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Article: 30 Best Orange Colour Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Orange Colour Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Orange is a vibrant color that communicates fun, optimism, and playfulness.
Check out some of the best orange logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Helvetic Brands® |

The meaning of an orange logo design can vary depending on the context and the specific design elements used. One of the most prominent associations with the color orange is energy and enthusiasm. This is because Orange is a bright and bold color that is often associated with warmth and excitement. Brands that want to convey a sense of vitality, excitement, or passion may choose to use Orange in their logos to create an energetic and dynamic image.

Orange is also associated with creativity and innovation. This is because it is a color that is often used in artistic and design contexts, as well as in tech and innovation industries. Brands that want to convey a sense of creativity, originality, or forward-thinking may choose to use Orange in their logos to signal these values.

In addition to energy and creativity, Orange is also associated with friendliness and approachability. This is because it is a warm and inviting color that is often used in social and community-oriented contexts. Brands that want to convey a sense of warmth, openness, or accessibility may choose to use Orange in their logos to create a welcoming and friendly image.

Here are some of the best orange logo design ideas you can reference :


1. Sunset!

Created by Nour Oumousse |

An orange logo design vector can feature only shades of Orange and looks good. The Sunset! has such a logo. It depicts the sunset with its shades of Orange. The Orange gets darker as it moves outward. The gradation makes it beautiful. The whitespace accentuates the overall design and makes it unique. The text is written in bold, which contrasts with the sun above.


2. Vadim Carazan

Created by Vadim Carazan |

The orange logo design uses Orange, both the fruit and the color. It is not an ordinary orange, though. It comes in a variety of colors, transitioning from light green into darker shades of Orange as it gets closer to the Orange's core. The gradation is just beautiful. Despite having no accompanying text, the graphic manages to evoke feelings of freshness and joy.


3. Joyscape

Created by Jahid Hasan |

Colorful logos are interesting. But don't get carried away and pick too many colors. You want your logo to be memorable. The best practice is to just only a few colors. The Joyscape logo only uses two, but it is undoubtedly attractive. The gorgeous writing stands out on an orange background. What's more, the logo has little details that make it hard to ignore.


4. Liūtukas

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Next, we have a black-orange logo design. Black and Orange create an interesting contrast. It may not be as stark as black and white, but it easily grabs attention. Moreover, the lion's face is simply cute. The lion makes it easy for the audience to associate the brand's name with the graphic. The logo also works when the background is switched to white.


5. R1NG

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

If you want a more flexible orange logo design, consider creating a few variations of the logo. A logo is the face of the brand. As such, it will appear on multiple platforms. Ideally, you want a logo that fits those platforms, be it web or in print. Notice how the first R1ng logo suits horizontal applications while the second one suits vertical applications.


6. 407 Flea Market

Created by Rhett Withey |

407 Flea Market features a mascot in the vector logo. The colorful and fun orange mascot serves as the brand's representation and spokesperson. It encourages customer interaction, too. Most of the logo elements are in Orange. The black text provides excellent contrast, making the logo even more noticeable. Meanwhile, the logo's background is light enough to allow the elements to stand out.


7. Green Tiger

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

The first thing you will notice from the orange logo design is the tiger's color. Despite the brand's name, the tiger isn't actually green. This apparent contradiction makes the brand more intriguing and encourages customer interaction. The logo is a simple head of a tiger. Orange is the main color, with white as its accent. The black outlines the tiger's shape, highlighting it.


8. TD

Created by Illia Nesterov |

When you are creating an orange logo design shop, you should try to simplify it as much as you can. Remove any unnecessary elements. TD logo is simple, straightforward, and very easy to remember. It is a letter mark logo as it uses only use letters. Notice styling and coloring. The empty space adds interesting visual cues. Meanwhile, the color allows the logo to shine.


9. Proof FTW

Created by Coric Design |

It doesn't take much for an orange logo design to stand out. The design is on the simpler side. Still, it is undoubtedly appealing. The logo also tells a story about the brand. The coloring is also simple. The logo features Orange as the main color, white as the border, and black as the outlines that give the design forms and the background.


10. Luka

Created by Marina Zakharova |

When it comes to the orange logo meaning, there are plenty of them. Luka's logo features a monkey moving forward and Orange as the main color. The symbol and color convey enthusiasm and playfulness. You can see how the logo radiates energy by just looking at it. The easy-to-read font fits the brand. The shades of Orange keep it from looking dull and boring.



Created by Mark Mounts |

An orange logo design can look like an artwork, too. I Design Trash's logo features an artist. There are only two colors in the logo: orange and white. Despite having only two colors, the logo design looks incredible. In addition, the shading emphasizes the shape and keeps it from looking bland. The mascot tells a lot about the I Design Trash's brand.


12. The Giraffe House

Created by Lisa Jacobs |

When designing a logo for a shop, you want to keep things simple. A simple logo is easy to remember. Plus, there is beauty in simplicity, too. The Giraffe House logo features a giraffe inside a house. What's interesting is the giraffe is formed by whitespace inside the orange house. The layout is straightforward. The logo design is simple but very memorable.


13. Aneabcuh

Created by olga mikhailova |

If you want to add a graphic but can't decide what to use, consider the first letter of your brand's name. Aneabcuh's orange logo design features the letter "A" as its graphic. The stylized "A" easily becomes the center of attention. Underneath, there is the brand's name written in a quirky typeface. The overall logo design is stylish, but it still retains its readability.


14. TradeHive

Created by Lucas Fields |

Orange and yellow are a dynamic duo. Both are warm colors, but one is darker than the other. When combined, the two colors create a soft contrast. The combination makes Tradehive's logo easy on the eyes. On the one hand, the yellow background enables the orange symbol and text to make a statement. On the other, the Orange draws attention but without being visually overwhelming.


15. Citrus Hobby Club

Created by Rhett Withey |

An orange logo design is fitting for a brand that revolves around citruses. The logo has a horizontal layout. On the left, there is a slice of Orange. On the right, the brand's name is written in a thick, curvy serif font. The use of a darker shade of Orange adds details and highlights the brand. The pair of leaves add freshness.


16. Globball

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

What if you want to have intricate details in your logo? That's a good idea, too. Globball here features a symbol with an elaborate design. Notice how it doesn't have accompanying text at all. This allows the symbol to take center stage. The lack of text also makes it easier for the audience to digest the logo. In addition, the whitespace gives breathing room.


17. OWL

Created by Yosbrands |

An abstract orange logo design allows you to create something truly unique to your brand. Owl's logo here proves that. The symbol is still recognizably an owl, but the details are rather abstract. This creates an unusual impression that attracts the audience. Since the owl and the background contrast, your glance is immediately drawn to the logo. The orange dots add interesting visual cues.


18. Orange Submarine

Created by Coric Design |

Next, we have Orange Submarine's logo. The intricacy of the logo is special. It depicts a submarine. The coloring is nothing short of awesome. The lighting creates an impression as if the submarine is underwater. Notice the fonts. The brand's name is written in a serif font. Meanwhile, its slogan is written in a script font. The differentiation makes the logo more appealing.


19. Los Angeles Healthcare Developers

Created by Wells Collins |

When creating an orange logo design, prioritize the concept and shapes. You can decide on the colors after. If you get the concept and shapes right, the logo will look good regardless of its colors. Notice the multiple variations of Lost Angeles Healthcare Developers' logo. You can see how visually appealing and easy to read it is regardless of its colors.


20. Offroad Fab Worx

Created by Abby Richey |

There are plenty of details in Offroad Fab Worx's logo. The primary purpose of a logo is to differentiate. But it should also help the audience to get to know about the brand. A logo like this does excellently. The text is concise but contains enough information. The Orange highlights the most important part of the logo: the name of the brand.


21. Croma beer

Created by Ethan Fender |

Croma Beer's log combines the shape of a snowflake with the color orange. The result is a unique logo like no other. The dark background creates a stark contrast. Thanks to it, the audience's attention is drawn to the orange snowflake. In addition to a symbol, the logo also has text on three corners; all are readable, and a smaller size orange snowflake.


22. Western Flyer Brewing

Created by Ryan Pickard |

One of the effects of Orange is increased appetite. It is hardly surprising that many FnB companies are using Orange in their logos. Western Flyer Brewing is one of them. The brewery uses Orange as its main color. This creates a feeling of thirst in the audience, encourages them to think Western Flyer Brewing's products are for them, and builds brand awareness.


23. Mǎn Wǎn

Created by Desire Creative Agency |

Orange is versatile. You can use it with various other colors. It can be the main or accent color. Either way, it helps to make the orange logo design more attractive. Man Wan has three logos. All of them use Orange. Notice how Orange becomes the main color in one variation and the accent color in the other two. They all look good.


24. CLO – Comedy Club

Created by Peter Giuffria |

Orange is associated with many things. Among them are creativity and energy. These attributes are suitable for comedy clubs. Clo – Comedy Club uses Orange to color its background logo. The text is in white. As the two colors are very different, the text becomes the logo's focal point. When the audience sees the logo, their attention is immediately drawn to the text.


25. Marcus Rentsch

Created by Marcus Rentsch |

If your logo includes a fox, the best color for it will be orange. Firstly, Orange is the natural color of foxes. Secondly, it conveys many positive attributes, from enthusiasm and energy to playfulness and excitement. The color is also easy on the eye. Notice how the shades of Orange make the foxes noticeable. The lighter shade of Orange outlines the foxes' shape.



Created by Yosbrands |

You can incorporate Orange to convey joy and positivity in your logo. Mohja's logo is an interesting combination of Orange and pink. The soft contrast is pleasant on the eyes but keeps the elements interesting. The Orange is easy to notice. The text is in uppercase, showcasing the brand's professionalism, while the color keeps it playful. The flower symbol adds beauty to the logo.


27. Sun-Ray

Created by Em the Creative |

When designing an orange logo design, consider the colors that will surround the Orange. Orange is versatile, but you want the appropriate colors to complement it. For example, Sun – Ray logo features Orange surrounded by blue, white, and pink. The blue balances the Orange. The pink ensures that the logo is easy on the eyes. The white stands out, showing the brand's name.


28. Shine

Created by Mihai Dolganiuc |

Having a flexible orange logo design is ideal. However, in some cases, you might need to modify the logo a bit. Shine has multiple logos. Each comes with a different color combination. While the logo is presented differently, you can appreciate the beauty of the design. It shows how the concept and shapes of the logo should be your top priority. Colors come later.


29. Helvetic Brands®

Created by Helvetic Brands® |

If you want to be bold and make a statement, Orange is the color for you. Helvetic Brands' logo showcases how great Orange can look. What's interesting about the design is how the whitespace is utilized. The whitespace not only prevents the elements from overcrowding but also give creates interesting shapes. Plus, the dark background serves as the ideal stage for the graphic.


30. Adept

Created by Marko Ivanovic |

We have Adept's logo as the last one on our list. There is simplicity in its design. It features a stylized "A." Since the logo is abstract, the audience will find it easier to associate it with the brand and memorize it. The logo is so unique. It consists of only two colors. The result is a daring logo that doesn't overwhelm the eyes.  


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the orange logo designs?

The cultural and symbolic meanings of orange logo designs can vary depending on the culture or context in which they are used. In some cultures, Orange is associated with joy, happiness, and celebration, while in others, it may be linked to spirituality, balance, or creativity. Orange is also often associated with the fall season and Halloween in Western cultures. Additionally, Orange is used as a symbol of caution or warning in many contexts, such as in traffic signs or construction zones.

What types of industries are suitable for using orange logo designs?

Orange logo designs can be suitable for a wide range of industries, depending on the specific design elements used and the intended message of the logo. Some industries that may be particularly well-suited for orange logos include those that want to convey a sense of energy, creativity, or innovation, such as tech startups or design agencies. Additionally, industries that emphasize health, wellness, and vitality, such as fitness or nutrition brands, may also find orange logos to be a good fit.

What graphic elements can I combine with orange colour logo designs?

There are many graphic elements that can be combined with an orange colour logo design to create a visually compelling and effective brand image. One option is to pair Orange with a contrasting color, such as blue or green, to create a dynamic and eye-catching combination. Additionally, incorporating bold, geometric shapes or patterns can help to create a modern and striking logo design. Finally, incorporating natural elements, such as leaves or fruit, can help to reinforce the health and wellness connotations of the color orange, while playful or whimsical illustrations can add a sense of fun and creativity to the logo design.

Which famous brands or companies are using the orange logo designs?

There are many famous brands and companies that use orange logo designs as part of their branding strategy. One well-known example is the telecommunications company Orange, which uses a bright, vibrant shade of Orange as its primary color. Another example is the payment processing company PayPal, which incorporates an orange logo design as part of its overall brand identity. Other notable examples include the car rental company Hertz, and the home improvement retailer, Home Depot, both of which use Orange as a key color in their logos.

What makes Orange a popular colour choice for a logo design?

Orange is a popular colour choice for a logo design for several reasons. Firstly, Orange is a warm and inviting colour that can create a sense of friendliness and approachability, making it a good fit for brands that want to emphasize these qualities. Additionally, Orange is a bright and energetic colour that can convey a sense of excitement and vitality, making it a good fit for brands that want to be perceived as dynamic and innovative. Finally, Orange is a versatile colour that can be used in a wide range of industries and contexts, making it a popular choice for brands looking for a bold and distinctive logo design.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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