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Article: 30 Best Men's Clothing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Men's Clothing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Here we have curated awesome men's clothing logo design ideas to inspire yourself to design a stunning one for your business. Check these out!
Created by Shine Visual Lab |

One logo can mean a lot for the brand identity. It can signify the style, the uniqueness, and also the target market, just like Men's clothing brands, which need a particular logo design to support the business. Masculinity is the primary focus when creating one. But how do you make that kind of impression through a small element? Here are some of the ideas and tips for you.


What Makes A Good Menswear Logo

1. Consider The Type

When you are trying to make a logo for men, the chances are that you will consider the masculine design. But is a masculine theme enough? No, you got to jot down the type at first. Underline that there are 7 logotypes you can pick, abstract, mascot, emblem, a letter mark, pictorial mark, wordmark combination, and emblem.

Each design brings out a different brand feel. A men's clothing logo design with a letter mark or typography offers simplicity upon its initials. It can be effective and easy to understand. The logotype or wordmark brings out an impression through typography choice. It can be clean, heavy, elegant, etc. there are also abstract, pictorial, and combinations.

They play with images, shapes, and symbols. But they also take a lot of care in symbolical meaning and color choices. You can even use or create a mascot to state your branding identity. Use emblems that combine marks, letters, shapes, or many other inspirations. Each of them exudes a different feeling, which is why you should choose the logo design carefully.

2. The Color Pick

Are you going to use pink for your men's clothing product? No. While color brings a lot of different meanings and interpretations, you also need to consider the stereotype. It helps to state the obvious about your target audience. At the same time, color can lead to theme generators and brand impressions. As an example, purple color for elegant and luxurious men's wear.

Choosing logo design color is not about what you like or your favorite. You will need to consider how it affects your mens' brand personality and customers. Consider the message of your brand. Bold, compassion, cool, speed, or what? With that in mind, you can choose the color scheme and translate the language of color.

It is also worth taking a look at some of the color meanings before you choose one. Some of them can symbolize a brand. But it can be altered with a combination of type and shapes. For example, blue is a symbol of maturity. It can be a perfect choice for a professional men's clothing business. But when combined with a cute mascot, it will bring a different impression.

3. The Shape Ideas

If you think clothing brands only need a very friendly and traditional design, then you are completely on the wrong road. The idea is that your logo shapes can tell a lot about your business. Just like color, what you have will help you signify the brand identity. You can name it round, circular, ovoid, organically shaped, spiral, square, vertical, or horizontal lines.

Soft round organic shapes are the most common option. It gives a friendlier impression and a less intimidating design. You can tell the same with the ovoid and circular shapes. Some squares emphasize sharpness and professionalism. Or use cultural shapes such as crosses.

Understanding the meaning and impression of each shape will help you create a suitable logo for your Men's clothing brands. Remember that each design signifies ranges of meaning, symbolism, and impression. Your logo will not only work as an image but also as an element that communicates the real message of your brand.


30 Men's Clothing Brand Logo Ideas

1. Riga.Co

Riga. Co brings a lot of elements that help create a very distinctive and intricate logo design. It is an abstract mark that comes out of the initials and line art. What makes the ideas very cool to look at is the varying plans to fit the materials. It has complex detail, the smaller one with combination mark, to the very simple one with smaller scale and detail.

Created by Caramurú Baumgartner |


2. Taurus

Inspired by the name meaning and zodiac sign, the logo design uses a combination of rustic, modern, and elegant styles. The logotypes use a small shape that turns into a zodiac sign or an A letter. It is a very smart and well-thought model. You can see how the small and simplistic shape is applicable in their men's clothing product.

Created by Victor Weiss Studio |


3. Anphinity

Anphinity uses a combination of soft round and angular shapes to create a half-pipe sea wave-like symbol. The key element and its meaning resemble deconstruction. It's not destructive, but it reassembles and makes a new one. It fits with the wave movement. To complete the clothing brand identity, it uses black and white color to state a strong independence sense.

Created by Unformal Studio |


4. Fiksson

Symbolic and mystical is what Fiksson wanted to tell their customer. The men's apparel itself offers a more contemporary fashion brand, which is why the uses of cultural shapes make it stand out. The logo design comes with a lot of tarot card ornamental lines, which help signify the meaning. It uses white to make it more versatile and youthful.

Created by Sergii Rodionov |


5. Cobalto

Men's clothing brands Cobalto prefer the blue, grey, and white theme to make a professional-looking brand. At the same time, the company uses wordmarks for certain clothing items. Meanwhile, it also has a brand mark in the form of a uniquely shaped C letter. It consists of horizontal lines that help represent the calm, speed, and grounding sense of its simple garment.

Created by Culto Creative |


6. Playmaker

The simple uses of logotype for Playmaker did tell its vision. The typeface is very simple, straightforward, and direct. When you see the logo design visual, you can tell that it highly regards the name and its sports men's clothing brand. The simplicity also makes elegance and class for both in the field or casual clothing.

Created by Alex Perez |


7. Not Today

Playing with color, shapes, and uniquely generated icons, it is a perfect example of modern branding. The monogram logo design consists of two letters, N and strikethrough O. The small stroke has different colors that help to add variance. It looks simple but also complete with some quotes on the side. Thus, making it a perfect logo for warm and comfy clothing.

Created by Anglique Chuang |


8. Halcyon

The concept for the branding and the logo design is simple, manly, minimal, and flexible. To get all of its aspects, the designer uses striped wavy-like pictures to represent four seasons. At the same time, it also uses wordmarks to combine with the icon. What makes this men's clothing logo remarkable is the four variants design that represents each season.

Created by Huy Ya Design |



Noize brand is more on the street or underground men's apparel. It accentuates the unique, modern, and minimalistic trend that is also inspired by music. Staying true to its meaning and relation to music, the clothing icon uses a soft circular lined design. It looks like a shouting effect that helps represent the brand identity.

Created by OTRE |


10. VNTR

Simple, straightforward, minimal, atmospheric, and versatile, that's what you experience upon seeing this logo design. The VNTR uses black and white color themes to accentuate the modern design. It is also easy to adapt and versatile. That is why you can find it in a lot of items, including clothing, bags, or packaging.

Created by Smash Urban Media |


11. Mcalpha

Accentuating the luxurious touch, the company choose a beautifully lined emblem alongside its modern logotype. MCALPHA uses simplistic typography to fit the essence of a sophisticated men's clothing brand. At the same time, the unique lined emblem fuses a lion's face, castle-like gates building, and shield shape. Thus, highlighting a royal clothing atmosphere.

Created by Mohammed Zaki |


12. Klauss Boehler

Logo design that creates a sense of professionalism and vintage style can help the brand stand out. In this case, Klauss Boehler uses a scripted typeface to combine the drawing and the logotype design. The line art makes a sophisticated remark which fits the best with its luxurious clothing and fashion item. Meanwhile, the natural stroke typography adds a sense of expertise.

Created by Ig2 Canada |


13. Wolf & Shepherd

When the logo design idea is a wordmark, you should pay attention to the typography style. Take a look at this design, which is a good example of typography style. It highlights the expensive item by using a scripted font. It adds flair, sophistication, and elegance. At the same time, the men's clothing store also uses wolf pictures as a mascot or pictorial mark.

Created by Saxon Campbell |


14. Hörst

The abstract logo mark in this men's clothing company is the epitome of class and authenticity. To do it, the rounded abstract design creates a regal-looking emblem consisting of initial and intricate detail. As it uses monochrome color, the white color exudes a sophisticated look. It is also versatile and adaptable for many clothing, signage, or packaging label.

Created by Ig2 Canada |


15. Seven Days A Week

Having a skill in hand lettering and vintage typography, the designer uses its aesthetic typography to make a cool, vintage, and masculine men's clothing brand logo. The wordmark logo comes in many different styles to accentuate the curated sense of art. This kind of variance makes the brands always have different branding for diverse materials, such as clothing or men's accessories.

Created by Tobias Saul |


16. Gutzel

If you think men's clothing logo design cannot pull out gold color, then you are wrong. Gutzel wordmarks come in varying colors and styles, including the gold gradient. The simple typography highlights the color, so it looks expensive and luxurious. Meanwhile, it also comes in a blue-white color scheme, which is a perfect balance for a manly and prestigious impression.

Created by Juliette Kim |


17. Trainy

Providing a men's clothing line for niche fitness, the Trainy logo design is fresh and straightforward. It is simple in the face but also very clear about its detail. The plus point goes to the mascot design that resembles the ancient Greece people. The company also uses a monochrome palette to show detailed nature and keep up the marketplace coherent.

Created by Smash Urban Media |


18. Freakstein

Working for urban and digital lifestyles, the company developed a clothing logo design that was meant to attract the millennial generation. The idea of its unique typography and abstract mark tell customers to embrace their weirdness. The idea also goes along with the men's clothing design. It mostly uses their signature graphic disaster, error, and flaw in the printing mode.

Created by Miligrama Design |


19. Armour

Going through a lot of changes, the Armour logo makes a lot of sense for men's clothing brands. It uses a very strong painting styled typography and some unique marks. The logotype itself brings out the sense of masculinity through its bold black and white color. Along with crossed-wrench illustrations, the clothing brand makes a strong impression on men's casual apparel.

Created by The Kinetic |


20. Skogstad

As an outdoor clothing company, you can tell that the combination of mark and logotype is a perfect decision. The company uses simplistic shapes to illustrate mountain range and a sans serif typeface. It creates a very well-balanced and versatile logo design. The mark can be used for smaller clothing. The two of them work well side by side for posters or other outdoor apparel.

Created by Nicklas Haslestad |


21. Paradie City USA

To accentuate a contemporary-styled men's clothing brand, The Paradise City company brings out the same sense through its logo design. The uses of letter marks, neat and minimalistic marks make it recognizable. It exudes a very casual and freedom taste. It even uses a certain color scheme to follow the clothing brand identity that resembles surf, classic, sand, freedom, and craftsmanship.

Created by Nathaniel Hébert |


22. Ernst

Simple, classic, beautiful, and prestigious, that is what you got from the Ernst logo design. Following the nature of grey and pastel color, the visual identity fit for urban modern formal everyday men's clothing. Its simplistic detail makes the design pretty easy to recognize as well as adapted in many products. To complete the look, it also uses flag line art that adds a classy vintage theme.

Created by Larssen & Amaral |


23. Ulterior

The small little mark in the Ulterior men's clothing logo means more than just simple strokes. The mark is inspired by Hanoi tower, 33 number, and Chinese character that means king emperor. It is pretty simple to look at but at the same time helps elevate the clothing brand identity. It uses simple typography and color that make it fit with men's premium clothing.

Created by Pablo Chico |


24. Smart Master

As an experienced company in men's wear, the company uses a monogram logo with a combination of soft round and dignified line art. It brings out a very simple yet straightforward design. It even uses a black and white color scheme that helps create a focal point. It is economical but also versatile. That is why the clothing business uses it for all its mockups.

Created by Shine Visual Lab |


25. Ekaterina

Ekaterina's logo design comes from modifying her first two letters ligature name, E and N. It is a complex line art that blends the two letters into something aesthetically pleasing. The initial letter mark also signifies sexiness and aggressive sense through its sharp angles. It helps to create a very distinctive remark and implies her expertise in work.

Created by Anatoly Shabalin |


26. Gekox

Made to symbolize the name, the branding comes with a gecko mascot. Another pinpoint of this plan is the use of textured and unique typography. It helps cope with the brand attitude and values that explore vintage style. The men's clothing brand also provides organic apparel, which is why the color picks revolve around black, earthy-gold, blue, and white.

Created by Miguel Sousa |


27. 31 Clothing Co.

Dealing with urban-styled customers, the 31 clothing develops it with a modern, strong, yet straightforward meaning. Thus, the final design turns into a very simplistic pictorial mark consisting of numbers three and one. It is very representative and also minimalistic. Thus it helps create a more masculine taste in the work. It also uses monochrome color to fit the urban clothing style.

Created by Beto Nunes |


28. Seasoned Traveler

This men's parka brand became one of the good examples of rounded logo design. Seasoned Traveler uses its initial (ST) to create a very modest idea, which consists of an oval shape and its letter mark. The model itself signifies the brand identity that focuses on the natural material fiber. The line detail also fits well with the lined fiber of the warm men's clothing itself.

Created by Polaar Studio |


29. Timber & Sea

Timber & sea make a perfectly balanced and aesthetic combination mark. It uses a simplistic random mark that resembles the monogram, sea, and timber. The use of line art also softens the rectangular design. At the same time, the logotype also uses a cool and flowy typeface that fits its outdoor clothing brand. The two elements work well in any background color.

Created by Pablo Chico |


30. Little Brave Shop

This men's clothing brand knows how to make a distinctive logo design. The mascot design illustrates a standing mongoose with a cobra cane to picture gentlemen. It is something weird. But also successfully delivers its brand message as a professional and experienced men's fashion brand. It also takes an earth-tone palette for a vintage touch, has several customizations, and is fun to look at.

Created by The Bakery Design Studio |


Final Words

Following the rising popularity of the clothing and fashion industry is not always limited to lady's brands. Gentlemen clothing lines are starting to expand, which means ones need to make a distinctive logo to announce their product. This is where your logo design should be thought carefully.

You should consider the type, color, and also shape. Some examples given are the perfect inspiration to create a cool and distinctive men's clothing brand logo. They come variously, meaning, art style, types, and skill. Consider all of the ideas and the key points, so you can make the best-suited logo design.

Which of these logo designs inspire you the most? Let us know your comments by writing in this section down below. We hope you enjoy reading and have a great day!


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