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Article: How To Check If Your Logo Is Unique & Unused

How To Check If Your Logo Is Unique & Unused

Created by VASK®️ Studio |

As a company owner, startup founder, or company CEO, it's quite frustrating to know that your logo has been used by other companies. We know that every company has a logo to identify its business.

A logo is a tool for building branding. But how to know that a logo has not been used? An unused logo is key to creating a positive image of your company. So in this discussion, we will talk about all of the things that you can do to check if your logo is unique and unused by other brands.

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Logo Uniqueness

It is natural to conduct in-depth research first to see whether the logo design you are planning has been used by other companies. Similar logos may not always cause issues, as several factors play a role. Several things should be of particular concern regarding the similarity of the logo, such as:

  • Which logo appeared first?
  • Do the two logos have an absolute resemblance, or is it tolerable?
  • Do the two companies have the same target market and operate in the same industry?
  • Is there anyone in your target market who compares or equates it to competitors?

A business logo must be different from others because it is the same as an identity. Consumers may misunderstand when they find two different companies with the same logo, especially when their fields of work are similar industries. In addition, don't forget to make a simple logo to make the audience able to easily memorize it.

No need to be frustrated or worried. You can do your research to find out whether your company logo is distinctive or has similarities with other companies.

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How to Find Out if Your Logo Design Is Unique and Unused?

You will be in trouble if the visual identity that refers to your business is perceived as misleading the market. Especially if competitors in the same industry think your company has a logo that is similar to theirs.

This can't happen. Although this can happen due to ignorance, the company with a similar logo that comes last will be considered a plagiarist.

However, it is important to find and compare several logos for each industry. It must be nice to find out that you have an unused logo design.

Created by Ryan Peters |

As a first step, let's head straight to the tool to find out how unique the logo you've used is. This method is quite simple for you to do yourself using tools, so it has nothing to do with a lawyer. Well, here are the ways to check the logo practically:


1. Platform Design and Web Portfolio Keyword Research

This can be done by searching for keywords to get the latest logos, even those that are still in project form. You can see various logo designs from startup companies that have not yet presented them in the form of a website.

In particular, this method is for the designer and his project. This will help you determine if there is a design similar to yours.

There are many design platforms on which designers aim to showcase their logos. Generally, it will help people to know that some design has been used. You can see logo design projects by observing them on the following platforms:

  • Instagram: You must be familiar with this platform. Many designers showcase their logo designs here to a large audience from all over the world.
  • Dribble: As a promotional platform for digital designers and creatives, you can find out what logo designs are available. It is suitable for observing unused logo designs with very fast updates.
  • Behance: There is also the Behance platform, which is a place for creative creators to create profiles and portfolios of their projects, including large projects.
  • Logopond: As the name suggests, Logopond is a logo-only platform that can help you figure out what logo shapes you've used.
  • Pinterest: A platform that lets you keep track of the latest images, including finding visually similar designs.

Searching the web for logos will help you find a lot of things, even something you might not have accidentally done. You can find out if other people have posted similar images before. A logo is an identity in which the process of creation is thoughtful. The more unique, the more perfect the logo will be as an identification tool that the public remembers about your company.

Created by The Monochromatic Institute |


2. Looking for an Industry-Based Logo

The next recommended way you can do this is to look for a special logo according to the name of the industry you want to know about, including the area. This method will be a specific form of search, so you have to do in-depth research first.

Within a region, there are several industries engaged in similar fields, both in product and service offerings. If you have a food business, try to find as many similar industries as possible. In this case, you can apply several ways to start observing competitors, including the logo they use. 

There are direct and indirect competitors in a business. Decide which one includes both in your business. Identifying the target market is vital in business, so you must do it. Not only for the target market, determining the logo design is a distinct value for the business.

Created by Patrick Tuell |

Try using the platform to search for industries and regions on AngelList or Crunchbase. You don't have to wait. These platforms will tell you about a lot of companies, from startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses to international companies.

Next, you can use Google search for more specific results. Searching with Google can narrow your search, for example, by knowing more about the company and its logo. A well-designed, unique and different logo will provide great benefits for a company. A unique one, followed by the quality of the product or service, will attract the interest of consumers. With a memorable design, consumers will know the difference between your business and competitors.

You can think of a logo as a symbol of the business. A lovable symbol can also influence investors' decisions, including how the company conveys the advantages of the brand. It's a must to show the world your brand. However, one of the most effective ways is by using a unique unused logo. The right logo will help your company attract more customers and build trust to develop and grow better.

Created by Patrick Tuell |

That's why, before you start to design your company's logo, browse as many logos as possible, including those of similar companies or industries. You must analyze deeply and remember the symbols, fonts, and colors.

What if the logo design you had in mind was already used by another company? The way is to replace it with a new one. You can apply this trick if your company does not yet have a logo but if your logo is already known to many consumers.

You have to check the competitor's logo, when it was made, and whose company made the last one. It’s important to check the logo constantly to avoid using the same logo as the competitors.

Created by Ana Abashidze |


3. Using Google Images to Verify a Logo

Search using images or reverse image search is commonly used when someone wants to find the same image. You can do this by entering an image directly or uploading it. Besides being able to find out information about images, you can also find similar images.

It never hurts to try a reverse image search on Google. Google will help you find a lot of images in no time. This will be an effective way to find the result. For example, you can put any logo image on Google to see the result.

Image search engines play a big role in this step. You have to put the logo through the search channel. Then, find out the result. Several logo images will appear, with a design that almost looks like yours. Included as a color, symbol, or font feature. You'll know how unique your logo is with this simple tool from Google.

Created by Jordan Jenkins |

You may find logo combinations with different fonts, but try to check the logo by isolating the icon and doing a search again. A unique unused logo is a symbol that has letters, colors, and elements blended together. As a result, it is ideal for corporate branding. Apply the following important things to find the right results:

  • Don't use complicated backgrounds, as that can confuse the AI system.
  • You can separate icons by fonts for more specific results.
  • Letters should be used to separate special initials.
  • Try to vary the color of the logo, for example, with other colors and grayscale.

In this digital era, you don’t need to worry about anything, including logo design. There are several ways to help you overcome any issues.

Additionally, Google Images is a great way to check logos. Moreover, using Google's features is very affordable because you don't need to log in. This facility is free to use.

In short, you will see an "Image" feature in the right bar on the Google search page. Click the icon to use this feature. After that, upload your logo photo and then click Enter. You will see some images that are similar to your uploaded logo.

Created by matthieumartigny |


4. Utilizing TinEye as a Reverse Image Search

Want to use another reverse image search? Besides Google Images, you can also use TinEye. The use of this tool is almost the same as that of Google Images. You can get a number of excellent features at once.

Even without the need to log in or pay. You will also get search results with various versions sorted from the best-quality images to the usual ones. Here are some great features that you can use:

  • This platform is capable of matching images from tens of billions of image indexes.
  • You don't have to worry about copyright issues because the images you upload will not be saved.
  • There are sorting and filtering features for search results.
  • Another extra feature is "Compare Match," to help you find similarities between one logo and another.
  • You can find the image URL that displays a logo photo similar to yours. The trick is to copy the given URL, then search Google. This method is quite easy.
Created by Yoga Perdana |

For some reason, TinEye will be a good recommendation to find out whether your logo has been used or not.

Creating a logo, as you determine the company name, is better than following the rules. A logo should not be confusing and should use the same typography as your brand content.

A perfectly created logo is the result of in-depth research, so there is no cross-border resemblance to competitors' logos. Determining a logo is one of the optimal branding efforts, so you can get an identity that can describe the company optimally.

Created by Mihajlo Tunev |


Why Should You Use a Unique Unused Logo?

A business logo is an important tool because it can communicate several things at once: quality, value, and business ownership. The logo will be displayed in many places, ranging from products, websites, business cards, social media, and, of course, the memories of potential clients.

A logo will be a visual memory for people when they imagine your product and company name. Creating a great logo is the best way to build a quality and solid first impression.

A good logo should be in harmony with your industry. The appearance should also be simple so that it is not complicated to remember. Apart from that, a good logo should also be different from the others. A unique unused logo is a key to creating a perfect identity for a company. 

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

But why can't our logo be similar to other companies? Wouldn't having a logo similar to a big company increase the audience's curiosity about our products? The answer is no because you may be in legal trouble. A logo is an indirect communication tool that will show the credibility of the company. A different logo will avoid photo piracy and lawsuits. A good logo requires the following four aspects: 

  • Precise and aligned typography.
  • The color is not too flashy, so it looks simple but classy.
  • It has a strong visual element that symbolizes quality.
  • Logos with simple colors and designs have a greater chance of being remembered.


How to Create a Unique Unused Logo

As an important process, you need to design the logo properly. In addition to doing research on logos with almost the same design, there are several steps to creating a logo that you need to apply properly.


1. Keep the logo as simple as possible

One of the ways is by making a simple design. Good logo design is all about shape and font choice. You should keep both simples to make the logo easily recognizable. If you see several brands such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Adidas, or Nike, of course, you are immediately drawn to the products they offer.

Remember, using too many colors or letters will make your logo look complicated and confusing to consumers. They find it difficult to pay for the product you offer. A logo should be a medium of communication; it should not be ambiguous because it is too simple or too complicated.

You should keep it simple but not lose the essence of the logo. Take the best possible time when deciding on the colors and fonts of the logo, making sure to avoid overly generic designs. 


2. Prevent Excessive Effects

Logos that are too exaggerated and have a lot of special effects may stand out but don't necessarily make a strong impression. An optimally designed logo does not rely on special effects.


3. There is no plagiarism

We've discussed many times that you shouldn't copy logos. However, copying shapes or designs from competitors only shows your indiscretion. Audiences may think your company is just plagiarizing and has even lost in terms of building an identity.

Created by Ethan Fender |


4. Think Out Of the Box

The next most important thing is to think outside the box. Many large companies are successful with logo designs that are unique and memorable. Creating a logo requires strong creative power, so you have to do it in a calm position. 

Collect a number of concepts, then work on each step optimally. The unusual design is key because it will create uniqueness. But still, remember to always make colors and logo designs that match the brand.

For example, a food product will look attractive if the logo has a color that matches the type of food. On the other hand, the logo will look less attractive if the product is food but logo resembles an electronic product.

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |


Final Words

Creating a simple but unique and different logo is the key to producing a quality corporate identity. The role is not only for startups, but also for small businesses, international companies, and others. If you are worried about the logo design you are planning, it's a good idea to do in-depth research several times.

You can use a platform that is free without paying but still gives optimal results. Doing business is about credibility that is built to gain consumer trust. Furthermore, start to build consumers’ trust by creating a unique logo.

By producing a creative and unique logo, consumers will know about the value of your company. Besides, you can also give regard to a persuasive tagline that will be perfectly juxtaposed with the logo.

For those conducting comprehensive brand research, Radaris background check can be a valuable tool, offering in-depth information that aids in the verification process and ensures your branding is original.


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