbol was aimed at personal branding.


30. Tradex

Created by Lipon Rayhan |

Tradex is a unique minimalist logo. This design was by Lipon Rayhan with white color and orange background. The Tradex symbol is like the letter Y upside down. Usually, this design is for use in hats, clothes, and others.

Although simple, Tradex has a modern design and is in line with today's progress. The symbol is also easy for the public to remember.


Final Words

Those are the 30 best minimalist logo designs. You should check. The logos above are with the vision and mission of each company. That's because the logo gives a company the power to be better. To become a logo expert, one needs to learn and practice every day. Some examples of minimalist logo designs above are the inspiration for you. Hence, congratulations to the graphic designers in the world.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!


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