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Article: 30 Best Monotone Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Monotone Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Monotone is the art of using light and shadow to create a dimensional effect with one color. Check out some of the best monotone logo design ideas!

Created by Ethan Fender |

Monotone logo designs have gained popularity in recent years due to their simplicity, versatility, and timeless appeal. These designs, characterized by the use of a single color or varying shades of a single color, have become a popular choice for brands across various industries. The background of monotone logo designs can be traced back to several factors, including design principles, brand identity, and cultural shifts.

One of the main reasons behind the emergence of monotone logo designs is the shift toward minimalism in design aesthetics. As technology advances and attention spans shorten, designers have recognized the need to convey information quickly and effectively. Monotone logos, with their clean lines and lack of distractions, provide a clear and concise representation of a brand's identity. By stripping away unnecessary elements, these designs achieve a level of simplicity that is visually appealing and memorable.

Furthermore, monotone logo designs align well with the principles of minimalism, a design philosophy that advocates for simplicity and reducing things to their essential elements. Minimalism has gained traction across various creative disciplines, including art, architecture, and graphic design. Monotone logos embody the core tenets of minimalism by focusing on essential shapes, lines, and typography. They embrace negative space and employ subtle variations within a single color to create depth and visual interest.

Here are some of the best monotone logo design ideas you can reference:


1. The World Theatre

Created by Steve Wolf |

The World Theatre has a simple logo using monotone type. The letter W with a picture of a globe in the center of it is the representation of the name. The additional information about its location and how long it has been running has made the logo more complete.


2. Goodies

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

This logo tells a lot about the business being promoted. Below the word "Goodies" you can read clearly "Frozen custard & treats". So you know what is being promoted by the businessman. Not only that, but the culinary expert also has a food truck which suggests that it is a peddler or they can do the delivery.



Created by iqbal hakim boo |

The logo is inspired by the famous teddy bears. It takes the head of the teddy but then makes it more spooky to shape the idea of a bad ted. It appears in two options of the black-and-white theme. One shows the teddy's head in black with a white background, and the other one does the opposite. The blackhead teddy looks more vicious.


4. Moloko Grove

Created by Coric Design |

Since the monotone type of art uses a single color, a designer will usually play with other elements to make the work still nice to be enjoyed. In this logo, we can see that the designer attempts to highlight the typography element to make the design come alive. And the result is not bad at all. Though the work appears in a dark color, it still gets the "groove".


5. Anchor Haus

Created by Coric Design |

The logo has a combination of pictures and letters. The picture shows the name of the organization. While the letters tell people the details about what is being promoted to the public. Both elements play an important role in this logo.


6. Coric Design

Created by Coric Design |

This logo doesn't put any pictures or symbols but uses a lot of words instead. These words are intentionally put together so that people know exactly and don't miss the detail of the logo. And by only looking at the logo, they would immediately know what is being promoted.


7. Hot chix

Created by patkos |

Straightforward, the logo uses the head of a chicken as the sole symbol without any words. And the use of bright red shows the audience how hot the chicken is. Therefore, the designer thought that it was not necessary to put any more explanation since the picture told everything.


8. Home in the City

Created by Joshua Diaz |

The basic idea of a home is a place where everyone wants to stay and spend the night. And when there is a lot of money at home, you would not feel like going anywhere. This idea has made Joshua Diaz create a logo like this. This logo will be perfect for a bank or any money institution.


9. WorkHorse

Created by TravisPietsch |

In this logo, you can see a man holding up the "workhorse" on his shoulder. "Workhorse" is commonly associated with hard work. By using the logo, the corporation wants to show people that every worker will hold up the hard work in that company for the sake of the best service for customers.


10. Mark Mounts

Created by Mark Mounts |

Mark Mounts created a logo that uses a self-portrait as the main material for the logo. You can see there's a man in some kind of professional suit with a badge on his shirt. However, this look is completed with a cap and a long hairstyle worn by the man. This contrasting appearance has successfully intrigued people about what Mounts intended in his creation.


11. Castor Brewing Co.

Created by Jeremy Vessey |

What's so interesting about this logo is the font. It is nicely crafted but still very clear in determining the letters so that anyone who sees it will easily read it without any confusion. Some decorative fonts may appear beautiful but are hard to read since it leaves the main form of the letter itself. But it doesn't happen to this logo, where you can still recognize every letter.


12. Acreage

Created by Jeremy Vessey |

This is another logo that applies the letter mark style. The main power of the logo is placed on the choice of the fonts. Most designers would choose delicate fonts but still keep the clarity of the letters. That way, people will still be able to read the words or phrases posed in the logo.


13. The Brazen Bull

Created by Jason K Yun |

The message is very clear in this logo. You can see the bull's head as the symbol, and there are some phrases attached to give detailed information about what product is being offered. Both elements are arranged in such a nice way to make a nice logo to see. The colors used are also the ones that relate to the drinks offered.


14. Classic Hikes of the Smokies

Created by Logan Hall |

The logo shows us a picture of a winding road heading through a mountainous area. And therefore, it will be perfect for a logo of a hiking spot. The logo comes in two shapes, round and rectangular, and makes them easily installed at certain places. The color used, which is green, has been a good harmony with nature.


15. Artie

Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |

The Artie brand has a simple but unique logo. The blue background is very friendly for the eye-sight. And it has the word "Artie" with a symbol above it. The symbol is formed from the initial of the brand name, which is arranged in a circle way out so that it looks like the "Artie" has shone some rays out.


16. Lang Beer Co

Created by SAMPLE |

It is a simple work of art, yet straightforward. The simplicity has even brought people's attention and recognition at once. The bright red color has been one of the elements that can attract people's attention as well. The typography is simple and nice but not dull.


17. Copper Rose Distillery

Created by Dusan Sol |

A very strong vintage touch is seen here. The delicate carvings and the old shape of the rose are the main elements to create the vintage nuance. Yet, this vintage touch has also brought elegance to the work. Without deep thought and skillful ability, no one can produce such a work.


18. Shane Harris

Created by Shane Harris |

Shane Harris has created a lot of logos with a nature theme. He uses a lot of natural elements in his creations. He also chooses the color of the soil for his works. He may be the expert in nature logo design, or it is his favorite work to create logos with a nature theme. All we know, all of his works in this picture are great.


19. Lighthouse community church

Created by Jordan Ouellette |

As you can see that the symbol here represents the name of the community. This is also the representation that the picture will give light on those who were lost in the sea to go back to the harbor. Just like those who are lost in their lives, this community will try to show them the way back home.


20. Cornelia Hofstetter Ceramics

Created by Coric Design |

The initial of Cornelia Hofstetter becomes the main symbol in this logo. Then the symbol is surrounded by the complete name on the above curve, and the lower curve shows the business that is being run by the owner. It can be called a complete and detailed logo for that reason.


21. Fairley

Created by Ilham Herry |

Fairley is a platform that provides you with a collection of font options. The logo looks simple; however, when you have read all of them, then you can find detailed information about Fairley. So that when you spend some time paying attention to the work, you'll immediately know what Fairley is and what it is working on. Sometimes, a logo is designed deliberately to confiscate a little of your time so that it can deliver the message properly.


22. Coric Handcrafted Design

Created by Coric Design |

The work comes in a symbol of a crafted bird on its perch. Then there is the word "Coric Handcrafted Design" on it. The picture represents the handcraft works, and the word has the function of acknowledging people who run the business. This is a simple work with a clear meaning of every element used, meaning that there's no element wasted here.


23. Moxi Marketing

Created by The Permana Atelier |

The designer has provided Moxi with several choices of logos that can be used. A lot of designers do this so that the client can choose which design best fit the need. And it's not rare that customer chooses more than one option. The Moxi Marketing logo design choices include letter mark style, pictorial style, and combinations. There are also the ones that use the initials.


24. Miller Industrial

Created by Dusan Sol |

Miller Industrial logo comes in a simple and concise look. It has the industry picture along with the name of the company. And it also has a slogan there to make sure people know that they can trust their work to the company. It also mentions when the business started to show people how experienced the company is.


25. Fenton Dog Co.

Created by Joshua Diaz |

Only by providing a picture of a comfy home for a dog the logo would easily tell that people can safely put their dog here while they are away. A picture can tell you more than a thousand words, right? The name is written so that people recognize the "momentarily home" for their dogs and can tell people its name.


26. Enjoy Your Days in the Sun

Created by Marina Nolen |

As the name suggests, you can see that the symbol also shows a very nice sunny day. You can see a very nice nature, just like what you commonly see in a painting. Such a logo is perfect for a resort or any tourist spot, especially those which are located away from the city. People from the city would be just easily attempted just by looking at the logo.


27. Steeltown Garage Co.

Created by cmpt_rules |

Steeltown Garage has been offered several choices of logos for the brand. Some of them apply letter mark style, while others have symbols on the design. The symbols used show deliberate and fun ideas, which is the main thing offered by the association. Red is chosen as the color of the logo to show the powerful spirit of the association in the business world.


28. Chequessett Chocolate

Created by Dusan Sol |

The badge shape is chosen in this design. Paying attention to it closely, you will find that it has a classic touch of artwork. It is like a hand drawing using a pencil; nice and elegant. It also has very careful detail, as is shown in the picture of the sea where the ship is sailing.


29. Ethan Fender

Created by Ethan Fender |

Can you see that it is a chicken? Well, sometimes, eyes can be deceiving, but this symbol has shown you a picture of a chicken. If you are a vendor of chicken products, then this logo is going to fit your business. You can say that eating chicken is just like enjoying a lollipop; easy and nice.


30. Three Arrow

Created by Panji Putra |

A delicate design like this should require a very high ability and quite some time. Looking at the work, it surely isn't an easy work to finish. The detail is very complicated to make unless you are an experienced designer. But the result shows just a great job.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a monotone logo design?

Monotone logo designs refer to logos that utilize a single color or varying shades of a single color. They are characterized by their simplicity, versatility, and timeless appeal. Monotone logos strip away unnecessary elements, focusing on essential shapes, lines, and typography. They offer a clear and concise representation of a brand's identity, making them visually appealing and memorable. These designs adapt well to different mediums, from print to digital media, and maintain their visual impact. Monotone logos also resonate with a modern audience that values simplicity, authenticity, and a sense of calmness in a visually saturated world.

Which colours are commonly used in monotone logo designs?

Monotone logo designs typically utilize a wide range of colors, depending on the brand's aesthetic and messaging. However, there are a few commonly used colors that lend themselves well to monotone designs. Black and white are classic choices, as they offer a high contrast and timeless appeal. Shades of gray are also popular, providing a neutral and sophisticated look. Other commonly used colors include various tones of blue, which convey trust and reliability, and shades of red, which evoke energy and passion.

Which industry niche commonly uses monotone logo designs?

Monotone logo designs are widely used across various industry niches due to their versatility and timeless appeal. However, certain sectors tend to embrace this design approach more frequently. Technology companies often opt for monotone logos to convey a sleek and modern image. Fashion and luxury brands utilize monotone designs to communicate elegance and sophistication. Creative industries, such as graphic design and architecture, appreciate the minimalistic and clean aesthetic of monotone logos. Additionally, professional services like consulting firms, law firms, and financial institutions often employ monotone designs to project a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism.

What are the successful examples of monotone logo designs?

There are numerous successful examples of monotone logo designs that have made a lasting impact. One notable example is the Nike logo, known as the "Swoosh," which is a simple black shape that symbolizes movement and athleticism. Another iconic monotone logo is the Apple logo, a silver apple with a bite taken out of it, representing simplicity and innovation. The Adidas logo, with its three parallel black stripes, is instantly recognizable and conveys a sense of style and sportiness. Additionally, the Chanel logo, featuring interlocking black Cs, embodies elegance and luxury.

Which design styles are often used to create monotone logo designs?

Several design styles are commonly employed to create monotone logo designs, each offering a unique visual approach. Minimalism is a prevalent style, focusing on clean lines, simple shapes, and negative space to achieve a sleek and uncluttered look. Geometric designs utilize geometric shapes and patterns to create visually appealing and balanced logos. Vintage or retro styles evoke a sense of nostalgia through typography, textures, and imagery. Abstract designs play with unconventional shapes and forms to create visually striking and artistic logos. Typographic designs emphasize the creative use of typography to convey a brand's identity.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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