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Article: Complete Guide: Create A Successful Logo Design

Complete Guide: Create A Successful Logo Design

Creating a successful logo design might be very challenging for most graphic designers.
Let's find out some of our best tips to produce a powerful one!
Created by WIll Zhao |

As technologies develop even further, many businesses are starting to pay attention to visual tools to engage people. It is also one of the ways to interact with a bigger audience. In this situation, the sense of logo design building turns into light. A logo itself serves many purposes during the modern business world. That is why many are trying to make a successful strategy.

It not only aids business message through visual communication, but it also represents the company's nature. The role of the logo itself is considered as one of the vital points to deliver a message to the target audience. With a range of thoughts, a professional, perfect, and successful logo design is desired. But how to make one? Here are some of our best tips and tricks.


1. Learn The Brand

Nothing goes right without proper preparation and research. In the case of a logo design project, your research is not only about the idea itself but also the brand. You need to know or at least have a clear insight into the brand. Try to keep in mind that a successful logo will reach the initial goal.

The goal itself will differ from one company to another. That is why you can see how company logo design can have varying connotations. From that idea, you can underline that a logo is considered successful if it can reach the targeted market and customer. In other words, it is supposed to have a clear goal and message to deliver.

So, what should you look at about the brand? A lot. You can start from the goal, market, vision, nature, and many more. Try to write down every detail so you can make a successful logo design. Some of the details to write down are the business, market, brand, ideology, inspiration, and future goal. The detail will eventually shape your goal.

Another great consideration is the brand personality. Why so? A successful logo work should represent the brand. In other words, you need to know the brand tone and personality to make a successful result. The best example of brand personality is a softer or tough impression. You can see the distinct difference between the female and male brand logos.

The key point is to ensure you can make a successful visual tool to project the brand itself. Amid its customer and market, every part of the design has to make a real projection. That is why you need to do successful research beforehand. Such information not only helps you create a successful logo design but also gathers more attention and audience.


2. Reflect The Business Nature

Another reason why you need to learn the brand is to make a logo design that can reflect the business nature. The best example to explain is the successful difference between the high-end luxurious and the young low-end business logo. Both will have different visual catches and also personality, which is displayed through the image, color, font, and logo style.

So, what is your business identity? It is something that you need to make through successful work. You need to ensure every piece of design can create a definite identity that represents your business. Imagine if you make a strategy for a luxurious restaurant with a childish color. It will not fit the theme and the personality.

It will only disrupt the business identity. So, a successful logo design is not only talking about the brand itself but also help your customer know about the business. A professionally successful crafted product will make a certain impression that leaves an identity. People who see it will recognize it and eventually get your message delivered.

To envelop every piece of identity, you will need to reflect the business and the value. What is the business want to convey or hold dearly? It might help to see from the product and also the brand itself. As you know the value, it will help you redesign or create a freshly crafted design logo. Remember that successful work will help establish your business in the market.

Created by Stephen Kelleher Studio |


3. Choosing The Logo style

You got tons and tons of styles to play with. In the case of making a successful logo design, you also need to consider the perfect type for the business. One thing that you need to underline is that every logotype or design has a distinctive function and details. You got an abstract, mascot, combination, emblem, letter mark, pictorial, or wordmark.

So, what is the best design to help you make a successful business presence? The answer depends on the value, goal, and personality. Each of the types has a meaning, purpose, and model, which can either help you make a successful work or ruin it. The key point is to go back to the information about the brand or business.

However, if you want a saver option, try to use a logotype. This design mostly focuses on creating visual tools and communication through words. It only uses fonts to emphasize the business or brand name. It can be such a successful simple design, but also a very straightforward decision to convey the business identity.

The best example of the style is Coca-Cola that uses the cursive script font. It also works with the company initially. But then, how can you make it stand out and leave an impression? The key is typography. Creating or using a unique font can help you leave a more successful impression. At the same time, it is easier to generate publicity and recognition.

However, you can also make a successful logo design with a symbol or mascot. However, remember that you need to make an impression and suit the personality. Unfortunately, it can be hard to do or scratch more budget since it needs further research. Another good logo design consideration is combination logos that blend symbols and names, such as burger king.

Created by John & Hackmann Co. |


4. Pay Attention To Impression

Creating a logo is not only stating the business name. One thing that every designer needs to underline is to make a successful impression. You need to highlight that the function of the visual tool is to leave an impression, elevate recognition, deliver a message, and also be timeless. Thus, a lasting impression on the market is what you need when doing the design project.

At least the bare minimum matter of successful design is mesmerizing people in a glance. You need to create an eye-catching design that also represents the business. Remember that enticing work will leave a good impression. They love looking at it and eventually remember the brand identity.

So, how to create a successful impression? One of the answers is uniqueness. Being unique can help you stand out and look apart from the competitive market. However, the unique model should be based on the concept and the business nature. Other than creating a successful unique idea, there are also some other tricks.

The first trick is to make a better design than your competitors. During the design process, you have to learn about the competitor. Learn about what is a successful idea and what their flops are. Learning from your rival experience is what you need to improve and make a successful logo design.

Another trick is thinking twice about trends and bandwagons. Do you think you need to join the new logo trend? It is not. A professional logo design creator knows when to join or dump the bandwagon. Following the trend mindlessly will make you lose the chance to make a successful and unique idea. Instead of standing out, your logo will turn into one of the oceans.

Created by Eduardo Grunow |


5. Keep Everything Simple

One of the ways to avoid the rampaging bandwagon and make a successful logo design is to keep everything simple. Almost every designer and graphic worker will always put the simple mindset at their heart. You also have a term that is called less is more. It emphasizes that creating a simple logo design will be better and will not go wrong.

Simplistic and minimalistic style is part of the new trend. However, it has a very wide array of implementations that make it versatile and loved. It includes the logo model design. Most of the time, the idea only uses one or two colors, fonts, and some other elements. It might look very minimal or lacking, but that is what you need to deliver a message.

The color, font, and shape limitation will help add straightforward impressions. It also aids the audience to get the message faster and memorize it. There are many successful designs you can find in the world. You got a simple one-colored logotype from Samsung, a simple swoosh shape from Nike, the unique yet impressive Apple logo, or Nasa.

The idea of using a simple logo is also beyond the lack of elements. Most businesses know that catching attention does not mean they need a very complex model. Creating a complex logo might only make the work feel ambiguous. A successful simple idea also helps people remember. It is because it does not need a lot of effort to remember every detail. Just a simple design, and it's enough.

Created by VASK |


6. Planning The Color Usage

One of the determiners that make a logo appear simple or complex is color. In many cases, the color will play a crucial role in determining the brand message. It is not far different from how the font choices, style, and shape will develop the message. Each color will represent or have varying meanings. Such as energetic, passionate, calm, feminine, manly, or other.

Planning the design color will not only tell a brand message but also convey the real target. An energetic and vibrant color fit with a younger audience. However, a blue hue is mostly used or known as the chief of color. Due to its versatility, blue is one of the most popular options you can use out there. It is also a great color for a social media page.

Why blue is considered as chief is not far from its ability to exude the brand personality. A successful example of logo design with blue is Facebook. It gains a great length of the audience as well as stating its brand identity. If you want a color that can grab people's attention, the best example is bright and bold hues. However, the color needs to speak about the brand.

One thing that you need to underline is that color can evoke emotion. Somber, mysterious, fun, happy, lovely, or any other emotions are possible to portray with a successful logo design color planning. It should relate to the business brand identity, personality, reach the target, and eventually grab people's attention.

Created by Waseem Kadoura |


7. Trying It In Black And White

There is something about color and modern graphic design that you need to understand. Every color can evoke emotion, but it is also quite hard to work around. With that in mind, one of the best tricks on developing a successful design for a logo is playing with colorless options. Monochrome or black and white hues style is one of the powerful moves out there.

It fits with the minimalistic design. It also has a high versatility, which makes the colorless idea work for almost every document, ad, print, or product out there. Going for a black and white is mostly the best option for you that have trouble with color choices. You can start playing with it from the sketching stage.

Drawing with pencil sketches helps you figure out the successful monochrome design. If you can nail the lack of color option, it will turn into a more impressive logo when filled with color. The best trick to ensure the color hits the right target is filling it if you know it will make a memorable work. Try to make a successful, lasting impression with this idea.

Created by WIll Zhao |


8. Picking The Perfect Font

As color can evoke emotion and has a different meaning, you will find the same idea through font. In logo design, the font can take a great role in its existence. It is especially true if you are working with a logotype. A successful font pick is not only appealing but also fits with the brand's personality, identity, and impression.

The idea underlines that fonts can turn into a visual tool that also works as a brand advertisement. You can generate a great amount of recognition from a logo design and its font. One thing that you need to pay attention to is the readability, legibility, uniqueness, and also the suitability with the brand personality.

You have a lot of fonts on the internet. It can shout out a bold design, formal, informal, fun, unique, or handwritten one. Some typography ideas can also invent a successful logo design. Try to choose a high-quality font that is easier to recognize, and avoid using gimmicky fonts to avoid misinformation.

Created by Nura |


9. Making It Scalable

If you want a successful modern graphic logo design project, you need to consider the scalability aspect. Due to the variety of advertisements, you have to ensure that the work can fit everything. It is when scalability comes to mind. The primary purpose of a successful scale is to make a logo that can feature a variety of advertisements.

Remember that you got tons of media to cover, such as print, billboards, websites, social media, and others. Whether you need to enlarge or make it smaller, make sure that the logo will still look impressive. In this case, the new trend of responsive design is taking over. It refers to how designers create successful alternatives for different purposes.

You can take a look at the Chanel logo design. As a whole, the design combines the name and its icon. But in the smaller scale or media, the logo only appears as typography. Meanwhile, it only emerges as an icon at the smallest size. The primary point is to ensure that you can make a successful business representation even on a different scale.

Created by Martin Naumann |


10. Imagine It Work In Situ

Another tip that ensures you can make a successful product is to imagine it in situ. What is in situ? It is terminology that explains how the product looks in the real situation. In the design graphic realm, you can try the tips by using a mockup or prototype. It is used to test and see how the product appeared in the original condition and the area.

It is a unique trick to make a successful logo design, which you can easily do with an online mockup option. If you want to see how the project works in materials, try a mockup that will save you a lot of the production budget. You don't need to print or make an actual product. You can apply it in many digital replicas and see if it is a successful work or not.

Created by Studio Size |



Creating a powerful and successful logo is one of the challenges many designers need to face. Due to the rising awareness and demand, every designer should determine many points before the designing process. It needs further research about the brand, business, style, impression, model, color, font, implementation, etc. So, the logo can convey the primary message.

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