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Article: 30 Best Mouse Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Mouse Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Check out some of the best mart logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by R A H A J O E |

Are you interested in using a mouse image for your logo? That’s a good idea. The mouse is a symbol of many things, from wit, endurance, focus, and opportunism to fussiness and constant movement. The mouse logo design is considered universal as it can suit many different brands.

Furthermore, you won’t have to incorporate a complete image of a mouse in the logo. You can use only a few key physical characteristics of a mouse. For example, a unique-shaped muzzle, round ears, and a thin, long tail. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to mouse logos.

Need some references for your logo? No worries. We can help you with that. In this post, we listed 30 inspiring mouse logo design ideas from various logo designers from all around the world. Their works are all unique and diverse. You will probably find some that you like. 

Here are some of the best mouse logo design ideas you can check :


1. Street Rats Wheels

Created by Jetpacks and Rollerskates |

It is not uncommon for a skateboard store to have an unusual name. Jetpacks and Rollerskates’ work embodies the name of a brand really well. The animal mouse logo features the upper half of a humanized mouse. The mouse is in black and white. Meanwhile, the background is cyan. This allows the image to be highlighted and take the center of attention. 


2. Slavisa Dujkovic

Created by Slavisa Dujkovic |

Your mouse logo design doesn’t need to feature a full shape of a mouse. The animal’s silhouette is recognizable enough. Even a silhouette can do wonders. Notice how Slavisa Dujkovic combined a straight line and some curves into a mouse. The whitespace makes the mouse logo more appealing. The background is purple. It balances and provides a soft contrast to the mouse’s white.


3. Max Hodlevskyi

Created by Max Hodlevskyi |

Just because it is a mouse logo vector, it doesn’t mean you have to strictly follow the shape of a mouse. You can be as creative with it. Max Hodlevskyi used some physical characteristics of a mouse and then added some twists to it. You can still recognize the mouse, but it is so unique that it easily stands out from the crowd.


4. Agaciaki Handmade

Created by Daria Łabędź |

An effective logo is simple. We know how tempting it might be to add many intricate details to a mouse logo design. The problem is it can be counterproductive. A complex logo is harder to understand and memorize. Daria Labedz’s design for Agaciaki Handmade shows how a simple logo can be interesting and attractive. Not to mention the mouse is very cute, too.


5. Turd Squad

Created by Dermot Reddan |

A mouse symbolizes constant movement. What animal is better to represent a skateboard company than a mouse? Dermot Reddan’s design here takes it to another level. The mouse is on a skateboard doing the trick. With several taglines, the logo depicts what the brand is about. You can hardly ignore it. If anything, the mouse logo piques your interest and makes you curious.


6. Mouse King

Created by Blake Suarez |

Blake Suarez’s mouse logo design is on the more abstract side. However, it still shows the shape of a mouse. What’s interesting is how the mouse is decorated with royal regalia. This fits the brand’s name. The soft contrast between light blue and yellow creates an appealing visual cue. In addition, the two colors balance each other, preventing the logo from looking overwhelming.


7. Mouse Site

Created by MT Projectss |

MT Projectss’ design for Mouse Site shows how you can interpret the physical characteristics of a mouse in a unique way. Notice how most parts of the mouse consist of curves. This makes the logo looks softer and easy on the eyes. The colors separate the parts and provide a balance. The text comes in black, with the highlight on the word “Mouse.” 



Created by Federico Bonifacini |

When we think of mice’s favorite food, cheese is the first thing that comes to mind. Regardless of whether it is true or not, the association is there. Federico Bonifacini’s logo design capitalizes on it. The brand is about cheese and wine. The mascot is a pair of mice, one holding a bottle of wine while the other holding a bag of cheese.  


9. Enzo Ancenis

Created by Enzo Ancenis |

An effective mouse logo design is simple and easy to remember. Enzo Ancenis’ work is both. The logo features a small white mouse with an orange background. The mouse is facing right and appears to be ready to move. The logo’s simplicity elicits beauty. The cute mouse piques your interest and makes you want to learn more about the brand and its product. 


10. naughty mouse

Created by Garasigrafis |

Garasigrafis’ work also plays with the association between mice and cheese. Notice how minimalist the vector logo is. It features only a mouse head, two feet, and a tail. There is a big cheese in between its head and feet. The design makes the logo easy to recognize. There are only two basic colors, but the Naughty Mouse logo effortlessly grabs passerby’s attention.


11. Type Mouse

Created by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy |

The next on our list is the work of Mahdi Hasan Hridoy. The logo features a silhouette of a mouse. The arrangement of the words provides space for the mouse image. The unique placement puts the silhouette at center stage. In addition, the silhouette’s color allows it to stand out even more. The whitespace keeps the elements balanced and easy on the eyes.


12. KorpoRat Brevery

Created by Lazar Bogicevic |

An effective logo can describe a brand. The description should be concise and blends with the other elements. Lazar Bogicevic’s mouse logo design provides a good example of how to do it. The logo features an image of a mouse with a hat with descriptive text underneath. The image and most of the text have the same color. The whitespace accentuates their shape.


13. Robert Nowland

Created by Robert Nowland |

Here we have Robert Nowland’s work. A mouse represents constant movement, and that is what this logo is all about. You can see how the mouse is on the move. The dynamic logo features straight lines and curves, creating an interesting balance. While the mouse is only a silhouette, you will immediately identify it as a mouse. The uniform color makes it memorable. 


14. Space Mouse

Created by Irine Gubanova |

The mouse is universal. When it comes to mouse logo design, the animal can be used regardless of what the business is. For example, here we have Irine Gubanova’s Space Mouse project. It combines some interesting elements: a mouse, a moon, cheese, stars, and space. The seemingly unrelated elements combine into a unique and memorable logo. The colors and shading are amazing, too.


15. Fencing Excalibur

Created by hebheb |

When you are making a mouse logo, you want something really unique. Something that allows your brand to stand out from competitors. hebheb’s mouse logo here fits that bill easily. It features a mouse in a fencing stance. The mouse stands upright and is wearing a fencing helmet. These turn the logo into the center of attention. The typeface makes it even better.


16. Szara Mysz Kids

Created by Maciej Kłodaś |

Simplicity is one of the things that make a mouse logo good. Maciej Klodas’ work is an excellent example of that. Notice how simple the mouse image is. It consists of lines with simple shapes. On the tail, there are a bunch of leaves. The combination of a mouse and a plant is certainly unique. Meanwhile, the typeface complements the overall design.


17. Bhupesh

Created by Bhupesh |

Whitespace has many uses. Not only can it provide a breathing space between elements, but it can also form a unique shape. In this case, the whitespace is what forms the mouse. What’s interesting is how the mouse is shaped. It occupies the empty space inside the letter “M.” Bhupesh’s mouse logo design is an excellent combination of a text mark and a pictorial mark. 


18. Mouse in the wheel

Created by Maxim Temchenko |

Maxim Temchenko’s logo for a co-working space is simple, but it has it all. It has an image, the name of the brand, and a tagline. It tells a lot of information about the brand. Not only that, the logo design is simple enough that you can memorize it easily. The whitespace helps simplify and makes it easy on the eyes.


19. Brains Digital

Created by RUDINSKY |

Rudinsky’s Brain Digital logo design fits a digital agency. It is bold and makes a statement. The red and white combination brings the mouse logo to attention. While the letters are close to each other, you can still read them with ease. The head is facing right, indicating a move forward. It might look simple at a glance, but the logo is effective.


20. Rahul Rao

Created by Rahul Rao |

We also have Rahul Rao’s mouse logo. It is one of the simplest logos on the list. The logo features a black-eyed white mouse on a black background. The mouse logo design is as simple as it gets, but it piques your curiosity. The black-and-white combination makes the mouse logo timeless. Meanwhile, the shading adds depth and interest to the overall logo design.



Created by vacaliebres |

vacaliebres’ logo design showcases the Motomasu brand very well. It is an online store that sells bikes and helmets. We can see the mouse is wearing a safety helmet. This tells the audience that the brand cares about safety. For Motomasu, safety is a priority. Notice how the logo has many elements. Interestingly, it doesn’t look overcrowded. It is all thanks to the whitespace.


22. Aga Więckowska

Created by Aga Więckowska |

Next, Aga Wieckowska’s work. The design is simple but no less beautiful and meaningful. It can be quite tempting to add a lot of complex details to your mouse logo design. The problem is a logo with complex details is difficult to memorize. You want to make it easy for people to memorize your logo. So, striving for simplicity is the best practice.


23. small repairs

Created by graphitepoint |

The importance of whitespace in a logo can’t be overstated. In some cases, it is better to leave an image incomplete with negative space. Graphite point’s work here proves that point. Notice how the empty space forms the screw that the mouse is holding. This not only fits the brand well but also creates an interesting image that is easy to memorize and recognize.


24. Groma

Created by Trevor Thomas |

Maybe you want an unusual logo? In that case, Trevor Thomas’ work for Groma may give inspire you. The logo consists of a mouse head and text. What’s interesting is how the animal is depicted. Notice the exaggerated muzzle and ears. The exaggerated parts are still recognizable, and they make the logo more interesting. The text is cartoonish, which adds charm to the logo.


25. renovo_estilo

Created by renovo_estilo |

Renovo_Estilo’s mouse logo design presents multiple things at once. It consists of two parts: white background and earth-toned negative space. The negative space is what gives the image and text forms. The results are incredible. There are a mouse image, the letter “M,” and text. All these are created with negative space. The logo keeps things at a minimum but is still attractive nonetheless.


26. Micebyte

Created by MYXATA |

A colorful logo attracts attention. But if it is possible, it is best to keep the number of colors at a minimum. Myxata’s Micebyte logo design uses only two basic colors. Yet, it is enough to grab attention and be memorable. The mouse comes in orange. It easily becomes the focal point. Meanwhile, the text is mixed, but the words are easy to read.


27. John Nolan Studio

Created by MATEEFFECTS |

Ideally, a logo should represent a brand for years. Creating a long-lasting logo is not easy. But one of the ways you can futureproof your logo is to use the appropriate color, like Mateeffects’ mouse logo design for John Nolan Studio here. The black-and-white combination is a timeless classic. It helps to keep the mouse logo stay relevant for years to come.


28. Muad'Dib

Created by vacaliebres |

Vacaliebres took the physical characteristics of the animal and then added some twists to it. On the one hand, the logo is recognizably a mouse. On the other, the shape is quite unusual. This allows the logo to stand out from the rest. In addition, the intriguing shape also encourages the audience to learn more about the brand. It is a unique and effective logo.


29. CodeMouse

Created by R A H A J O E |

Next, we have Rahajoe’s work for Codemouse. To say that Rahajoe’s mouse logo design is unique is an understatement. The logo is nothing short of an art. It consists of several characters arranged in a way that forms a mouse. Not only the logo fits the brand it represents, but it also keeps things simple and memorable. It is an awesome mouse logo.


30. Mouse Face Monoline

Created by rd. artmaker |

Last but not least is RD. Artmaker’s Mouse Face Monoline logo design. The logo combines a complex mouse image with straightforward, easy-to-read text. The mouse image makes it easy to associate the message with the brand. Meanwhile, the tagline is catchy and piques the interest of the audience. The brand’s name is in uppercase, showing the professionalism and commitment of the brand.


Frequently Ask Questions

What Is the Symbolic Meaning of a Mouse?

Mice have an incredible ability to adapt. They are resourceful and can endure harsh weather. It comes as no surprise if they are associated with positive qualities such as wit, endurance, focus, and opportunism. Even if they are small, mice can do many large things due to their courage and persistence. If you want to associate your brand with these qualities, using a mouse in your logo may be a good idea.

What Makes a Good Mouse Logo Design?

A good mouse logo is simple, easy to understand, and memorable. It conveys what the brand stands for, makes people remember and recognize the brand, and helps potential customers understand if the product the brand is selling is the right choice for them. It also tells the brand’s story and works across different formats. These are what make a good mouse logo design. Keep them in mind when you are designing your logo.

Which Elements to Use for a mouse logo design?

A mouse logo is typically based on a recognizable mouse silhouette. Considering how recognizable the physical features of a mouse are, you won’t need to include the whole thing. Even with just a few elements like a muzzle, a thin, long tail and round ears are enough. his gives you flexibility. You can use only the shape of a mouse head. People will know what it is. You can even use whitespace to form the shape.

Which Colors are commonly used in mouse logo designs? in 100 words

When it comes to mouse logo designs, there are several colors commonly used to convey specific messages and evoke desired emotions. A popular choice is a combination of blue and white, as blue represents trust, professionalism, and reliability, while white signifies simplicity and cleanliness. Additionally, shades of gray or silver are often utilized to convey a sense of sophistication and modernity. Black can be employed to denote power and elegance. Bright and vibrant colors like red or green may be used to evoke energy, excitement, and creativity in gaming or technology-related mouse logo designs.

Who Can Use Mouse Logo Designs?

Mouse logo designs can be used by a wide range of individuals, organizations, and businesses. They are particularly relevant for companies and brands associated with technology, software, gaming, or any industry related to computers or digital devices. Tech startups, computer hardware manufacturers, software developers, gaming companies, and IT service providers can all utilize mouse logo designs to represent their brand identity. Additionally, online retailers, e-commerce platforms, and digital service providers can also benefit from mouse logos as they symbolize connectivity, user-friendliness, and convenience.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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