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Article: 30 Best Rabbit Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Rabbit Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon, you have a dozen.
Check out some of the best rabbit logo design ideas!
Created by Pikria Birtvelishvili |

The rabbit logo has been a popular design choice for many companies and organizations over the years due in large part to the animal's symbolic meaning of speed, agility, and productivity. While the specific origins of the rabbit logo design may vary from company to company, there are a few key historical and cultural references that can shed light on its significance.

A cultural reference that may have influenced the rabbit logo design is the famous fable of the tortoise and the hare. In this story, the hare is portrayed as a fast and overconfident animal who ultimately loses a race to the slow and steady tortoise. While the moral of the story is often interpreted as a lesson in humility and perseverance, the image of the rabbit as a fast and agile creature has persisted in popular culture, making it a natural choice for businesses that want to emphasize speed and efficiency.

In recent years, the rabbit logo has also taken on a new significance in the world of tech and startup culture. The term "rabbit hole" is often used to describe the experience of getting lost in a particular topic or idea on the internet, and the image of the rabbit as a curious and adventurous creature has become synonymous with the idea of exploring new ideas and technologies.

Here are some of the best rabbit logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Escapes

Created by Billy Baumann |

A Chicago board game café called Escapes has good branding through its rabbit logo. They combine black, bronze, and white in it. The emblem is in bronze and contains a white running rabbit that evokes playfulness. You can find the café name typography in an arch-down style. Another typography showing the café location is on the bottom of the emblem in an arch-up style.


2. March Hare

Created by Jared Jacob |

A brewing company, March Hare, also has a rabbit logo for its branding. Using black and white is enough for them, but they play with the typography to make it more attractive. The designer created the company name in calligraphic style with classic font and added the brewing Co. in a standard font at the bottom. He also adds a running rabbit above the typography in white.


3. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

A rabbit logo design created by Lucian Radu is simple yet looks very iconic. He only made a rabbit head using a black line over a white background. Then, he added a red shade on one of its ear and cheek to make it looks cute and playful. Interestingly, this logo does not include typography of the brand name or other related information.


4. Barry Distiling

Created by Almaz Safin |

Almaz Safiz created a brand identity with a rabbit logo for a wine distillery called Barry Distilling. It uses a post-stamp concept with a rabbit sitting comfortably in front of a storage tube while holding a glass of red wine. Below is the distillery name in uppercase letters with different sizes. The designer puts this rabbit post stamp on a dark background.


5. Stevan Rodic

Created by Stevan Rodic |

A logo design by Stevan Rodic also uses a rabbit theme and does not incorporate a rabbit symbol, imagery, or illustration. It looks cute with a light blue background. Instead of using an image, the designer plays with typography to show the rabbit look. He uses a bold and italic white font with a reverse at the front that slightly looks like a rabbit.


6. Goodlan

Created by Darina Darvin |

Goodlan gift shop also uses a rabbit logo design for its branding. The white background does not limit the logo to look cute because the designer uses different Tosca shades for the symbol and typography. The symbol is a rabbit head with pink cheeks. Below is the gift shop name in a playful font using another Tosca palette and using different font sizes.


7. The White rabbit

Created by MissMarpl |

The White Rabbit is a watch shop that has a unique logo. It comes in a navy background with a rabbit wearing suit and holding a watch. The vertical typography in standard font shows that it is a watch shop. There is also an establishment year besides the rabbit symbol. Below is the watch shop name in orange uppercase letters with different fonts at the front.


8. IIsixo_O

Created by IIsixo_O |

A new logo design applying a rabbit theme is Bunny. This logo combines white background and black symbol and typography. The symbol is a black rabbit head with one of its ears replaced with a plugged-in cable. Small hands appear on both sides of the head. Below is the Bunny typography in bold uppercase letters. Another more classical typography appears at the bottom.


9. Down the Rabbit Hole

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Jessie Maisonneuve presents a rabbit logo design for a coffee & eatery called Down the Rabbit Hole. The logo is in a down arrow shape with a white rabbit inside as the symbol. It includes typography in different types to show the name. The typography of coffee, eatery, and down is in arch-up style with different font sizes. Meanwhile, the rabbit hole uses uppercase letters.


10. Andrew Korepan

Created by Andrew Korepan |

Andrew Korepan designed a simple rabbit logo with a white background. He includes a rabbit head with a smoking pipe as the symbol. Below is the typography of its brand name called, Bunny Authentic, using bold uppercase letters. They use different font sizes to highlight the upper part. He uses black with brown shade for the symbol and typography.


11. Rabbit Riding A Bear

Created by UNOM design |

Unom Design created a logo design for sale that applies a rabbit concept. They name this logo with rabbit riding a bear. Likes its name; this logo only involves black imagery of a rabbit riding a bear which looks distinct on a white background. It does not include any typography and still requires more customization for further use.


12. Lepus Ink Tattoos

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

Dalius Stuoka created a logo for Lepus ink tattoos from a recycled rabbit logo design in his archive. It uses a white rabbit head with a red eye that looks like a button. An ink drop above the head completes the look. Below is the typography of the brand name in bold font. Interestingly, the designer only uses black and white dominantly for this logo.


13. Moon Rabbit

Created by Simo |

A logo proposal for Moon Rabbit includes a blue rabbit with a white moon and several stars inside his body as the symbol. Besides, you can find a brand name in a bold white font. The symbol and typography arrangement in this logo look balanced. The designer uses a navy background to match the blue rabbit symbol and white typography.


14. Sunny Hay

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

A small project involving a rabbit logo brand name created by Konstantin Reshetnikov is for rabbit feed. It includes two brown rabbits facing each other, eating grass as the symbol. The brand name appears above the symbol in bold white uppercase letters adorned with green leaves. The upside is the green typography of natural rabbit feed in smaller sizes.


15. Big Ear Rabbit

Created by Chill |

A rabbit logo design for a fashion brand created by Chill applies the simple concept. It incorporates a rabbit head with its big long ears in a raw sketching style. The typography of the brand name appears on both sides of the symbol in a standard font and uses uppercase letters. It looks much simple but pretty iconic to put on fashion products.


16. Harecare

Created by Jano Kobalia |

A logo concept for Harecare Beauty also uses a rabbit theme. It sticks to the use of black and white dominantly in the logo. The symbol is a quite big jumping rabbit in black. The designer also uses a similar color for the brand name below the symbol. Besides, he adds a touch of red in the typography for the word beauty underneath.


17. Halfsize Studio 2023

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Jessie Maisonneuve created another rabbit logo for a graphic design studio called Halfsize Studio in 2023. He uses a running rabbit passing the world as the symbol with 2023 above. A sparkling effect complements the graphic well, as the designer uses red. The typography includes bold red Halfsize in uppercase letters, italic Studio in classical font, and standard one for the tagline.


18. Andrew Korepan

Created by Andrew Korepan |

Andrew Korepan presents another rabbit logo design with a mix of black, white, and brown for Rabbit Betting. It incorporates white rabbit graphics with a brown accent above his head as the symbol.  The typography of its name uses bold uppercase letters in different font sizes. Besides, the typography applies brown and rabbit based on the font size used on the brand name.


19. Cottontail

Created by Migléna Spásova |

Cottontail combines purple palettes and white for its logo. It uses a bag involving a hidden rabbit picture with dark purple on it as the symbol. Hence, the rabbit looks connected with the background compared to both sides of the bag in lighter purple and white. The brand name is a bold font with the online typography underneath in uppercase letters and light purple.


20. Pyon

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

Alexandra Erkaeva designed a cute rabbit logo for Pyon. It includes a white rabbit sitting on his back wearing a brown hat inside a black circle. This symbol looks iconic on a white background. It does not involve much typography, only the brand name below the symbol. However, it looks unique with light brown color and some adornments on the letters.


21. Artidote

Created by Jessica Benhar |

Artidote is a brand of scented candles to evoke memories through scented. The founder uses a rabbit logo design for this luxury brand identity. Although it uses a monochrome concept, the sophisticated vibe comes from its design. It includes a rabbit as the primary character in the symbol. The designer also adds other natural elements like a flower and a snake.


22. The Rabbit's Foot

Created by Emir Ayouni |

The logo for the Rabbit's Foot uses a mix of black, white, and orange. It incorporates a rabbit-wearing suit and an artificial leg. The reverse trapezoid includes the brand name in white with different font styles and sizes. The designer also put the location of the shop underneath. He combines standard and arch-down style fonts for the location.


23. Gold Rabbit Sports

Created by Ryan Foose |

A rabbit logo also depicts sports brands well. It combines teal and grey in the logo, which is a bit rare. It incorporates a rabbit head as the symbol. The designer makes the typography to surround the symbol so it looks good to use as a label. He also distinguishes the font types and boldness level to highlight the brand name.


24. Tamara Radke

Created by Tamara Radke |

Combining white and blue is quite common, including for a rabbit logo design. Tamara Radke created a logo design for Year of Rabbit by using those color combos. The symbol is a rabbit head coming up from a hat with sparking stars. It does not contain typography yet, so people who are interested in using this design can customize it.


25. Twice Nuts

Created by Sava Stoic |

Sava Stoic also designed a rabbit logo with a black-and-white concept. However, he makes it a bit different by adding a brush effect on the symbol and typography. He uses a rabbit with wings in the white brush as the symbol in the logo. Below is the brand name and establishment year in bold uppercase letters and uses the same white brush effect.


26. Serbaneka Studio

Created by Serbaneka Studio |

Serbaneka Studio releases a simple logo design with a rabbit theme. They make the logo brighter than many rabbit logos because it uses a red background. The symbol depicts the simplicity of the design because the designer only uses a thick white line to form a rabbit. Although it does not include typography, the symbol is iconic and represents the rabbit well.


27. Rabbit hole

Created by Darina Darvin |

Darina Davin presents a rabbit logo design for a Rabbit Hole. It uses a mix of black, white, and orange but looks good enough as a brand identity. The symbol is a rabbit head coming out from a hole in orange. Below, you can find the brand name in bold white uppercase letters. Both symbol and typography look perfect on a black background.


28. Pikria Birtvelishvili

Created by Pikria Birtvelishvili |

A rabbit logo designed by Pikria Birtvelishvili sticks to the simplicity concept. She uses a black background and white rabbit imagery for the symbol. However, she plays with the shape to make it more attractive, as the logo does not include typography. She uses thick white lines to form a rabbit body, although it does not fully cover all parts of it.


29. Black Rabbit Emporium

Created by Ty MacConnell |

Ty MacConnel created a branding for his friend's Etsy shop that sells various unique 3d prints. He names the brand Black Rabbit Emporium. The logo incorporates two black rabbits in a reverse direction with a plant and a moon between them. The typography uses a black classical font with only I in lowercase. He uses a brown font for the Emporium underneath.


30. rabbit spades

Created by Slavisa Dujkovic |

Rabbit Spades also uses a rabbit logo design for its brand identity. It uses a rabbit head as the symbol but replaces the face with a spade. Hence, it looks like a tree at a glance. The typography of the brand name uses different font styles and boldness levels. The upper part consists of bold lowercase letters, and the lower part is standard uppercase letters.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the rabbit logo designs?

The rabbit logo has various cultural and symbolic meanings across different contexts. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is associated with good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. In sports, the rabbit represents speed, agility, and leadership. The famous fable of the tortoise and the hare also reinforces the image of the rabbit as a fast and overconfident animal. In tech and startup culture, the rabbit embodies curiosity and adventure. Overall, the rabbit logo design is often used to convey a sense of speed, agility, productivity, and growth while also referencing the animal's cultural and historical significance.

What types of industries are suitable for using rabbit logo designs?

Rabbit logo designs can be suitable for a wide range of industries and businesses. The rabbit's symbolic meanings of speed, agility, and productivity make it a popular choice for sports teams and athletic apparel brands. The rabbit's association with good fortune and prosperity also makes it a natural fit for businesses in finance and investment. The rabbit's curious and adventurous nature also lends itself well to tech and startup industries. Additionally, the rabbit logo can be used in the branding of children's products or services, as the animal is often associated with playfulness and innocence. Overall, any industry or business that values qualities such as speed, agility, curiosity, and growth can potentially benefit from using a rabbit logo design.

Which colors are commonly used in rabbit logo designs?

The colors used in rabbit logo designs can vary depending on the industry, target audience, and overall branding strategy. However, some colors are more commonly used than others. Earthy tones like brown and green can be used to convey a sense of naturalness and playfulness, while pastel colors like pink and blue can give a softer, more innocent feel. Bold and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow can be used to create a sense of energy and excitement, while cool colors like blue and green can be used to convey a sense of calm and relaxation. Overall, the colors used in rabbit logo designs should be chosen with care to align with the overall branding strategy and target audience.

What other graphic elements can I combine with rabbit logo designs?

There are several images that can be combined with rabbit logo designs to create a unique and effective brand identity. One option is to combine the rabbit with natural elements such as trees, flowers, or other animals to create a wholesome and playful brand image. Another option is to incorporate more abstract or geometric shapes to add a modern and sophisticated touch to the logo. The rabbit can also be combined with more playful elements such as stars, hearts, or musical notes to create a fun and energetic brand image. The key is to choose imagery that complements the rabbit logo and aligns with the overall branding strategy.

Which famous brands or companies are using the rabbit logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies are using rabbit logo designs as a part of their branding strategy. Nike, one of the largest athletic apparel and footwear companies in the world, uses a stylized version of the "swoosh" that is often said to resemble a winged rabbit. The Playboy brand, famous for its adult entertainment and lifestyle products, features a stylized rabbit head as its logo. Red Bull, an energy drink company, features a cartoon-style rabbit in its logo. Other companies that use rabbit logos include GEICO, Energizer, and Duracell.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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