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Article: 30 Superior Real Estate Website Design Ideas

30 Superior Real Estate Website Design Ideas

We are showcasing the most superior real estate website design by great designers around the world. Check these out and take a look as inspirations!
Created by Mariusz Mitkow |

When talking about commercial websites, it should help in showing the truth and building the audience's trust. That kind of characteristic works the best for a professional real estate website. Given that the transaction is pretty much an essential purchase, a fancy look is not the only point to optimize. A real estate agent should make their potential buyer know the most.


The Relation Of Strategy And Objectives

There are some points that one website design should underline. When it comes to this particular business, the goals of the official pages will heavily depend on the company itself. At some point, the objectives also form diverse strategies that the company uses to drive changes. So, basically, what they have to do is to match both points.

1. Personalized Real Estate Shopping

A real estate website that serves to build trust should also be capable of bringing relief to their customers. In this case, most people found that this kind of transaction is pretty intimidating. There are a lot of considerations, from the income, credit score, to the long list of paperwork to do.

What you can do to make them less intimidated is by creating an approachable website design. The ideas can be applied by choosing an inviting and warm color palette, such as soft blue. Soft blue will help audiences at least lessen their tension while still appearing professional as a real estate firm.

You can also apply this idea by adding some warm smiles on human faces. Some pictures of realtors that appear with smiles and professionalism will create an idea that clients still work with people. The humanizing design also helps in adding casual, friendly, and inviting feelings. Thus, people will start to enjoy their shopping.


2. Bring The Audience Inside

As the primary goal of this kind of website is to sell, then a website should show the most of the product. In this case, the best website design for real estate needs to bring the viewers inside. You can do it by creating a gallery to showcase pictures of the properties. For a bigger budget, a 360° camera video is also a good investment for the crash tour.

High-quality photos that accentuate the plus side of the properties are the biggest focus. To optimize the idea, adding some attractive elements such as typography, colors, or slideshow to the real estate website are also a good idea. One thing for sure, the design will mostly focus on the properties aspects. Thus, designers can tone down some other elements.


3. Put Their Properties On The Map

Location is the essential key for real estate. At some point, some clients might consider the project whether they are located in the desirable areas, downtown, or close to their jobs. To bring the clients interest in your properties, adding an exact detailed location means a lot. Not just the city, but down to the block to google Maps location.

To maximize the usage of maps and locations, the real estate website design can provide filter options. These kinds of ideas will help the client to find the best or desired areas. For most, some filter also provides details such as pricing, maintenance, to access comparison. This kind of valuable information is especially helpful for commercial buyers.


4. Showcase The Locale

If the brands focus on selling properties such as vacation rentals or professional properties in a major city, showcasing the local can add plus to the website design. For example, showcasing the beauty of palm island surrounding the villa rentals or fill the website with skyscrapers to accentuate the experience of living in a downtown area.


Web Design Ideas And Examples

1. .archit by Slana Bogomolov

Created by Slana Bogomolov |

The real estate website emphasizes beauty on the minimalistic. It uses a monochrome theme to add a professional touch while making the pictures and videos pop out. The project itself showcases the modern-looking property, which fits the theme. The typography fits with the themes and is adaptable for the mobile UX. It is simple, cool but perfectly fits the theme.


2. Zigmus by Lead Me

Created by Lead Me |

Behance reviewers love this real estate website design of how it balances the warm color palette with professional looks. It has all of the necessary aspects: The warm smile, inviting colors, easy-to-use UX, and long portfolios. This kind of design will be a perfect choice to showcase all of the projects and the properties that later enunciate people to visit in person.


3. The Independent by Alena Bushuyeva

Created by Alena Bushuyeva |

A work well done by Alena Bushuyeva shows how the simplistic black and white website design fit well with the villa and luxurious properties. It displays several high-quality pictures with a detailed inquiry of the area. The long scroll-down model also completes the boxy buttons and typography, which fit perfectly for the mobile device UX. It also has a hover state design.


4. 1oak by Adam Yeomans

Created by Adam Yeomans |
Just as the name says, the website design adapts the earth tone color palette. It mostly uses wood color, brown, black, and white at the website and the firm's elements. Designed for boutique real estate firms, the pages appear majestic with aesthetic pictures that shine on top dark background. There are also scrolling slide shows that introduce the firm's project.


5. Our Passion by Moveon Design

Created by Moveon Design |

The color combination of white, black, and oranges makes the real estate website appear approachable. It also creates an interesting balance of the firm's professionalism and how it tries to make buyers comfortable on the online page. There are also some unique elements such as project information, testimonial, and the map location that provide additional valuable material.


6. Vacation Investment by Mariusz Mitkow

Created by Mariusz Mitkow |

The website design got a lot of thumbs up due to the great composition, unique icons, and color combination. As a vacation properties website, it successfully captures the beauty of surrounding local areas. The website also shows a full-scale image in the homepages, while the next page showcases the long list of properties, map location, and other information.


7. Residential tower by Murygin.dsgn

Created by Murygin.dsgn |

A lovely design by Murygin.dsgn emphasizes the usage of the proper composition of pictures, texts, slide shows, and other related information. The soft grey color and light brown make the images shine. The website design also perfectly showcases the idea of bringing clients inside. It provides a lot of pictures and details, including the floor plan, to the positive side of the properties.


8. BIG by Alīna Locmere

Created by Alīna Locmere |

The redesign project by Alina Locmere is one worth looking at. By using a mostly blue color palette, the website appears professional and high-end. At the same time, the design also creates a very dramatic impression that makes it as if the firm has undefeatable values and trust. That is why this kind of real estate website is most likely used to introduce the company and team.


9. ProGroup by CreativePeople Agency

Created by CreativePeople Agency |

There are a lot of tiny pieces of details underlined by this design—the shades of blues, black, and white complement the pro images. The project adapts all of the original branding made by the client, then shows them as the presentation on the main page (images as the background). The website design itself mostly shows the real estate firm information.


10. Resco by Hamza Anjum

Created by Hamza Anjum |

The black and white background scrolling website makes the Resco firm deliver their firm's information perfectly. The main page uses fish-eyed images that make the viewers' focus go to the brand's name. It also uses unique icons and uses more images to introduce the company itself. The same yet adjusted appearance also came out for the mobile device UX.


11. Estate club House by Arthur Bondarenko

Created by Arthur Bondarenko |
Arthur adapted stylish design for its website design meant for real estate companies. Once again, the designer uses the white background to improve the readability and help in highlighting some essential information. It uses a greyish rectangles layer for the map, black for property detail, and white for images and texts. The images and text arrangement also add variance to its appearance.


12. Be by iRina Teut

Created by iRina Teut |

Emphasizing the mesmerizing images of the properties, the real estate website by iRIna helps people to feel inside the area. To highlight the images and video, the design also uses pretty basic typography with varying scales and sizes. The text is pretty limited, but it is completed with a map. This kind of website design will make people curious and decide to visit in person. 


13. Playa Grande by Outpost

Created by Outpost |

Following the vacation location, the website design uses several blue hues, light grey, and white as the color palette. Another highlight is the use of portraits that showcase the locale area. It has full-scale images on the main pages, as the layer, highlight, and explain every detail of information. The harmonious color, concept, and proportion fit for holiday destinations.


14. Grad Engineering by Grokhotov Studio

Created by Grokhotov Studio |

To create an engaging website design, Grokhotov studio arranges its website model with a balanced proportion of images and text. Looking at the design and how the web provides a lot of detail with numbers, it is perfect for introducing certain real estate firms. The web also adapts pretty simple icons and typography choices to make it adjustable for mobile devices.


15. Villagio by Hardy Branding

Created by Hardy Branding |

It is another example of modern design that adheres to luxurious and fancy-looking images. The project uses black or dark color correction images as the background. Meanwhile, the typography is pretty unique with white shades. The color palette and the arrangement also help accentuate the images, which later easy to adapt into the mobile device views.

For individuals interested in international real estate, exploring Northern Cyprus property offers a glimpse into the market, with a website design that makes finding your dream property a seamless experience.


16. Nebo apartment by Ivan Aleinikov

Created by Ivan Aleinikov |

The real estate website project is a concept design that is meant for the premium class apart- complex. With it in mind, the website adopts a minimalistic style that fits modern living. With white as the rare layer, the concept successfully captures the importance of the readability aspect, highlighting images and some info. In mobile devices, it doesn't crop pictures but readjusts the orientation. 


17. 8M by Jamie Griarte

Created by Jamie Griarte |

Working for high-quality CBD commercial properties, the design appears vibrant with a white, blue, and orange color palette. It fit with the tropical properties that mostly appear as the images on the website. The website design brings up a professional appearance to shows the firm's portfolios and properties, along with some information about the firm itself.


18. Real estate by Jatu K Sari

Created by Jatu K Sari |
The project doesn't tell a lot about the final outcome. It shows the main pages that appear very standard but clean and straightforward. It shows the real estate properties as the header with some basic typography at the sides. The color palette is around blue hues. And the focus of the website itself appears to provide customized real estate shopping experiences.


19. Estate service 24 by Ekaterina Sidorovich

Created by Ekaterina Sidorovich |

The design by Ekaterina has a very detailed site map, including catalog, services, information, and contact. The website design plans, the pictures, and text proportion, and the goal of the website mostly focuses on showing the list of projects. The design also uses a white and light blue color palette, which helps the conversion of the firm's goal to sell its properties.


20. Odesskiy by IMQ Digital Agency

Created by IMQ Digital Agency |

The Odesskiy website concept is a pure mesmerizing composition of images, text, and interactive UI. The web goes with single pages ideas, which provide all of the information with a click of the button. The real estate website helps customers to navigate, and it also highlights the images or information. The design itself makes people know better or choose the right properties.


21. Keller Henson by Outline2Design Agency

Created by Outline2Design Agency |

To give a professional touch, most designers use blue as the color hue, and so does the outline2design. The models look clean with white text over blueish color correction images. It also uses videos, adding maps, and filters, to help clients choose the best spots. It even uses unique icons for all of its buttons, which makes the website design friendlier.  


22. MIHOME by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |

The MIHOME design is simple, modern, and interactive. It is composed of white, blue, and black color palettes that help emphasize pictures of its properties. At the same time, it adds image presentation in the home pages, which introduces the viewer to the area. The composition is also well balanced with information that engages people to know more about it. 


23. Svensson architecture studio by Ray Rodriguez

Created by Ray Rodriguez |

The website design entrance for the pages comes with unique animation. As it reaches the home, the whole website tries to showcase all of its images through the slide show. The button panels are way smaller than the images themselves. Thus it helps in emphasizing the images and all of the details regarding the properties. It also has map location information.


24. Landing page by Haru no Asya

Created by Haru no Asya |

While other designers use white as the main color and black as the highlight, Haru no Asya does the opposite. The result creates a mesmerizing luxurious looking real estate website design that also engages the audience. The website is also available for mobile devices, with an adjustable layout but without losing its purpose to mesmerize the audience with the images.


25. Landing page UI UX by Md Said

Created by Md Said |

Another blue and white color palette real estate website that serves a lot of purposes. The design looks professional but also makes the audience feel calm. It uses some images to show the properties, a custom icon button to add uniqueness, and filter options to choose the location. It is clean but also straightforward to help viewers know more about the firm.


26. Real estate by Rafsan Sam

Created by Rafsan Sam |

Giving a unique and friendly-looking website design, the model goal is to introduce a lot of portfolios and introduce the team. On the main pages, the images of the building stood tall as the background images. The web also adds videos, some unique icons, and buttons with photos plus data to help people get the right imagery of the building. 


27. Hlive by Óscar Pico

Created by Óscar Pico |

The Hlive website design uses a scrolling pages model. It is simple and provides all of the valuable information regarding the properties. The main pages appear as a slideshow with location, pricing, and building details. As viewers scroll down, the uses of unique icons for all the amenities and custom design maps add highlights to the whole page.


28. Pavilion Garden by Semih Saral

Created by Semih Saral |

The Pavilion garden is an elite property that deserves a high-end-looking website design. And so, the web designer uses dark greenish, brown, and white as the color palette. It fit with the garden themes. The web also uses tons of mesmerizing pictures, unique floor plans, and details, galleries, plus some icons to make the website appear more approachable.


29. Baltic arch by Andrey Lohmatov

Created by Andrey Lohmatov |

This real estate website will be a perfect model for a firm that is trying to showcase its portfolio. The main page has images slideshow as background images with some tiny details. The other page map also displays some photographs and text composition with white background to enhance the readability aspect. 


30. Loftec by Vide Infra

Created by Vide Infra |

To bring the audience into the properties, the Loftec web design uses a unique alphabetical order for its delivery. The whole website itself is clad in a unique color palette and layout that makes the images pop out. Many reviewers at Behance say that the design is a top-notch and very cool addition for a real estate firm.



Creating the best website design for the real estate firm highly depends on its purpose and the branding itself. You can choose the most used color palette, such as monochrome or blue, which helps create a professional appearance. Underline that a professional-looking firm will eventually raise people's trust. Adding images, videos, slide shows, and animation also helps creating the real estate website looks unique. Giving detailed information in an easy-to-read typography and color selection will even further help the audience to know the firm. Meanwhile, choosing a novel and warm color tones also help the website appear more friendly for many people.

So, which design you prefer the most? Tell us your preference by writing it down in the comment section below! Cheers!

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