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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Photographer Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Photographer Logo Design

Created by Gabriel Paiva |

Photography has been one of the most developing businesses nowadays. Many newbies try to get their luck in this field. However, research shows that it is not easy to survive in this business. The data shows that only 40% of photography businesses survive the first year, and just 15% reach the third year.

The failure to draw the audience's attention and make them into potential customers is commonly mentioned as the main reason for the failure of the business. This includes the failure of the logo as the main device of the advertising material. 

A logo is the face of the company and the business. And when it is designed carefully and thoughtfully, it should represent the company as well so that it can be the identity of the brand. If people like it as soon as they see it for the first time, it means that there's a significant chance that they will become loyal customers in the future. Thus, a logo will become a medium to take a business to the public.

Created by Halyna Mazalewska |

"There's only one chance to make the first impression." Such a saying fits you when you want to go for a job interview or even a blind date. And as a photographer, creating an outstanding website could be the best way to perceive a good first impression on the future customer if you may be right in this phase. Your portfolio is what your potential customers will see for the first time before they decide to use your skill. But before that, they will set an image of your business in their mind by looking at the logo you post on your website.

Nowadays, people will see your logo first before they are convinced about your work. They would identify your business through it. Many potential customers today would judge how your business is and how you perform by making less effort since they do not have much time for such activity. If you pay attention to the development of the business world, how many companies don't have a logo? You will learn that businesses today are begging for more attention from various audiences, either online or offline, and logos have been an inevitable part of the company. 

Now that you know how important a logo is, this article will help you to find out how to make a good photographer logo design that will help increase your business. 

Created by Faikar |

When you think about a certain brand, what might come up in your mind suddenly is a large company like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, and many other huge companies. Well, a huge marketing promotion with exclusive PR businesses gives these companies the ability to perform steady and powerful messages on various platforms to accomplish their goals.

However, creating a unique brand isn't just reserved for big companies only. Small businesses, like local photography studios, should build a solid brand to be able to attract customers. And here are the tips on how to do it. 


10 Tips to Create a Good Photographer Logo Design

  1. Understand The Client's Background & Story 
  2. Research The Market And Customers
  3. Start From A Basic Shapes
  4. Think About The Identity 
  5. Always Be Different
  6. Consider An Emotional Approach
  7. Make Use Of Symbolism
  8. Be Memorable & Recognisable
  9. Make Sure It’s Flexible In Different Sizes
  10. Remember To Keep It Simple


Created by Rodrigo Balbino |


1. Understand The Client's Background & Story 

Think of one or two things that make your brand special. You may look at the photography styles, take a particular style and make it your character. In a way, maybe, the style that you highlight will be unlike any other style other studios have, or you can just point out a unique perspective on taking photos that others may not pay attention to. When you finally recognize this unique element, you can try to make it your tagline. The next thing to do is integrate this message into your blogs and social media posts, etc., to build a new brand over time. The key is emphasizing this unique character through all of your web presence. If you're not sure how to find one, ask these questions, which might help you to find the right clue. Here are the questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business?
  • What makes my photography style different from others?
  • What different experience does my client have when they use my service compared to my competitor?

You can use all those questions to find what your specialty is so that you can build the branding for your photography business based on the answers. 

Created by Varvara Zdorova |


2. Research The Market And Customers

What a business do is sell, isn't it? But have you decided to whom you are selling your brand? If you don't have a clear image of your ideal customer, then your marketing and branding campaigns will be useless. This is because every decision that you make is affected by the target audience. All the campaigns such as social media platforms uploads, local events to participate in, the use of appropriate tone and messaging online, etc., will be useless without a good knowledge of the needs and tendencies of the customers.

 For example, if you want to perform wildlife photography, you should be able to create a message that specifically contains a sense of adventure and a craving for risks. Likewise, if you want to show the customer that you are a professional wedding photographer, then you may build a brand that gives the nuance of comfort. You should also show them that you understand and respect the beauty of relationships. 

Identifying the customer is an important part of promoting your photography business. It is also an important element to do before making a photographer's logo design. By acknowledging the customer properly, then creating a brand as well as the logo for the business to convey the message and the character of the company would do your job in making a logo a lot easier.  

Created by Filip GreŇ° |


3. Start From A Basic Shapes

A logo functions as a communication tool for the company to deliver the message of the company and the brand. Therefore, it certainly has its own way of speaking and communicating to the audience. The impression which is intentionally designed will be delivered to the people who see it. 

For example, a famous brand Nike will give you a strong feeling of pushing you to the limit and "just do it." An Apple will give you the image of an elite and elegant entity that always tries to find the finest experience and entertainment. 

So, when you want to make a strong photography brand, then you must build a strong character for your brand first. Then keep relevant and be consistent with it. For example, if you choose to be quirky and fun, you should present all the material that shows the vibes of the same type on your social media profiles and content and every advertisement that you do. If you choose an elegant theme, then provide all premium material for the design and stay consistent in all of your content as well.

Created by Linescape Design |


4. Think About The Identity 

Before creating a logo, what you should know first is the power of branding. A powerful brand will include these elements an attractive logo, a sweet tag line, a memorable personality, a distinct note, and other uniqueness. You can use the same elements and build a unique brand for your photography business. 

Branding is what you should do the very first time when you want to promote your business. Your audience today would really care about that. They will find out what the difference that you can provide them is. The potential customer would find something from your brand that they can relate with their personality. Once they find it in your brand, then it is the best moment for you since they will be your potential loyal customer. Therefore, think about it carefully in building a brand for your product. 

Created by Alexander Karamyshev |


5. Always Be Different

Creating a unique logo will help you stand out from your competitors. When people see the logo in advertisements, social media content, videos, etc., it helps you even more in your effort to build brand loyalty. Especially when you make a premium logo, people will take your business more seriously than others. They will consider your company when they need a service that you have. 

When you started a photography company, making a unique logo was actually difficult and expensive, especially when you don't have a skill in design at all. Of course, you need a professional options designer to help you create one. However, you can find much help online today. Many logo creator applications are available either you have to purchase them at an affordable price, or even you can get them for free, completely free. Choose free logo templates, and customize them as you need, then you can get your logo design immediately. 

Created by Alex Mihis |


6. Consider An Emotional Approach

For every business, the main goal of every business activity is to generate revenue. However, emotion is the main base of every major brand. This is because a brand will only work well if it connects with a person on a certain emotional level. Otherwise, it is going to be a raw transaction only. 

Therefore, it is expected that your brand, as the soul of the business, should contain character, passion, and reliance. You can use these emotions to develop a good relationship with your customers. Then you will see that this method will help you generate more regular customers than ever.

To be more precise, you will need to perform a little research. As you set the target market, try to get into the lives of the community. Learn what they need and what the trend is done to these people. Having this data and information, it will be a lot easier for you to create a work that can relate to their personality. As you can share the same emotion, it will be easier for you to capture their interest as well. 

Created by Maskon Brands |


7. Make Use Of Symbolism

Develop your photography business with an outstanding symbol. Transforming your business's brand into an emblem is not an easy matter. The logo for photographers helps you promote your photography skills and let people know your talent. Photography isn't a limited business to definite ends, but it extends beyond the conservative methods. Your skill may range from events to fashion photography. The creation of an inspiring logo design that can illustrate your creative skills will help engage people with the work and turn those people into potential customers. 

Therefore, you should know what your specialty is, what talent you want to show to people, what skill you need them to know, and what best services you can guarantee that you can give them. This is important so that people know exactly what kind of photographer you are and how professional you are. 

Created by Anastasiia Bielova |


8. Be Memorable & Recognisable

The importance of an attractive emblem has risen significantly recently because of the tight competition in the photography business. The famous studios would invest a great amount of money in doing the branding for their business. In such situations, it becomes inevitable for you to pay a lot of attention to crafting a unique logo for photography that can describe your qualifications. It should be able to tell how good you are at taking pictures and what genre you that capable of taking care of. Shortly, your business's emblem should speak all on your behalf and deliver the message you want to share behind the photography business you are doing. 

A logo is your first and the most front row device to tell people about the business you are carrying. It should tell people what they need to know about the photography services that you have. As they see the logo for the first time, they should know if your business has the good quality that they are looking for or not.

It is your representative, so the main concept of your brand should be embedded into it and delivered to people. As the main device of communication the people, it should be made carefully and conceptually thoughtful.   

Created by Tiamin |


9. Make Sure It’s Flexible In Different Sizes

A good logo should able to be optimized to work well on every platform and printed media. The version of your desktop website, the version for the mobile app, all of your social media accounts, email signature, business cards, and invoices. It should fit all of those media. You have to realize that every variable needs different requirements and challenges; the most notable one is considering the sizes and how many elements can be taken in a certain media. 

Created by SPG MARKS |

Well, as is already mentioned that creating a simple design is important; however, in this case, some other considerations should be thought about. When a simple design doesn't need many details, such as strong colors, it may be different in this case. The use of colors, for example, in designing a simple logo, it is suggested that you make it in one color only; if you have to use more than one color, then at least not use more than three colors. It will help the design simpler and more eye-catching. 

However, in this case, when you need the emblem design to be put in the printable media, you might need it to come alive and shows in several colors. Therefore, you should think about making a logo that can still be good either in a black-white display or in a colored version. 

Created by Anastasia Anisimova |


10. Remember To Keep It Simple

An important role in making a logo is simplicity. You don't want to make a website with a bulk of fonts, colors, and any graphics. What you just need is to keep the work simple; simplicity in style, messaging, and every element involved.

Remember, your audience will not spend much time just figuring out your logo. A good designer should be able to tell them what you do and why you're different within 5 seconds. When you put it in the social media content, you need to make it as simple as possible. If it takes your audience to click, scroll, or go through paragraphs to come to the main core, then you should consider revising the brand presentation.

Created by Tessa Portuese |

Apply simple but stunning design. Choose either you will go for a symbol or a text-based logo. However, you can also choose the combination between the two. What you have to remember when you choose the combination style is that keep it simple. Don't use overwords. Pick an iconic symbol that is representative of the company you are running. If you have to add text, make sure that the text and the icon won't clash with each other. Or, if you want to put a slogan, make it concise, clear, and sharp. That could be another attractive element that you can use in the logo. Pay attention to the use of color and be wise in choosing the type of fonts. Make sure the fonts you choose is a sharp, clear, and have a high quality of readability; that is really important because you need people to see, read and understand your logo in a short time. People won't have much time to digest what you mean if you do not give it straight away.  

Created by Mari McCallion |


Final Words

To create a good photographer logo design today, all you need is to explore the wide range of customizable logos for photography available online. Most of them are professionally designed. However, if you want to make it more personalized, you can use the logo designer design to help you create it.

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