How To Copyright A Logo Design Properly?

Copyrighting a logo design is an important matter that you must do if you’re starting a business.
Let’s find out several ways how you can start doing it now!

In this article, you will get more information on how you can create a custom logo that you can then get copywriting. You feel like there is a lot of confusion online about how to do this the proper way so that you will clear up that mess as best as you can, whether you are an artist, a designer, a musician, or you’re just starting a company, here you can find and create your own 100 percent original logo that you can copyright a logo design.

When you look at companies like Nike, Adidas, and Walmart, they all appear to be using this similar font, and they are not breaking copyright infringement. You can find out exactly how they are doing that. At the end of this article, you will learn something. Don’t forget to always follow our information. You will get more educational articles. 


How to Make A Legal Logo Design with Copyright?

A lot of people think that they could just go on the computer, open up photoshop or illustrator, and type out a logo design by using Helvetica as an example as much. As they will love to keep this because it looks great and it is easy to do. This is not the proper way because it still uses Helvetica. And you can copyright it probably until a week's logo mark. In some other ways, a workaround that people have come up with this is to alter it a little bit by extending the legs of the writer logo with a marker. Finally result, it is a little bit more of a custom look, and they think well. And did you think it is a unique logo? Then it could get copyrighted? 

Well, you can mark it as your original company logo, but believe me, that is not the case at all because we have used Helvetica as the font, and we have altered it a little, making it a derivative font. And that really is not the best way you want to represent your company. So, we really can’t do that, well we know what you are thinking well. And how are all these companies doing it then?

 However, what they are doing is creating their logo 100 percent from the beginning to look like the font in Helvetica, but not actually using Helvetica, and then altering it, or they are not just straight up using Helvetica. So, in simple terms, you could create your logo to look. However, it is. As long as from the beginning, you create an original drawing. You can start with the font Helvetica and then alter it. Those would be weak logo marks and derivative fonts, and it is not really a strong way to hold up in court. In case you get caught.

Start making your logo by moving the letters. It will look like the font that you choose; for example, it looks like Helvetica. You can take a piece of paper, and use a good pencil to start from the beginning. They will think you are doing an original drawing to make this logo. This is the proper way to create a logo that can then get copyrighted for your company.


What is copyright?

Common people know to define the copyright of a logo design for making a legal company logo design. The way a logo is created, your ownership should trust your company in preparing the copyright to claim the rights. It becomes your powerful protection from anyone that will use the logo in the market.

Actually, the symbol of copyright which is named lower case c with its round symbol, means that your product is under protection from those who will use the logos in the free market. It must be prepared well, for example, in adopting the font until delivering your report to the authorized policy in your country. In addition, the actual owner is allowed to claim his or her essentials.

This is not new advice that a logo design which is always good in presenting brands in the market, should be registered in the copyright, so the company can save the brand effectively before it is imitated by other people for any brands. It becomes the most important problem for anybody who has produced logos professionally. Some people lose their official identity to their artwork, and here by adding copyright to a logo design for your company, you are successfully protecting your ideas from the thief. 


Copyright vs. Trademark

Here is the thing you need to know the difference between Copyright and Trademark. Literally, the copyright has some important goals, one of which is to protect or secure the rights for any type of artistic work. The things that can be protected such as images, websites, and company logos. Moreover, the logo which comes from authorship or a particular person can register the artwork. 

While the trademark is used to register the product, especially a business name which has become legal in the world trademark. of course, the company will always allow the firm to use the logos, design, and many more which are related to the registered trademark. It is full entirety protection which you can get. Moreover, you can call this a perfect eradication of all chances of the act of infringements you have done. It completes the legal right upon your company name. Besides that, you are at the second stage to secure the company rights after you register the copyright for branding. 


Why do you have to copyright the logo?

You know that branding always takes you to the business area, and they also remind you to be on the top of priority companies. You need a good reputation to ensure the organization that your logo relies on a trustworthy in building the best partnership. That is why you need to play smart this time. You will become an important aspect as well as creating a logo for branding. That is why securing your company is also important to protect the branding. 

Another advantage is that after you secure the logo, the client will highlight your company in making certain products. It is the way to represent the brand archetypes. It will give you more rights to control the market. It depends on how the market defines the objective. You will always protect the product.

That is why you need a legal confession under the copyright of a logo design, whoever your clients are. It is helpful to avail your company to get the advantage of branding in the market. Besides that, your brand can compete with any other brand around the world without worrying about colliding with other companies. Prepare your company to make a logo trade marketing. 

How do we know that an evil creator will take the benefits from your ideas? That is why you need to register the logo to decrease stealing or infringement. The core reason, among others, is that you get good advice to use a copyright logo design for every product branding in your company. Maintaining an identical logo design can improve your performance in various operations, both online and in online markets. You are not bothered by the irresponsible art creators who have intentions to take your logo. 


How to Copyright a Logo and Brand?

Now you get the information on how copyright is important for a logo design. A logo design is easily created by only a professional one. And you will not let your logo can be used by anyone freely. To complete your mission to conduct the copyright process and get the benefits after all of this. Follow every instruction to get a copyrighted logo design that belongs to you, and it will include your business name also. 

1. Use the symbol of Copyright 

A symbol can influence the power of a brand, especially if it has powerful rights denoted by copyright. It can be started by putting this symbol into your logo. This symbol is known by many people around the world. It puts your logo under protection by copyrights. There is also another term for “copyright’ which can be symbolized as ‘copy’ at your logo. It is also a derivation word by copyrights. Both of those symbols have equal meaning and are used to copyright the brand all around the world. It is a requirement for protecting your brand product. ‘


2. The date of publication needs to attach 

You will not get difficulties making a logo due to you always remember the point and the ideas that become your first idea. To get the copyright properly for your logo, add the date of publication of the logo. It defines that you have been involved in creating the logo design. The data can build up the sense when people look at your logo, and they will see the name of your brand, including the logo of copyright. Moreover, it shows your brand in a good and smart manner. You appreciate your hard work in adding the symbol of copyright onto your logo.

Let me show you the importance of making a date of publication; here is an example. If you launched the brand until now, the date of launch is 2019; take this date as the copyright logo. It will give more reliability factors that can put your branding into a precious member. 


3. Publisher name is a must

You need to add the name of the publisher. It is necessary to do because other people want to know the owner. It is your right to put your name next to the year of launching and the copyright symbol. It will influence the branding perfectly and can help the popularity of the brand. In the future, you will get full protection from your product, and of course, the people will respect your company. 


4. Get to register your copyright for your brand

When your business is an uprising, you must know the consequences that there are many online copiers that can haunt your logo. Here is the perfect thing to do that you must prevent it. So, you can register your copyright before you launch it. Register your logo to get the symbol of copyright. It is an easy process to do, but you need to follow each step. Copyright is known as a strong law to get. You can register your logo by following the steps:


5. Online form register

There are many people around the world that want to register their logo to get the copyright. You do not have to come to the office; you just conduct an online form to register. You can visit the website and fill out the form clearly. It will take about 20 minutes to complete the overall online registration. 

The first step is to visit the online portal of the United States Copyright Office. Here are the following instructions:

Go to the registration portal, find out the primary menu and click on it. It will lead you to the official online form. You can enter all your personal, and you need to fill in the artwork which is related to the details of the branding. 

In this form, you will fill related to yourself, including the name of the owner. It can lead you to the copyright well. And there will be a graphical file about your logo that you need to submit. It is followed by the fee of registration.

Submit the fee using the online payment for example credit or debit card. Or you can go to the United States copyright office to deposit. It is not free to register the copyright logo. The fee is not expensive, but it is worth it. 

After following the formality steps, you must wait for the message. Your online will be confirmed with all the details information. 

Based on people's experience, they are successful in getting the logo copyright. It will take 7-8 months to finish the registration process. Check your email or your number to know the confirmation. If you want to know further information, you can visit the united states copyright office. 


How to register copyright logo manually

This is another way to register the logo that you design manually. The form that you get is also the same as the VA form. It is also an official site, but the thing that differs with this manual route is you submit the hardcopy. This official office is located in Washington DC. Follow the street to the official copyright office at 101 independence in Avenue SE, 20559.

Frankly speaking, this process will take possibly around 8-9, a bit longer. Ensure that you have already kept your receipt safely after you submit the hardcopy file.


The reason copyright denial

A logo designer must know from the start the reason for the denial. As we know that being a logo designer is easy, but you need to get the approval of your application. These are the reasons that might happen the denial of copyright logo. You are sure to prevent the failure of the applications.

  1. The application is not accepted due to the missing application, or the form is not filled out completely. That’s why, before you agree to submit the form, ensure that there is no error from the apps.
  2. The billing is not completed yet. This is reasonable that your application will be rejected. Complete the physical or electronic embodiment of your work. If you got trouble in this step, so you will not get the review. 
  3. A logo design company just create the logo for the clients. Complete the protection by applying for the trademark. It can happen if the copyright also needs you to register your property to become a trademark. It can be your intellectual property.
  4. Another reason that the copyright will not approve your logo, it can be caused by the work itself. It might not be a special or more creative logo that is tangible. It might not be easy to work in a creative way, but it will become the point of judgment for getting approval. 
  5. The copyright of a logo design company has its own system to protect the domain. In this case, the public domain depends on the format. The date of the domain published can influence the laws that protect your brand.
  6. The work is not eligible in the city of the united states can be the reason why your copyright for your logo design is not approved yet. It can be a problem for a foreign nation that lives outside of the united states. 
  7. The additional document that is asked by the form is already expired. You need to confirm again that the design of the logo belongs to you. 


Final Words

Many logo designs offer trusting artwork for your company. One lesson that you need to pay attention to is the future of your branding. You have to protect it in a legal way, for example making a logo that can be approved by the copyright. It may take a long time, but you can get the whole protection for your business in the future. You can get a copyright lawyer or an advisor for your brand. It will be the best chance to make your logo uprising, and you will enjoy the result of how great this copyright benefits a logo design. 

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