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Article: 30 Best Sheep Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Sheep Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A good shepherd feeds his sheep first, even when he himself is hungry.
Check out some of the best sheep logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Nagual |

The sheep logo design has a rich history that spans various industries and cultures. From agriculture to fashion, the sheep logo has been utilized to convey a range of meanings and symbolisms. 

Sheep have long been associated with agriculture and farming. They are domesticated animals that have played a crucial role in providing sustenance and materials for human civilizations throughout history. The use of sheep in logo designs related to agriculture often symbolizes fertility, abundance, and the pastoral lifestyle. These logos typically feature stylized depictions of sheep, emphasizing their distinctive features such as curly wool and gentle nature.

Furthermore, the sheep logo has been adopted by various organizations and companies to represent qualities such as reliability, teamwork, and trust. The concept of "following the flock" aligns with the idea of unity and cooperation. Companies in industries such as finance, insurance, and consulting often utilize sheep logos to evoke a sense of stability, security, and dependability. These logos might employ simple, clean designs, focusing on the silhouette or outline of a sheep.

Here are some of the best sheep logo design ideas you can reference:


1. HTL

Created by Ben Stafford |

The HTL logo features a silhouette of a sheep carrying a flag. What makes it interesting is the color of the silhouette. Usually, a silhouette is black with a lighter background. This one is reversed. The silhouette is white, while the background is black. The reversal makes the logo distinctive. It stands out. The sheep logo's simple and recognizable shape allows for easy association.  


2. Agnus Dei

Created by Jordan Daniel Singer |

Agnus Dei, or the "Lamb of God", is depicted excellently in this sheep logo design. On the one hand, the sheep conveys peace and serenity. On the other, it looks so majestic and regal. It bears a flag with a cross on it. The intricate details are balanced with the whitespace all around it. The logo is beautiful, but it is far from overwhelming.


3. Barraina

Created by Fran Velasco |

The Barraina sheep logo brand is unique in more ways than one. The design makes it looks like a crest with a sheep as the main element. It is surrounded by text which communicates what the brand is about to the audience. All the letters are written in uppercase. It conveys professionalism. The colors consist of shades of gray, creating an appealing subtle contrast.


4. Hide N' Seek

Created by Alghifari Zahran |

If your company has a distinct name that no other has, we suggest including it in your sheep logo design. Your audience will associate the symbol and the name, thus increasing brand awareness. In addition, it will let you stand out from competitors. The Hide N' Seek logo capitalizes on this. Notice how the sheep and birds are playing hide and seek.


5. flywool clothing

Created by Ahmed creatives |

You can depict a sheep fully, partially, or by using abstract shapes. The Flywool Clothing logo is the latter. The twin curls form the horn, while the reverse "A" becomes the head. An abstract logo like this is great for differentiating your brand from competitors. It features a recognizable shape, which makes it easy to associate. Yet, the logo is one and only.


6. Black Sheep

Created by Aleksandar Savic |

The Black Sheep logo design is intriguing. Instead of featuring a white sheep, the logo features a black one. And instead of wearing black sunglasses, the sheep wear white ones. The reversal makes it unusual. It turns heads and makes people want to learn more about the brand. The sheep is surrounded by text, which tells the audience what the company is selling.


7. Wool From Home

Created by Sandro laliashvili |

The Wool from Home logo is as simple as it gets. It consists of outlines and bold letters. And yet, the result is nothing short of impressive. The simplistic logo only has essential elements. With no distraction from unnecessary elements, the audience can focus on what is important. The logo also contains information about the company. It is simple but very effective.


8. Nagual

Created by Nagual |

Nothing is stopping you from creating an exciting logo. The Nagual sheep logo design is an example of such a logo. The logo features a wolf in sheep's clothing as its mascot. Notice how friendly the wolf looks. Not only does it embody the idiom well, but it also makes the brand seems more approachable and fun. The orange background lets the logo shine.


9. Purple Lamb

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Just because you use a sheep logo, it doesn't mean you can only color it white. You can color your sheep with whatever color you want. The Purple Lamb colors the sheep purple. The unusual color makes it an instant attention-grabber. It has a few white lines, which add textures and details. The shading looks great, too. The text is easy to read.


10. Woolies On The Coast

Created by mattcolewilson |

The Woolies on the Coast combines multiple images at once: a sheep, a field, and the sun. The overall design is simplified, so the images are easy on the eyes. On the right, there is the brand's name. Since the name is long, the words are arranged vertically. This makes it easy to read and keeps the focus at the center.


11. Sheep Digital

Created by Luba Rumenova |

The Sheep Digital logo uses only three colors. And yet, the result is nothing short of impressive. The face and background are pink, the wool and the "Sheep" is white, and the "Digital" is purple. The white and pink create a contrast that draws attention but is still pleasant to the eyes. Purple is the accent color. It makes the logo more interesting.


12. The Green Sheep

Created by Ralph Hazouri |

The Green Sheep logo design is created with simplicity in mind. The cute logo combines the shape of a plant with a sheep as its flower. The main color is light green, which fits not just the plant but also the brand's name. The plant is fully green. The sheep, however, is green only on its outline. The rest is dark green.


13. Snugg sheep

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Have you ever seen a sheep in cyan? Well, now you have. The Snugg Sheep logo uses shades of cyan, with the lighter shade as the main and the darker shade as the accent. The face is white, and so is the background. The text is dark gray. It creates a soft contrast with the cyan. The font keeps it readable and playful.


14. La Créme

Created by Rese Wynn |

While simplified logos are the trend, you don't need to go with it. The La Crème logo has plenty of intricate details. It depicts the animals, one of them is a sheep, realistically. Despite the intricacy, you don't feel overwhelmed when you see it. This is because the elements are well-spaced. The whitespace gives breathing room, preventing the sheep logo from looking cramped.


15. The Social Goat

Created by Emma Harris |

Next is the Social Goat sheep head logo design. It doesn't depict a full image of a sheep like many on the list do. That doesn't make it less appealing, though. The serene expression of the sheep makes you feel peaceful. The earthy brown gives a warm, welcoming feeling. The logo is appropriate for a brand that specializes in bed and breakfasts.


16. Manualidades Crafts

Created by taufikrizkyy |

The Manualidades Crafts sheep logo design is an instant attention-stealer. The sheep stands out and makes a statement. The pink, yarn-like wool draws attention. The white face and legs bring the elements to a delicate balance. The letters are written in a fun and exciting font. It gives a casual and approachable vibe and encourages the audience to learn more about the brand.


17. Black Sheep

Created by Eduardo Zaldivar |

The Black Sheep logo is appropriate for the brand's name. It features a standing sheep that appears to zip its black wool. The image comes in black and white, with black as the main color. The outline and sheep's head are white. With such a stark contrast, it is just hard to miss. With only essential elements, the logo is undoubtedly very appealing.


18. Anaya

Created by CilabStudio |

The sheep logo design features a very cute sheep. The sheep is sitting, which communicates a sense of comfort. The logo features the brand's name as well. The name is written in lowercase. The font is more playful than serious. It makes the Anaya brand feels more approachable and friendly. The pink clovers on their left accentuate the text and create interesting visual cues.


19. ewelist

Created by Remus Hincu |

The Ewelist logo keeps things simple. There are only essential elements. It depicts a sheep holding a list in its mouth, the imagery fitting for the brand. With no unnecessary elements to distract them, the audience can easily focus on the image and symbol. This makes it easier for them to make associations. The "first three letters are written in bold, drawing more attention.


20. Pioneer

Created by Andrew Korepan |

The Pioneer sheep logo tells the audience what they need to know about the brand. The sheep stands proud. It stands straightly and bears a flag. This communicates that the brand is confident in itself and isn't afraid to stand out and be bold. The simplistic design adds elegance. The brand's name is written in a font that conveys professionalism. The colors are beautiful.


21. woolino

Created by MDigitalPixels |

The Wooling logo is simple yet elegant. It was designed with simplicity as its focus. It only has essential elements. Prioritizing simplicity is certainly a good idea when it comes to a sheep logo design. If your logo is simple, your audience will have an easier time memorizing it. The next time they see it, they will be more likely to remember your brand.


22. Mie Mie

Created by hebheb |

A mascot represents a brand's personality and serves as the brand's spokesperson. The perk of having a mascot in your logo is that it makes your company seems friendlier and more approachable. Mie Me does it with a cute black sheep. You can see how cute and welcoming the sheep is. Coming in black, the cute sheep stands out and steals everyone's attention.


23. Black Sheep Distilling Co

Created by Alex Panzer |

The Black Sheep Distilling Co sheep logo design takes simplicity to a whole another level. It depicts a sheep's head and the brand's name placed inside a circle. That's all there is to the logo. There is no other element. The letters are written in uppercase. The font conveys the company's professionalism. The simple sheep head design is distinctive and unique


24. R A H A J O E

Created by R A H A J O E |

The Rahajoe logo shows how you can use whitespace to form a certain shape. In this case, it is used to create the head of a sheep. With two dots as its eyes, you can see the distinctive shape. The wool is black. It encircles the sheep, communicating a sense of comfort to the audience. The contrast is striking yet easy on the eyes.


25. RAM

Created by Burak Bal |

If your company is new, using a combination mark is a good idea. A combination mark, like the Ram logo, pairs an image and text. Notice how the text is placed next to the sheep. This pairing makes it easy for the audience to associate the brand with the image. The minimalist sheep logo design makes it more memorable. These help increase brand awareness.


26. Ovechkinson

Created by Ovechkinson |

Ovechkinson features a drawing of a cute sheep. It is fishing but falls asleep. Coming in white and orange, you can't just miss the logo. Your attention is drawn to it while the sleeping sheep makes you stay. The logo also has a tagline: "Can't sleep? Count our sheep". The tagline is not only catchy but also piques interest. It is a great logo.


27. Wool

Created by Linijos |

The layout of the Wool sheep logo design is unlike any other. Instead of placing the image side by side with the text, it incorporates the image within the text. Notice how the two sheep form the "O" s. This unusual combination mark tells the audience what the company is about. At the same time, the logo makes them curious and want to learn more.


28. Wolf in Sheep's

Created by Lucian Radu |

Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Well, not this one, though. The Wolf in Sheep's logo is a playful depiction of the infamous idiom. It features a wolf and a sheep. The image is a silhouette with whitespace that emphasizes shapes and makes it more noticeable. It doesn't have any accompanying text, but it is more than enough to draw attention.


29. hisleepy

Created by Carly Berry |

The image of a sheep communicates comfort. The Hisleepy sheep logo design makes an excellent example of that. The sheep are sleeping comfortably. Meanwhile, the blue background conveys trust. The sheep logo tells the audience that they can trust the company to provide them with a comfortable sleep. The brand's name is written in a thick, playful font, which makes it easy to read.


30. Brave Sheep

Created by Nagual |

Last but not least the Brave Sheep logo. The logo is quite unusual. It depicts a sheep riding a wolf. It is more than just an unusual sight, of course. Notice how the letters are arranged. They show the whimsical side of the company. The brave sheep that rides the wolf symbolizes courage, the quality that the brand wants to be associated with.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the sheep logo designs?

The sheep logo designs carry cultural and symbolic meanings such as fertility, abundance, and the pastoral lifestyle associated with agriculture. They can also symbolize qualities like luxury, craftsmanship, and natural fibers in the fashion industry. Sheep logos often represent values like docility, innocence, and community, drawing from religious and cultural contexts. Furthermore, they can convey traits such as reliability, teamwork, and trust, making them relevant in industries like finance and consulting. In children's media, sheep logos represent playful and friendly characters.

What types of industries are suitable for using sheep logo designs?

Sheep logo designs are suitable for a variety of industries. They are particularly well-suited for agricultural businesses, including farms, livestock production, and wool-related industries. The fashion industry, especially brands that specialize in woolen products, can effectively incorporate sheep logos to communicate luxury, craftsmanship, and natural fibers. The financial and consulting sectors can also utilize sheep logos to represent qualities like reliability, teamwork, and trust. Additionally, sheep logos are popular in children's media, including television shows, toys, and books.

Which colors are commonly used in sheep logo designs?

Sheep logo designs often incorporate colors that reflect the characteristics and associations of sheep. The most commonly used colors include white, gray, and black, which are representative of the natural colors of sheep's wool. These colors convey purity, simplicity, and elegance. Additionally, earthy tones such as brown and beige may be used to evoke a sense of nature and authenticity. In some cases, bright and playful colors are employed for sheep logos aimed at children's media and entertainment.

What other symbolisms can I combine with sheep logo designs?

Sheep logo designs can be enhanced by combining them with various symbolisms to convey deeper meanings. Some potential symbolisms that can be incorporated include pastoral elements such as rolling hills, meadows, or farm implements, emphasizing the connection to agriculture and the countryside. Religious or spiritual symbols like halos, crosses, or prayer hands can add a deeper significance to the logo. For eco-friendly brands, leaves, trees, or recycling symbols can be integrated to highlight the commitment to sustainability. Additionally, symbols of unity and teamwork, such as puzzle pieces or intertwined shapes, can reinforce the idea of collaboration and cooperation.

Which famous brands or companies are using sheep symbolism in logo designs?

One famous brand that incorporates sheep symbolism in its logo design is the luxury fashion label, Ralph Lauren. The brand's iconic logo features a polo player on horseback with a sheep nearby, representing the sport's origins as a pastime for shepherds. Another well-known example is the Australian clothing company Country Road, which uses a sheep silhouette in its logo to represent its connection to nature, the countryside, and quality materials like wool. Additionally, the Irish clothing retailer, Primark, features a sheep logo that represents the brand's Irish heritage and the country's history of sheep farming.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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