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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Kangaroo Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Kangaroo Logo Design

Created by Badr |

Animals have the power to make us happy, humble, fearful, or amazed. They connect us to nature and show us the power of instinct and survival in the wild. When it comes to logo design, animals are a popular choice of symbols to represent brand values ​​such as speed, stealth, beauty, and intelligence. That's why you'll find them featured in brands for industries like banking, technology, apparel, and more.

The Kangaroo logo is a popular choice for companies looking to add a little touch to their branding—both in the pet industry and beyond. So, whether your business offers animal-related products and services, or you think a kangaroo will be a beehive for your new business, a well-designed animal will help your company stand out from its packaging.

Created by Nicole Sgroi |

Kangaroo emblems can range from elegant and serious to cartoonish and catchy. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of creating an animal for your brand:

  • How does the animal represent your brand?
  • Does it match your corporate identity and reflect the idea behind your product or service?
  • Do you want realistic-looking 3D animal icons or flat and graphic styles?
  • Do you want your animal icon to include details like shadows, feathers, or wings - or would it be a solid color?
  • Is the animal symbol you are considering strong enough to stand alone from the word sign? 


10 Tips to Create a Good Kangaroo Logo Design

  1. Understand The Brand You Work With
  2. Study The Kangaroo Anatomy
  3. Create A Long-Lasting Logo Design
  4. Never Download & Use Online Elements Blatantly
  5. Stay Original & Be Different
  6. Simplicity Is Effective
  7. Choose A Suitable Color Palette
  8. Use Golden Ratio To Make It Balance
  9. Update The Logo When Necessary
  10. Ask for Feedback, Refine, Then Finalize


Created by Aqamulhaq Abdurrazaq |


1. Understand The Brand You Work With

You can only create a business logo that perfectly represents your brand if you delve into its core values ​​and distinctive features. For example, you are a retailer that sells organic products. You want customers to associate your brand with a healthy, sustainable, and trustworthy lifestyle. All of these qualities should be reflected in your organic brand. Thus, keeping this in mind during the design process can make all the difference between a bad design and a good design.

In short, your company logo design should fit into your overall branding strategy. So, before you start working to create a good kangaroo design, take some time to determine what makes your brand unique and helps it stand out from the competition. You can answer the following questions to put you on the right track:

  • What is your business goal?
  • What three words will you use in describing your brand?
  • What does your company do?
  • Do you have core business values? Define it in a few words.
  • What do you want customers to know about your brand?
  • Who is the ideal customer?

Make sure you have the answer before continuing, as you will refer to it later. If you already have a returning customer base, you can ask them what they really like about your product, service, or brand in general. Pay attention to the characteristics that get mentioned often and make sure they are reflected in your design.

Created by Agu Wu |


2. Study The Kangaroo Anatomy

Think about where you want to put your code: be strategic about it, and don't put it where you think it looks good. Instead, ask why and explore all options to ensure that your placement contributes to a well-functioning design where you'll use your logo the most.

For example, if you plan to use your logo primarily on websites and social media, make sure that the placement and layout of your logo look good at this size and in a square space. Ask yourself:

  • Are you using space wisely? .
  • Are you conveying a message?
  • Is she strong and brave enough?
  • Does the icon itself look good to use as a profile picture or as a favorite?

Aligning your kangaroo icon above your company name works best in the grid because it uses the space more wisely. If you have the icon to the left of the text tag, the logo will be wider and leave a lot of negative space above and below when placed in a box.

Created by Ilya Shapko |


3. Create A Long-Lasting Logo Design

A logo doesn't have to be fashionable; it has to be timeless. The best thing to do is try to stick with a design that will last through time - something creative and timeless that people can remember forever. A common mistake is that brand design logos are trendy, but this trend won't last forever.

The best way is not to lose sight of the trendy look and feel as that won't work in the long run, and we can hope you'll be right for it in the long run. However, you should pay attention to the fact that if you choose something very classic and timeless. There is a good chance that many other brands also use a similar design, and it may not match your brand as well. Result. Think about your brand and its message more than the trend this year. You want your logo to shine and interact every year.

Created by Mahran Zameel |


4. Never Download & Use Online Elements Blatantly

All of these company logos are too similar to stand out from the rest. When designing a logo, one should try very hard not to use clipart or copy other people's work. The last way to create a good kangaroo design is not to copy clichés and come up with something unique; Otherwise, your logo will look like someone else's and will not help enhance the brand image. You will need something that is instantly recognizable and not confused with someone else's brand.

Your logo should have an original art form that tells the audience about the company and how its spirit shines through. Sure, you can take inspiration from other logos, but make sure your work is unique and not just a copy of something else.

Obviously, don't try to emulate regular art forms in your logo like clipart. This will make your logo look unfamiliar and childish without being anything special. If you want something memorable, it has to be special. Your logo will want to make an instant click with anyone who sees it. Make it stand out from your competition in an instant - don't make your audience think about how your logo looks like others.

Created by Gert van Duinen |


5. Stay Original & Be Different

Feel free to get inspiration from other brands, but make sure you don't steal anyone's intellectual content, as this can have serious consequences. At the same time, your logo will be displayed on every guarantee you have, so also make sure it's scalable.

The process of designing a kangaroo logo is not much different from designing a logo in general, but of course, there are certain things to watch out for. You have to take into account all the points mentioned above and only then come up with the final product. However, make sure not to rush into creating a logo because it will stick to your brand for a very long time. You must be 100% confident and happy with the final product and present it to the world with pride.

Created by Calin Hanga |


6. Simplicity Is Effective

Smart design can make a very simple logo effective. Good design means that you should remain simple. Too many eye distractions and too many things to focus on will make the unrecognizable, unremembered and not allow it to represent your brand as easily as possible.

Try to represent your brand as best you can with a strong and simple logo. Why is design so difficult when it has to be so simple? You should be able to thrive in a variety of different contexts, like the Nike logo, through sheer simplicity.

Created by Smit Rachhadiya |
If you are creating a logo from scratch or redesigning an old but effective one, you need to keep it simple and in tune with your branding. Keeping things visually appealing while also keeping the design simple and clean. A good design tip is to make sure you look strong in black against a plain white background or in a two-tone color. For example, consider Windows - what is this logo that preserves the brand image over time, even though the logo has undergone several design changes?

The simple and digital feel of the two windows shows that the brand is at the forefront of the digital age and will continue to exist over time. This is an easy-to-read statement of the slogan in its simplicity. A simple logo will also harmoniously match other materials produced by your company.

Created by Mark Byford |


7. Choose A Suitable Color Palette

Color can make or break your logo because it helps visually represent feelings, your business, and more. Your audience can visualize your logo almost instantly if you are using the right colors. When you are starting to create a good kangaroo design, choose the colors that best suit your target audience and choose a palette that matches the animal symbols you are using.

In the example, you can use used the orange, white, and black panther to help enhance the brand's icons and colors.

If color is essential to your logo, it should also display the values ​​you want the brand to represent, and this is done on a completely subconscious level. For example, blue is the color most used in logo design, and it represents confidence, stability, serenity, and knowledge. Yellow and red are supposed to be associated with food and hunger, and therefore they are present in many of the logos of the fast-food chain. Likewise, every color has a story to tell, but you need to make sure that your brand story matches it.

Created by Sandro laliashvili |


8. Use Golden Ratio To Make It Balance

If you've been a designer for some time or happen to see how designers work, you've likely seen them use circles or rectangles to form their designs. They do not use it randomly; in fact, they use one of the oldest formulas that make any design look harmonious and pleasing to the eye - the golden ratio. Animals are often created using the golden ratio, the mathematical ratio used by many designers.

Redrawing the animal with all the details will not work because you will lose detail the more you measure it. The golden ratio circle helps simplify animal details, shapes, and forms. Using the exact scaling of the golden ratio circle also helps balance the logo and make it look unified.

Created by Kareem Magdi |
Well, no exception. Here's how using the golden ratio in design can benefit you: The golden ratio can be your design grid, a framework for making sound decisions. As things built around the golden ratio are seen as more beautiful, you can create a good kangaroo design that is more valuable.

Built according to the principles of nature, these logos are not much forgotten about their more chaotic counterparts. The human brain enjoys the sights, sounds, and situations that it can predict. If the logo is built according to the golden ratio, the logo becomes more harmonious.

Created by Rolandas Kvaraciejus |


9. Update The Logo When Necessary

The logo has evolved over time and was noted more than twice in 1912, as early redesigns were not so well welcomed. Your company can change over time, and while you want your logo to be timeless, it won't last forever. To stay as up-to-date as possible while also maintaining the current look, one sometimes needs to change their logo to keep up with the times.

If you have been quite successful in the past, it's not ideal for making a major change from the overall design you used, so sometimes, just a simple change to a simplified type or icon will make your logo more relevant for today's times.

A good example of this is the recent change in Marriott hotels from an old look to a newer look while also refraining from following current trends. The logo has been redesigned, keeping the giant letter M while keeping the other text in black instead of red. The logo is now more modern and isn't a huge change from the original, but it definitely stands out more.

Created by matthieumartigny |


10. Ask for Feedback, Refine, Then Finalize

Everyone's creative process is different. Some may start with a diagram, while others may jump right into Adobe Illustrator. The drafting stage involves a lot of trial and error, so don't be discouraged if everything doesn't work out.

At some point, you'll start to feel that you can't even distinguish between good-looking letters or a bad logo. When this happens, it may be time for feedback. Feedback is critical to the creative process, as it is the only way creators use to "test" their ideas. You can get feedback from just about anyone; just make sure you don't rely on one person. It also helps if the person providing the feedback is within your brand's target demographic.

Created by Sergio Joseph |

To get the best feedback, ask specific questions about how everyone perceives your brand based on the logo. Telling you that your logo is "good" or "bad" won't help but know how your brand will appear.

There are some ideas for asking questions when getting feedback, such as:

  • What is the first thing that caught your attention?
  • How do you differentiate my brand?
  • What do you remember most about the logo?
  • Is there something confusing you?
  • If you could remove one side of a design, what would it be?

It's hard for someone to say for sure how they will interact with your brand in real life, so avoid questions like, "Would you like to buy this?" or "Is this interesting?" More specific questions will get more specific answers and better feedback.



Final Words

Approaching the design process is not a walk in the park; it is going down many different paths in one's mind, exploring different possibilities while always trying to steer the audience in the direction you want. Take a look at the five tips above to help you do well in your path and ensure you have a cutting-edge and unique design that will captivate your audience in an instant.

A good logo should make an impression and arouse the curiosity of the audience to know its meaning. Logos include designs to differentiate themselves from their competitors while demonstrating ownership of the brand in the marketplace. A well-designed icon fulfills the purpose of the company's branding, just as it serves as a reference for the public.

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

Your logo is the most succinct statement of your company, its values, and the benefits it provides to customers. As your business grows, the logo you create will gradually become imbued with a unique character. Its appearance alone will remind customers of the experience they had with your brand.

So, choose wisely and use a professional design that will stand the test of time. Tips for creating a good kangaroo design we discussed will help you with this process. Happy design!

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