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Article: 30 Best Artist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Artist Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.
Check out some of the best artist logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Luiz Arthuso |

Your logo is the first thing people will notice about your business or what you are doing. When it is designed effectively, it will be able to attract people's attention and set a memorable brand image in their minds. On the opposite, when it is done in the wrong way, it can even drive away potential customers. Of course, you don't want this to happen. That's why you need to be careful in creating one.

If you're an artist and haven't found the idea of a logo that might represent you and your branding idea, you'd better check the article below. 


1. Giovanni Linzas

Created by Giovanni Linzas |

This artist's logo takes only two sharp colors; a clear blue color for the background and white for the animatic text and symbol. The use of both colors has resulted in a good contrast so that the text is easily read by the people on the darker background. The animatic style is also chosen by the designer, and it makes the logo more attractive than just a static image. The simple animation is also quite perfect since even if there's a move in the picture, it is just a simple move so that it won't be hard for the viewer's eye to follow where the text moves. 


2. Reedy

Created by Richy Duchan |

The animatic concept is also used in this artist's logo design, but with a more attractive display. It starts with a blank space, then followed by some dots, which finally show the initial of the name of the artist. This type of logo is perfect for the big billboard for the promotion or advertising a certain event that involves the artist. The use of bright colors is less comfortable for the eyes but surely will work well on the billboard. 


3. Jonathan Ortiz

Created by Jonathan Ortiz |

This design has brought some kind of high-level design. Why is that? Well, the work conveys something; it is obvious. But, not everyone who sees it for the first time will understand the meaning of the symbol presented in a moving image. Perhaps, this is the main point of the designer; t make people look at it over and over again until they get what the logo means. Who knows? Do you?


4. Rienlou Clarish

Created by Rienlou Clarish |

This logo is so simple yet cute. With just writing the first name of the artists artistically, it has the highlighted part, which is the dot for the "i." The dot is replaced by some sweet icons like star shape, flower, love shape, blink, etc., and they appear interchangeably. Those shapes are designed so well that it gives a sweet and nice vibe, showing that the artist has a personality that warm and friendly. 


5. Berriel Brands

Created by Victor Berriel |

The logo design only uses two contrasting colors; black and white. These two colors are quite popular in the making of symbols for a certain business. The contrast is commonly used by the designer. It is a good choice, but many have done this. So, if you want to make it more distinguished, better choose other colors. Yet, the symbol provided in this logo is quite sophisticated so that it won't be easily understood by the viewers. If you are a new artist and still in the phase of promoting yourself, you'd better make a more comprehensive one. 


6. Tara Nisha

Created by Tara Nisha |

This artwork looks very impressive and elegant. The simple symbol used in work shows the person who is being branded as a powerful character. Unfortunately, the symbol has been made way too sophisticated so that it is hard to people to relate with the artist herself. It is hard for the people as well to get an idea of what message is delivered by the logo.  


7. Amanda Louisi

Created by Amanda Louisi |

This design uses the initial of the artist's name for the symbol. The two letters are designed artistically but still understood quite easily by the viewers. When you see the letter with the name of the artist, you should know that the symbol is related to the artist. And that makes you understand well that it is Amanda Louisi who is being promoted. Such a nice job, isn't it?  


8. Martin Nauman

Created by Martin Nauman |

Once again, the use of black and white contrast is executed well here. This work has represented the main principle of logo making. It has the simplicity, the right choice of colors, the brilliant idea of the customized font, and don't forget the most significant function of the logo; it represents what is being shown to the people. By using the initial name of the artist, this logo has been successful in taking the idea alive in the image. As the audience sees it, at the same time, they can see what it means to the work. And that's what a logo is for.  


9. João David

Created by Mariana Alegre |

Apparently, the black and white contrast and the use of initial have become a favorite of many designers in creating an icon for an artist. This work also shows the same thing. The J and D is the representative of the artist's name. The accent of the unfolded black sheet is set as the background, and that gives a little different touch to it so that you won't only see a flat and common black background.   


10. Mikey Dowdle

Created by Mikey Dowdle |

The black background has been used a lot by many artists in creating an icon for themselves. This work is one of them. It uses a black background, and unfortunately, the symbol is also presented in black. This contrast should make people's eyes uncomfortable. They need to pierce their eyes to see the main symbol used in this work. The M symbol with the image of a squat person is really hard to be seen since it has pretty much the same color as the background.   


11. Brenno Brandão

Created by Brenno |

A moving picture is presented here. Previously, you see that the symbol is the moving element, but in this artwork, you see that the one is moving in the background. It has the first name of the artist as the main logo in the middle, and then there are several colors set as the background, and they switch one by one all the time. As the background color switched, the color on the name is switched as well, so it results in a good contrast between the name and the background. The name of the artist could still easily be read by the audience. 


12. Urvi Prabhu

Created by Urvi Prabhu |

This logo has applied the versatility principle in the design. It can be presented in some different ways depending on the needs. The color is changeable as well, so that when it is applied differently, it will still be good and still be recognized well by the customers. Different options shown, however, still convey the same message of every design, and that is a must; a logo, in any form, should convey the same idea of the business.   


13. Roa Cesar D’sign

Created by César Roa |

Roa Cesar D'sign comes with a simple and informative design. The color used is only white and black, with a little touch of gradation of red on the right top of the logo. It has a unique symbol right in the middle. On the other side, the design shows the name of the artist and important information provided as well in work. People surely will relate to the message easily. 


14. CaioDsign

Created by Caio Garavazzo |

The waving and bold C is the main center of the work. And once again, the black and white contrast is used. Simplicity can be shown easily by using these two main colors. The black background has an oval shape in the middle and shows an image of a modern structure, also presented in black and white contrast. 


15. Jennifer Tan

Created by Jennifer Tan |

The blinking Jeni has brought some exciting energy to the work. The image of trendy and quirky is also apparently the message the artist wants to send the audience. This work comes in a very brave way with many choices of colors. The customized letter of "Jeni" comes very brightly in a colorful way whenever it blinks. The same thing also applied to the background. It has some colors, and they blink all the time. Whenever they blink, the color changes immediately along with the name inside.


16. Kat Yu

Created by Kat Yu |

Kat Yu has a similar concept as Jeni's. It uses the blinking mode for the icon. The difference is when Jeni uses the blink for the whole logo, Kat Yu only uses an element for the blink. Kat Yu puts "an eye," which shines as the symbol, and this eye will blink as you blink. Besides blinking, the eye is also rolling, which gives the image of seducing. It means it "seduces" you to stop by and pay attention to it.   


17. Hei Lam Suen

Created by Hei Lam Suen |

Another colorful work with moving objects is presented by Hei Lam Suen. The artist uses a brilliant idea by transforming the first name "Hei" into "Hello" which, in fact, conveys the same meaning as greeting people. The use of several bright colors and the blinking mode are also used here so that it gives new hope and spirit to the people who ever see it. The word "Hello" is also representing a new beginning since it is the first time you say when you see someone new. 


18. Ana Abashidze

Created by Ana Abashidze |

Ana only uses two main colors; black as the background and bright green for the symbol in the center. The symbol is taken from their initial name of hers. The letter A is also customized and is shown in a moving mode like a GIF. This simple logo is quite interesting for even though it keeps the simplicity principle, still, it can convey and relate the work with the branding as the artist build. 


19. Birgitte Lindtvedt

Created by Birgitte Lindtvedt |

This work is one example of simple logo design. The idea is just that simple; just put your name fully on the logo. To make it more attractive, the artist chooses artistic fonts to create the name for it. There's no need for an image or any specific symbol. Only by putting your name will people understand clearly that it is you who sell the services. The work also gives you the address so that you can call and get contacted with the artist anytime you want. The social media account is also put there to make you easily find the right artist.  


20. Shaquille Galanto

Created by Shaquille Galanto |

The letter S and G clearly stand for the name of the artist. It makes it easy to connect the logo and the person. The black background has the power to show the tough and steady character of the owner. Well, the dark colors tend to show that character, right? Then, the white for the letter is chosen so that the work has great contrast so that the icon in the form of the letter shows brightly over the black background. 


21. Jacson Silveira

Created by Jacson Silveira |

The bright blue with the accent of illumination is chosen for this design. In the middle of the rays, there's a circle shape that has a symbol inside with zoom-in, zoom-out mode. The jargon also surrounds the icon inside. And that is one of the attractive parts of the work. The bright color of blue also shows the positive atmosphere for people who see it. It looks fresh and exciting. 


22. Amr Araby

Created by Amr Araby |

The concept is really unique. It uses the cartoon of a man head who has a stylish haircut. The guy in the icon is smiling. There are eight cartoons here with the exact same picture. They all are being spread all over the space but still leave the negative space. Eight, some people believe that this is the symbol of eternity since the number is written in a perfect continuous line without any cuts. Supposedly, the designer hopes that by making eight pictures, the business is going to be perpetual. 


23. Ted Oliver

Created by Ted Oliver |

This one is what you can call a sophisticated design. You can see that there are three same symbols that are set on the logo, but they all have different patterns. If you see closely at the symbol for several minutes, you will be able to tell that the symbol actually comes from the first name of the designer, Ted. It is made artistically so that it can be a new symbol. This work, indeed, needs high creativity and a wild imagination.  


24. Jagoda Kolodziej

Created by Jagoda Kolodziej |

While other works have a conventional shape, this one presents you with a different shape. A leaf-like shape is used here. But still applied the initial of the artist for the main symbol. Some other symbols are also applied, which are actually not readable, and that could make people just go away the first time they see it. 


25. Fatih Ezer

Created by Fatih Ezer |

Instead of using black and white contrast, the artist chooses the red and white contrast. It is also a good combination, though. The red background supports the white icon to stand out. The icon is taken from the name of the owner. As you see this work, you can immediately relate it to the name of the artist. In this way, it could be a memorable one for the viewers.  


26. Chill Bill

Created by Chill Bill |

A simple icon in the middle, with the name of the artist, has made the brand icon intriguing enough. As people see the semi-skull look along with the words, people will be curious about what it is about. People may go through deeper to see what is being advertised. In this way, you have created a good logo.  


27. Rami Jbara

Created by Rami Jbara |

Rami has created a simple logo design using his own name and what service he gives to people. This kind of concept is very simple and comprehensible. A lot of designer uses the concept since this concept is going to be perceived easily by the people. Mostly, the designers who choose this concept try to see themselves from the perspective of their audience. And that is one of the successful keys to making a branding icon.


28. Yereren

Created by Geraldine Díaz |

This work has combined an image and text in a design. The use of calm color may be chosen since the business has a certain target market that has an interest in such color. Apparently, the designer surely has done the research well. 


29. Luiz Arthuso

Created by Luiz Arthuso |

The vintage look is applied here. The color supports the image of being old-fashioned yet classy and elegant. However, if you are a new artist and this is your promotion stage, you'd better avoid making this kind of work. It won't make people understand it immediately, and that could cause a flop in your business.


30. Julius Guevarra

Created by Julius Guevarra |

The J and G is the main icon of this logo. It starts with a black background which is immediately covered by the blue one; then some dots show up that is unclear, then the J-G icon shows up to wrap up all the icon. What nice and sophisticated work!


Final Words

Those are some amazing logo designs from brilliant artists around the world. You may find one that closes your idea, then create one of your own that represents yourself the most. 


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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