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Article: 10 Tips To Copyright Logo Design

10 Tips To Copyright Logo Design

For those of you who have an idea or a certain business concept that then gives birth to a new product or for those of you who have a company and want to have a company logo, then Copyright for products and logos is an obligation if you want your products and logos to not be misused by irresponsible parties. 

Logos are often referred to as business identities in various forms. However, registering a logo can not be arbitrary. There are legal rules that logo owners must pay attention to before registering their logo. The goal is that the logo design to be registered is not rejected by the government. 

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Registration of logo design copyright is not 100% guaranteed to be accepted by the government. However, the good news is that there are several factors to consider before registering your logo. So if you meet these requirements, increase the chances of receiving your logo registration. What are the tips for copyright logo design?

Below are the tips for a copyright logo design that is very important to make your copyright registration accepted:


1. The Logo Does Not Contain Elements of The Product Being Marketed

This is important considering that a product, whether it is goods or services, is not only marketed by one producer but by several or even many producers. For example, if you produce "Kecap," your logo should not be registered with these elements. Don't let yourself register with the "Kecap" logo, too, because, in the market, you are not the only one who produces soy sauce. 

Designs may be rejected not only because you will monopolize the name "Kecap" even though there are many soy sauce producers besides you. Your logo will also not be accepted by the government for violating the law. So if you want to register a soy sauce product logo, register it under another name such as "Bangingo" instead of "Soy Sauce," "Black Soy Sauce," "Manis Soy Sauce," or "Black Sweet Soy Sauce."

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Make sure that you register the logo design for a brand with the correct name. The name must be unique and has not been on the market before. Do not use a name that is too common because later, it will be rejected by the authorities to approve copyright registration.

This is a very important thing to note. Especially if you are still new to copyright registration. Many people fail to register their logo design to Copyright simply because they are wrong or incorrect in giving the logo a name. So, don't repeat the same mistake.

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2. The Logo Does not Contain SARA and Violates Public Order

Do you know what SARA is? The abbreviation is Tribe, Religion, Race, and Intergroup. Because in recent years, SARA cases have often spread and sparked the community, it is a warning for those of you who want to register your logo so as not to make things worse. The logo design that you will register is strictly prohibited from containing elements of SARA, which have the potential to violate Public Order, trigger conflict and incite hatred.

For example, if you are creating a logo for a chips producer, which is genetically derived from the Chinese race, and you know the characteristics of Chinese culture that you implement in your chips product, you should not use the name "Chinese Chips" in registering the logo. Use another name like "Nagios Chips" or anything that has nothing to do with SARA.

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Apart from SARA, your brand must also not violate Public Order. For example, if you are the creator of the logo for the Bvgil Ice Cream producer, do not register a Brand with the name "Ice Cream Nude." It is guaranteed that by paying attention to this, your logo is easier to accept for registration.

In copyright registration, SARA and violations of public order are two things that must be avoided. Both have very sensitive natures. If there are names of these two elements, then you can be judged as harassing. 

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3. The Logo Does Not Contain Misleading Elements

It is the next tip to Copyright the logo design. When you register your logo design, make sure that there are no misleading elements in the logo. The elements in question can be pictures, symbols, or writing. If your logo is judged to contain elements that are not good or misleading to the public, then your copyright registration is definitely rejected.

Logos that contain misleading elements will have pros and cons in society. This will have an unfavorable effect. In addition, as the owner of a logo design, you can also be suspected of committing a deviant practice as well. Of course, this will cause a lot of loss for you personally. In addition to the logo that cannot be registered with Copyright, you also have the potential to be charged with legal articles because of the element of heresy. However, you may not be aware that what is included in the logo is classified as misguided. As a logo designer, it is important for you to understand this.

Don't let this unintentional mistake get you mapped. Therefore, make a lot of considerations before you design a logo and register it for Copyright. If the logo contains the intended element, your registration will automatically be rejected even though you have spent a lot of money before.

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4. The Logo Does Not Contain Copyrighted Elements

This tip is very important and has been violated by many. Most of you fail to register your logo design to Copyright because, in the logo, there are elements that already have Copyright. If this is the case, of course, your copyright registration is rejected because you are considered plagiarizing. In fact, usually, you are not aware of this. It really hurts, doesn't it?

To avoid this rejection, you must be really observant in the logo design process. You may use design inspiration from other people's logos. However, make sure that in your logo, there are no things that are indicated to be similar to other people's logos that are already copyrighted.

If your logo still bears a resemblance, your copyright registration will be rejected as a result. In addition, you are also considered an unprofessional logo designer. In fact, if the original logo owner finds out that your logo has its Copyright blocked, you can be legally sued. This is the complexity of being a logo designer who will register works for Copyright. You have to be very careful and prepare for whatever might happen in the future. If the registration fails, then you will have to revise the logo and try to register it again.

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5. Complete the Prerequisite for Copyright Registration

This tip to Copyright the logo design you should really do. This time to be able to pass the logo copyright registration, then you must meet all the registration requirements. If any of the conditions cannot be met, your registration will automatically be rejected.

Meanwhile, the requirements that you must meet include the following:

  • Fill out the creation registration form that has been provided in Indonesian and typed in triplicate. The first sheet of the form is signed on stamp duty of Rp. 10,000.00;
  • The application for registration of the creation shall include:
  • name, nationality, and address of the creator
  • name, nationality, and address of the Copyright holder; the name of nationality and address of power of attorney; creation type and title
  • Date and place of creation announced for the first time.
  • description of creation (duplicate 3)
  • An application for registration of a work can only be submitted for one work.
  • Attach proof of citizenship of the creator and copyright holder in the form of a photocopy of an ID card or passport
  • If the application is a legal entity, the application letter must attach an official derivative of the deed of establishment of the legal entity.
  • Attach a power of attorney, if the application is submitted by an attorney, along with proof of the citizenship of the power of attorney
  • If the applicant does not reside in the territory of the country used to register the Copyright, then for the application for registration of the work, he must have a residence and appoint an attorney within the territory of that country.
  • If an application for registration of a work is submitted on behalf of more than one person and or a legal entity, the names of the applicants must be written in all, by specifying one address of the applicant.
  • If the work has been transferred, please attach proof of the transfer of rights.
  • Attach an example of a work for which registration or a replacement is requested
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    6. Know Well The Steps to Copyright

    One of the things that will make it easier for you to pass Copyright is that you have to understand all the registration steps. If you do not understand this, then the registration procedure will also not be fulfilled properly. Therefore, before you decide to register a logo on Copyright, first learn how to properly register the Copyright.

    Meanwhile, the steps for registering Copyright are as follows:

    • Go to site
    • Register to get a username and password
    • Login using the given username
    • Uploading the required documents
    • Make payment after getting the registration payment code
    • Waiting for the checking process
    • Approve, or registration of the creation of the work has been approved
    • The certificate can be downloaded and printed by the applicant himself

      You have to go through these steps one by one. If one step is missing, your copyright registration will not work either. This is because currently using an online system whose database has been recorded in the international scope. So you can never do the manipulation.

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      7. Prepare Copyright Registration Fee

      Cost is one of the important things that you must prepare before registering a logo for Copyright. Because the cost of Copyright is also not cheap, you have to prepare it in advance, especially if you still have limited funds to run a business. In addition, the registration fee will also be forfeited if you fail to qualify for Copyright. Therefore, think carefully about these costs before you register.

      The fee you spend for this Copyright will vary in nominal in each country. The cost in terms of registration is also different. If you use online registration, then the cost will be more affordable than offline registration. Therefore, it is recommended that you register online only.

      However, don't worry about the cost of registering a logo to Copyright. Although the cost may be a bit expensive, you will get a lot of benefits. One of the advantages that are already in sight if your copyright registration passes is that the logo has been officially recognized as your creation. This indicates that wherever the logo is included, it must include your Copyright.

      Created by Masum Billah |


      8. Find Out Information About Copyright

      Digging deeper into all information regarding Copyright is also mandatory for you to do before registering. It is very important that you know the registration process and the terms and conditions. Not only that, but by digging up this information, you will also get additional insight into the benefits of Copyright and its complete definition.

      Read a lot of references on logo copyright. After that, understand and prepare what you must fulfill to be able to pass the copyright registration. Requirements must be prepared in advance because not all the letters and evidence you need are readily available.

      This tip to copyright logo design is often underestimated. This is very important, though. Don't be in a hurry to register a logo on Copyright even though you don't know the nature of Copyright itself. Also, do not carelessly register if you do not know the process and the terms.

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      9. Understanding the Advantages of Owning a Copyright

      This is a tip to Copyright the logo design. From a little discussion about the tips above, we can see that Copyright provides many advantages for its owner. Among them are as follows:

      • Patented products or logos may not be imitated or plagiarized without permission.
      • Patented products or logos may not be marketed or distributed without permission.
      • Products or logos that have been patented will avoid the loss of counterfeiting or fraud.
      • Products or logos that have been patented will maintain their authenticity.
      • Products or logos that have been patented will always be trusted by consumers.
      • Patented products or logos can provide royalties if they cooperate with other parties.

        There are still many other benefits that can be obtained when you patent your product Copyright and company logo. Those benefits can improve your professionality in business. Therefore, the consumer will be more trusting with you and your product. 

        Knowing what are the advantages of registering a logo on Copyright is very important. This will continue to spur you on to make improvements to qualify for Copyright. In the future, you will be more enthusiastic about being creative and have no hesitation in registering your work to Copyright.

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        10. Waiting for Copyright Pass Announcement

        At this point, the process is actually complete because you just have to wait. But take a look at the following process that you should pay attention to:

        • Patent Applicants must fulfill all requirements.
        • The Director General of Intellectual Property Rights will make an announcement about the Patent Rights after 18 months, right after you file your patent application.
        • Announcement of patent rights will be held for six months with the aim of knowing the public's response, whether objected or not.
        • If the announcement stage is passed, then your patent application is accepted. Therefore, patent applicants are entitled to exclusive rights related to products and logos for 20 years from the filing date.

          In this process, you have to patiently wait for the announcement. In addition, the tip to Copyright the logo design that you must pay close attention to is that you must monitor announcements regularly after 18 months of registration. Don't forget to monitor it on the announcement monitoring page, so you don't understand whether the copyright application is accepted or not.

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          Final Words

          Those are ten tips for copyrighting the logo design. You should really understand these tips, especially if you have never registered a logo on Copyright. Make sure your requirements are complete, and the registration steps are in accordance with the applicable procedures. If you are failing in the first registration, don't be hopeless. You must evaluate your fault, and please try again to register your logo design in Copyright. 

          The advantages of products and logos also become legal when you own the Copyright. Therefore, Copyright can be considered protectors of your original idea or work. Copyright are exclusive rights granted to inventors because of their inventions. 

          Created by VASK®️ Studio |

          The state has the right to grant this patent. Because this is an exclusive right, it means that everything related to a patented product or logo must be with the permission of the patent owner. If not, then the infringer can be subject to a copyrighted article.

          On the other hand, if someone else uses, makes, imports, sells, rents, exports, delivers, provides, or uses the product or logo in accordance with procedures or permits, then the Copyright owner will benefit.

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