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Article: 30 Best Photographer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Photographer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

When life gets blurry, remember to adjust your focus.
Check out some of the best photography logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Gabriel Paiva |

Photography is about telling the story by using pictures. Some others would say that photography is just like painting lights. Being a symbol of business, the logo develops a visual illustration of the values of a brand. Only a few photography logos have become more than just a business symbol; they even inspire us with distinctive design ideas.

The word aesthetic appears more general since photography is actually a real art when it comes to professional work. For the last few years, artistic visual works have obtained momentum in almost all aspects of life. This established the way for the use in a wide range of artistic visual designs. As a result, many photographers have brought their photography into the business. And therefore, they need a logo for such a business. 

A photographer's logo should be able to communicate with its audience, so it should be clear. Another main quality is a memorable design. So, if you need any references to make a good logo for a photographer, here they are. 

Although you are a great graphic designer, when designing or redesigning a logo, of course, you need some new inspiration to charge your creative mind and soul. So, for that reason, we have prepared a list of the best photography logos that may inspire you. Just check them out!


1. Szymon Wojcik

Created by Tiamin |

He is an experienced designer, and he only works for resulting the design of the best quality. His logo told everything about his qualities. In this symbol, you can see how he combined the lens and the initial of his name into one entity. The lens, the letter S, and the letter W have evoked a unique symbol for this photographer. At the same time, it also shows how talented the designer is. 


2. Anne Jensen

Created by Varvara Zdorova |

Anne Jensen is specialized in wedding photography. Whether you want to have a pre-wedding picture or the wedding moment picture, you can call Anna Jensen for the services. The symbol made is simple and clear. As a wedding photography service provider, the use of hugging couples in a wedding outfit is representative enough to convey the message to the people. The name put in the symbol will make people understand who they would call when they need such service.  


3. androbaza

Created by Alexander Karamyshev |

Androbaza is a nickname of a young photographer, Andrey Yershov. His specialty is the industrial reportage genre. He goes to the construction site of a project and captures moments of work being done. The concept of his symbol is a combination of three elements, i.e., the camera lens, camera flash, and the sign of a new message. And it symbolizes sociability and minimalism, as well as professionalism.



Created by Rodrigo Balbino |

This designer also develops a simple yet meaningful logo for his business. This photographer simply put his initial and the lens into a symbol and put his name beside the symbol. The red color on the symbol shows the strong character of the photographer, which he might want to highlight for the whole work. At the same time, the white color on the text gives the proportion for the contrast, both at the symbol and the background. 


5. Sage Orville

Created by Alan Cheetham |

Another simple and clear logo is found in Alan Cheetham's creation of Sage Orville's logo. In this design, you can see that the designer only uses two main elements. The initial of the photographer and the focus lens. Well, the lens has been an effective image to be used as the photographer's logo since once a person sees it, they immediately recognize what is trying to be told by the icon. The usage of red and white has given the perfect contrast to the work. 


6. Patricia Morellato

Created by INPUR DESIGN |

Most photographers take the typography logo to promote the logo. This is because photography is not a well-known business. It has its own target market. However, in recent years, this business has started to be popular among people. Used to be only particular people, on only special occasions, who would like to hire professional photographers to capture the moments. Therefore, to promote the services, the photographer would like to just put their name or initials into the logo so that people would recognize it easily.  


7. Lilian Harvey

Created by Abdulsamad Umar |

Harvey is a photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her passion has brought her into this work of capturing beauty through lenses. Her main interest in photography is in the fashion field and lifestyle photography. Most of her pictures have this theme or similar ones. If you see her logo, you will find the earthly color and a very simple design which only puts her name on the blank space. The choice of natural color represents the simplicity she has lived for the whole of her life. At the same time, the main concept used in her logo is to evoke trust and professionalism.  


8. Denise Leacock

Created by Mari McCallion |

It's a redesigned logo that has brought Denise into multiple target markets. Previously, Leacock worked on wedding, newborn, and family photography. And he would like to expand her target market. Therefore, here the typography logo is chosen to show her personality through the fine lines and soft curves. The palette color is chosen here based on her catalog photos to strengthen the characters of her works. 


9. Adel photographe

Created by Julien De Meyère |

Adel is a wedding photographer. Her logo is designed using typography style. The letter A is the initial of her name, and it is placed inside a medal. The palette color is used in this work to show the simplicity and harmony that the photographer tries to bring alive into every of her work. The use of a single symbol also shows the simplicity and minimalist design, which give a modern look and high-end design. 


10. Marianna Lembo

Created by Ibrahim Khalaf |

The main attraction of this logo is the background. You can see a plant here used as the background. The choice of nature as the background represents the theme of the photography chosen by the photographer. You can also see the symbol of Leaves here, above the name of the photographer. It shows that Marianna focuses on capturing the beauty of nature in most of her works. 


11. Vasyl Koloda

Created by Halyna Mazalewska |

The Harper Reid main focus is on wedding photography. Many wedding photos have been created by this photographer, and all the results were satisfying. Not choosing the delicate design, the designer simply put the name of the business and the kind of photography it is doing along with the place where it is based. By doing that, the message is clearly delivered, and people will understand it in a second as they see the logo. 


12. Konstantinos Katzakis

Created by Linescape Design |

The logo is designed by Linscape Design. It has a very simple idea. The initial of the name, the letter K, is modified with the shutter, and there you go. You can see a unique photographer's logo design by looking at this work. The black and white contrast has been the best option for this work to stand out from other works. 



Created by Anastasia Anisimova |

It comes with a unique concept as you will see that the background is a lady with a young female companion who looks to have a very close relationship. The lady in the image is smiling, representing that they have a happy moment. While the text "Paper Crane" is written in the middle with a clearly readable font. Right in the space between the two words, there's a blink that symbolizes the blitz of the camera. So, in the whole concept, when you have a happy moment like this, please use the photography service from Paper Crane to capture those. 


14. Colleen Sanclemente

Created by Brianne Schoonmaker |

This is another example of a simple photographer logo design. You will only see the text which surrounds the initial name of the photographer. And the text itself is the long version of the initial abbreviation. So, practically the logo just tells people the name of the photographer and that he does the photography. 


15. Nika Studio

Created by Alvy Wyll |

The design presents us with the extraordinary work of a designer. The abstract idea has been shown here. If you are not familiar with photography, you will need some more time to understand the meaning of the logo. There's a sheer image as the background, but you won't be able to see it at a glance. 


16. Halframe

Created by SPG MARKS |

Obviously, you can tell that the name comes from "half frame." Therefore, on this logo, you will see the letter H, the camera, and a half frame as the main element. Offering the elements in this way gives chances to the public to visit the website and see the content in order to fulfill their curiosity since the logo is created with professional taste.


17. Tomas Griger

Created by Filip Greš |

Tomas Griger is a wildlife photographer. You can visit his social media accounts to see his best shots. To promote what he is doing, he creates a logo that represents his photography activity. With the help of Filip Gres as the designer, the symbol has been a simple and memorable work. It has the symbol of an animal between its two-syllable name of his. The color he chose represents his cheerful nature. 


18. Chad Savage

Created by Faikar |

This design concept is to display vintage and modern looks together with a new logo mark style and a combination of modern, elegant, and old-fashioned text styles. A logo mark portrays the eye and a camera lens in a unique way as a representation of the elements in photography.


19. Christopher Allen

Created by Maskon Brands |

This logo has come with a combination of logo marks and text as well. The symbol has an oval shape and is filled with the initial of the photographer. Below that, there's a name written in a clear font that has a great level of readability. The color chosen has proposed the vintage look.  


20. Holck Droneinspektion

Created by Daniel Maul |

As you can see from the name, you might guess correctly that this artist uses a drone as a tool for capturing amazing moments or beautiful objects. Many modern logos have a minimalist and simple concept, and this one is one of the examples of those works. With only putting the name on the icon used, the color black and white has been the best choice to emphasize the modern and minimalist look. 


21. Cole Garret

Created by Joshua Diaz |

For photography of weddings, elopements, and other romantic occasions, just choose this artist to capture the moments. Coming in vintage color, the logo has brought a romantic nuance all over the work. The image of the couple in the middle has clearly sent you the message that this photographer focuses on every romantic moment you have.


22. Belloto Fotografia

Created by Gabriel Paiva |

This service has provided you with personal and professional photo shoots, gastronomic photographs, and many other special occasions such as fashion rehearsals or children's birthdays. The photos produced here will stand out for the best lighting and the best individual treatment. The artist has been able to appreciate the work's final quality and transfer each picture into an amazing moment of your life. With a symbol surgically understood to represent its work, developed to symbolize lightning, which is the main feature of its business. The typography was designed to be simple and objective, so it fits the symbol perfectly.


23. Swidrak & Co

Created by Duende Design Co |

This work has a clean and simple concept of design. Many photographers have set their symbol in a simple way so that it is easily understood by people as well as easy to be remembered. This one has presented its work in a calm color background and a readable text with great contrast of colors between the two elements. Simply put, the name of the artist, and by doing so, people will notice it in the money they see the logo. 


24. Denisa Kui

Created by Alex Mihis |

This work has functioned very well in delivering a message to everyone who sees it. It has the initials of the photographer, with the addition of plant trees as the symbol. The symbols itself has told people that the artist has worked in natural photography. Besides the symbol, you can also see it from the text put in the work. The natural color used in this symbol has also emphasized the true intention beyond the work. 


25. Tabitha Kristen

Created by Inkbot Design |

This work has combined the logotype and the typography type. As the symbol, it uses the initials of the photographer. While the text used is the complete name of the artist, and the word "photography' is attached to make the symbol easily accepted by the viewers. As they see it, they would know what is being offered here. The powerful character, as well as the elegance, is shown here by the use of the contrast of black and white. The sharp typography will save the readability of the text involved here.  


26. Jen Blair

Created by Jerad Nun |

This logo has a quite crowded design. However, the use of white as the background and green as the text has resulted in good readability. However, too many elements are put into the work. And they're all the same information which is written again and again. The term "Jen Blair Photography" should not be repeated in the same space so that the work could have a clean look. 


27. Zephyr Productions

Created by Kostya C.K. |

This work has the qualities of a good photographer's logo. It is simple, it has good readability, and it has the brief information needed by the viewers. You can see the name as the icon here, the initial as the logo, and the year of establishment. People need to know that it has been established for a long time so that it is a good business in terms of the experience. And the experience commonly comes along with the quality as well. 


28. Ioana Cosma

Created by Anda Popovici |

Ioana Cosma presents a unique concept of the artwork. The symbol has the image of a camera, and in the middle of the image, there is a long road that goes further. Then there is a text that shows the name of the photographer. It is such a nice logo which may mean the long journey of the photography activity done by the artist. 


29. Kelly Russo

Created by Tessa Portuese |

This logo comes with a quite different concept. Offering the same idea of beauty, it presents many butterflies in several different colors. However, the color of the butterflies is limited to certain colors associated with natural color. 


30. Sandra Potapenko

Created by Anastasiia Bielova |

Sandra Potapenko is a professional photographer. Her shoots are mostly about love and sensuality. The symbol made should be able to tell about the author and her work. The symbol has two elements; a branch and a shell. The shell is associated with the sea, which represents the important decisions in the artist's life. A branch is a symbol of natural beauty and elegance that the photographer tries to highlight in her pictures. 


Final Words

The main function of a logo is to represent the business being done by the designer. A photographer's logo should be able to tell people what kind of photographer you are and what photography is your specialty. Those are some of the great examples of logos for photographers. Maybe, some of them could be one of your inspirations in making one. 


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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