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Article: 30 Best Modern Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Modern Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Simplicity is truly the ultimate form of sophistication.
Check out some of the best modern logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Vincent Puppet | -

We live in a modern era where everything has modern culture, lifestyle, mindset, and place. A logo design should be modern too, so it will look modern. Because time flies, everything should be done in accordance. Look at the logo design of Metaverse, Facebook, Twitter, Starbucks, Burger King, etc. They have transformed their logos into a modern and minimalist mode to bring an impact on their branding. 

Well, in this article, we will inspire you by providing the 30 best modern logo designs that can be a reference when you need to create a logo.

As we know, the logo is the most important thing in every business. Whatever the product, the logo design should be attractive to buyers because it does not only increase their interest but also increases the selling value. We have the best modern logo designs, from color combinations, symbol display shapes, and typographic styles to concepts. Here is the list of modern designs from various world brands.


1. Letron

Created by Leyning Ferraz |

The first design we will discuss is the Letron icon. The color of the entire font uses black, while the designer's background only chooses a plain white color. As in the picture, the atmosphere displayed in the form of purple and black lights makes this icon look more modern. Letron's icon design is suitable for electronics brands that sell gadgets. Letron is great for smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, computers, PCs, and hardware icons.


2. Daybreak

Created by Daybreak Studio |

The Daybreak symbol has the basic shape of a semicircle. But modified like a fan that has six frames. If you look at it in more detail, this semicircle shape is also like the letter D, which is the prefix of the name of the dawn symbol. This logo only uses symbols and does not use the words of the symbol's name. The monochrome concept is also felt in the Daybreak symbol. 


3. Soma

Created by Lucas Matheus |

The symbol of Soma is designed using a unique font, making the design look very futuristic. Designers combine black, white, grey, and green. The combination is very attractive, especially for young people. This type of font is great for someone who is going to set up a clothing or shoe brand shop. The arrangement and the number of writings do not affect the aesthetics of this symbol. So, if you are interested in Soma's design, you can choose it to be your modern design.


4. Appetito

Created by Ooh my brand! |

The smile on the logo symbolizes happiness when you have an appetite for food. When seeing this icon, Appetito, it uses the white font, and the font also looks modern as it gives you love and red background. It makes everyone who sees this icon in a fast food bag want to try and eat it. The background in this modern logo design is suitable for emerging the appetite since yellow is one of the colors which is believed to be good for appetizing.  


5. Stanley’s Invest

Created by Ritter Design |

An identity card is important for everyone. As in the realistic image, Stanley's Invest is very impressive and modern to be used as a business card for a company. The font chosen by the designer for Stanley's Invest is so catchy and futuristic that it looks professional. The type of font used is a stencil font style which was modified again by the designer. The grey color that is displayed is also very elegant.


6. Ego

Created by Stepan Solodkov |

This symbol has a four-leaf clover shape. The first and the second symbolize the character of the Ego; powerful and beautiful. At the same time, the third and the fourth leaf symbolize the prosperity of life and great wealth. In this design, you cannot only find a clover leaf image, but also there is a sharp square image, the shape of this icon follows the clover leaf image, which is aligned next to the icon. 


7. Otto

Created by Nero Atelier |

In this work, we will see a very simple design. Otto's design is very simple, starting from the first word font to the end, which makes it look very simple but charismatic in white and carries a solid black background that is more striking and very fantastic. This logo design is for the automotive industry. If you want to open a business associated with automotive or vehicles, then this reference is good for you. Examples of businesses that are appropriate are workshops, dealers, and oil brands.


8. Quest

Created by Markhor Studio |

The letter Q symbol on the Quest Logo has character and excellence; the red color in the background can give a positive aura so that it can burn high spirits to achieve success and dispel all obstacles that stand in front of life the philosophy of Quest. The combination of grey font color and the red background turned out to be very suitable for a symbol. The unique and trendy shape of the Symbol is perfect for any shoe or watch brand.


9. Numeraz

Created by Lucas Matheus |

The Numeraz design looks like a premium logo. The letter E is eccentric and easy to spot because of its uniqueness. Backgrounds with various colors, ranging from black, grey, and light green, that can be adjusted with the font color provide many good options. There is a ruler in this design as an illustration of the word Numeraz. It is cool, isn't it?


10. Angelik

Created by Lucas Matheus |

The name Angelik sounds unique, but the Angelik symbol is no less unique than the name. The impression you feel when you see this design is masculine. Because this symbol uses a combination of black and white, both the color of the writing and the color of the back of the writing, this design is great for a brand that puts out face wash products for men. Consumers will be interested in buying if the icon is made cool, like the Angelik symbol.


11. Low

Created by An Open Understanding |

If you look at this logo closely, it is not exactly a LOW symbol. However, you will find LO.W instead. The fresh-colored furniture as the background has shown people that the business has focused on furniture and home appliances. The choices of color have given a modern touch as well as luxury to the furniture. The word LOW itself has brought some attractive points for people. They would be curious, what is being LOW here? 


12. Goldmac

Created by Cilas Souza |

Another modern icon that engages the futuristic style is Goldmac. The beautiful font design depicts Goldman's charisma; the background design is wavy and combined with black and white colors to form waves. This is very suitable for companies engaged in electronics. For example, smartphone shops, laptop shops, and other electronics stores can use this modern logo. If you are looking for a concept like the Goldmac icon, then this is for you.


13. Avisto

Created by Mateus Seifert |

The icon design on Avisto is almost similar to the Goldmac icon. He uses a 3D wave pattern, as shown in the image. However, what makes the Goldmac logo different is the background color and the model of the Avisto writing icon. Avisto uses purple in the background. Icons like Avisto fit part of the symbol of the brand of an electric car of the era.


14. Cubeic

Created by Shahid Khan |

Symbol Cubeic is a design that looks modern but also minimalist. This is because the shape of the selected letter is not too much variation. But the shape of the Cubeic icon is very impressive, the shape of the icon that is illustrated is like a cubic shape, but parts are missing to make this icon good. The background icon uses an abstract shape in a combination of blue, purple, black, and white.


15. Vazquez

Created by Zantana |

The icon that we will discuss next is Vazquez. The visible symbol gives the impression of peace and calm. This impression is obtained from the choice of colors taken by the designer. Vazquez's writing form also does not use a crowded and heavy font. What makes Vazques the best modern logo is the combination of the right and good background, arrangement, and font shape.


16. Magic Media Productions

Created by Haider Mami |

Magic Media Productions is another modern logo design to consider. This icon is rectangular. The shape describes that the shape of the icon is rectangular, and the words Magic Media Production follows its shape. The font used in this symbol is a basic font called san serif font. On the icon, there is a gradation of color combinations, making this symbol extraordinary. 


17. Quadrillion Partners

Created by Mihajo Martinovic |

Quadrillion Partners is an icon that represents the modern concept of today. In the background, using a photo of a male model as a background design choice. This male model is very good at expressing their intention or the brand they carry. This icon is a Q-shaped icon in the symbol box shape. The letter Q is the initial of the word Quadrillion.


18. Morrison

Created by Patrick Tuell |

Next is the Morrison symbol. Like the Goldmac and Avisto concepts, Marrison uses 3D abstract backgrounds. This makes the symbol look more modern. But what distinguishes Morrison from the two previous symbols we have discussed; here, there is a presence of an icon in the symbol. The Marrison icon is a down arrow. The background color of this symbol is a combination of black and gray. This makes it look cool and stunning.


19. Ventura

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

Natural design that soothes the eye; an icon that has a broad meaning only exists in Ventura. The font design with white and prominent color, green leaf background that looks very refreshing to the eyes is very suitable for companies engaged in green forestry or renewable energy such as mineral water packaging. The oval shape on the icon is a frame. Inside the frame is a design illustrating the initials of the letter V.


20. Kitchen Design Studio

Created by Kenneth Manuel |

If you are looking for modern logo inspiration that has a minimalist impression, then Kitchen Design Studio is the choice. This is because Kitchen Design Studio has a soft, neat, and simple design. On the icon, there are squares, semicircles, and rectangles combined into one. Then the brand name is placed next to the icon to make it look neater. There are two symbols placed on the same background.


21. PnB

Created by Bratus Agency |

The concept given to the PNB symbol is something different from the others. The font used uses the basic shape of pixels that are arranged into a word or sentence. The color used in the font is also unique because it uses pink but has a slightly faded color. As for the background, it uses a brown color that is similar to the color and pattern of the wood. Interesting enough to be used as a reference for your logo.


22. MIdtown Church

Created by Andrew Wiseman |

The next is a design from Midtown. Have you ever seen a design like this? The symbol in Midtown uses a round shape in which there are three lines which are illustrated as the letter M from the initials of Midtown. The word Midtown itself appears next to the round icon. The placement of the logo is also in the middle of the background. In this work, the designer chose a photo with orange shades to show that people who come to church will find the spirit and the energy they are looking for.


23. Solis Bank

Created by Pamela Ponce Morillo |

Solis Bank is a cool modern logo inspiration. Look at how this logo is created, but apart from being an inspiration for a bank icon, Solid can also be a reference for a private company symbol. A professional and elegant impression is found in this symbol. The basic shape of this logo is like a shield in which there is an illustration of a gallant eagle. The background used also uses a photo of a model.


24. Realm Global

Created by Spencer Woolcott |

The Global Realm will impress anyone who sees its logo. In this design, they intentionally highlight a simple personal branding by using the initial R and a yellow-brown wooden background. In the background, you can see a log that still looks just been cut down. This icon is perfect for a business, especially those engaged in wooden technology.


25. Luwak

Created by Brutto Studio |

Luwak is an idea for a bar or cafe that has a mascot with a cute image of a civet animal head. The designer put an emote with the name of the word Luwak and the two heads of the Luwak cartoon, which became the mascot of this cafe. This could also be a good idea for you. You can choose a mascot that is suitable for your brand.


26. Padrão

Created by Lucas Matheus |

Padrao is a quirky logo, starting with the letter P crossed as if it doesn't prohibit parking, but the meaning of the P image here is Possibility which means anything can be done with light brown and black background colors. Followed by the number 26, his design is perfect for business enterprises. This logo can also be used for transportation companies, for example, online taxis and motorcycles.


27. Republic Agency

Created by Mahmoud Jmal |

Republic Agency is a symbol of a brand. A very creative designer should have made this design. There is a moving animation in this logo, the shape of the Republic Agency logo is like a key. The animation is in the center of the lock-like icon. The use of black-white color gives a modern and minimalist look. This makes this symbol look luxurious and modern.


28. Xyle

Created by Hassan Ragheb |

Xyle is a symbol design that is quite unique. The X symbol used is the prefix of the word Xyle. Then you will find the word "Xyle" as the identity of the company. This artwork is also completed with a slogan; "We build trust with you." The sentence asks people to put their trust in the company, and together they will build the trust between the company and the customers. By looking at the picture, you will see that this logo is good to be installed outdoor in public places.


29. Lotech

Created by Vincent Puppet |

The next is Lotech. This icon has modified pixels like a basic grid font. This design seems suitable for your laptop or computer symbol reference. This symbol uses a pale green color and a black background. This makes the symbol more visible. Concepts with pixel shapes can be a good design for you.


30. Neya

Created by M Studio |

Neya logo has proven to us that a simple and clean symbol could be the best choice in the industry. The concept here is clean, comfortable, and simple. Neya uses a thin font but a very clear message so that people don't have to think hard to figure out what is being advertised. 


Final Words

Those are all references for modern logo designs. You can see that the contrast using black and white is the commonest choice by the designer to give a modern look. If you are looking for a reference for the logo of your company or your brand, then you can choose one of the logos above, which is done by experts and professionals in their fields. If you like the minimalist concept, Cubeic and Kitchen Design Studio can be your choice good for you. However, it all depends on the concept and the personal taste that you have. Hopefully, the list above can inspire you.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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