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Article: 30 Best Painter Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Painter Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.
Check out some of the best painter logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Haris Jusovic |

Painter logo designs are a popular and significant aspect of branding and graphic design. These logos typically represent individuals, companies, or organizations associated with the art of painting. A painter's logo design often incorporates visual elements that symbolize creativity, skill, craftsmanship, and the act of painting itself.

The background of the painter logo designs can be traced back to the rich history of art and the cultural significance of painting as a form of expression. Throughout the centuries, painting has been a fundamental medium for artists to convey their ideas, emotions, and perspectives. From ancient cave paintings to Renaissance masterpieces and modern abstract works, painting has played a crucial role in human culture and artistic development.

In the context of logo design, painter logos aim to capture the essence of painting and evoke a sense of artistry and professionalism. These logos are commonly used by various professionals and businesses associated with painting, including individual artists, art studios, art schools, art supply stores, and interior design firms.

When creating a painter's logo design, designers often employ several visual elements to convey the desired message. One common element is the paintbrush, which symbolizes the tools of the trade and the act of painting itself. The paintbrush can be depicted in various styles, from realistic renderings to stylized or abstract representations. It may be shown alone or combined with other elements to create a more comprehensive logo.

Here are some of the best painter logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Royal Paint Co

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

The painter's logo used a wolf with a roller brush. It also uses a letter mark showing the name of the company that is ready to do the painting project for you. The designer chose black as the background and brown as the symbol used.


2. Lemco

Created by Matt Braun |

The Lemco logo is simple and clear. It puts a person who is doing the job along with the equipment. To be more easily understood, it also adds information about the brand. It uses bright blue combined with white to create a good contrast for the design.


3. Painter

Created by Artnivora Studio |

When you need a service from a professional painter, then this place is just the right place for you to come. How do you know that this is the right choice? Well, the logo tells you what it is about. You can see there's a professional painter who is ready to cheer up your life as it gives you the yellow color to show what cheerful life is going to be brought by the painter.


4. Saybrook Paint Co

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

Instead of using the picture of a man or a person, the logo even uses a pelican whose head is replaced by a roller brush. It also tells the identity of the company so that when they use the service from the company, they will easily name it to give recommendations to others.


5. Riegel Contracting & Painting

Created by Zack Rackovan |

Painting has always been associated with the construction activity. Therefore, the company offers you not only painting services but contracting as well. To be more easily understood by the people, the logo is made straightforwardly. With a little crafting here and there, the logo has found its perfection in the end.


6. Sherwin Williams

Created by Jack Moran |

Simplicity and clarity have been important elements to be highlighted in a logo. By making it simple and clear, you wouldn't make the space full of pictures and information so that people won't be reluctant to look at it, while it will tell immediately what it means. And this logo is one of the examples.


7. American paint

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

As you can see that the logo uses a picture of a brush as the symbol. This brush is not an ordinary brush, however. It is designed as it is the flag of the United States of America. Then below the symbol, there's a word saying American Paint. And the logo has become a complete logo with all elements supporting each other.


8. Lemco Stencil

Created by Matt Braun |

The logo has a combination style of letter mark and pictorial. You can see a brush with a gradation of yellow. Then you can also see the brand designed in a unique font, and below it, there is a broken line with a gradation of yellow as well. The gradation shows that the company provides a lot of color options for the customers.


9. New Heights

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Using cartoon characters for a logo is also commonly done by some designers. Not only about painting, but this logo tells you more about the life lesson. It has a character of a dog on the stair doing a painting. While the most important lesson is already painted on the wall.


10. Hjölli Málari

Created by Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson |

This is a kind of smart logo created. If you see close at the logo form, then you will see that the symbol is made from the combination of letters H, M, and a brush. This kind of logo is called a monogram work, where the element used is commonly the initial.


11. Blue Bonnet Paint & Tile

Created by Brent McCormick |

The logo involves two elements; letters and a picture. The letters are meant to tell the identity of the brand being promoted, while the picture is used as a symbol for the logo. Other descriptions are added to give more detailed information about the business. The colors chosen are associated with the name of the branding so that people will keep that in mind easily.


12. Adrian Iurco

Created by Dragos |

The power of the logo is located on the background used. It shows that the painter has a great talent for showing what really happens in the picture he painted. Plus, it also smartly put the initiative into a new and interesting shape, mostly like the Chinese alphabet, but it is actually the initial of the painter. Then, to be more clear, the name of the painter is written vividly on the logo.


13. Nancy McCabe

Created by Nancy McCabe |

This logo may look very simple. But, you could say that it has taken a long time and deep thought to finish. It only contains five sticks with melted paints at the edge to be arranged in a neat row. But it shows that the melted pattern forms a letter M as the initial of the last name of the painter. See, pretty smart, isn't it?



Created by Md Arif Hossain |

The city is always associated with buildings, industries, and skyscrapers. It is also identical to cars and the jam. This condition has become the inspiration for the logo here. The brush has the shape of the city buildings with colorful choices. Then there is also a broken line separated with dots in different colors showing the city cars are in a jam. The same picture as the one on the brush is made in a bigger size and put at one of the edges of the logo.


15. Tired Tiger Paint Store

Created by Luke Harrison |

You can see twin tigers here as the main symbol used. Both are painting and look tired and angry at each other. The brush they hold puts some drips off. Another letter mark is displayed to complete the information about the store. Though a bit crowded, people will surely remember the store for the tired tiger twins.


16. Hard90

Created by FullStop |

When you look at the bats, then it will be a bit hard to connect them with the painting. But then, try to look at the shade above it. It shows how the wall is not completely painted since there's still a melt of paint on it. Moreover, there's a sentence above saying, "We have all your bases covered". It means this corporation is ready to cover all your places, such as sports venues, with the best paint they have.


17. Good Paint

Created by Babu Ahmed |

A simple name and a simple logo. As you say, your name is good paint, and people would soon associate it with good work. The logo is as simple as the name as well. Only put the initial as the symbol and add the brand; it will make it remembered easily. The gradation on the G symbol is a good outline to make it more eye-catching.


18. Wxllspace

Created by Second Eight |

The logo told the brand itself. Though it is not a complete picture, you can see that it is a picture of an astronaut. The letter "wxllspace" may be the slang word for wxllspace. So that if you have a space on your wall, then it can help you to fill it out with great things, such as space pictures.


19. Thogmartins

Created by Sylvia Smith |

The logo has delivered the message clearly through its picture and phrase posted. A picture of a man holding a hammer and a brush shows that the company provides a handyman to do the painting and remodeling of a house, as is stated in the logo as well.


20. Tigo Paint

Created by Touhid |

The Tigo paint logo has a colorful design. It involves not too many colors, actually, but the color choice has made the logo look so bright and alive. There are only three colors used here; purple, orange, and black. While white background has given space for the designer to play with more color in the elements. The colorful concept is applied since the logo only shows the brand identity and the initial.


21. Mike Davies Painter & Decorator


The logo takes the badge shape and uses the brush as the main symbol applied. The brush and the handle are separated by the identity of the brand being promoted. Though the color is not so bright, it shows simplicity and clarity at the same time. Simplicity in this matter could bring more customers.



Created by Manta_styles |

A sharp combination of black and white is used here. It is to show either elegance or simplicity to the audience. But the logo doesn't play a lot with other elements but only highlights the brand name and a symbol that represent the business.


23. Art in the Paint

Created by Scott Fuller |

Another sharp combination that involves black is yellow. These colors will result sharply. The logo also uses a brush as the representation of art and painting, which becomes the main issue discussed here.


24. Peinture Painting

Created by Horacio Velozo |

A smiling handyman holding a brush tainted with red is the symbol of this logo. The man shows that the painter will gladfully help you to do the job. At the same time, the rest letters you find in the logo contain detailed information about the painting service offered.


25. house paint

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

There's a can of paint, and the paint is melting out of it, and the melt forms a silhouette of a house. What a nice concept, isn't it? The choice of color has also brought some great spirit for renewable spots or houses.


26. Dean Barguss Painter & Decorator

Created by Lee Barguss |

The logo is simple, and the shape is just like a stamp, making it looks old but valuable. There are ladders, wooden working desks, and some other traditional equipment commonly used by carpenters. It's also written that Dean Barguss also works on painting and decoration.


27. Paint King

Created by GRAPHICAL™ |

The logo involves a brush as the element of the painting and a crown which is always closely related to the king. The bristles are artfully created so that it represents the crown of a king. It is also painted with several colors, and it is also added with three little stars above the crown, making the sparkling illusion.


28. Pecopaint

Created by Md Shipon Ali |

A pictorial logo would use a picture as the main material in a logo. Though there are some written materials, they have functioned as additional information or compliment. This logo uses a pelican picture with colorful feathers to show that the brand has multi choices of colors that people need. There's also the name of the brand so that people can reveal the business easily.


29. Haris Jusovic

Created by Haris Jusovic |

The logo created by Haris Jusovic is just elegant and simple. Just by writing Painter as the name of the brand and adding the roller brush on the T character, Haris has created one of the best painter logo designs ever. The green that is chosen has also given a trustworthy sense to people who would like to take the service from this place.


30. Fresh Paint

Created by Rik Catlow |

Do you need fresh paint for your house or office building? Then come and see what Fresh Paint has got you. By looking at the logo, people will be easily ensured that this painting service will do their best with all smiling workers.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent painter logo designs?

When creating a painter's logo design, you can incorporate symbolisms that represent the art of painting. Some common symbols include a paintbrush, which represents the tools of the trade and the act of painting itself. A palette can symbolize color selection and mixing, while paint drips and strokes can represent movement and artistic expression. Additionally, using vibrant colors can evoke energy and creativity, while softer tones may convey sophistication.

Which colors are commonly used in painter logo designs?

In painter logo designs, a wide range of colors can be used depending on the desired message and brand identity. However, there are some commonly used colors that are often associated with painting. Bright and vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow, and green are frequently used to evoke energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. These colors reflect the dynamic and expressive nature of the painting. Additionally, softer and muted tones such as pastel shades or earthy hues can be employed to convey a more sophisticated and elegant aesthetic.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating painter logo designs?

When creating painter logo designs, it's important to consider the target audience associated with the painting industry. This audience may include individual artists, art studios, art schools, art supply stores, and interior design firms. Additionally, the target audience could encompass art enthusiasts, collectors, and potential clients seeking artistic services. Understanding the preferences and expectations of this diverse audience is crucial.

What are the successful examples of painter logo designs?

There are several successful examples of painter logo designs that have effectively captured the essence of painting and conveyed a strong brand identity. One notable example is the logo of Sherwin-Williams, a renowned paint and coating company. Their logo features a colorful paint can pouring paint over the company name, symbolizing their commitment to providing a wide range of paint products. Another example is the logo of Benjamin Moore, a popular paint manufacturer. Their logo incorporates a paintbrush and a color swatch, representing their expertise in color selection and high-quality paint products.

Which design styles are often used to create painter logo designs?

Painter logo designs can be created in various design styles, each with its own aesthetic appeal. One popular design style is the minimalist approach, which emphasizes simplicity and clean lines. This style often uses sleek and modern representations of paintbrushes, palettes, or other painting-related elements. Another common style is the illustrative or hand-drawn approach, which provides a more artistic and organic feel. This style may incorporate detailed renderings of paintbrushes, strokes, or artistic motifs. Additionally, a retro or vintage design style can be employed, utilizing typography and visual elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia and artistic heritage.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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